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  2. Elon Musk was star guest this year at an annual conference organized by Italian PM Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party. [url=https://vk7tor.at]kraken13 [/url] He arrived against the backdrop of an ice-skating rink and an ancient castle in Rome with one of his 11 children to tout the value of procreation. Italy has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, and Musk urged the crowd to “make more Italians to save Italy’s culture,” a particular focus of the Meloni government. https://kraken-ssilka.com кракен 19 Meloni has been a strong opponent of surrogacy, which is criminalized in Italy, but there was no mention of Musk’s own recent children born of surrogacy. The owner of X (formerly called Twitter) was slightly rumpled with what could easily be argued the least stylish shoes in the mostly Italian crowd since Donald Trump’s often unkempt former top adviser Steve Bannon appeared at the conference in 2018. Meloni sat in the front row taking photos of Musk, who she personally invited. Meloni founded the Atreju conference in 1998, named after a character in the 1984 film “The NeverEnding Story.”
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  4. Lalsgs


    Can you reupload it ? Please please 🙏
  5. Piisuke1599309297

    α demo Ω demo nai bokura wa - Tokoro Kemeko [JP]

    Please reupload vol.3😭🙏
  6. Request re-upload because the link is broken. Thank you.
  7. Telllia

    Yakuza Kyoushi to Hamerare Ouji ♚ Sigino [JP]

    Please re-upload. I would like to read this piece
  8. Telllia

    Yakuza Kyoushi to Hamerare Ouji ♚ Sigino [JP]

    Please re-upload. I would like to read this piece
  9. 維持 里


  10. reggiegram

    Koisuru Hypnotic Therapy Drama CD + Bonus Tracks

    thank you!!
  11. crystald

    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

    . .
  12. crystald

    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

    . . @Tantu, @Sakura2306, @smileflower, @silver23, @earnono
  13. crystald

    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

    . . @brinanats, @Belfigor, @Shoes, @ntbinh23, @lia23, @Oxygenic, @sawakaze, @Watashiwafujoshikara, @Suukun, @Chanish, @Nomaden, @Bagofluck17
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    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

    . . @YaoiFun, @marioo90, @Binkaflor, @yaomi-chan, @hyukira, @mikalovesai, @karolina94r, @Mistin, @winly1234, @Ayuyah, @anime_lovers
  15. xXUnicornLoveXx

    Maid Hajimemashita: Goshujinsama no Osewa Itashimasu

    Hello all! Here to reupload this game. (Also yay, first post.) Credit can't go to me, however, as I found the files on myyaoitreasuretrove's blogspot! Massive thanks to them. I've uploaded the files to Mediafire for your downloading pleasure. MEDIAFIRE: Link! 730.33 MB. zip file. Includes: Installation instructions, walkthrough (as a .maff file), and the game as a .img file. If you have PowerISO like I do, here's what you do to install it. >right click the .img file >set number of drives to one >right click your virtual drive that's appeared (will say CD Drive (whatever letter):) >select PowerISO >choose "Mount Image to Drive [whatev:] <No media>" >browse and find the .img file, wherever you put it >click your virtual drive >double click BOOT >keep clicking next/N in the installation wizard, change directory if you want when prompted, but I didn't >game should be done installing and should put a shortcut on your desktop, keep the box checked if you want to run the program immediately >??? >profit After everything was installed, I copied over the files from the virtual drive to my folder I made to keep the game files in, then unmounted the .img file. Worked fine if you want to do that as well!
  16. vickiwish

    Sex Suit Love Battle

    3Q for sharing♡
  17. FriskyKittyKat69

    But.... Your My Childhood Friend. (Closed to KawaiiNekomimiBoy) 18+

    Cory laughs a little, "well I can't help it, you make me into the perv," he teases with a smile. He looks at Cody, "oh? Is someone sleepy," he kisses Cody's cheek.
  18. Fmkitty

