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  4. Hi. Thanks for sharing but when I click on the link, the website says the file I'm drying to download is no longer available. Just wondering if it'll be up for download anytime soon. Thanks
  5. Virdian*

    "Slow Damage" to be released in 2020!

    Wow, it's been well over a year since I posted this. Just wanted to give you an update that this game has been released in February 25, 2021 and the English translation is about to be released soon as well, it literally says: "Coming soon" when you go to JAST BLUE's website https://jast.blue/slowdamage.html I have quite high hopes for this, as Nitro+Chiral has never disappointed me before and I can't wait for them to release the official English version. Here is the official Japanese website in case you're interested: https://www.nitrochiral.com/game/slow-damage/
  6. Daikaijo

    Metro drama cd

    Thank you so much! (♡˙︶˙♡)
  7. Matti_19

    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

    @crystald Thank you! It's my bday so I'm excited and try to celebrate it as good as I can.
  8. crystald

    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

    . . Hi @Matti_19!
  9. crystald

    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

    . . @lee hyorin, @whegbcbbbcbcbcbcbcbbc, @Sykr, @marika akatsuki, @gomo, @Hikae, @whizbang
  10. crystald

    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

    . . @EmmaY28921, @norsue, @Inochisan, @bela.htinha, @thecheekyu, @sargol, @rainl3owz, @KYOKO, @venustar, @claudiamelo
  11. appletart

    Young Good Boyfriend Animate Limited Edition Bonus CD

    OMG thank you very much!!! love you <3
  12. usumi

    Remu Lover (Koiyume Lover) ☘ Konro [Eng]

    Thank you for sharing!
  13. appletart

    Harukaze no Etranger 1&2 (春風のエトランゼ)

    i love this BL series so muchs. I have spent a lot of time in finding Harukaze's BLCD. thank you very much!!!!
  14. fuhosxzhen

    Living With Him BLCD

    Bless the people who share, thank you for sharing. I'm on the process of saving up as well to share my owned or bought Cds in the future as well . (´。• ω •。`) 💜 thanks againg uploader san
  15. Masaowlcity

    Honjitsuchu ni Omeshiagari Kudasai

    reupload T__T
  16. MasterSeme

    Hate Me.... But I Love You (closed to MasterSeme) 18+

    Adrian laughs a little, "yeah... you do look a bit tired. I will let you rest for now but then I really want to see your reactions to the toys I got you," he kisses Cody's cheek.
  17. paulIsia

    Kogarete Kogashite - noji [JP]

    @Ayk Ah yes, the page numbers start in random places in some of my scans but otherwise they should be alright. I hope that was the only issue.
  18. jay20

    Koisuru Bokura wa Ichou ga Yowai ✦ OKUDA Waku [JP]

    can someone provide the link, i can't seem to open it😖
  19. Tada no Classmate Kara Koibito ni Naru Tatta 1 Tsu no Hoho Method.3 Kofuku Taishitsu to Fuko Taishitsu no Baai 仙波獅貴(CV.興津和幸)× 兎山弓弦(CV.田丸篤志) I've been wanting to hear the last Method of the series for soo long :'-] Title in Kanji: ただのクラスメイトから恋人になるたった1つの方法 Method.3 幸福体質と不幸体質の場合 Illustrator: Amachika Hiromu あまちかひろむ Company: Astre (アストル)/ Team Entertainment ティームエンタテインメント Release Date: 2018/08/22
  20. FriskyKittyKat69

    But.... Your My Childhood Friend. (Closed to KawaiiNekomimiBoy) 18+

    Cory blushes a little and laughs a little, closing the door and then kisses Cody's cheek with a smile, grabbing Cody's hand, "alright, let's get going," he smiles and walks off the campus with Cody.
  21. goflshaven

    Gomen Shitatte Yurusanai ❊ Hakase [JP]

    the new link actually works fine, just has a lot of ads and pop-ups so beware of that in case of trojan and whatsnot.
  22. cinnamorolls

    BLCD REQUEST: Kiraide Isasete DRAMA CD

    please ,,, anyone ><
  23. Ayk

    Kogarete Kogashite - noji [JP]

    Looks like it’s in order. It’s just that the file name stats from 388 and it’s in order all the way till the end which is 510.
  24. Sugoku

    Living With Him BLCD

    YOW TYVM! i appreciate it <3
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