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  3. Reveillescence

    Complete List of Yaoi Novels

    Thank you so much for making this list ❤
  4. fykick

    kakeseku GP - Fujimine shiki (JP)

    Thanks for this!
  5. merorina

    Koi wo Suru nara Nidome ga Joutou - Kinoshita Keiko [JP]

    Thank you sooooo much!! It ’s not enough to thank you many times.
  6. nirvana_0_0

    Tsukaretemasen Tsukaretemasu! ✧ MISHIMA Kazuhiko [JP]

    Please re-upload???
  7. This CD is the second of 「cupid ni rakurai(キューピッドに落雷)」 「cupid ni rakurai」is uploaded by sachan55 sama. →  HERE
  8. Yesterday
  9. dalek_emperor

    Undead Pappy - Sakishita Senmu

    Looks nice! Thank you!!
  10. Thank you for sharing and in such a high quality!
  11. Yukonwolfspirit

    Full moons curse. (Closed to mik3la and Yukonwolfspirit 18+)

    Coming back inside Yukie stood in the kitchen covered in sand and seawater. Sighing happily Yukie walked up to the bedroom and rinsed off the sand and salt before he sank into the tub happy. Having worn himself out more he was relaxed and less stressed from the clan moving around.
  12. paulIsia

    Undead Pappy - Sakishita Senmu

    Title: Undead Pappy Original: アンデッドパピー Author: Sakishita Senmu Year: 2021 Download: LINK Feel free to translate but do not reupload outside of this forum or share on social media.
  13. Title: Online Game Nakama to Sashi Off shitara Shokuba no Onijoushi ga Kita Original: オンラインゲーム仲間とサシオフしたら職場の鬼上司が来た Author: Nmura Year: 2020 Download: LINK Feel free to translate but do not reupload outside of this forum or share on social media.
  14. Anyone know why I can't extract the zip file??
  15. Yukonwolfspirit

    ♢My Master♢ {Yukonwolfspirit~M-jow (18+}

    “It smells amazing. Honestly I’m not super use to eating out. When you have cooks that can cook nutritious, and tasty meals you tend to eat at home more.” Yukie admitted as he helped himself to his dinner enjoying the taste of the different meats. “We get out vegetables and meat fresh daily from the farms that supply the rest of the demons and some human stores. The fairies do great work growing everything. And then the angels care for the animals in the mountain areas. I’ll have to take you on a tour one of these days to visit and meet them.” Yukie explained as he ate another bite enjoying the evening with Julius. “Actually if you can I’d love to take you on a two week trip meeting the clans. It would be nice for you to get to meet everyone.” Yukie finished before turning to look at the snow falling above almost mesmerized but the sight he caught out of the corner of his eye. —(Haruhi)— “I’m not sick just a little hurt, you don’t need to coddle me” Haruhi mumbled as he moved away from Yumro wanting to sit up a little on his own. Looking at the bento Haruhi cringed back from the thought. “I think I’ll skip….not a big fan of bloody raw meat. Even if it looks good it’s still gross” Haruhi admitted as he looked around for Haru he sighed softly seeing the boy settled down in his centaur form reading a pile of books. “You have something beside him don’t you?” Haruhi asked not able to see such things.
  16. Ginto laughed shaking his head as he looked at his beloved one turning into a wolf and sprinting out on the door in a run. Taking his time he drank his coffee, eating a sandwitch and then moved up in the room to take a shower and change. He then prepared some clothes for Yukie when he was to return and prepared the bath for him. Then he moved in the living room sitting on the couch watching tv while he was starting to talk with Sam through messages about what he talked with Yukie before. He put Sam to ask around who want to relocate in a new area which will be part of their pack teritory as well.
  17. Yukonwolfspirit

    Full moons curse. (Closed to mik3la and Yukonwolfspirit 18+)

    “Mmh I’ll expect a hot shower also~“ Yukie teased before kissing his mates cheek. “And maybe ee can go shop for the handcuffs you plan on using~“ Yukie added with a devilish smirk as he walked off and stripped heading out the door the wolf disappearing out into the sandy beach.
  18. mik3la

    🐉~SKY-LAND~ (mik3la x M-jow)