    Fading Blossom in the Sand

    Chapter 19. After the Resistance soldiers reach the end of the end of the Isolation Unit, they get surrounded by the men in black body armor and stainless steel masks wielding massive laser guns and pointing at them. When the brunette raises her hands, she addresses these troops. “You can lower your guns. I’m on your side.” She points with her chin at Iori without removing her eyes from the armed soldiers. “All I’m here for is to bring this man to my dad.” While the troops focus on their targets, Kyoko lowers her hands and adds. “He works here. Does the name Professor Iriyu Kurama says anything to you? So, you have no reason to treat us like this.” For now, the redhead addresses his partner while he lowers his blade. “You’re wasting your breath… Cover my back.” Lastly, without hesitation, Iori charges at the enemy. As the countless bullets fly at Yagami, he reflects on each one by spinning his trustworthy weapon and sending it back to his opponents. When he gets close enough, he stabs and slashes in half the nearest man. Meanwhile, Kyoko picks up the handheld gun and blasts whoever aims at them. Soon enough, the fierce battle is over. After wiping the blood from his face with his uniform sleeve, Iori approaches his battle partner. However, when he reaches the metal door and is about to slash it, Kyoko’s voice stops him. “Wait! Dad’s office is here. So, we don’t need to go any further.” “I don’t care about him. We’ll get your original first. Then, that fool.” The redhead backfires without looking back. After Yagami unleashes a couple of stronger attacks to destroy the door, he briefly orders. “Follow me. Or do you want to wait here until more of these guys show up?” At this point, the brunette has no choice but to follow the stubborn soldier. “It can’t be helped that I need to protect you until we find Dad.” Unfortunately, another wave of the NESTS troops already greets them. Meanwhile, Iori only cracks a smile and mockingly comments. “Oh~ Looks like you want to go to hell that badly. Fine. I’ll send you there.” Some time has passed. After rushing through the endless corridors and defeating countless enemies, they reached the deeper level of NESTS. Judging from the endless rows of half-empty rooms enclosed by thick glass doors, this place resembles a prison where unfortunate souls await their death sentences. After wandering for a long time, Iori freezes in the same spot near one room and widens his eyes. Apparently, one familiar-looking person catches his eye. Even the sense of time and place disappears for Iori, and all he can do is stare in disbelief at this male as if he saw a living ghost. Heck, thousands of emotions that the redhead could not understand, nor did he know he had rushed to him. Apparently, the Kusanagi sits on the bed, leaning against the corner, staring into nothingness while his arms are restrained with chains. However, the redhead doesn’t realize that anyone sitting behind the glass door cannot see what is going on outside. Right now, he can only speak up in a quiet, shaky voice and press his palm on the glass door. “... Kyo.” Lastly, the brunette faces the door. When their eyes meet, Yagami’s heart skips a beat. Despite starting with his empty and tired eyes, Kyo doesn’t react to the person behind the door. A few seconds later, he turns his head away and lowers it, sinking deeper into the darkness. For sure, it makes Iori shakily clench his palms into fists and lower his head while grinding his teeth. However, he isn’t heartbroken and frustrated because of traveling across the universe just to get ignored by Kyo. No. Iori is not certain whether he should be mad at himself or whoever has broken Kyo to such a degree that he cannot recognize his long-time mission partner as turning him into nothing but a shell of his former self. Suddenly, Iori hits the door as hard as he can and continues doing so while calling the Kusanagi’s name. At the moment, even Kyoko steps back while observing this from a distance. Meanwhile, the imprisoned brunette gets alerted and looks in the direction of the banging. Even if he cannot see behind the white door, he immediately recognizes to whom belongs that familiar voice that struck like thunder from the clear sky. Despite being confused about whether it is just a hallucination, Kyo carefully stands up while facing the door. “Ya… Yagami?” A second later, the banging ceases, and the redhead addresses him. “Stay where you are! I’m coming for you!” Thus, with the sound of scratching the surface, the saber blade penetrates the door and cuts it into pieces. After Iori enters the cell, he calls the Kusanagi’s name. “Kyo!” As the brunette barely comprehends the view in front of him, he asks in an unsure tone. “Yagami… What. What are you doing here?” “It’s you! It’s really you,” Iori says while containing his emotions. When he approaches Kyo, he instinctively wraps his arms around him, refusing to let him go. For sure, such a gesture surprises the Kusanagi. After all, it’s the first time when his partner so openly shows any affection. But for now, while Yagami’s trembling body is pressed against his, he can feel how his hug tightens. In the end, Iori closes his eyes and whispers. “You’re… you’re alive. Thank the fucking goodness, I’ve