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    “No we haven’t and this is shen!” Haru explained as he smiled and showed Julius. “We have a question though…what does love feel like? Like all the different types.” Haru asked as he sat down on a kitchen chair and set Shen down gently on the counter. ”ah…that’s a more adult question in a sense” Yukie replied as he looked at the two with a raised brow before looking at Julius. “We…kinda don’t know what that feels like or what it exactly is so I want to know what other people think so I can tell him if I love him or not.” Haru explained even more as he settled down more in his spot. —— “I don’t think I’ve met either of those…you’ll have to help me with their customs.” Haruhi admitted as he thought about it a flash of nervousness on his face. “Do they have kids?” Haruhi asked curiously wondering if Haru would have kids to play with where they were. “What about a park? Or something like that for Haru?” Haruhi asked as he looked up at Yumro a little worried Haru wouldn’t like such a place.
  4. Julius crooked a eyebrow when the other started laughing. He didn't catch what was funny about that. But maybe he just didn't get the joke. "Mnh that sounds so good right now. Ah but we better make that for three people..and a half?" Julius added as he saw Haru coming down the hallway with a living doll in his hand. "Hm morning Haru who is your friend?" Julius asked as the boy got closer. "Yukieand I was just about to make some breakfast, have you guys eaten yet?" ------ "Yeah we do have neighbours. I haven't meet most of them yet. but I know two of them are a paired couple of harpys. And they are very curious creatures. Mn and there was a mixed couple too. If I remember this right, a human and a leprechaun." Yumro explained from afew of the things he knew. "I wanted ours home to both have space for us and still have a local community. You turned my apartment down that one time become you said you didn't feel comfortable. But I don't think isolating ourself it good either. Not in these moden days."
  5. Miya Ha

    Juunishi Irokoi Soushi ❀ MATSUO Isami [JP]

    Pleaseeeee re-update!!!!
  6. Miya Ha

    rojiura pussycat - Toriba yuji (JP)

    Pleaseeeee re-update!!!
  7. Miya Ha

    Shiroki Hane wo Kuro ni Irodoru wa / Kei [JP]

    Pleaseeeee re-update!!!
  8. Miya Ha

    Playboy Beast / Momonoki Minomushi [JP]

    Pleaseeeee re-update!!
  9. Miya Ha

    即席アドリブラバー sokuseki ad‐lib lover (JP) - kuroda kurota -

    Pleaseeeee re-update!!
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    BLCD REQUEST: 鬼桃レイプ物語

    pls +1 🙏🙏🙏
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    pls +1 🙏🙏🙏
  12. MicchinDesu

    BLCD Request 思い出たちの棲む処

    pls +1 🙏🙏🙏
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    pls +1 🙏🙏🙏
  14. MicchinDesu

    BLCD request : The Comedian's Orgy

    pls +1 🙏🙏🙏
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    pls +1 🙏🙏🙏
  16. MicchinDesu

    Salaryman x Bartender 2-Panel Corruption Part 2 (Voice Drama Ver.)

    pls reupload 🙏🙏
  17. MicchinDesu

    Salaryman x Bartender 2-Panel Corruption Part 1(Voice Drama Ver.)

    reupload pls 🙏
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