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On Death’s Wings Novel

Novel:¬†On Death’s Wings Novel
Author: Auburnimp

Genres: Fantasy

Released: September 2007

Part of Book Series: Fallen Angels Series

Fallen Angel meets fallen mortal.
Samael, Fallen Angel with the power of life and death discovers a young junkie being beaten in an alleyway. Ever the impulsive creature, he rescues Daniel from his pimp. From that moment Samael’s life changes. But is it for the better or worse?

Daniel, addict and whore, knows his former ’employers’ will come searching for him. What he’s not suspecting is how useful being befriended by the Angel of Death will be.

Can Samael forget his former lover, the Angel Raphael while in the arms of a mere mortal? And what of Daniel, can he accept Samael for what he is?

Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

Once again, this is another “What the hell did just happened novel?” I have high hopes on this novel and I’m not disappointed. Well, mostly. The novel is short and things are once again happening very fast. Based on things that I’ve heard from other readers online, this novel series is a brief prequel to another more complex story. I’ll make sure to get my hands on those novel later but let’s focus on this novel for now.
I love the take on characters and the writing is just poetic. I’m not good at details so I can’t help but marvel how the author just describe things perfectly. Though the characters are angels (except for Daniel), the author’s humanization of Samael is perfect.
This is an interesting read to be honest but I jut hate the fact that Daniel ”fell” in love too fast and things like that doesn’t happen realistically. The book didn’t gave much time for a character development and didn’t give much time for a “real” love to blossom.
Still, I’m looking forward to read the whole series.

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