finally found you.” When Kyo notices another person standing behind the redhead curiously observing them, he gives a questioning look. As Kyoko gets close to this couple, she speaks up in an unsure voice. “Nii-sama? Er, I mean… So, you’re the original?” Finally, when Iori releases the Kusanagi from the hug, he holds his shoulders and explains in a calm tone. “We need to get out of here.” However, he suspiciously narrows his gaze upon noticing a strange black collar around Kyo’s neck. “What a hell is this?” Just before he touches it, a strict voice behind them interrupts them. “Stay away from him!” Apparently, it’s a fluffy silver-haired scientist wearing glasses standing in the gap of the former door, pointing a gun at Yagami’s head and keeping his other hand in the pocket. After Kurama gets everyone’s attention, he adds while keeping his poker face. “I warn you - one wrong move and I’ll blast a brute like you.” Yet, Iori only growls at the impostor and shields Kyo with one arm. Meanwhile, Kyoko’s face shines with excitement as she approaches the scientist. “Dad, you’re okay!” However, as the tip of the gun moves towards her, Kurama replies. “Back off, you filthy copy.” After she steps back, she lowers her head to the side. “Dad? Is everything alright?” When the female replica places her hand on her chest, she adds. “Hey, Dad, look. The original is here. And that man over there - he helped me to save Nii-sama. So, he is in good hands now, and we’ll bring him to you when he feels better.” The silver-haired male is unaffected by these words. After he points back the gun at the redhead, he orders. “Let him go and I may pretend that I never met you.” “Fuck off! Kyo is mine!” Iori growls and points his trustworthy weapon at him. But for now, Kurama only chuckles and fixes his glasses. “I see… It seems that peaceful negotiation with war criminals has failed. But I didn’t expect more from someone who only understands violence. Unfortunately for you, I won’t allow a bloody murderer like you to harm him any further.” Meanwhile, Kyo is startled when the professor looks towards him with that warm, innocent smile and a comforting voice that sends cold shivers down his skin. “It’s alright, Kusanagi-kun. Let me finish these barbarians and I’ll take you to a safer place.” Just before he pulls the trigger, Kyoko closes her eyes and tackles him, making him miss the shot. While Kurama struggles under the brunette sitting on top of his back, he desperately tries to reach the dropped gun. “What? What do you think you’re doing? Get off me now!” Unfortunately for him, Kyoko is strong enough to lock his arms. But for now, she softens her gaze. “I’m sorry, dad. I can’t let you do this. That man may have killed countless of my brothers. However, he proved to me he cares a lot about original and he spared Nii-sama’s life. Dad, he even gave me a name before you did.” “I knew from the very beginning that you are a defective failure who can’t follow simple orders. But I’m amazed how a weakling like you shares the same genes as Kusanagi-kun. If only the prototype would have developed faster than you, I would have saved my time and energy, and used him to trick that woman and NESTS instead of giving a life to such a worthless creature like you,” Kurama confesses. After Kyoko releases his arms, she responds weakly while tears run down her face, trying to hold back sobs. “No. Dad, please tell me you’re lying…” For sure, hearing these words alone boiled Iori’s blood with pure rage and hatred for this man. At that moment, Kyo lowers his gaze upon such a revelation while the redhead refuses to listen to it any further and turns off his saber blade and attaches to his belt. When Iori lowers his head, he addresses Kyo without looking back in as a chill voice as possible. “Stay still and do not interfere. It’s something personal between me and him.” After he approaches the dumbfounded and shaky Kyoko and her oh-so-adored father, he pushes her away. When he squats, he roughly grabs Kurama by his shirt and makes him stand up. In the end, Yagami narrows his gaze and looks down at the professor with pure disgust and hatred. “So, you’re the one who took Kyo away from me and made him suffer …You fucking bastard!” Thus, Iori launches a punch into Kurama’s face. Despite that, Kurama remains silent and gives a smug look while the blood runs from his nose and the corners of his lips. As soon as Yagami tosses down the silver-haired male, he approaches Kyo. “We’re leaving.” Meanwhile, the brunette objects while sitting on her knees and making big eyes. “But what about dad? We can’t just leave him like this, can we?” “You’ve seen just now how much he cares about you. Besides, your brother is waiting for you.” Iori explains. For now, the brunette lowers her gaze and follows the command. “Yes.” When he gets close to Kusanagi, he takes his hand. “The same goes for you. Let’s go.” However, just before Kyo opens his mouth to protest, Yagami interrupts him. “You can say whatever you want when we reach the base, you fool!” Lastly, the redhead starts running and grabs Kyoko’s arm, making sure they will escape NESTS together. Some time has passed. After finally reaching their spaceship and entering it, Iori hears a short beeping noise from his sound transmission