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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. Whatever it was, Asahi didn’t seem to mind one bit. He loved being able to have the freedom to look and touch another man like he was doing right now..and he was taking it all in. His eyes widened when he felt the others tongue on him, letting out a low purr. Fuck that felt good! “Damn..You’ll have to show me more of that...” He groaned
  2. Ash was glad the other didn't look at him too strangely at the line, quickly getting back into the groove of things. He was more than happy to take off the clothes, liking the breeze normally but now for whole new reasons. He would have never gotten this opportunity on the island and looked over the covered groin before going back up again. Now those were birthing hips, fit perfectly in his palms...He thought as he pulled his underwear off. Was his size different than the people here? Everyone was different so would be be average or large? Hopefully not smaller to shame his pride..
  3. Ash turned a darker red at hearing the things the other had to say about him and the reference to wanting sex even at the reception. "Are you trying to embarrass me...?" he groaned before his heart definitely skipped a beat when the other said he liked and wanted him in such a tone. "Fuck....." he said in a low hiss again as he was undoing his pants. "You better hope you can take me..my muscles are not the only thing I'm packing" He said, trying to remember a phrase he heard on a movie, groaning when the others hips stopped but took the time to take his pants off.
  4. Ash felt like it was so painful but he tried to focus on talking...before he got into it. "I can stop..." He said quietly, still nipping at the others chest. "You are driving me crazy and I..I cant help it. All I wanted to do at that reception was keep kissing you...feeling your hands on me...thinking such...sexual things about you and how you treated me regardless. I like you...I dont want to hurt you if you dont want this" he tried to keep focus and it only made him grind harder in need. He didn't want to ruin the others date but he was being driven insane by his needs.
  5. Ash let out a low growl at feeling the other grinding up against him. The others scent was so close and it felt like the air was just screaming for Asahi. He did not plan on his date takign such a quick turn but it felt so good around the other..too good. He sat down, pulling Asahi down with him while he leaned against the closest thing to him. He held the others hips and returned the gesture, grinding up into him. He tried to control the raw instinct to go wild all over him but he found it hard...Asahi just had that something about him that was making him like...this so easily. He reached to the others shirt without hesitation, saying a quiet "Damn.." similar to Asahis from earlier. He had a rather lean built, not exactly like his hunter body but god was it a sight. He leaned forward, running his tongue up the others chest. He even tasted as good as he looked..
  6. Ash knew by now the other definitely had to have noticed his erection by now, turning a faint red. He wasn't judging him for it at least and- "Asahi.." He said in a low sensual purr, loving the others hand on him. His face went a darker red, not thinking his voice could sound so....lewd. No one made him feel like this...no one came closer to comparing. He leaned into the others neck, nipping at the others skin with a slightly slow pace. "Keep doing that..." He said against the others neck with a low purr.
  7. The others words were not helping his rising heat, and these stupid pants were getting tighter on him, not helping at all. "Not by much...but it help..helped, it helped" He said as he was trying to keep any sort of focus. More...touch me more....need more....Focus! Ash found his thoughts going off track again looking into the others eyes. He wanted to hold him close again, hoping it would steady the heat but it only made it worse..especially with how much the other was pressed up on him, only making his tight pants tighter. "Fuck.." Ash said with a quiet hiss, pressing himself a tiny bit into him but holding him really close.
  8. Ash could feel the slight breeze of the others tail on his hand from how fast he was going. The other pressing up against his body only made his heart go crazier! No other kiss or touch could feel like this..and no kiss definitely made him feel like this! There was that hot feeling again..the feeling he got when he was in the suit that felt like he was boiling, He let go of the other to unbutton his shirt and take it off fully, tossing it aside. So much better..but his body still felt hot and his heart still racing..but a tiny bit better. Yes to the cool air but now the other felt even closer to his now bare chest.
  9. The other moaning into the kiss sent shivers down his spine, finding he especially liked the way it sounded. He....really liked the way it sounded....He thought with his own moan escaping his lips. Fuck....fuck...how was he supposed to not get into a heated feeling when he was being kissed like that. He kissed the other deeper, a bit more hungry than before. The hand that was wrapped around his waist dared to give the others ass a light squeeze. (blanked on Tenmo on what to say beyond joining for dinner XD)
  10. Ash felt like his heart was beating faster than a drum, feeling the others arms around his neck made things far worse. He breathed heavily when they broke apart, bashful but for a moment when the other mentioned practicing. He had little time to answer before Asahi was leaning in for another kiss. He more than happily accepted and reciprocated, making it even deeper. Oh...fuck...this was an even better kiss than the first time! He pulled the other closer to him, knitting one hand in the others hair while the other was holding him close around his hips. "You should make a plate for him just in case, Ash might be out for awhile with him tonight. I wouldn't want you to have to get up at a late hour. And worse comes to worse, it will be leftovers" Tenmo smiled as he continued to play, this time winning but not by much. "Good game" He said with a smile, kissing the others cheek.
