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  1. Mnh dominating.... Julius weren't the dominant type by nature but he would try giving it a go.. once he had maybe studied the topice a bit. "I could try" Julius said softly as his cheeks turned pink in colour. "It just mn.. you know. I haven't.. before.." for once he was glad he could hid his face into Yukie's shoulder so the other couldn't see him.
  2. Chase smiled as he enjoyed Leo's lips and hands on him. He kissed him back. Pulled Leo closer to him as he started to lossen the male's shirt. When the shirt was open up to expose Leo's skin, Chase went for the other's neck like a mosquito. Sucking and kissing the warm naked skin as him hands worked to get it the rest of the way off. "I enjoy it no matter how we do it.. but right now I need to tast you again. I haft to make sure it wasn't just my imagination." He said as he finally got the top off. "You are so beautiful.. I could spent hours on simply watching you. Unfortunately I can't do so this time but I'll definitely make it up to you in other ways" Chase grined as he gently pushed his lover futher back on the bed. He made quick work of Leo's pants before he stopped to appreciate the view for a second. "So damn fucking gorgeous" He felt his voise tumble in his chest as he watched the angry red hair on the male's crotch. Chase liked his lips as he starred at Leo's cock and then wandered a bit futher back. He pulled his messy shirt over his head and threw it behind him as he got down between Leo's legs. He had a sweet scenting olie on his hand that he poured over Leo's menber. The olie ran down over the dragon kin's balls and down between his asscheeks. Using both hands, chase pushed Leo's legs futher apart so there was more then enough room to kiss the guys inner thighs. And when he was ready he took Leo's cock and fisted it in his hand.
  3. Leo hadn't drooled on him. That had just been Chase teasing him. But it was funny seeing Leo wrip at his mouth just to be safe. "Don't worry I'm sure it can be washed" he container teasing as he turned around to pick the his jacket up. He had just straightened his back up again when he felt the weight of Leo push into him from behind. With Leo's arms wrapped around him, there were little Chase could do not to enjoy the closeness. "My, are you blackmailing me now?" Chase's chuckle turned over in a low groan as Leo thewed on his ear. His cheeks turned in color as the thought of getting it on with Leo made his body grow hot. Chase wiggled himself loos enough to turne around in the other's armrs so they could be face to face. "I always has time for you.. but not here" he said as he peeked around through the corners of his eyes. There weren't anyone but if they were to make too much noise someone might come. "My room" He said before kissing Leo's lips and sucked them in like they were flavored candy. It didn't take long for them to get to chase's room a few servants saw them as they walked side by side, restraining themself from touching one and eachother until the door closed behind them. Just to be on the safe side Chase made sure that the door was locked before throwing himself at Leo hard enough for both men to end up laying on the bed. "Ah I forgot, are you okay? I mean I don't wanna pressur you"
  4. "It's alright, you needed it and I'm not that tired" he answered as he smiled back at his just barely woken partner. By the way the sun hung low in the sky Leo might have been right. He would haft to be off soon. "I might not know much about human sociale politic but I am damn good at avoiding danger. Just you wait and see. I'll blow their feets off the floor tonight before anyone suspects what hit them. And afterwards I'll come back and snuggle up to you so you'll know I'm back and savely by your side, even in your dreams." Chase grined as he got to his feets. "But firstly, I need a shower. You are very adorable when you sleep but I wouldn't be able to explain that the stains on my pants were from my lover dronning on them, now can I?" Chase laughed as he teased Leo.
  5. After hearing what was happening around town, he should be happy that everything was going the way he had expected them to. How ever. Chase felt more guilty that at ease though it wasn't any of his foult. "I just hop things will move on quickly" chase sighed. "Though I'm not like them, I also don't want people to suffer. Dragons and humans both. And the longer it goes both sides will have losses" He was happy to hear about how Leo had helped the boy out. Although there were properly hundres of kids in the same situations. But It still warmed his heart that Leo would stand up for that child. Chase brushed a lock of hair behind his lover's ear and caressed his cheek. "I am not mad at you for standing up for that kid and I know you haven't done it if it could have been avoided" chase said before Leo leaned in to kiss him. "I'll be careful as long as you promise me you'll do the same." Chase smiled. He still felt his lips tickle from their kiss. As Leo lay down, using Chase's lap as an pillow. He looked down as the other as his finger draw out the frame of Leo's face. The dragon prince was breath taken. Chase brushed his fingers over every familiar inch as he studied his lover. "You can rest now, if you want. I will keep you save" he smiled gently down at Leo. Chase had enough time and he did feel bad about not waking up besides his lover on the first night he had made love to him. He knew how exausted and sore he felt after a long night of their love making. "I got lots of time till nightfal"
