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Name: Noah


Likes: Sex - free stuff - his sister - his cat - good food.


Dislikes: Wasting money - his parents - his past


Appearance: short dark brown hair, gray eyes and light skin. He’s of average height and got just enough of muscles to skim a six pack.


Noah doesn’t have a relationship with his family, parents throwing him out as he told them that he was gay, and now they are no part of his life. Except for his younger sister Lisa, who visits him at times.


He had to pay for the school and his education on his own at the age of 15. It was a frustrating time and Noah ended up with the wrong kind of people. He did a lot of things which he wasn’t proud of. That was when he met the club owner of the Blu Rose, who gave him a backstage job on the spot. And when he had managed to make enough money, Noah payed his so called ‘friends’ to leave him alone and finish college.

Noah never stopped working at the Blu Rose, and as he got older he went on to work as a stripper.

Today Noah is one of the best performers at the club, and living in an apartment together with his boyfriend Marcus and his cat London


Noah got two faces, one when his at home and one at work

When home, he is playful, sweet. And though Noah got his secrets he is a good guy, who can stand his ground if needed.

At work, he goes all in with his cold sexy charm to please the customers, giving them what they want. But though he loves his work, Noah is also very touchy around one of his fellow coworkers.


Others: Got a small tattoo of two birds above his butt cheek.




Noah had gone to work this morning not seeing his boyfriend Marcus anywhere, which was strange since Marcus normally slept on his days off. He too hadn’t heard him coming to bed that night before, even though Noah had tried to bribe him into bed with a blowjob.

Marcus hadn't could resist Noah’s mouth on his dick, but as soon as Marcus had his release, he just told Noah off. “I’m too tired today hone” Marcus had said.


Well he could understand, with Marcus’s new job and all. But Noah really needed to get laid soon, he hadn’t had sex for two weeks and that made him cranky. Noah felt like a nun with a chastity belt. but he did planned for Marcus to make up for it tonight.


Apart from the owner, Noah was the first one who arrive.

The Blue Rose was a perl in Noah's eyes, and he loved the atmosphere of the place. It looked small from the outside, but was pretty big inside.

The first thing people met walking in, was the big space area with the bar and tables. To one side you had the door into the privat room, and to the other side in the corner, hidden away by a transparent glass wall was a big jacuzzi placed. The jacuzzi was almost never used since the cost was pretty high. It was only when some rich customer ordered it, that it was turned on, or if club held a party.


Noah made full use of coming before the others, and when out back to poured half a kilo of body glitter into an specific person’s locker. The glitter would stick to the person’s cloths and everything else inside for at least the entire day.

This was payback for the baby powder episode last week.

Noah changed fast into his stage cloths and went back inside to talk with the owner. They were still talking as the others started showing.

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Name: Nathan


Likes: Sweet food-sex-his job


Dislikes: People who hate on his profession


Appearance: Bright blonde hair, dark green eyes and light skin. Muscular enough for a six pack but not overly muscular to look like they constantly hit the gym.


Nathan has never been one to hate others but he hated the people he grew up with. He went from foster home to foster home, tossed from place to place like he was an object.


The last house he was at was when he had started to realize his sexuality. They were highly religious and were the type to be completely against gay people, always making rude or discriminating comments.He ran away at a young age, not regretting it and never looking back.


Nathan bounced around places for a long time until he found The Blu Rose. When he was finally able to become a stripper, he found his calling and a good way of making money! He saved up his money to get himself a nice apartment and enrolled himself in college with the rest of the money.


While he loves his job, there is one co worker who knows how to push his buttons sometimes.


Other: Has a tattoo of a tiger claw mark on his right shoulder





Nathan woke up with a big yawn and a lazy rub of his eyes. He didn't feel like waking up until he had to leave for work today, sluggishly getting out of bed to take a quick shower. It was always important to him to look good for his job, it was kind of important and essential. It made his hair look silky smooth to wash it right before work.


He got dressed in simple blue jeans and a v neck black t shirt, his uniform in his locker back at the Blu Rose. He would skip on breakfast today, not feeling like making anything today. Nathan got in his car as he started his daily commute.