    "ha ..w-wha-...ngh....ha...agh...Ch-Chase ...w-wait ...ngh...what are yo-...ngh..." Leo gasped in surprise at the lift as he never expected Chase to be able to hold him like that without any problem. It felt so strange and it made Leo feel embarrassed, blushing like crazy but it was hard to protest or anything as now, Chase's memeber was going so much more deeper than before making it impossible for him to think and articulate words. "C-Chase ...ngh...o-oh f-fuck ...ngh....mh...mh...agh...." the tip was reaching and hitting his prostate over and over again making it impossible for Leo to speak. The whole scene was making him feel so embarrassed but his mind was slowly going blank leaving only the pure pleasure that was running through his body. "o-oh god .. ng....o-oh god ...hmm...." since Leo wasn't able to articulate words his body was responding for him by tightening around Chase's member with each thrust as he was about to climax. He thrown his head aback on Chase's shoulder, trying to keep his hands on the wall as his body was shaking and his back was arching with each moan as his cock was twitching like hell leaking pre-cum , getting ready to cum. @M-jow
  19. Chase couldn't wrip the smiled off his face even if he wanted it. He just knew Leo liked it from the way his hips kept pushing into him. For a short moment Chase suddenly stopped moving to seen Leo move all on his own. Fuck the guy took his cock beautifully. Chase rewarded him by slaming his hips hard up into him. It was so easy nailing Leo's prostate every time in this position. But he could feel Leo started to tire out. Well, we can't have that. Chase thought and mover his arms in under Leo's thighs. he lifted him up and held him below the knees and he kept moving Leo's up and down his shaft whenever he was thrusting in into him. Although Leo wasn't small it was no trouble for Chase to lift him like this. Although it didn't put som preasur on his lower stomach so more cum started ozzing down his leg. Chase could clearly feel everything and his cock twitched inside Leo. He wasn't gonna last for long.
  20. Ginto laughed at the image of the other was posting for them. "that could never happen because i will handcuff you to myself so you don't run away" he added grinning leaning in for another kiss. Hearing about the run after he had pictured him cuffed to his arm he shaked his head. "There wouldn't be much of a run if i go with you. Probably just a public sex scene so i'll have to refuse love. But i'll get dressed and prepare some clothes for you when your back so we can start working" he winked turning to take his cup of coffee.
  21. "I wanna be selfish and have you here alone with me. But not if it meant keeping you away if they reallly needed you" Julius felt a bit of guilt for being happy about Yukie's staying. "You should know by now that I don't really care about rank.. but you are right to tell me this in case I would need to step in" like back when the tribe had tried to welcome Yukie's with a bottle of their traditional strong alchol. The only reason why Julius hadn't been attacked back then, eventhough he and Yukie wasn't mated officially. Was because Yukie backed him up. He should remember that carefully. Moving back to their dinner Julius introduced the dish for his unknowning partner. "It meaty pattis.. well it's a dish where you got all kinds of meat separated i three groups, chicken, pork and beef. All covered in there own amazing sauce. They also got vegi and fish but I haven't really tried those soo... either way, in the middle you got grilled vegies and chips on the side. I know it not your usual meat plan and you don't haft it eat anything you can't but this is the best brought home meal you could ever offer if you ask me" Julius smiled as he said that remark. ----Yumro--- "Easy, don't move too quickly" Yumro said as he held his hand on the back of Haruhi's head for support. "You just fainted, so I took you back to your room... how do you feel?" Yukie asked. His facial expression hard with almost no enough to show eventhough his voice was gentle. "We got you some food Yukie order for you if you are still hungry.. but it's now the kind you would usally eat. But it woube good if you ate some" Back with Haru the shadow boy was lay in the floor beside the little centaur reading more of Julius's books. It liked hanging around Haru.
  22. Keiko looked at him, blinking rapidly as he tried to clear the tears from his eyes as his chest was sinking in pain. He felt pathetic but he didn't cared that he was being seen like that. Seen in that weak state. he didn't cared because it was Hikaru. It was his Hikaru and God forbits he will let anything or anyone get in between them ever again. He felt like he didn't deserved such a man in his life but there he was by his side, trying to fix themselves. Before he could say anything Hikaru launched himself onto him, kissing him forecefully, making him fall on his back. But it wasn't a bad kiss. It was felt desperate for showing that there was still love, there was still connection, there were still feelings. He didn't opose to the action, in fact he opened his mouth making room for the other to wash away the dark memories that they both had, replacing them with themselves again. Keiko breath a few times before he responded looking him dead in the eyes. "I surrender my body and soul back to you and only to you Hikaru" he reach his hand up to touch Hikaru's cheek, getting lost in those eyes that made him fall in love in his past life and in this one. His heart started beating fast and a warm feeling got overhim. "I'm by your side till the end" he added grabbing Hikaru by the neck, pulling him back down, kissing him with the same force as he did before. @hal7283
  23. Yukonwolfspirit