  6. Julius smiled as he leaned in to kiss the side of Yukie's face as his hand hot cozy touching him. "I could do that.." he said as he kissed his way up the demon's face to his ear. "What kind of roleplay did you imagin we could do?" He asked slowly as his hand stroke Yukie's cock the same way as hos words. Going from the tip and all the way down to the balls. "Tell me, I wanna hear more of what you want" Julius whispered before he opened his mouth to suck onto the other's earlope.
  7. "I didn't mean you were old sweetheart" Julius chuckled sweety at Yukie's frown and pointed to the demon's forhead. "But with all those lives you lived through, you are bound to be a little wiser." He the smirked teasingly before adding. "And maybe your body isn't as energied as it might have been in the past." He know that was bullshit. Why, the prof was poking hard against him. When the convasation was turned back on him Julius simply huffed as he rolled both eyes. "Please, like this face would ever get those. And even if I do, I'm still gonna look Just as pretty as Mother natur has created me." He answered with a confident smile. "Now " Julius ran his fingers over Yukie's cock again. "Do you wanna disgust this more or...?"
  8. Chase rested his chin on the other's shoulder as Leo ran his hand through his hair. "Mnh, long. But it payed off in the end" he said quickly so the other would understand that he had good news. "The duke plans to help me get into their sociale circle on the account that I help him look good such." He didn't think about meantioning that the duke also asked for Chase's company for other occation. He knew it would upset Leo. He would tell him but right now Chase wanted Leo to focus on another thing. "I'm gonna be the duks chaperone for tonight at a gathering at the minister of warfar's astate. The duke wouldn't be going if i hadn't insisted otherwise." Chase explained as he moved around so he was sitting beside Leo instead of behind him. ".. I don't know if you want to come or stay here. There wouldn't be guards present so we wouldn't even be able to see eachother if you did" He hadn't thought about that before now. "Uh.. but I'll be safe enough so you don't haft to come... Anyhow, how did your trip go?"
  9. "Mn.. neither did I" Julius grunted as yukie teased his sensitiv member. But he couldn't help the way his body parted his thighs to give him more room to touch. He could feel his lover becoming hard again as Julius had shared what he wanted to do. He smirked, feeling vitorious and a bit cocky. Julius smiled into Yukie's neck as he leaned up to kiss it. "But I am a whole lot younger and it was you who made me crave it like this... you don't seemed unpleased by it down there so I'm glad" Julius said as he shifted his hand around to Yukie's back. He then pushed his own cock up in Yukie's to rub them together. Julius eyes turned dark with lust as his eyelashes fluttered.
  10. Julius wondered if he had a black out for a second because the next thing he knew he was calmer with worried demon eyes resting over him. "No." Julius replied, his voice was a bit rough but that had only been because of how loud the other had made him cry out under sex. He blushed as he heard the change in his voice. He didn't really care about anyone finding out they were in a sexual relationship. But it still felt embarressed. "No you didn't hurt me babe" Julius stated again as he nuzzled Yukie's hand before hugging the guy closer. "It was perfect. I am just suprised at how bolt I was.. and how much I l-like this." Julius's face was flushed with pink. His body were already missing the extra part of his lover that left his body fell emty. Julius would diffently feel sore later but right now he couldn't have cared less. "I'm not that delicate" Julius smiled shyly as he whispered into Yukie's ear. "I can still go for another ride, though I doubt anything would come out." And as proof he shifted under Yukie so his hard cock was pressing up against him. "I may be weird. But my body aren't getting soft.. and I have this fantasy about sucking you off.." ^///^
  11. (Its okay I'm having the same problem with some of my other rps missing. But I'll still write to this. Then you can just post when you hav the time/found your way around 0v< ) Julius didn't know why he had said that, to begin with he was a male and never before had the thought about children struck him. He was also way too young to take care of a baby. But the thought of having a part of Yukie's growing in side of him, had Julius's body react. "..I wouldn't mind it either" Julius whispered in a very small voice against Yukie's hair. He could feel heat burn on his cheeks and all the way down into his stomach. Julius bite down on his tongue as he felt Yukie's thrusts getting stronger. His hips pushed back into him on their own. Seaching the other deeper into him like he wanted to get Yukie into his very being. "Yukie" the male moaned as he couldn't stop another wave of cum to splash on his stomach. "Yours~ah I'm forever yourss!" He cried out as he felt his insides getting filled with seed. Julius's ass clenched down around his lover so hard that Julius could feel it pumpe every little bit into him. He felt like his lower body swelled and rested a hand over his stomach. If he pushed down on his belly he was pretty sure he could feel Yukie's shape from the outside. "Ah~" though he had just came Julius's body shivered again, prostat fluid spilling transparent water. He breathing heavy coming out as pants. Julius's fingers was buried in the winkled sheets. The bed looking like a mess compared to how pretty it had been set. "Oh god!" Julius's cursed as he felt the black power entering him like he was a dry sponch thrown into water. There were so much of it that it made the hairs on his neck stand up, but not in a unpleasant way.
  12. hei, apparently our Sky Land RP thread was not transferred here