He stepped into the building, a few of his coworkers and the owner already here before him. "Hey" Nathan called out to the owner, saying a quick hello to some of his coworkers as he was pulling off his shirt on his way to his locker.


Nathan went to unlock his door and open it, surprised to see a bunch of glitter all over his locker and now himself. "Fuck.." He said angrily as glitter was no easy thing to get off. It seems his uniform paid the price as well as that was also drenched in glitter. I wonder who could have done that...He thought sarcastically to himself as he glared at Noah.


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Noah tried to ignore the glanced Nathan send him, acting as if he had nothing to do with it. He tried not to hurried as he went outside, to light up the open for business sign above the entrance. Noah could hear the others giggling from behind him, and tried hard not to do the same.

The owner gave Noah a look as he past him, but didn’t say anything. He knew how the thing were between the two, but chose not to get involved, unless they cross the line. And as far as business went, it was good to have a little rivalry to boost up the employee’s productivity.


As soon as Noah was out of the others hearing reach, he broke out in hysterical laughter. The look on Nathan’s face as he opened the locker had been incredibly, the shocked look on his face was one Noah had never seen the guy express before, but it had been no less fun to watch. Oh, how he wished he had caught that on tape. Noah tried to keep his act together, but it still took some minutes before he was able to catch his breath, and went back inside.

The owner had told him that he had six requests for today. One of the being a regular customer, someone how had started exclusively requesting him. That thing wasn’t strange with this kind of job. People would sometimes fancy one, before moving onto the next guy.

But since he didn’t have any costumers this early, Noah started by helping out at the bar, serving drinks as some of the first men started walking in.


Noah’s uniform was a two-piece set, with hip short hot pants in red leather. And a sleeveless thin shirt in white, cut out in the back to show off some naked skin.

He knew that he looked hot to any needing man walking in, and received a good number of glances as he walked by. Noah could practically feel them eye fuck him from behind, and just get to tease he put some extra force in swing his hip while walking. This was the clean way to show the guys that this was an “Just watch”. But as one guy grab his ass, while Noah was putting drinks at the table, he struck the hand away, indicating “No touching.”

Noah could play a slut while performing, but no one touched him. That was only for his boyfriend to do, just because his loved his job, it didn’t make him a whore.

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Nathan gave Noah a glare as the other had left to help open the doors and other such things. He sighed to himself in frustration as it seemed he would have to go out and work today in a sparkling uniform. Well, he would just have to flaunt that sparkle and make the customers love it! Yeah, he can work with this! He had no choice really...


Nathan slipped into his black hip shorts, glitter and all, and a black t shirt with no sleeves. The t shirt was cut very short so it showed off his mid riff, looking himself over in the mirror. Covered in glitter...I look like a freaking walking disco ball! Damn It Noah! He thought to himself as he took a deep breath. Well....It's show time and he was going to light up the floor as the walking disco ball he was!


Nathan went around as needed, not having much to do so early in the morning. A few customers did seem confused at first by the sparkle, Nathan remedying this with some slow turns and hip sways. Nathan tried to get sparkles from him moving to reflect on the glasses of the customers, making them stare at him more. At least he was making this work for now...Nathan thought to himself, trying not to thin about Noah right now so he didn't look visibly pissed.

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Noah couldn’t remember the last time he had actually found Nathan bearable to work with. He didn’t even feel sorry for the guy, who knew that his little pay back, would be working for Nathan in a good way.

Now the only thing he heard people talk about, was the sexy glitter guy with the nice ass. And though Noah would never admit it, he knew that the last part was kind of true. But he wasn’t into glitter and didn’t even think about anyone besides Marcus, less not Nathan.


As Noah came back to the bar, he looked at the clock for the time. It was almost time for his first private performants, and he turned to handle his tray.

“I’m going to the P-room now” Noah told the bartender, who wore a tight black tuxedo. The guy nodded and took a bottle of champagne up for Noah to bring as well.

He turned to head for the private room, but instead he bumped head first into Nathan. He uttered a little startled gasp, as he lost balance and landed flat on his ass, luckily the bottle in his hand didn’t break.

Just great now he too had glitter on him!


Noah smile coldly up a Nathan knowing there were customers around watching them, and he wouldn’t make a scene out of this. It wasn’t so much the glitter that pissed him off, it was just because that it was Nathan whom he had bumped into.

