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Manga: Unknown, アンノウン

Author: TARATSUMI John

Genres: Smut, Yaoi

Released: 2015

Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)

Scanlator: Bunny’s Scanlations, Must Be Endless

Summary: A collection of six one shots, all written by TARATSUMI John.

♥ Unknown: The talented photographer Franz Schumann, climbing up his way to success, makes a fateful encounter. Jay, a picture-perfect guy with jet black hair, delicate white skin that is covered in bruises and melancholic eyes in the color of fresh greenery, is the muse of the up-and-coming artist’s work and object of his bitter-sweet one-sided love. Unfortunately, at the peek of their shared success, the mysterious model leaves Franz without a trace. From this moment on, a world collapses for Schumann, who didn’t even know the young man’s name.

♥ Robot: ”I am a humanoid artificial intelligence and one of Sensei’s best creations yet. but what makes the difference between me and humans? Sensei keeps saying I am defect although i’m doing everything right. Why does he treat me so violently? Furthermore, what is this unfamiliar sensation near my chest, when I haven’t even been touched? I guess sensei is right after all.”

♥ I like you, I love you: A story about a sullen student who feels frightened and disgusted by his own homosexual desires, but tries to distance himself from his feelings through homophobic ideologies.

♥ A Square Ice Cream:  A shy student who finds confidence and solace in cross-dressing is attracted to the seemingly gentle and attentive teacher Oosugi. After having a fall out with his mother, Fujimoto runs home to Oosugi-Sensei who knows about his secret, seeking for comfort. Though the student finds out that night, that his impression of Oosugi being the affectionate and upright teacher was quite wrong.

♥ The Shape of Pleasure: Yoshino, a dense high school student in the pink of his youth, likes to waste his time, just like other boys his age, with watching AV’s. The boy is seriously bored by the variety on the internet until he notices the earnest looking student named Nishijima, in a SM Clip. One day, after ending up alone with his Senpai at school, Yoshino who feels awkward around Nishijima, thoughtlessly asks him about his nipple piercing. Amused by the reactions of Yoshino, The kinky amateur seduces his classmate and introduces him into a world of pleasure he never new existed.

♥ Make haste slowly: Yomi, a former arts student, thinks back on his first relationship after seeing his ex boyfriend, the successful director Miyata Eijirou, on TV. During university, due to his inferiorities caused by continuing failures, the upset student said some excessive things and ended up breaking up with Miyata. Feeling sorry about his past actions he writes him an apology mail.


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Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the manga.

No matter how many times i read this Manga, i never seem to fall out of love with it. It is a compilation consisting out of six one shots. All of them have a dark undertone. What I love about this manga, are the deep messages that the mangaka skillfully gets across. You will definitely have something to think about and discuss after reading. My personal favorite was the kinky and funny BDSM one shot “The Shape of Pleasure”. It also has the dark ambience as the others, but isn’t as deep and serious. it felt kind of refreshing after reading the previous gloomy stories.

The artstyle of this work is remarkable. It has the modern raw look with western influence that I like. I also love the androgynous characters in this manga, they have a special mysterious and sensual air surrounding them 😉 I think the art of the one shots “unknown” and the already mentioned story “the shape of pleasure”, is especially beautiful.

I recommend this to fans of the psychology genre or to people who aren’t put off by reading manga about serious topics such as domestic violence, homophobia, severe anxieties. Though I should warn you, because the one shot “a square ice cream” depicts a pedophile scene, although personally i think the students age is borderline.  Yet still, if you are sensitive about such matters you might skip the chapter. But all in one, I am glad that Tatsumi John had the courage of drawing a manga about these deep subjects and create something beautiful that will stay in our minds for a long.

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