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Just a Bit Wrong Novel

Novel: Just a Bit Wrong

Author: Alessandra Hazard

Genres: Romance, Homoerotic

Released: N/A

Part of Book Series: Straight Guys #4

Zach Hardaway is one of the best physiotherapists in Europe.
Tristan DuVal is a young soccer star with a groin injury.
They despise each other from the moment they meet.
As far as Zach is concerned, Tristan is a rich, spoiled brat who is too used to getting his own way.
As far as Tristan is concerned, Zach is a bossy, presumptuous jerk.
Tristan hates Zach. He does. The problem is, he also wants to shove Zach against the nearest wall and climb him like a tree.

Warning: explicit MM content, minor D/s undertones.

Post’s Author Opinion:

Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

Jared Sheldon (Just a Bit Unhealthy) tells Tristan DuVal —Gabriel’s brother— that because of his third groin injury he will be treated by Zach Hardaway, the most requested physiotherapist in the country —who is also Jared’s best friend. From the first moment they know each other, they begin to detest themselves, although this does not change the fact that they are sexually attracted to each other. When the tension between them breaks the limit, the inevitable happens; I highlight the fact that Zach doesn’t feel guilty because he is in an open relationship with Donna —his fiancee. However, later both Tristan and Zach will realize their relationship isn’t just sex.

The book itself doesn’t exceed the previous delivery, but I can assure that it leaves you with the same satisfaction feeling.

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