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  2. I often wondered as a kid what exactly dreams are. Was it a last resort of a wishful thinking which takes the form of a dream, or was it a sacred, secretive way to inject yourself with a belief that you are not alone and perhaps, a deity grants you with the blessing to release a dream? 

    In my eyes, dreams were a non-religious prayer, but a prayer nonetheless. It is somewhat beautiful, when humans cast a wish - create a dream. In my life, I always enjoyed listening to people's dreams. Maybe, it was a way to see how my dreams differed from theirs? Or perhaps, it was a way to see if dreams come true? I found myself in most unexpected places, listening to strangers' dreams. But I always enjoyed the ride.

    On a cog-wheeled train, during the harsh flames of summer - when the last thing you'd need is use more of your mind capacity for purposes other than hiding from the heat. Or that one time, during the frustrating waiting on the queue to pay my water bills back in the 2010s. On the airplane, whilst watching the pure white cotton-shaped clouds from above. Even the occasions given whilst awaiting the bus on a god-forsaken village bus-stop. I assure you, every stranger had a tale of dreams, sometimes they were long abandoned dreams. Sometimes they triggered the genuine smile of sorrow. And other times, they revealed regrets.

    However, somehow I realized that the purest form of dreams was when they were cast-aside. Like a flame in one's consciousness, almost comatose but not completely forgotten. I disliked when humans gave up on their dreams - somewhat, it was a calling from inside. If it hurt them, giving up on a dream, why then? Why giving up, then? Alas, soon I realized that it is the purest form when cast-aside because one's principles and inner justice manifested. Hence, a dream remained only in the realm of one's inner world.

    Some gave up because of their children or a family member, and even for the sake of friendship. Others gave up because fulfilling that dream meant to become who they would no longer recognize. And third, they were one of a kind - leaving a legacy behind. They passed on a dream, often so - a very sacred dream.

    Then I thought, "Ah...it is not that dreams are a last resort or a prayer. They are part of a tough fight - the fight with one's self in a world where values rarely prevail and the filth violate such values."

    Now, when I am half-way through the trials to fulfill my dream, I grow hesitant. Maybe is fatigue after the fights, maybe it is the human nature of questioning just about everything. Whatever is the case, I find it funny. How power leaves you, how silent nights grow loud, how sacred objectives lead to hell-bound heights. 

    Then I thought, "Ah...it is not that dreams are a last resort, a prayer, or a part of a fight. They are an inner equation. Is it worth it?"

    Perhaps, to solve the equation, you have to be aware. A state which requires much more envision than what a dream cost is. One has to envision the greater good. Which again, I find funny.

    How do you define "good", even more - what makes it "greater"? 

    Here, we come to the crossroad of philosophy and history. Was the fallout of Empires a result of a failed envision what constitutes "greater good" or probably, part of someone's very own dream to see the perish of an Empire? Or maybe both?

    The Beccarian idea of "morals" often so explain (and portray) that humans are rational beings in so far the cost-benefit is involved. You can go as far as you wish in time, and you will find that in the core of every civilization, that rationale prevailed. Perse, seeking mercy from the gods, sacrifices were made. For the sake of winning a war, scarifies were made. For the greater good meant people would follow the justice of gods, and later in history, the justice of emperors. 

    Democracy is no different - in fact, democracy is the best outfit of 'for the greater good' based on the idea of "greatest happiness for the greatest number". You may wonder, what does it even have to do with "dreams"? 

    There is a lot in correlation, I assure you. We are beings of a rationale - an underlying basis of our principles and beliefs. We choose, we rationalize, we prefer and we reject what we do not prefer. And a dream is part of your rationale. 

    See, two rationales cannot co-exist. Only one would. The moment a dream clash with your rationale - the dream can no longer be.  Which made me realized, "Ah...a dream is neither a last resort, a prayer, a part of a fight or an equation. A dream is a relation to who you are in reality". 

    Which, again, I find funny. I selected this username for a reason. Often people, funnily, related to "Saga Masamune" - a manga character, I believe many are aware of. I wouldn't lie if I say that the name also made me think of him. However, the real reason I selected the name was in correlation to its multi-functionality.  For one, it is often related to a long sequence of stories - a long saga of stories or achievements. Secondly, in its Japanese meaning  - it is related to the hieroglyph which means "one's true colors" or "one's nature".

    I stand here today, wondering, who am I and why my dreams seem so related to any strangers' dream? Unfortunately, I cannot share my dream with you. Only select people know but I, somewhat, hesitate. Because my dream is both for the sake and for the loss - its price comes expensive. You lose a lot, and on the way of losing you acknowledge you were ready to lose. However, once you reach the crossroad of integrity, you cannot help but question the envision of "the greatest happiness for the greatest number". 

    Dreams, appear, simple yet complex. To you, who may have not begun your journey to fulfill your dreams, and to you, who may have abandoned the journey....I wish to ask - is it worth it?



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