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Pornographer Movie

Movie: Pornographer

Alt. Names: ポルノグラファー, The Novelist

Genres: Romance, Drama

Released: 2018

Status: Complete (6 episodes)

Country of Origin: Japan

Summary: When college student Kusumi injures Kijima’s arm in a bike accident, Kijima asks Kusumi to not pay the hospital bill, and instead write down his dictation. It turns out that Kijima is an author of erotic novels. As their work proceeds, Kusumi is drawn more and more to the voice of Kijima, even as he depicts erotic scenes with his words.

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Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the movie.

A while ago I read the manga with the same title, and at the time I said nah, I’m not going to watch the drama. The manga was entertaining, I enjoyed it, but it didn’t get to me. Now, after looking around for something to watch, I came across this drama again. I forgot about it by this point, but well, after two failed attempts at watching something, why not?

I forgot precisely what happened in the manga, I remembered only some key points, but the drama did a good job to jog my memory. I absolutely liked that the drama doesn’t stray from the plot of the manga. Most of it, with a few details concerning the settings and whatever else didn’t really work in a live action as opposed to manga, is kept as is in the manga (including scenes the characters imagine), but nothing significant was left out.

After the first three episodes I almost dropped it, but since I only had three more to go, I thought I’d better watch it anyway, and I dare to say I actually liked it more than I liked the manga. I don’t know what exactly put me off about the manga, but I gave it a pretty low rating, whereas the drama is two whole points above.

The characters are beautifully portrayed, great casting, good chemistry, it doesn’t feel like anything is lacking compared to the manga, and I liked them all.

Kijima is a lonely erotica novelist who thinks about sparking things up, having a little fun when, absent-mindedly riding his bicycle, Kuzumi hits him and breaks his arm. Not having any money to spare, Kuzumi is more than happy to help Kijima writing until his arm heals. While dictating, it’s becoming clear to Kuzumi that the novel Kijima is writing is an erotica novel.

The emotions caused by the fact were so visible on Kuzumi’s face, he was clearly tense and not at all indifferent to the subject. Most of all, he slowly became more aware of Kijima. For Kijima it would have been way easier if he would have had a plan, but when he decided to ask for Kuzumi’s help (and lie in the process), he didn’t think of anything besides wanting a distraction to his issues and to stop feeling lonely.

Throughout the 22-23 minutes long episodes, Kuzumi tries to come to terms with his feelings and find a way to stay by Kujima’s side. Meanwhile Kujima tries to figure out what he is doing and what he is feeling.

There is one bigish difference between the manga and the drama in which the drama has a more open ending. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have had a problem with the ending if I wouldn’t have read the manga before. It is still pretty straight forward and it’s made clear how the story concludes. That being said, you don’t have to read the manga to watch this drama, but if you did read the manga, maybe give it a try.

What’s your opinion on Pornographer movie? Please let us know in the comments below.

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