  11. Ash watched the others tail sway, eyes glancing down at it. He was captivated by the others tail, just....captivated by him. 'I am sure you'll be just as good at showing your feelings for this boy too' 'Someone special' 'A connection like that... one where you just lose yourself in the moment and nothing else matters. That's a special connection' Kaines words echoed through his head when the other looked at him. Everyone made him feel tingly but it felt like his chest hurt around the other. It felt.....good. The others smile just...made him feel good. He walked over to the other, silently pulling him towards him and taking him into a kiss. Tenmo was quicker to wash his hands before returning to the game. He wondered if Kaine had the same idea, a night to just all be together like this, whether watching a movie or playing a game. An activity that they could all have fun and enjoy together, no one left out or feeling different. A time where they can all simply enjoy each others company.
  12. Ash was grinning happily as he was overlooking the view from their spot on the mountain. "It's incredible!" He said as his tail swayed behind him and his ears twitched happily. It felt like the sun was closer to their level and he loved the view of the sunset on the horizon overlooking the town and all the towns further away. The sunset was even more beautiful from here with the skies painted such beautiful colors. "It's gorgeous!" Ash said with an even bigger smile, looking back at him. Tenmo laughed as Ren was eager to play again, watching him setting up the board. Kaine drew attention to his lips and fingers, looking down at them. "Easy fix" He said, making slow work of licking off his fingers and his lips. "Let me wash them off..before it gets too sticky" He said, getting up to go wash his hands in the kitchen sink.
  13. Ash felt his heart swell when the other agreed to another kiss later, a big smile on his face. He got another thrill when the other started to run after telling them where they were going. He grinned wide when the other started to run, laughing and running after him. He loved the thrill of a good chase and this was quite a chase! Ash quickly darted up the mountain, keeping up alongside him with a big smile. This was so much fun! He loved the wind whipping along his skin and seeing the other running alongside him. He eventually reached where Asahi wanted to go, laughing a lot with a big grin. It was nice to have his first probably good run since arriving here. Tenmo was having a good time with Kaine and Ren, enjoying the board game they were currently playing. Ren ended up winning and he pat him on the back. "No bad for your first time playing, you did pretty good" He said with a big grin, eating another handful of watermelon pieces while he licked some juice from his lips so it wouldn't spill all over the floor.
  14. Ash looked towards the fountain, curious about it but a little iffy about the water. It didn't seem like the type of place to swim in and it was more for decoration. Oh right, he saw this in some movies, some people put coins in it or fall into it and laugh....Quite an odd thing. But he soon forgot about the fountain, sitting down beside him while they were talking. They talked about numerous things, some being a repeat from the other dates but frankly he didn't care. He was really enjoying himself on this one! He was happy to be in the woods again, looking around excitedly. Try not to focus on the kiss, this is about the date...how did he go about asking? "After running...um...want to kiss again?" He asked quietly, hoping the other wouldn't laugh. "Oh hush! I like it" Tenmo laughed before looking over the board game. It would be nice to have a nice time with just them two and Ren. It was hard to do things like that so he thought it would be a good time for some bonding. The last few days have helped them do that and it was a wonderful time!
  15. Ash was a bit nervous about going to the park without his family but Asahi really wanted to go with him. The mention of the hunt after or at least a fun day of running through the trees sounded amazing. He considered it like a small reward after the part of the date in the park was done with. He relaxed a bit when Asahi held his hand, holding the others lightly in return. There were a ton of sounds and smells that were still new to him in this world but Asahi was helping...and thinking of the kiss definitely helped that but didn't help to calm his heart. "Its nice.." He said quietly as he looked in the direction whenever a bird made a small tweeting sound. He started to gradually feel better after a few minutes of walking.. "Im coming!" Tenmo came with a giant bowl of cut out watermelon, sitting down beside them. "I do love a good watermelon, nice and refreshing" he said with a happy hum as he took a big bite out of its slice. He liked how it was a fruit and with how much juice it had, it was like getting a drink at the same time.
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