    i left a message for the admins but don't know what will be the outcome. What should we do further

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. M-jow


      I still can't find it. Only the thread that is called 'Through the sky'

      That was my first try on skyland but it was dumped 😕

    3. mik3la
    4. M-jow


      Yeahyyyy!! ^^ why I can't save it to my things I don't know but still great!

  13. "Ah Yukie! Yes ah!" Julius screamed out for his lover as the demon thrusted hard in to his deepest parts. The intense roughness brought tears to the corner of Julius's eyes. His body eased as he allowed Yukie to do with him as he wanted. When Yukie pulled his head up to kiss him, Julius found it very hard to breath. He sucked the air to him through the holes in their kiss, nut it was hard to really get that air all the way down to his lungs. Because each time Yukie's cock pushed in on his prostat Julius would cry out in pleasure. He felt light headede when he pulled back from the kiss and gasped for air. "Ah.. sweet~y cant.. breath..mnh!"Julius got out between moans as he got enough air back. He hated telling Yukie's to stop kissing him. Because he loved the man's mouth on his. Just not when he feared he might pass out. "Mnh..like this" he said just before he started kissing along Yukie's neck and shoulder. As he spread his legs wider his fingers dug into the sheets. He back was off the bed and he acked his body up to be closer to Yukie. Julius's stomach was mixed with sweat and cum. He had no idear how many times he had cumed. Just that it wasn't enough. Julius sucked on yukie collar bone to block the cries. His cheeks were wet and hot. His stomach num to the point where notering hurted. His ass was wet and sticky from his lover's pre-cum. "Might even make me pregnant" julius whispered teasingly to the other as he held up is cum sticky hand. "Wanna knock me up sweety?" He moaned in a soft purring.
  14. Noah nooded as he got in the car and put the seatbelt on. He wasn't really sure what to talk about at this point. His mind was already swimming with other things they should be doing once they got home. Noah's hands felt restless. He wanted to touch Nathan, kiss him as much as he disired. Preferably while both of them were naked in their birthday suit so every inch could be reached. Noah's hand snuck over on Nathan's leg and slowly started to rub the man's thigh. At first it seemed quite innocent but then Nosh began to move lower, running his teasing fingers over the bugle in the guy's pants. He knew he was properly gonna pay for this later but he would gladly take it when that time came. "Keep it stady dear" Noah said innorcently as he strokes the outline of Nathan's cock.
  15. "Ah! No fair" Julius protested between moan's as his prostat got extercied over and over again. Making his cock leak prostate fluid like a dripping waterhos. Julius placed his hands on Yukie's shoulders as his leaned in for a kiss. There was no shy Julius as he licked and nippled as the other's tongue. His body way on fire and mind clouded with lust and need for Yukie's skin slapping into his. He could feel his prostat grow num though his body still felt the effect. "Mnh more~ Yukie give me your everything" Julius moaned against Yukie's lips with a sting of spit still keeping them conected.
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