“Sorry Nat didn’t see you there.” Noah said as he got up, he didn’t want to look anymore up to Nathen then what needed to. He tried to brush of some on the glitter, but that action only scattered it.

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Nathan did not have any private dances just yet so he roamed the floor, letting a few people smack his ass and send a bit of glitter into the air. He did not let them touch further after a smack, encouraging them to get a private room with him. He was about to turn around to go see to other customers now.


It was a moment later as he turned around that he felt a smack into his chest. Nathan looked down and saw Noah flat on his ass, champagne bottle in hand and covered in a small bit of glitter from his uniform. Serves him right for planting the glitter in my locker, now its on you! They were in front of customers so he had to act civil in front of them. "No problem.." He said with his own cold smile. "Stuff is terribly hard to get off, you should be careful" He said with a grin as he walked away, shaking his glittering ass for some customers.

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Noah bite his bottom lip as Nathan startedwalked away, and turned away himself. He didn't have time to think about Nathan now, he needed to keep his cool for the customers. Noah went forward the privat run and shut the door fast behind him. The customer hadn't arrived yet, so Noah could take a moment to calm his nerves and think happy thoughts.


Noah smile as an young guy was lead into the privat room, by one of his coworkers. The customer looked nervous, and didn't know were to look.

"Thank you so much for choose me, young master. I'm Noah, I will be for your entertainment today." Noah said as he when over to the young man and gently pulled in the guys sleeve.

"Oh mmm..." the guy stammered but let Noah lead him over to a comfortable chair.


"Is this your first time coming here master?"

"Oh mmm... Is it that obvious?" the guy asked and took a look back at the closed door.

"Before I starts, I'll need to aske what you would prefer."

"any...anything I'll guess."

"Don't worried I got a bit of everything up in my sleeves, and I honored to get to be your first experiment young master." Noah smile brightly. He loved to show new people just how exciting the gay life could be.

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Nathan had no idea why Noah was getting so under his skin recently...and it irritated him! It seemed everything Noah did was solely to get to him. Nathan tried not to think about Noah anymore, attending to the customers on the floor. He didn't have a private room meeting until later, a regular who really liked to play rough. Maybe there could be a lot of extra agression today...He really needed to let it out.


Whoever Noah took in with him, seemed like he was a nervous first timer. It would be interesting to see how the new comer comes out after time with Noah. Nathan poured more drinks, smirking at some people, tilting up a chin here and there.

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Noah had started up slow, making the guy feel at ease with some fully clothes dancing, before he slowly started to remove a bit of clothes until his chest was completely exposed.

The guy still seemed a bit nervous, but at least now he didn’t take his eyes off Noah. His glance followed Noah’s hands, as Noah caressed himself from shoulders to the chest, and down his past his belly button.

He followed the beat of the music to approach the customer, sending the guy a sexy smile as he went down to sit in his lap. Noah didn’t know if it was a reflex that the guy tried to grab his ass, but none the less Noah removed them by pulling them up over the guy’s head. This act made Noah lean closer in to the guy, and he could feel the warm breath right in his face. A smell of mints and cheap cologne, hit Noah’s nose.


“There is one ruled you should know, ‘Watch, don’t touch, unless I allow it.’ Got it?”

The guy nodded still keeping his eyes on Noah. “Yes…”.

“Good.” Noah whispered into the guy’s ear, trying not to breath in too much of the cheap cologne.

He got up again as the song changed and turned away from the guy, giving him a clear view of Noah’s ass, as he slowly pulled his pants below his butt cheeks.


“Jesus fuck…” The guy stammered as he saw the naughty display in front of him. Seeing Noah now only wearing some very thin black panties whom just covered his crotches, was be on the guy’s fantasy off hot boys at night.

But as Noah started to rub himself up against the pole, he knew that he was done for it.


Noah Turned his head when hearing the guy letting out a soft moan. The guy was totally hard. He could see how the guy’s prick stood pressing against the sipper, and how the pre-cum was leaking a dark spot. And even though Noah had gone easy on him, the guy had already gotten this exited. It only boosted Noah’s confidence while performing, and costed the guy a lot of sweat from trying not to come in his pants as the show moved on.

