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    Picture Song

    Roar by Katy Perry I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter Dancing through the fire 'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar Louder, louder than a lion 'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh You're gonna hear me roar
  3. Andrew being quiet on the way back was never a good sign. Did he say the wrong things again? Normally Caspian were careful with his words, but with Andrew, he wanted to be honest and more direct. But he wondered if he shouldn't say anything at all. Andrew did mentioned that he didn't have any problems with him but that didn't mean he liked Caspian. He tolerated him, that was for sure, but maybe he was just being polite when he responded to Caspian's question. "Would you want like to lie then?" Caspian asked, feeling a bit let down that Andrew thought he was forcing the praise. "I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable. I wont say it again." When Andrew admitted that he only smiled when he wanted to, Caspian concluded there was nothing about the arrangement that would make Andrew happy. Sure, Caspian had things that he disagreed with how things were going on, but he tried to find a positive light about it. He wondered why he kept pushing himself to make nice with Andrew when it would just disheartened him in the end. "And Matthias is a good middle name. Much better than Isidore," he commented before he shut himself up. By now he should get used to the silence, but he felt restless anyway. When they reached his cottage, the crew was ready to move. "Let me lock up and we can go," he said to the crew. He didn't know whether he should take anything with him since Samantha didn't say anything. Besides, it was only a photo shoot. He told the neighbors there was a party. He wasn't sure, but he hoped Samantha had prepared some lunch spread for them because he didn't want his guests to go home hungry. If she didn't then he'd order something for them. And for that, he needed his phone. That reminded him about the conversation about his mother. She said she wanted to meet Andrew for the first time sans camera, so he supposed she wouldn't want to be involved this time. Once he finished checking on the locks - not that he needed to because the neighborhood was safe but he did it anyway due to habit - he went out front where everyone is waiting. "I'll be driving this time. Some of you could sit in the back and the rest can drive the other car," he told the crew. They were driven back home yesterday, so this time, Caspian was taking over. It was "his" show anyway, so they should be filming what he would be doing, so he would be driving from now on.
  4. SebastianSey

    Ao ni Naku 🔸 Syaku [JP]

    I'm so sorry but the link for volume two is dead. If you dont mind can you please kindly re-upload it? Thank you so much ;;;;
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    Are You Mine? (mik3la x Akiravadel)

    "Sure. I can drive you and spend the night there that's not a problem" he said taking a sip of his cup looking at him shrugging. "A charity streaming? I still don't get it what you do in those streams and why would you dye your hair?" he said frowning not understanding the whole concept and the changing. "And what color?" he asked a little scared of the major change the other would make to his hair color which would be either strange or interesting. He never done anything that crazy before.
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    Picture Song

    Payphone - Maroon 5 I'm at a payphone, trying to call home All of my change, I spent on you Where have the times gone? Baby, it's all wrong Where are the plans we made for two?
  7. In the end, Andrew never had the privilege of calling Caspian “Doctor Stone'' to his face then, except for the brief moment when exchanging their vows. He didn’t think that counted though, since he couldn’t even remember what the superhero’s stage name was during that moment. He still couldn’t understand what bothered Caspian so much when he addressed him by his last name, but he already decided he would respect that going forward and wouldn’t bring up the subject in a serious manner again. Just joking about it now didn’t seem to be appreciated by Caspian either. When being requested to share his middle name, Andrew kept the request in the back of his head. He didn’t think it was appropriate to discuss their middle names in front of the Vijays, so he would be sure to share it after, if he felt like it. McCain raised an eyebrow when Caspian repeated what he said but in a more charismatic way. What did he mean by the production wanting to have “more friendly faces”? And why did he keep referring to the photo shoot as a "party"? Unless he was attending a different event, the wedding shoot was not going to be a party. Maybe Caspian just viewed it that way? Or did he describe it that way so it excited the neighbors more? Andrew didn’t like the way Caspian was explaining the events to the guests, but it did sound more charming than how he extended the invitation. He made it sound like a chore that neither of them wanted to do. For Andrew, that wasn’t a wrong outlook. They were only doing this for show purposes, but maybe Caspian was looking forward to this. He should have asked him before making the assumption that he felt the saw way as him. Back on the sidewalk and heading towards Caspian’s cottage, Andrew remained quiet, looking straight ahead, until they were outside the door of the home. He heard Caspian’s earlier question, but needed time to formulate a response so he wouldn’t lash out. Perhaps Caspian had not paid attention to his rant yesterday before they stormed off to separate rooms. Although he couldn’t quote exactly what he said during his outburst, he remembered pointing out he didn’t have a problem with Caspian. He was pretty sure he stated it explicitly, but maybe he somehow hadn’t been clear enough. How could he respond gently without causing either of them to want to be separated from each other? They certainly couldn’t coop themselves in separate rooms today. Not when they had people to entertain and pictures to take. “You…” his voice trailed off before lowering his voice to an audible whisper, “Don’t need to compliment me.” Caspian already mentioned how good he looked in his suit and that was enough. At least that compliment had been more indirect, since it was in comparison to a previous tuxedo, than being told he had a beautiful smile. “I’ve never liked receiving compliments.” He raised his voice to his normal tone, rubbing the back of his neck. It’s not that praises didn’t make him feel good about himself, because they did, but he preferred to have them dished out than to receive them. He also had some insecurities about himself that he never dwelled on until someone was to point it out through a compliment, although he knew it was done harmlessly and unintentionally. His smile, however, was not one of them, but the sentiment didn’t make him want to show his teeth more. “I smile when I want to.” His answer was simply. He didn’t like forcing himself to smile if there was nothing to be happy about. “It has nothing to do with you, so don’t think about it. You should think about yourself more. I just have a lot going on in my mind, so smiling isn't my top priority when I see your neighbors." He’d be sure to smile in the wedding photos if that’s what Caspian was really concerned about. "My middle name is Matthias, by the way." He added.
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    Picture Song