device and answers it. “What do you want?” “This is the Headquarters. What are you up to this time, Yagami-san? And where in the world did you took Kyoko-san? Pl… please return to the Headquarters immediately!” The young female operator’s voice burst through speakers. “Why do you have to be so annoying? Your precious princess is here with me if you care that much about her. Besides, we’re not coming back alone.” Iori explains in a slightly irritated tone. “What are you talking about? Care to explain?” The operator asks. Instead of wasting his time, the redhead replies before turning off the transmission device. “When we return, you all will see. Over.” Meanwhile, Kyoko switches to the auto-pilot mode and turns her head to check on the other two Resistance soldiers in the back. “What was that, Yagami?” “It seems that someone only now noticed that you’re missing and worries about you.” The redhead answers. “I knew that I should have warned Kagura-san and Nii-sama before I left…” the brunette murmurs. Several minutes have passed. While the auto-pilot mode is still on, Kyoko takes a longer nap before they reach the Headquarters. In the meantime, Kyo stares through the window and sighs. “You should have left me. After all, not only I’ll cause trouble for you, but also I’ve killed him.” Yet, Yagami leans closer and gives a questioning look. Even if the words stuck in Kusanagi’s throat and he avoids facing Iori, he continues. “It was my fault that Shingo died twice. I’ve let him suffer in that abandoned spaceship, and now his dead body lies somewhere in NESTS labs. More importantly, NESTS and the Empire are probably tracking us and soon will discover our base.” Suddenly, he widens his eyes when a couple of palms rest on his cheeks, making him face the redhead. At that moment, the brunette silently stares at Iori, who narrows his gaze and studies him. A second later, Yagami closes his eyes and exhales. After he lowers his hands, he replies. “Is this what concerns you? Then you definitely need to see something by yourself once we return.” After a brief pause, he adds. “If you still blame yourself for what happened, show me your wrists.” Of course, the brunette doesn’t question such a decision. After Kyo raises his restrained hands, he looks away and impatiently waits for his partner’s next turn. However, he gets alerted by the sound of a saber blade cutting and the sensation of his wrists being so light-weighted. After Kyo checks his hands, he lifts his amber eyes, which question Yagami’s actions. “I should have done this earlier.” Iori comments. But for now, Kyo nervously swallows the saliva when their eyes meet. Meanwhile, the redhead places his fingers under the brunette’s collar. “There should be a button somewhere around here to remove this thing, right?” Thus, with the clicking noise, the black collar opens and releases the Kusanagi’s neck. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fall on the ground and rests on the nape. “The hell? Why is it still there?” Iori speaks up in an indignant tone while reaching out for it. When he tries to pulls it, he withdraws his hand upon the Kusanagi’s sudden gasp. A few moments later, the brunette only lowers his gaze and explains in a gloomy tone. “You won’t remove it that easily. It’s deep down inside me.” ‘These bastards… What they have done to him?’ Yagami thinks to himself while grinding his teeth. A second later, he addresses Kyo in a serious voice. “This may sound like a stupid thing to say, but I need you to lie down on your stomach and on my lap.” To his surprise, Kusanagi doesn’t protest and does what he says. When Iori brings his hand in front of his partner’s mouth, he orders him. “You may want to bite into it. Here.” For sure, such a gesture bewilders Kyo, making him hesitate. “It may hurt you. That’s why I don’t want you to harm yourself.” The redhead persists. After the brunette opens his mouth, he gently bites into Yagami’s hand. When Iori grasps with his fingers around the exposed wire under the collar, he warns. “I’m going to pull it out now. Nod me if you’re ready.” Lastly, Kusanagi lowers his gaze and nods. Suddenly, Kyo widens his eyes and loudly gasps. While his partner’s teeth sink into his flesh, Iori endures the pain and deeply breathes. Fortunately, he pulls out the entire metal thread out of Kusanagi’s body. However, when Kyo stops breathing and loosens his bite, Yagami slightly panics. “Kyo!” After immediately removing one glove, Iori presses it against the brunette’s nape and checks his pulse on his sleep artery. When he senses a weak pulse twitching against his fingers, he lowers his shoulders and exhales. As Yagami brushes the hair from Kyo’s face, he whispers. “Thank goodness… He only passed out.” A few minutes have passed. After Iori puts a medical plaster on disinfected Kyo’s nape, he lays him down on the entire back seat and rests the brunette’s head on his lap. As he takes off his uniform jacket and covers himself, he gazes upon the peacefully sleeping Kusanagi, still in disbelief that Kyo is here with him. More importantly, even staying like this for a while makes Iori happy secretly. After all, Kyo is safe by his side and does not need to suffer anymore.
  19. This is the piece I was looking for! Thanks for sharing.
  20. pochaa