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Nathan looked toward the door Noah went in, wishing he could either mess with him while he was in there or see what sorts of trouble the other was causing the new comer. He did have some standards though and he would rather not get fired by going that far. This was a good paying job and even he knew when messing with Noah would cause him to get fired...


But it seemed Noah seemed more on edge as of late, Nathan thought to himself as he pushed away a hand that tried to touch him. "Get a private room and I will show you a good touch" He smirked as he set down his glass and continued on with his current line of thinking. Noah did mention a boyfriend in passing once or something like that, boyfriend not putting out? He chuckled to himself at the thought.


The boyfriend of a guy that works here, wouldn't he loves this or come by and visit at least once? Hmm...interesting. Nathan smirked to himself as he went to get more drinks for other customers.

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“Times up” Noah whispered into the guy’s ear, as the music died out. He couldn’t help but to smile as the guy just sad there, staring up at him with eyes heavy lit in arousal and a reddish face. The guy looked to be in his own little `Fun land´ and looked extremely satisfied.


Noah didn’t know if the guy had actually came in his pants or not, but judging by the scent of sex that reeked from the man, Noah doubted he hadn’t. The guy looked almost drunk in pleasure, that though Noah almost hadn’t touch him.

“Do you think that we maybe could do something when you get off work?”

Noah shook his head. This wasn’t the first time he had gotten asked such a thing, though it surprised Noah that the guy who had been so shy just before now was coming on to him.

“Sorry, I don’t fuck with any of the customers.” Noah answered and turned to put back on his clothes which was laying on the floor.

“Then can I book you for a next time again?” He asked with eager in his voice and rose from the chair.

“Of course you can, but I would recommend for you to try others as well. Each one of us has our own style, and that’s lets you experience more.”

“Okay, I’ll think about it, but it just that you are so fucking hot to look at.”

Well that’s was the point, but Noah was still glad to hear it. “Thank you.”


Noah’s customer was the first one to leave the P-room and soon Noah-self to walked out after turning on the air-condition. He hadn’t bothered to close the front of his shirt since he was going back to the changing room, to wash off the sweat he had worked up while performing.


Some of the customers started to whistle and howl as they saw him. Noah spinning around a time showing of his naked flesh to the crowed and send them an air-kiss, before disappearing out back.

After every private performing, the workers got a ten minutes breaker to wash up an rest, this was to keep the fresh and not too tired at the end of their shift.

There was a shower, but Noah didn’t feel all that sweaty to need it yet. So, he just took a cloth to wash and dry himself off with, before going back to rest in a chair.


Noah found his phone and started to wonder if he should text Marcus, just to ask how things was going, even though Noah knew that Marcus properly wouldn’t see it before his lunchbreak, he still wanted to write a little something.

”Hey Baby, missing you. :3 Gonna be home around 5, so we can eat dinner together if you aren’t too busy. I could grab some Italian food on the way home if you’d like?

Love N”

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It looked like it would be his turn next as Nathan turned his head to see the customer coming out of the room. In a moment, Noah will be coming out after whatever he had been doing in the room with the other customer. The customer did seem quite pleased but considering a newcomers taste, it could be anything that sets them off.


Noah did come out to a crowd of hollers and hungry eyes overlooking his body. Even he can admit that Noah in that state was not exactly an unpleasant site to look at. He gave him a quick up and down before he had to get ready for his own private room customer in a few minutes. He went over anything he needed to in his head as he could see the customer he was getting, it being a regular of his who was eyeing him from across the room.


Hmm, he is looking good today..Nathan thought to himself. He wondered if the other was going to try and ask him again to hang out after work. Maybe he will consider it today if he likes what goes on in the room today. While he was selective, he liked being able to do as he liked. He used what means necessary to stay healthy and he had no weights holding him down. So why not?

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As expected, no reply came while Noah was on his break. Noah sighed and got up to get ready to go back in again. He knew that Nathan already was in the p-room, he had checked the schedule just in case some off his privates had been canceled, of course none had and his next would first be around 14. So in the meantime there was a lot off time for him to get along with the customers.


He placed the phone back inside the locker and put on some lips balms, just to keep his lips moist.