    Photograph by Ed Sheeran When I'm away, I will remember how you kissed me Under the lamppost back on Sixth street Hearing you whisper through the phone "Wait for me to come home"
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    M/M Book Recommendations with Cop/Army MCs

    I don't know why even though I don't like this author, I ended up reading most of his books. Haven't yet read the one you suggested though, but I'm very skeptical...Maybe I would try it, maybe not, but thank you for the suggestion anyway. You always suggest good books, but my mood mostly get in the way. But really, Adrien English was the worse series ever, so I don't recommend you read it.
  11. The leigemen in a certain country cast the magic spell of feminization and sluttification to the fourth prince Carlo, for their accumulated grudge against the King. The magic spell is strong enough to corrupt Carlo into a total slut who wants to be treated as a woman, from his/her own wil... CV : Katagiri Ryouichi MEGA || MediaFire I bought this myself from dlsite please don't share outside this forum
  12. 3ruri

    M/M Book Recommendations with Cop/Army MCs

    Oh wow, I used to claim this myself, but no more. I think I have somewhat similar problem, but it's more about the book itself and not just the sex scenes. I dropped so many books within the first few pages because I wasn't able to keep my interest to continue reading. The acting weren't so bad, but the kissing...I think I can kiss a balloon much better than the actors kissing one another. So I avoid watching them. I accidentally read one book with character death, but I loved it. But that doesnt mean I want to read other books like that. I avoid manga about tragedy as well. I remembered I avoid Miyamoto Kano's works because there is always something that hurts my feelings. I have a list of books that is waiting to be read, but really, sometimes we just skip the bad ones and go for ones that really caught our attention. I wish all the active people are still around and talk more about this things. Good to see you're still here once in a while.
  13. "The moment you're my husband, you lost the privilege of calling me Doctor Stone," Caspian huffed. What was so special about that nickname anyway. He preferred the name his parents gave him, well, maybe Isidore as a middle name was a little too much but Caspian was nice. He liked being Caspian. "You never told me your middle name, though. I know I never told you mine, more like, my mother did. But since you knew, won't it be fair if your husband knew as well?" he hargained. He wasn't hoping that by knowing Andrew's middle name would bring them closer, but at least he knew one more thing about his partner than what had been reluctantly shared. Andrew hardly talked about his family and Caspian understood not to push, since there were something about his family that he wasn't ready to share yet. For some reason, he thought if Andrew was more willing to talk about himself, they would be able to not get into another fight because of a slight misunderstanding. Not that all of their fights so far was caused by that. Caspian frowned a little at how Andrew handled the Vijays. There was nothing wrong about it, but he was so...not friendly. Caspian himself wasn't that much of a friendly person, but Andrew sounded a little cold. "Well, yes. What Andrew said. I think the production wants to have more friendly faces at our party, so that's why we're extending the invitation. Also, since we owed you a lot for yesterday, it was only right to invite you along," Caspian told them. He wasn't sugar coating anything, he just wanted their neighbors knew they were sincere. Of course he felt a little guilty because he hardly ever said a word to them before, but now that he was given a chance, he wanted to do it right. "Don't be silly, Doctor Stone. Of course, we would love to go!" Said Mrs. Vijay. "Ooh! I can wear that new saree, mom! I want to take a photo with Doctor Stone and Mr. Andrew in their tuxedo!" said the teenage daughter, already planning on her outfit. "Well, that's great then," Caspian smiled. Thankful that his neighbor are willing to give them a chance. "Andrew and I would like to take our leave. It starts at noon and we have to go and get ready. We'll see you there," Caspian told the family. Once they were back on the sidewalk, Caspian heaved a relieved breath. "That went well, dont you think?" He looked ta Andrew. He wondered if Andrew disliked energetic people like the Vijays. But Caspian had seen Andrew smile and he thought it was lovely. "Why don't you smile more?" The question came out of Caspian's mouth without him meaning to. "I mean, I've seen you smile, and it's a beautiful smile. I just...is it because of me?" He asked, wondering if Andrew didn't smile because of him and the situation he was stuck in.