    Full moons curse. (Closed to mik3la and Yukonwolfspirit 18+)

    “Mmh beach sounds nice. Got to admit now though if I get swept away you’ll have to save me” Yukie admitted with a small chuckle as he lightly kissed his mate back. “I’ll sink like a rock” Yukie added as he broke the kiss and sighed. “Think I could tempt you to go on a light morning run?” Yukie asked needing to burn off his nervous and anxious energy.
  24. mik3la

    🐉~SKY-LAND~ (mik3la x M-jow)

    Leo wimped when he felt the bite on his ass but it only made him hum in arousal more. All that the other was doing was slowly driving him crazy and making him losing it. He wanted to feel the other so badly that he was barely standing as his legs were slowly shaking. "hmm? ....yeah ..." he groan resting his forehead on the wet and cold wall before him, trying to keep himself from falling. After such time that they were apart it was hard to hold it back and it was even harder the anticipation of how he would feel inside him again. He was thankful for all the care and attention he has given to his back but it was unbearable already. He wouldn't care if it would hurt, he just wanted him inside already. "Just do it already ng..." he whispered taking a deep breath, arching his back when he felt him behind him ready to sink. " Argh! ... agh....ng...f-fuck..." he groaned and moaned when Chase slide inside him stretching him even more than before. He remember to breath as he tried to keep his body as still as possible and not moving too much at it felt a little painful while stretched like that. His body really needed to be reminded of his lover after such a break. "Hmmm.....mmmmh" moaning through the kiss feeling his body relax a little but right after gasping for air as Chase pushed himself deeper, making him moan louder. "ah god ... ng....ngh....fuck yes ...ha....ngh...." When Chase started moving he just couldn't keep the sounds in anymore so in the bathroom was echoes of his moans and groans. Leo's body was slowly starting to get used to the lenght and size of the other replacing the small pain with extreme pleasure making him close his eyes and moan loudly slowly drolling in the corner of his mouth. Unconsciously his body started moving against Chase's movements making the thrusts reach deeper, hitting just the right spot, making his body tremble. @M-jow
  25. Ginto blinked surprised at what the guy was saying but then burst into laughing without realizing. "Oh love ... you worry too much" he managed to say before the other continued expressing his desire about kimono weding. Actually that wasn't a bad idea after all. It was unique and special for them at the same time. "I would love that" he said smiling gently turning the others face to look at him. "We can make the wedding at the beach, in the summer. Whoever whats to come is invited and we will have a kimono wedding" he added leaning in to kiss his tender lips.
  26. Although Leo insisted he was ready Chase simply shook his head and added another finger. He wasn't gonna hurt Leo like Leo wouldn't hurt him. After years apart they both had to get back in the game. Leo's body way tremble as Chase stretched him widder. The male's rear was wet and slick with Chase's spit when he started to pull away. Chase kissed Leo's butt and gave it a little bit before he stood. He grined satisfied with the little red mark he had left there. "You still with me love?" Chase asked politely as he reached over to grab some body oli. The lube was still in the bedroom and Chase had no patience to go get it. He nuzzled his face into Leo's wet neck as he coated his cock with the Oli. When he was ready he wrapped one arm around Leo's chest as he alined himself to the other's rear. "Breath, don't hold it in. I'm gonna do this slowly." Chase kissed the side of Leo's cheek bond. Then he gently pushed his hips in against Leo. Groaning as he felt the tip slowly being swallowed by Leo's tight body. "Ah..mnh..man ..uh.. good thing I did a little exrta.. uh mnh god you are so tight babe" Chase could barely crontrole himself to not just move. He was half way in when it felt like he couldn't go any futher. He took Leo by the chin and tilted his head back so Chase could kiss him. They kept lock like that for a bit kissing and relaxing themself. He could clearly feel when Leo relaxed. Cause that was when the rest of Chase's member slide into him. "Um.. fuck" Chase groaned as he gently started to roll his hips. His cock would ever forget this feeling and how damn long he had missed this connection. When Chase started thrusting up into Leo he pulled the male's body back at his own. Fucking him upright and pushed Leo's weight back down on him.
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