As he entered the club there seemed to had gotten more customers, it still wasn't fil up yet, that was too early for most people to show. But Noah still saw some faces, which he recognized at the tabels.

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Nathan gestured to the customer with a small smirk and a finger wiggle, walking toward the private room and standing there waiting for the customer. "Didn't get enough last time...?" He smirked playfully at the customer. The man nodded and went to reach out to touch him, Nathan grabbing at his hand. "You didn't say please.." Nathan smirked and opened the door, closing it behind him.


The customer sat on the couch and eyes him up and down. "Beg for it...Beg for what you can look at. You want to feel it and it's tearing you apart" Nathan edged him on more, running a finger down the others body before stepping away and continuing to dance. He was a bit of a teaser and a man who liked to play rough. He loved making people practically beg him before he would even allow the smallest of touches.


Nathan kept swaying his hips before he finally answered with a quiet "Please..". Nathan chuckles with a "That's better..", coming closer and placing a leg on either side of the others hips, slowly swaying them back and forth of hen other ran hands down his hips. "You want it..But can't have It..." he smirked, getting off his lap to dance for the other some more, offering teasing peaks at his tattoo under his shirt and his ass.


"Shame...times up already" Nathan said with a smirk as he ran a hand through his hair. The customer blinked and could not believe the time was already over. "Can I..after work...?" He stammered, trying to keep his hands st his sides. "Hmm? We are getting all shy now? I hope you won't be too shy later" He smirked as he let the other customer leave before he left, fixing his shorts and hair before he left the room to go to the break room.

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Noah was sitting in a guy’s lap as he saw Nathan finish leaving the P-room. He had seen Nathans customer a couple of times in the club before and know that the guy had become one of Nathan’s regulars.


“Why does that guy got glitter all over today? even you got some on you, not that I don’t find you sexy as hell. But it looks like it exploded on that guy.” The man how’s lap Noah was sitting on asked.

“Something like it I would say, I haven’t really had my eyes on him much, too busy working on you.” Noah sweet talked himself out of answering, and the guy seemed fairly satisfied with that explanation.


“Noah” The owner called and signaled for him to come over by the bar. Noah jumped off the man’s lap, sending the guy a little smile before leaving.

“You don’t have any privates until later, could you be a sweetheart and tell Nathan to change his clothes? If he hasn’t got anything without glitter on it, try fine something that’s fits.” The owners question was with no doubt an order which Noah wouldn’t like to refuse.

“Yes Sir.” Noah answered before he went to go out back to find Nathan.


When Noah saw Nathan, he couldn't help but to smile a bit. Okay maybe he had went a little overboard with the glitter.

"Should I get you something else glittering to wear?" Noah asked wacthing Nathan from the door, ot was meant as a kind suggestion, not to mockery him. The guy had already had his share by now.


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Nathan went into the back room and cursed quietly to himself. He was so lucky he was able to get away with the glitter but it was frustrating! He was covered in it and it wouldn't come off today with the amount of glitter that was on him. Nathan pulled off his uniform shirt as carefully as possibly, a few specks of glitter still getting on his chest.


At least that would be easier to get off..


Before he could do anything else, his peaceful silence was interrupted by a voice behind him that shattered the silence. Nathan took a deep breath to keep himself calm before he turned around. "At least I was able to work with it...But no, I don't want to be a fucking disco ball anymore today" He groaned in frustration as he laid the shirt on the table. "This will be a bitch to get out.." Nathan sighed in frustration.

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Noah rolled his eyes. Really would he start to get bitchy now. He went over to his locker to finded som body oli, and throwed it to Nathan.

"Use this on your skin and dry it of with a towel, it should get the glitter off." Noah said as he went on looking for some spare clothes that would fit Nathan.


He saw a box with 'clothes' writing on it, in one of the last lockers at the bottom.

Noah couldn't get the box out, it seemed to had been a too big a box being forced in and now it was stuck.

Luckely the box could oppe and Noah went down on his knees to take a look.


Some of this could be used, nothing in the box seemed to fit together. Noah took out a nice looking shirt that looked much like the style Nathan would wear, but couldn't find any pants.

