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  2. The link is down hope it can get re-uploaded!
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  4. agtm

    Torokeru Kuchibiru more melty by Takasaki Bosuko [JP]

    どうもありがとうございます !!
  5. agtm

    Dragless Sex Tatsumi to Inui 2 by Enzou [JP]

    thank you so much
  6. agtm

    Torokeru Kuchibiru more melty

    thank you so much !!
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  8. Mirib

    Drama CD マスク男子は恋したくないのに

    Thank you for sharing
  9. Yukonwolfspirit

    ♢My Master♢ {Yukonwolfspirit~M-jow (18+}

    “I want to travel and then maybe go to school.” Haru admitted as he ate his treat still watching Haruhi. “Did you two go to school together?” Haru asked as he looked at Yumro curiously. “I don’t know much about you or mum.” Haru explained with a blush as he felt his very unsure about asking about them when they where younger. —— “I’ve already prepped a nice bouquet of flowers pre sent ahead and some sweets” Yukie admitted with a smile. Gently drawing with chalk on the door Yukie sighed as he built up his energy and opened the door to the spirit realm the soft light shining around a beautiful garden full of many different blossoming trees. “Ready?” Yukie asked softly as he offered his hand to Julius with a smile excited to have someone finally meet her.
  10. dorokoro

    Torokeru Kuchibiru more melty

    really thank you for always !
  11. dorokoro


    thank you very much! very appreciated your kindness!
  12. merorina

    Torokeru Kuchibiru more melty by Takasaki Bosuko [JP]

    Thank you soooo much!!
  13. Frowned confused. He figured Haru was lonely because he could make friend because other young demon would be scared of him when he had his episodes. "To ajust the energy to suit your vessel of a body..? I thought you wanted to made friends of your own and without any episodes of your powers running out of crontrole you wouldn't scare them." Yumro explained. "Then don't go to a human school" Yumro replied simply not getting the big problem here. "You might not know this, but the twins said that a mix school is gonna be built soon. Demon's and humans with extraordinary abilities. It Yukie and Julius who is gonna be behind the idea... if things were to become so, you wouldn't haft to worry about standing out right." The demon but the knife and peeler away as Haru seemed to have lost interest in peeling more fruit. Which was fine as well since the plate was almost full. ------------- Julius just smiled and nodded. He want them to do just that. But something in the back of his mind told him that it would properly never really happe. Although they could try, something would always come up, or someone would seek them out. This was properly as close to a time off as they could get. Julius still wanted to built up the school he had dreamed of for years. And he hope Yukie hadn't forgotten about it. He felt bad to give the other more on his plate but Julius really hoped Yukie still wanted to join him. If demons were gonna come it would properly be a lot more reassuring having a demon mixed in. Rather that a doubtful human witch. Yukie was a knows face. He wouldn't haft to teach or even be pressent. Just popsang his head in now and then would be enough. Or so Julius thought. "So we are off to see mother-in-law.. and you are sure we don't need anything? I can make a strong cocktail to giv us strenght" Julius chuckled at his asked.
  14. cloudi9

    Torokeru Kuchibiru more melty

    Thank you so much
  15. KawaiiNekomimiBoy

    Hate Me.... But I Love You (closed to MasterSeme) 18+

    Cody blushes a little and looks to the side as he bites his bottom lip. He blinks and then looks at Adrian, "I-I don't know if I can handle more," he looks to the side embarrassingly as he could still feel the cum pouring out of him, "n-ngh... so much."
  16. KawaiiNekomimiBoy

    But.... Your My Childhood Friend. (Closed to KawaiiNekomimiBoy) 18+

    Cody looks at Cory and smiles a little as he rests against his arm while walking with Cory, glancing over at Cory's phone as he was getting directions for the hot spring's location.
  17. Yukonwolfspirit

    Fantasy cafe~ (18+ closed)

    “If you can wait around at least four hours until we close I can take you out to dinner and we can discuss payment and meetups” Yukie replied as he smiled softly at the succubus. “We will need to discuss living arrangements or at least sharing keys and the prospect of this getting serious.” Yukie added with a sigh as he could see the kitchen needed help again. “I swear if anyone else short staffs us tonight I’m going to close the place down for a week.” Yukie grumbled as he walked off to the kitchen already yelling at his staff who where falling behind on orders. -four hours later- Closing up till and watching the last few customers leave Yukie sighed as he turned the closed sign on and watched the three staff start cleanup as he looked around for Alex.
  18. Kuro20

    Torokeru Kuchibiru more melty

    Thank u for sharing is there drama cd for the vol1?
  19. KBLoveHeidi

    Torokeru Kuchibiru more melty

    Tysm 🥰
  20. Kuro20

    Torokeru Kuchibiru ❈ TAKASAKI Bosco [JP]

    reupload pls
  21. Kuro20

    Torokeru kuchibiru

    reupload pls
  22. hal7283

    Fantasy cafe~ (18+ closed)

    "I... I don't know your price tag but... As long as it's not too extravagant... I'm sure we can work things out somehow..." Alex said as he raised the glass and took a sip. Immediately he could feel the energy that lingered in the slime flowing through his veins and seeping into his every cell, and added more file to the flame of desire which has been fuming inside him ever since his new awakening as a half succubus. Putting the glass down he licked his lips and said: "Perhaps we can discuss this latter? When does your shift end?" In truth,bAlex couldn't even believe himseof that he had essentially asked to pay the demonic maid for sexual service, as he had spent more than four decades believing himself to be a normal straight guy. But at the same time it has becoming increasingly difficult for Alex to stop himself from jumping at the closest man and start suckijg his cock, especially when in the presence of the beautiful demon. Part of him found solace in the fact that at least the demon looked more on the androgynous side then having a more conventionally masculine look, though if the demon's scent was of any indication, then he was probably packing some serious heat under that skirt, and Alex wasn't really sure what to think of it.
  23. Okitsu kazuyuki x azanami yohei Looking forward for it if somebody can upload this it will be sooo greatful thanks
  24. misapyon

    Torokeru Kuchibiru more melty by Takasaki Bosuko [JP]

    Thank you for sharing💖💖
  25. misapyon

    Dragless Sex Tatsumi to Inui 2 by Enzou [JP]

    Thank you so so so much!!
  26. aurelia11

    empty sweetie § mitsuya bond [JP]

    Please re-upload... The file is empty
  27. maitetsu

    Immoral triangle case 2

    「アイツには内緒だよ……?」 ――舞台俳優 × 若手ルーキー × 脚本家の三角関係ラブ ココロとカラダはいつもウラハラ 危険でインモラルな三角関係BLCDが登場! 「インモラル・トライアングル」 は、 「三角関係」 をコンセプトにしたオリジナルBLCD! 「好き」 をこじらせた3人の男の子たちが繰り広げる、刺激的 & 濃厚なラブストーリーをお楽しみに!! とある劇団の座長兼脚本家を務める大世は学生時代からの腐れ縁の芝居仲間である千春とセフレ関係にありながらも、 最近入団してきたカンナにご執心。 カンナ自体も大世に対して憧れを抱いているようで、千春は内心面白くない。 大世とカンナの関係にちょっかいを出してやろうと、千春は 『ある計画』 を企てる……。 ≪キャスト≫ 夏川大世 : 新垣樽助 榎木田千春 : 佐藤拓也 樋口カンナ : 古川慎
  28. zhuwobaofu

    Torokeru Kuchibiru more melty

    THANK U !!!!!LOVE YOU SO MUCH🫶🫶🫶🥰🥰🥰
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