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The Circle Movie

Movie: The Circle

Alt. Names: Der Kreis

Genres: Drama, Documentary

Released: 2014

Status: Complete

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Summary: A young teacher in Zürich in the 1950s falls in love with a transvestite star but is torn between his bourgeois existence and his commitment to homosexuality. He joins a gay organization that is eventually seen as the pioneer of gay emancipation in Europe.

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Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the movie.

I was expecting this movie to show a lot of conflict and while it did, this was not exactly what I had in mind. I have to admit, it was my fault as I only barely read a few words here and there in the synopsis before deciding that I absolutely have to watch it.

Der Kreis is such a captivating drama/documentary. Apart from learning something new that I didn’t even hear about before, the way fiction (or re-enactment?) and documentary are entwined is so well done. It’s really watching two different sides of the same story, split into past and present.

I have nothing but words of praise for this movie. It is amazing and although we pretty much know the outcome from the very start, it still kept me guessing at times. Der Kreis made me both sad and happy. Truly a beautiful movie worth watching and applauding from both a documentary and a drama point of view.

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