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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. Ash hummed happily when the other returned his kiss. The other started leaning into it, leaning back into it. The cool of the night air mixed well with the heat of the others body. “I would race you back down the mountain but I think I went too rough on you..” He said with a low groan against the others lips. “But I do agree..nice view up here” He said quietly as he looked up at the stars, holding the others hand
  2. Ash let out a quiet groan of agreement, loving how the other smelled a bit more like him now. He pulled out of the other, laying beside him and looking up at the stars. “Best date...” He said with a soft hum, kissing the others cheek and then his lips. He could not have asked for anything better for a date. “Did you want to..go on another date sometime?”
  3. Ash let his hand go off of the other and put it over the others hand on the ground. His nails dug in a bit, holding the others hand in his. He bit down roughly on the back of the others neck in instinct to keep him steady, going more furiously into him. Soon he hit his climax again, flicking his tongue over the bite marks. So good..nice mark..He thought to himself as he looked over the lther
  4. He never had such a primal urge over anything besides while he was burning and momentarily with Otso. He needed the other more every second that passed.. mark him..make him his. He pushed the others chin up and pulled him into a deep kiss while he thrusted
  5. “I don’t plan to..” Ash said with a low growl, feeling even more primal. He needed it..he needed it bad. He needed the thing that drove him to have such a hot and heavy jest. The person that occupied his thoughts for the last week or at least had his thoughts now. He bit a bit tougher into the others neck, wanting to leave a mark. “Mine..” He growled, starting to pick up his thrusting again
  6. Ash watched as the other looked back at him with such a heated look that it only stoked his own fires again. He had that primal urge to just take him as much as he could, make sure the other smelled only like him. Sure he had only done it properly twice now but he wanted it more than ever. Ash watched his ass wiggle with a hungry look, definitely eager for a round two. It was darker now and he looked great in that position and Lighting. He loomed over him, tail curling around the other as he went in.
  7. The others moaning of his name was driving him even more wild than anything before. Someone was saying his name in such a way that made him even more wolf than anything before! He felt like he was about to bubble over, a few more deep hip thrusts and he came inside the other. Fuck...that was better than any sex he could have had with a Woman! “Again...?” he asked in a low purr, trying to move them both so the other was on his hands and knees
  8. Ash breathed much heavier as he felt like he could choke on how good he was feeling with the other. He loved the feeling of moving in the other and it only made him nip him harder. Fuck..this was amazing! He sucked roughly on the skin, acting on pure instinct. He gripped the others hips tighter, ears twitching happily
  9. Ash was surprised at the level of ease the other seemed to have taking him all, too entranced by the kiss and the feeling to care. The others hands guided them to his hips, gripping on them tightly. Fuck..fuck..this felt amazing! He gripped his hips tighter, thrusting faster into him once he got used to it. “Asahi..” He growled, nipping the others neck
  10. Ash found it comforting the other didn’t poke fun or seem to immediately jump on it, more open about his being gay. It was refreshing or at least the way he felt around the other made him comfortable. He just felt good around the other and it was so hard to explain. He wasn’t used to being this open and accepted of liking men. He kissed the other in return, his fingers digging a bit into the ground under him at the sensation of the other around him. It was really being squeezed and it was weird but good..definitely wasn’t like when he was with the woman
  11. Ash let out a small little growl when the others ass rubbed against him. God he just wanted the other on him already but heard the others question and felt a happy warmth in his body. He was being so considerate of him...or at least curious. “I had been with a woman before..but as you know that never really worked out” He said with a quiet chuckle. “But men...no” He said quietly as he looked into the he others eyes
  12. Ash breathed heavily as he tried to keep focus on anything at all. The others tongue on him made him tingle even more and all the heat rushing faster to his groin. If this was what really being turned on felt like, he loved it! He couldn’t help his own hungry gaze as the other was out of his boxers and got a good look at him. There was no one he wanted to see naked more than Asahi...and he didn’t disappoint. “Really now..?” he purred, getting another rush of excitement when he was in his lap
  13. Whatever it was, Asahi didn’t seem to mind one bit. He loved being able to have the freedom to look and touch another man like he was doing right now..and he was taking it all in. His eyes widened when he felt the others tongue on him, letting out a low purr. Fuck that felt good! “Damn..You’ll have to show me more of that...” He groaned
  14. Ash was glad the other didn't look at him too strangely at the line, quickly getting back into the groove of things. He was more than happy to take off the clothes, liking the breeze normally but now for whole new reasons. He would have never gotten this opportunity on the island and looked over the covered groin before going back up again. Now those were birthing hips, fit perfectly in his palms...He thought as he pulled his underwear off. Was his size different than the people here? Everyone was different so would be be average or large? Hopefully not smaller to shame his pride..
  15. Ash turned a darker red at hearing the things the other had to say about him and the reference to wanting sex even at the reception. "Are you trying to embarrass me...?" he groaned before his heart definitely skipped a beat when the other said he liked and wanted him in such a tone. "Fuck....." he said in a low hiss again as he was undoing his pants. "You better hope you can take me..my muscles are not the only thing I'm packing" He said, trying to remember a phrase he heard on a movie, groaning when the others hips stopped but took the time to take his pants off.
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