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Owned by The Vikings Novel

] Novel: Owned by The Vikings Novel

Author: Isabel Dare

Genres: M/M novel, Ménage à trois, fantasy

Released: May 13, 2013

Part of Book Series: Viking Sex Slave Series

Captured by the Vikings, Edric must serve them as a pleasure slave on the long voyage home. As the only captive in a longboat full of horny Viking raiders, he must satisfy all of their lustful appetites or die trying. But Edric is desperate for Thorvald, the huge Viking leader, to claim him for his own…

Warning: This 8.000 word erotic story contains a rough gay gangbang between an inexperienced young man and a boatload of horny Vikings, with reluctant oral and anal sex, bondage in ropes, breath play and multiple penetration. Adult readers only! All characters are 18 or older.

Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

Welcome back to the Edric Saga! You might be wondering, why did this dumbass just drop the reviews all at once? Well, in my defense it was written in good PWP and I can’t just place it down. So again, welcome back to the Edric Saga. I thought that the first one is hardcore but I was wrong.
This sequel included double penetration and show of ownership. This sequel gave light to another interesting character named Leif. Leif is one of the crews of Thorvald’s ship and he’s a trouble maker.
He appeared in the scene and persuaded Thorvald for them to feast on Edric after a thousand oar strokes and they did. He’s a trouble maker and his over all appearance on his story makes me classify him as the story’s villain (The first book doesn’t have one).


Overall, the characters like Thorvald himself improved and his presence is more felt unlike the first story. I personally think that his character on the first story is a little too shallow and I’m glad for the change. The non con undertone is still present on his sequel but it went a little better (since our protagonist seemed to enjoy it).
Like the first one, this sequel is short and it is pure smut. There’s no romance but it didn’t make the story too boring. The new character is too interesting and I’m pretty sure he’ll play a huge part in the next book. Hell, I can’t wait for that.

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