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Manga: code:

Author: TAKANASHI Morimichi

Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi

Released: 2016

Status in Country of Origin: 5 Chapters (Complete)

Scanlator: N/A

Summary: “code:” is adapted from the manga “Makkurayami De Kimi To” and tells us the story of Iwase Yuutaro, Sakuma Kachou’s brother, after he finally decided to give up on his brother and move on with his own life.

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Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the manga.

Aaaaaww what a cute manga ♥. Takanashi sensei’s works are clear proof for the fact that it isn’t necessary to get dirty just to deliver some enjoyable, high quality Yaoi *sigh*.

Compared to it’s prequel the story feels more melancholic at first but the better the two MC’s get to know each other throughout the plot the sweeter the story and also the couple gets. The star of this manga is Iwase Yuutaro, a young depressed man with a strong brother complex and tsundere characteristics who slowly seems to fall for Bruno’s weird and often sketchy tactics to win over the brokenhearted man for himself.

Takanashi’s trademarks, that are also displayed in this project, are first off romantic stories without explicit content spiced up with a small pinch of bitterness and comedy, focused on the development of the relationship/ friendship between the characters. And second of all the clean and modern artwork in a retro getup that i honestly, deeply fell in love with ^_^

If you are interested in reading this adorable manga, i recommend to start with the story about Iwase’s younger brother first or else you will miss out on important background information. I hope you give those two quirky yet lovable lonely men a chance to warm your heart with their cute and entertaining story. It is worth your time!

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