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    I'm getting too old for this

    Myles sighs, but regardless still tries to smile. "Yes you do have a daddy. He just had to be away for a long time. He had .... Very important things to take care of...... Things he couldn't even share with me...." Myles does let some of the bitterness enter his tone. But only for a moment. Now with Haru calmed and placated he set the little boy back into the cart to finish the shopping. "Now i will get Tama a tomato but he can't have it in his bed. If he rolls over on to it, it'll fall apart and all the red it absorbed will be all over him again anyway! But we'll keep by his side table, sound like a plan?" Myles offers a compromise even if he isn't sure of the logic.
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  4. Can someone upload again the two blcd of Osananajimi ja Gaman Dekinai, pleaseeee???
  5. Songhyun

    Osananajimi ja Gaman Dekinai - MOMOSE An

    Could you re-upload of both volumes????/ Pleaseee??????
  6. Songhyun

    Osananajimi ja Gaman Dekinai~Tokeau Taion Ban~

    Am i too late? would you reupload again?
  7. Songhyun

    Osananajimi ja Gaman Dekinai Series

    Could you please reupload?????
  8. Yukonwolfspirit

    I'm getting too old for this

    “But he CANT! He can’t eat anything!” Haru blubbered even more so adamant that Tama was forever broken as he cried in Myles arms burying his face in Myles hair as he hiccuped and eventually listened to Myles words only stopping when he understood a touch. “….I don’t have a daddy.” Haru replied confused as he slowed his blubbering at Myles words the boy confused. Wiping away his tears he looked up at Myles. “I only have Strawberry Mama, and Tama.” Haru confirmed as he completely calmed down by this point. “Can we get Tama a Tomato?” Haru asked gently as he thought about how Tama looked like a tomato earlier. “If he takes it to bed with him he won’t get sick anymore because the tomato will eat all of his red.” Haru explained his reasoning for needing a tomato down the kid easily moving from his meltdown now.
  9. KoBu

    I'm getting too old for this

    Seeing Haru being to have a melt down Myles quickly directed them to the family bathroom. He pulled Haru out of the cart seat and let the child cry against him for a moment before he gently started to shush and soothe him. "Haru, sweetheart.... I need to to try and calm down and take a deep breath for me ok?" Myles instructs gently. He pats the child's head, rubs his little back. "I know you like to share with Tama but right now Tama is going through many different changes with his body. And he may not be able to eat the kinds of foods you and i can right now. But that's why we have to let him try all kinds of things so we can find out what he CAN eat... It's not a fun or fast thing to do but it's gotta be done." Myles knows Haru is most likely just confused and scared with everything happening all at once. Lord knows he would be at that age. Myles just hopes he's explaining it clear enough to the poor boy. "It's gonna take some time and Tama might have to have completely different food than what we eat all together, but that doesn't mean you don't get to eat next to him and you can share other things with him to.... And your daddy is gonna help now and again."
  10. ElliottPoowl

    Sorting threads by start date

    How can I use a VPN without losing internet access from my ISP? I have a problem with my ISP, Suddenlink, which apparently blocks any device that has a VPN installed on it. They claim that they do this to prevent customers from hiding their online activity, which they use for targeted advertising. I think this is a violation of my privacy and I want to use a VPN to protect myself. However, every time I install and connect to a VPN service, such as IPVanish, my WiFi signal disappears and I can't access the internet. The ISP also does not allow me to use my own modem or router that supports VPN. This is very frustrating and I feel like I have no choice but to let them spy on me. Is there any way to bypass this restriction and use a VPN without losing internet access? I am not very tech-savvy and I don't know if this is even possible. Please help. [url=]https://technsight.com/[/url]
  11. Yukonwolfspirit

    I'm getting too old for this

    “….but I have mama..” Haru tried to argue not remembering Yukie or willing to acknowledge anyone but Myles. Huffing at the seatbelts he sulked at being buckled in his seat again before getting distracted by the scenery and watching out the window. Once at the store he looked around holding the whale tightly. “I want to go get Tama.” Haru asked with a small pout as he tried not to cry feeling bad Tama didn’t come with them as he reached up and held onto Myles wanting to be held. “Tama can’t eat fruit…” Haru blubbered trying to explain he was upset about getting fruit because he couldn’t share with Tama his snacks lately since he had been getting sick so often. “He’s going to starve!” Haru added fully breaking down the poor lad just a blubbering as he bawled and melted in Myles arms.
  12. KoBu

