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Manga: Never Days, ネバーデイズ

Author: Touya Tsuduru

Genres: Yaoi, Supernatural

Released: 2016

Status in Country of Origin: Complete

Scanlator: Bayoutachi

Summary: After being confessed to by his childhood friend Minato, Yui decided to date him but his friend seems to be keeping a secret…

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Never Days

Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the manga.

I don’t ever like to give such low stars, but I’m afraid this oneshot just missed the mark. Never Days started out relatively cute, albeit a bit typical for your “classmates/childhood friends” storyline. Even so I think clichés are fine so long as they’re done in a fun way, and while I applaud the author for trying to stray from the course the attempt was lost on me. The story takes a turning point, which to me looked like a poor attempt at drama, but then you find out that this drama actually leads into the major twist of the story… A twist that seemed severely out of place and forced. I found myself tilting my head, squinting my eyes, and trying to figure out where this sudden strange plotline came from. The story might have been saved had the two protagonists actually had personality, but they were two-dimensional at best.

That being said I think every manga deserves a chance. This oneshot isn’t long so if you decide to read it, then share your thoughts! Perhaps I missed something really touching and genuine in this manga that may be caught by someone else!

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