After another look in the box, he left it to go hurting in some of the other lockers. But it wasn’t before he got to his own that he found some pants who seemed to fit. It was a pair he didn't wore much, they were a bit longer, but else the were nice enough. They might though be a bit tight on Nathan, but it shouldn't be too much drifferences between their pants size.


"Here, try this."

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Nathan caught the oil with one hand, using it as Noah told him to get the glitter off. Boss definetly made him help him or he wouldn't be doing this. He wouldn't trick him more and cause him more trouble when had already caused enough trouble for one day.


He watched as the other seemed to be searching for clothes that would fit him. He wondered if he would, since he was a bit muscular but he was on the leaner side of muscular so it might work if he squeezed? Either way, he was curious as to what Noah would come up with for him to try on.


Nathan watched as Noah went to his own locker and got out a pair of pants. He looked over then curiously before he took the pants from Noah. He took off the sparkling booty shorts and discarded them in his locker for now, glad he was in his tight blue underwear over the glittering shorts. Nathan, with some struggle, managed to get the pants on although the tightness showed in certain areas. "Works well enough.." He said as he was at least able to move well enough in them.

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Noah tried not to starre at Nathan's naked body as he changed. Feeling that he would be betraying someone if he did. Of course he saw some small things from the corner of his eye, like the blue underwear.


First when Nathan spoke, did he fully look at him. And damn! If those pants didn't looked tight, curving the front of the pants nicely. 'Oh god! If only Marcus would dress like that, then he didn't haft to feel this guilty about his teeths starting to water.

Shit, Noah needed badly to get layed!

Noah cleared his throat before taking. "Well looks like it would do for now, see you inside."

It wasn't healthy for Noah to keep looking at Nathan, not on his low on sex state. His brain was already starting to strip the guy again, not a good idea at all.

So Noah did the bedst thing he could do in this situation, escaping, walking back into the club.

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Nathan was glad this was acceptable enough, looking himself over in the mirror. Noah was probably just rolling his eyes at him, glancing at him out of the corner of his eyes as he slipped on the shirt he was given. Hmm...buttoning up the shirt would be a bit too formal, even with the tight pants. Easy enough, Nathan thought to himself as he simple left the shirt undone and unbuttoned.


Soon after he decided on his shirts look, thinking he didn't look half bad even with the tight pants, he heard Noah say that he was heading back inside. Nathan nodded as he made sure he put his glittering uniform back in his locker. He came out shortly after, a few customers noticing the difference from the glitter man that walked into the back room. With certain areas curving tightly on him, a lot of eyes looked downward as he walked by them.

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As the day went on, Noah worked hard to keep himself busy. Marcus hadn’t replied him, and when he slowed down working he often caught himself unconsciously checking people out.

When he was doing the last performance of the day, Noah had felt like going all in for a dirty play. It had been so intense, that even he had started to get excited and a bit aroused. And though he had made good tips, Noah felt bad of his regular who had to leave the club with his face all red and pants soaked with cum. That guy would properly not show himself in the club for the next couple of days, not that the people in here really care about someone blowing. Hack that happens when going to this kind of place.


Him knowing that he had his short break, Noah went out back to get his coat. He thought that maybe some air would do the job of calming him, at least he had the time to try.

Checking the phone before putting it in his pocket, Noah silently walked to the door and went out unnoticed.

But he hadn’t gone more than two steps outside before his phone started ringing Timber with ke$ha and Pitbull as the tone.

Noah’s heart jumped thinking of Marcus calling, but as he saw the display he saw that it was just his friend Adam.


“What’s up?” Noah asked without sounding to disappointed for Adam to hear it.

“Hey Cookie, I just wanted to ask if you’re coming tonight? The first round is on me if you do.” Well of course Adam would ask him, since tomorrow would be his day off anyway.

“Sorry, but I can’t, got things to do with Marcus.”

“You could bring him, in all the time I have known you two, he has never backed away from an invitation.” Yet another true fact, it wouldn’t had been the first time they went to Adam’s work place. Adam often lured them with free drinks, and because the owner was his dad, he could pretty much get away with anything. Even though Adam really tried to chase his dream to be a hairdresser, he still helped his old man out with the pub.


“Yeah well, I’ll really need him sober for the things I’m gonna do with him so… another time.”

