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Leo Loves Aries Novel

Novel: Leo Loves Aries

Author: Anyta Sunday

Genres: contemporary, new adult

Released: December 4, 2016

Part of Book Series: Signs of Love, Book 1


A new person will enter your life in the early year, Leo. Look past any moments of frustration they might bring and laugh—this could be the start of a thriving friendship.

Theo Wallace usually laughs at the horoscopes his mom sends. Still hung up on his ex-girlfriend and practically friendless, this one begs him to reconsider. Because a friendship that stuck, that thrived…

Well, that would be a reason to leave past pains behind and look to the Bright Future.

When his sister Leone challenges him to find her the perfect date for a spring wedding, Theo uses it as a chance to make new friends. Theo’s ex economics tutor and newest roommate Mr Jamie Cooper seems to be a possible and convenient match. Real convenient. Like written in the stars, convenient.

All he has to do is make sure this Jamie is good enough. Could really be the one for her, and the friend for him.

But watch out, Leo, the stars have a surprise in store…

Post Author’s Opinion:

Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

This is, quite frankly speaking, one of the most frustrating novels I’ve ever read – all because of Theo’s obliviousness! I wanted to throw my eReader across the wall so many times while reading Leo Loves Aries (but I didn’t, because eReaders can be expensive as hell). I could’ve done with less obliviousness on Theo’s part. But hey, as someone who can’t tell, in real life, whether someone is flirting with me or not, I really have no room to talk.

That’s not to say this is a bad novel, though! Despite me always choosing between wanting to bang my head against the nearest wall and wanting to slap Theo at the back of his head, I really enjoyed reading this. It was full of funny antics and banter between Theo and Jamie, and the slow burn was excruciating but made for a very satisfying get-together. Jamie is such a steadfast character; he’s someone who grounds Theo, and it made for a very lovely dynamic to read. Leone, Theo’s twin, is a strong female secondary character with a disability, but her disability doesn’t define her and her role in the story.

If you’re a fan of slow burn, then go ahead and read this book! Read the entire series, for what it’s worth. The author is definitely well-known for her slow burn.

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