  14. Caspian’s future plans sounded so boring, although Andrew couldn’t be that judgmental since he didn’t have any grand plans either. After his year-long contract was over with the show, he had his mind set on renting an apartment in the city. From there, he would apply for jobs where he could be a kindergarten teacher or a kindergarten teacher’s assistant and then hopefully would run his own daycare. The daycare was too far ahead to think about now though. He needed to take things one step at a time and today was only their second day of filming. “How husbandly.” Andrew said dryly when his companion suggested to cover his cheeks. He had been so willingly to block the camera with his body for the Martinez but he didn’t offer to block his own husband from their neighbors. While that may come off as rude, Caspian could just pretend he was ignorant and he was sure the Vijays would easily forgive him, if they were his fans. Wait, why were either of them thinking “if”? They must be his fans by the way they acted yesterday. Who else would force the doctor into their house and commemorate his visit by taking photos? And, who else would scream at their presence, like the teenager in front of them was doing now? And listened to the greeting Caspian made while he decided to stand perfectly behind his husband to avoid any potential of being pinched. “So, they can call you Doctor Stone and I can’t?” He questioned jokingly. “What if I declare myself as your fan? Will that make it acceptable?” He stepped to the side to stand beside his spouse. Mrs. Vijay, who was the first to run to the door when her daughter screamed, reached for the cupcakes when they were handed to the family. Everyone took a moment to admire the simple floral decoration and a pleasant, appreciative smile appeared on the mother’s face. “Thank you.” Both her and Mr. Vijay expressed their gratitude in sync. “We don’t mind the cameras.” The son spoke with the daughter nodding in agreement. “Alright,” Andrew spoke up, then suddenly pulled his hand into Caspian’s pocket for an invitation, “Here.” He held out the card to whoever would take it, and it was grabbed by Mr. Vijay. “We’re having a photo shoot today at the time specified on the invitation, and we would love it if all of you could join. It’s part of the show, which I’m sure you saw mentioned on the news, and we need more people to join; otherwise, we wouldn’t be giving you such a short notice.”
  15. Catching his breath he turned and kissed him back. Everything that happened in the mean time had gotten them much closer than before and all he could was being happy that the other got the chance to relax and be himself around him. Be more free and express how he feels and do what he wanted without any fear. "that's because of you babes" he whispered smiling liking that he had that effect on him because it was both ways. Hikaru had such an effect on him like no other. "there is no problem" he said smiling dressing back up feeling his ass filled and leaking a little but it was okay. He was sore as well but it was worth it. The next day came quickly and he returned to work. Nothing unusual. Serving coffee, people getting to work all grumpy but getting better after they got their coffee. it was almost the end of his shift when he received a message from Hikaru which concerned him. Checking the clock it he still had 1 hour left to stay. It was bad because he got worried. After what he saw in Hikaru's hometown he knew now that those things where real and it was bad. \I'll be there\ Even though he still had time to stay in, he asked his manager to leave earlier which was okay since he never asked before and he said it was an emergency. Packing his things and changing clothes he left the coffee shop heading to the restaurant near Hikaru's job. He was in time as he got there looking at the clock. Taking his phone out he texted the other again. \i'm already here. I'll wait for you at the entrance from your work\ As he waited he could sense that something was wrong and that the temperature got a little colder but just kept his cool, looking around just in case. There was no way he could fight a demon or anything as he didn't had any tool, but he was keeping his guard down as he was waiting for Hikaru,
  16. yaomi-chan