“Well I wouldn’t mind watching you guys going at it, but someone has to work this evening.”

“Your dirty little whore, watch it or I’ll tell that Ian-guy your dating about what you just said.” Noah said as an empty threatened, half laughing out his nose.

Adan couldn’t help but to laugh “Says the one who is taking off his clothes for every paying customer. If you change your mind you know where to find me, and please tell Ian, he is the jealous type.” And with Adam getting the last word in, he ended the call.


When Noah’s break ended, he felt a little relieved, talking with Adam had really made him forget the worrying he had been carrying, and he went back inside with new found energy, to work a job Noah knew he loved.

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Nathan took only a short break in the span of the rest of his work day, doing a private here and there but attending to regular duties otherwise. It was an average work night and nothing special was going on, figuring he could use the night with his regular Jason. He really could use the good fuck anyway, blow off some steam and just enjoy himself. He might even treat the guy before they get nasty, go somewhere unless they can't wait. He just knew he needed the fuck tonight.


Nathan saw the other go out at one point, a bit curious what he was talking about. He hung around near the front, not able to hear much of anything. Nathan gave up as he went back to work, trying not to look toward the unusually cheery Noah. He must be desperate if he noticed this so easily...He will call Jason after work.

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As the evening proceeded the bar area started to become busier. But even though Noah’s shift was at its end and he just really wanted to go home. He still stayed until his replacement arrived and had changed into uniform.

Noah send the guy a smile as he handed over his tray and said his goodbyes. The owner stood in the other end of the room keeping an eye on everything, with a stern expression on his face. But as Noah caught his eye the older guy smiled when noticing him.

Noah signal for his wrist, and waved goodbye. Noah didn’t wear a watch, but the owner knew that he was telling him something about times up.

The owner looked at his wrist watch for the time and send Noah a nod, meaning that he could go.

He received the last touches for the evening while walking to the back door. Noah winked teasingly at a guy, before closing the door with the sign on it that said 'staff only’.


Noah changed fast from his tight work clothes into a pair of long nice light gray jeans, and a dark green blouse with a loose V cut and a black stripe around the waistline.

It wasn’t much brand clothing that he did normally wear, but he still tended to find great clothe and hot things when he went out shopping. He really didn’t own any clothes which didn’t look good on him. Noah was often told that he could look good in anything, but he doubted it.


He grabbed his things and his coat and headed outside.

Noah didn’t own a car, but he had his motorcycle parked at a spot some distance from the club.

It was a few years old, but thanks to Noah keeping it maintained it still looked almost as new. It had been his first bike ever and though Noah wasn’t intrigued by motorcycles, he knew just about enough to have one.



The ride home took him normally about 15 minutes, but dropping by the Italian restaurant, it took him a bit longer. He ordered some pasta for himself and a beef for Marcus. The guy still hadn’t answered him, but Noah knew that he would be at home by now.


He parked the bike in the basement of the building to their apartment, and took the lift up to the third floor.

There were lots of apartments in this building, and it didn’t stand out much with its sad concrete look, but it was nice and what they could afforded. As he reaches their apartment, he shifted the hand holding the plasticbag to get his keys and open the door.

Strangely enough, there were no lights on, but Noah had seen Marcus car parked down in a basement just now.

“Baby you home?” Noah called out, while His fingers looked for the light switch. No reply came other than London’s hungry meows. But as the light came on, Noah stood looking at a pair of red high-heeled shoes he knew didn’t belong to Marcus.

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Nathan kept performing throughout the night, making sure he gave each customer equal treatment. He wanted to make sure each customer got a good time and wanted them to keep coming back. It seemed like the night could go on forever until it soon became time for him to go home for the evening.


Once his replacement had come for the remaining part of the day, Nathan went back into the backroom to put his clothes back on. Luckily these were not too covered in glitter from taking off at least his shirt before he opened the locker. He should try to take these home to wash and get the glitter off of them. Nathan put on his clothes from before, putting his glitter filled clothes in a bag so they wouldn't cover anything in his car. It was not the fanciest car in the world but it was a decent looking car that only had a few more payments left until he owned it completely. He much preferred a motorcycle because it felt like it gave him more of a bad boy image and it moved far faster as it could get through traffic easier.