    Ryoute ni Hana ja Dame desu? 🌹 HATOYA Tama [JP]

    please reupload
  21. hello, thank you for re-uploading! There is a slight problem with the link that you have provided. (the link works, don't worry) but the file itself has null or can't be played. It says shortcut unavailable or something like that. thank you again and also sorry luv ya!!
  22. Title: Koi no Shikata ga Wakaranai (恋の仕方がわからない) Author: Machio Yu Release Date: 2023/10/13 Cast: Aimi Shuu (Enoki Junya) x Kaede Manato (Amasaki Kohei)
  23. Yesterday
  24. luhn_07

    itooshii kara mouichido - niimoto urako

    Me too...
  25. kichan18


    Thank you for sharing
  26. Title: Hoshizora wo Mitsumeta Sono Ato de (星空を見つめたそのあとで) Author: Kida Bisco Release Date: 2024/06/17 Cast: Amase Tougo (Mizunaka Masaaki) x Miyazawa Subaru (Nogami Shou)
  27. ReasonBlack10

    Fudanshi Shokan ~Isekai de Shinju ni Hameraremashita~

    For those who have had any problems downloading Fudanshi Shokan, I am sharing the download link again, I hope you are happy: Fudanshi Shoukan Isekai de Shinjuu ni Hameraremashita CD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ydxlrex5v8010ay/FSIH.rar/file
  28. DMKSL

    Oyasumi, Itoshiki Kotori-Sama {BLCD}

    reupload please
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