    I'm getting too old for this

    "That's your daddy, silly boy! " the red head says it light hearted but he didn't think his heart could break any further. Myles was worried something like this would happen. "You know who that is Haru, that's daddy. He had to go live in another country for a little while remember?" He tries to explain as he buckles the boy into the car. "They're gonna look after Tama for us while we get him some medicine for his allergy and rash." Myles seems to go through the motions as he takes Haru with him into the store, plopping him in the little wagon seat and giving his whale plush to keep the boy company as he was settles in the cart. "You wanna get snacks for tonight?? And do you want fruit in your pancakes tomorrow or chocolate chips?"
  13. NEW LINK https://mega.nz/folder/eGZikb6b#FiQPBFzDTyMy-vIpLEXw_A ONLY ME, CAN UPLOAD MY CD's....THANK YOU
  14. NEW LINK https://mega.nz/folder/jHgBTabI#-6gcnvpYHc1C_mXliS0xjw
  15. Yukonwolfspirit

    I'm getting too old for this

    “I am qualified to look after kids.” Taichi replied as he sighed and uncuffed Yukie releasing him for a bit. “Don’t take too long.” He asked Myles as he moved Yukie to the kitchen to grab oatmeal before taking Tama back to the bathroom for a bath. “who are they?” Haru asked softly as he peeked out of his room once Tiachi and Yukie had left with Tama.
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  17. docchicchi

    Ochikobore α to elite Ω◇ToToFuMi

    Thank you very much for sharing.
  18. Julius enjoy the soft preck on his cheek. "No, I am very selfish" he smiled. "I have everything I could ever want" He wasn't lying. He really did feel that way. Although the mood was much better now Julius could only eat so much. He wasn't hungry but still forced himself to eat most of what was on his plat. Just so Yukie wouldn't notice. He was pulling his own plate away when Yukie went to get dressed. Julius looked at the very eye catching clothes Yukie was showing to him. The witch's lips curled in a amused smile. "Babe, have I ever told you that your way of style is sometimes questionable? I've never meet anyone as cute as you before.. But where the gods did you acquire that?" Julius asked concerted, but also found it funny. "Just where would you be going wearing that?" ----------------- Shan stayed with Haru in his doll form and gently patted Haru's hair. He couldn't feel Haru's varmt because of his fine porcelon hands. Atleast he could hear him breathing and that was good for now. Yumro located Haruhi in their bedroom. First he was worried Haruhi might have turned sick again. But he notice the sound of a tv was on and felt a little more relaxed as he gently knocked on the door before he opened the door. "Hey.." Yumro gave Haruhi a little smile from the door. "Haru just passed out after being attack. But he is not in danger, just exausted right now. I was wondering if you might wanna go see him." Yumro spoke from the doorway without getting in. He knew it would be hard for him to get out again and now wasn't the time. "I called Fariy here, just before.. he got rid of the the thing inside Haru so you aren't in danger either for going to him. But I'll still be by your side."
  19. KoBu

    I'm getting too old for this

    Myles was ready to bite back "But they did!! I have a primary doctor for them! Their uncles and I agreed on them--!" But he cuts himself off as Yukie steps forward to speak. The redhead stares at the younger man. Emotions were still rolling and he still had some choice words, but in the moment of deciding what to do for the boys, it was nice to know at least Yukie still wanted him in the boys lives. That of all things was the most treasured and endeared thing Yukie could've done for step towards redemption with Myles. Myles took hold of Tama to get him into the bath. He didn't know if they had oatmeal in the house but he could at least cool the child down while he ran out to get everything else they might need. "I'll take care of it. Haru will come with me and I'm ..... Assuming he can help you watch Tama for a little while?" Myles asks to Yukie. "But just know if I come back and a single hair is out of place on him I will make you both regret it."
  20. twinkle03


    thank you, please reupload one more time
  21. Evanep

    Sorting threads by start date

    Могу я связаться с админом ?? Речь идет о рекламе на вашем сайте. Спасибо.
  22. Evakqa

    Sorting threads by start date

    Где модератор ?? Это важно. С уважением.
  23. gensui108

    Nakano-ke no Hanashi - 中野家のはなし - AIKAWA Fuu

    Thank you so much for sharing
  24. naddyseaggits

    Glow By Yamada Papiko.

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    Ochikobore α to elite Ω◇ToToFuMi

    Thank you so much for your kindness sharing to us
  26. gensui108

    meguriauyo baby // KINOSHITA Keiko [Jp]

    Thank you so much for the upload and re-up
  27. Yumi20lipi

    Koisuru Intelligence ♚ TANGE Michi [JP]

    @wxy992244enjoy it . 7day limit. https://xgf.nu/TAfpv 
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