    Mesu Onii-chan no Tsukurikata| メスおにちゃんの作り方

    please re-upload please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; ; i found this too late
  17. virtualoo

    An Ancient Feud (Private, 18+)

    “Kaine could not have put it any better” Tenmo spoke with a warm smile. “While want to make sure you are ready for the school environment and are able to handle the crowds and not showing your form, yes you wouldn’t have to continue if you didn’t want to after the mandatory years. If you wanted to keep going, we would support you and if you didn’t we would all support you as well. We can see how you are in the fall and we can try again, and we can ask if you can be in her class when you’re ready to help ease the transition” Tenmo tilted his head to the sleeping Solaria who was starting to stir. Solarias let out a small yawn, rubbing her tired eyes. “Always nice to nap on a nice day outside..” She said with a small smile, slowly getting up and trying not to blush when she realized she had been napping on the others lap this entire time
  18. 3ruri

    Created to love~ (Closed 18+)

    Once the steak had thawed, Tiernan added some seasoning before putting it in the grill. He knew Yukie preferred it raw, so he was only searing both sides for him. A smaller cut was prepared for Val as well in the same way since he and Yukie are full-blood demons. Tiernan prepared a medium-rare for the rest of his guests as well as for himself. While he was busy in the kitchen Tiernan thought of something. "Hey, will Val sleep with us in the nest?" He turned to his mate. They haven't talked about their sleeping arrangement since Yukie was more comfortable taking the babies out of the nest. They could be sleeping on the bed, but with five of them, it would be a little crowded. Adding Val to the bunch, the bed sounded a bit to packed. "The nursery is ready but I'm not sure I want to leave Val sleeping alone." Now that they are Val's guardian, it was wise to up the security. Two full-blood demons in the same house meant their enemy, the old man would be targeting them more. "I should call the task force and inform them about Val. We need more security covering the perimeters," he said to his mate. "Do you want to get some of your allies to come? I know you're not comfortable with another demon in close proximity of our kids, but this is a big area, they can stay at the borders." He suggested.
  19. Yukonwolfspirit

    Created to love~ (Closed 18+)

    “Sure why not.” Yukie added as he carefully picked up the cry g baby and lead Val to a comfy chair. Settling them both down Yukie placed the baby in Vals arms and smiled at the sight. ”my aren’t they cute” Yue whispered to Yuen adoring how cute the two demons where together.
  20. Dragongirl26

    ~Demon King~FriskyKittyKat69

    "yes I am more than ready to try this game let's do this." He said as he got into position and was ready to start the game
  21. Dragongirl26

    Magic Users (Closed to Dragongirl26) 18+

    "our rooms will be done in about 10 to 10 minutes" Tory and giggles. "I bet it is really nice she seemed really stressed when she couldn't sleep because her powers were out of control" he said
  22. Dragongirl26

    Am I straight or gay!? (18+ YaoifangirlBritty)

    "I wonder if you could take both of us. Might be a little hard on your body" he said smiling and looked at him and kissed his cheek.
  23. Dragongirl26

    The Savior or Betrayer? (Private, 18+)

    "I just feel like I should inform you but everything is really different. you may have a little bit of a culture shock to begin with but I promise that I will be with you every step of the way" he said kissing him relaxing into the water more. Kai was actually excited that this was happening. "It is kind of weird that you can embarrass me" he said blushing. "I am also proud to say that you are the only person that can actually embarrass me" he said looking at him and hugged him. "What is on the list after this?" He said
  24. Dragongirl26

    Magic users (YaoiFanGirlBritty 18+)

    "yeah I am honestly getting a little bit hungry." He said looking at him and blushed
  25. Dragongirl26

    Sacrificed (Closed to Dragongirl26) 18+

    Yuki nodded and giggled he couldn't wait either it made him happy that they would still have fun "Yes they do I can't wait till I can get them to try this and make it for them" he said
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