Nathan set his bag beside him in the passenger seat, texting the guy from earlier he was on his way home. He needed to forget the glitter and just lose himself tonight....

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“Get out! Both of you get out!” Noah yelled as he threw the plastic bag after his naked boyfriend and the unknown woman who was just as naked.

“Noah shit that’s hot!!” Marcus yelled at the bag hitting him and some of its contents spilt on him.

“What the hell, man that’s disgusting!” The woman complained as a steak hit her right in the face. If Noah hadn’t been this angry, he would properly had laugh his ass off form her’s expression alone.


”You can’t throw me out this is just as much my apartment as yours.” Marcus reminded him while he put on some pants.

Noah knew that, but he was in complete rage to even think about anything. “Don’t test me Marcus, I don’t wanna hear anything from you, fuck off or I’ll make you leave.

“Noah Honey”

“Don’t you fucking dare you fucker.” Noah screamed and pushed the bigger man forwards the door.

“Calm yourself man! I don’t know why you’re acting like this, you got no reason throwing us out! Fuck this is messed up!” the bitch gathered her clothes, while giving him a pissed look, and soon she left on her own.


Marcus wasn’t moving at all, the look on his face said that that guy didn’t get what was happening. As if he hadn’t done anything wrong. But then he turned to pick up his shirt from the floor.

“I’ll speak with you tomorrow, when you have calmed down.”

“Shut up and leave already, I can’t stand looking at you, get out!”

“I’ll see you tomorrow” that’s was the last thing Marcus said before he left. The hole apartment seemed to echo as the door closed.


Hurrying out of the bedroom, Noah took out his phone to block Marcuse’s number from calling him, before he dropped to the floor. He was shaking from the shock and anger jerking through him.

What the hell was wrong with this world, it continued to take the people that he loved and trusted from him. Why the hell had Marcus done this to him?

Tears filled Noah’s eyes as a lump formed in his throat grew bigger, almost choking him.

A confused London came over to him purring as the fat mal cat rubbed it’s face against Noah’s head. Noah didn’t have the strange to get up to feed the cat right now, instead he reached out to pulling London in for a hug. Buried with his face in the fat cats fur Noah cried.

London wasn’t pleased to get wet, but happy for the attention the cat just uttering some sounds not try to struggle much. London’s grumbling of unhappy miauws were drowned by Noah's sobs.


Noah awoke later still laying on the floor, he was cold, and his eyes felt dry and swallowed. He was tired but at the same time couldn’t sleep. His body shook from the cold and his legs didn’t move as he wanted them to at first, lacking the strength to at first try. He just felt like taking a long shower, brushing his teeth, and watch some TV all day.

That idea sounded good to him.


As he reached the bathroom on shaking feet’s, he avoided looking at himself in the mirror. Noah know that nothing good would ever come out of it. ‘You feel like shit, you look like it’. And he was right.

Noah striped out of his clothes in and stepped into the hot spray of water, which felt incredible against his stiff and cold body parts. He wished that he could wash at the nightmare away from this night just as easily as the cold, just in one go. Instead of feeling like a patch being ripped off a little by little.

How many times haven’t they made love in this apartment, why had Marcus needed to bring a woman home to fuck? Noah didn’t get it, they have had a good sex life for years, and they rarely had any fights. What the hell was going on inside of his own mind, he was pissed, hurt and confused as hell. His chest was aching and the head was a mess with feelings floating through him.

“Fuck love… what is the point if I have to hurt like this now?” Noah asked himself as the water flowed down his face. He couldn’t tell if it was water in his eyes were tears or not, he was exhausted while feeling wide awake.

He tried to just stop thinking about it all, but it didn’t help. Closing his eyes Noah saw how the scene unfolded, replay how he had caught his boyfriend banging a blonde woman in their bed, pounding her with all his might as a lustful bull.

He quickly opened his eyes and shook his head to get the image out. Noah know that after this he could never forgive Marcus, he also needed to move. He couldn’t stand being in this apartment anymore.


Having cleared his mind, Noah turned off the water and got a towel to dry himself of.

Tying the towel around his waist, he when to get his phone to fine Adam’s number. It took him a moment before he could hit the ‘Call’ switch.


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