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Hatsujou Manga

Manga: Hatsujou, 発情, 發情

Author: Iwamoto kaoru, Toriumi youko

Genres: Yaoi, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural

Released: 2013

Status in Country of Origin: Completed

Scanlator: Paradise Love Scanlations

Jinguuji, who‘s not coming to school, is the most “talented“ in his grade. To get this son of a yakuza to attend lessons, Yuuki, the assistant teacher in charge visits him at home. But when Yuuki gets the attention of Jinguuji, who is with a girl, the latter suddenly gets aroused and forces Yuuki to sleep with him….! Is there a “family secret“ Yuuki‘s not allowed to know hidden in the ferocious eyes of Jinguuji who‘s devouring Yuuki‘s body —? The long-awaited manga-version of the popular “werewolf“ love story ♥ Presenting you the comic & novel with plenty of erotic scenes!

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Hatsujou Manga

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Hatsujou Manga

Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the manga.

Honestly, this is that kind of cliche manga with shapeshifter theme. And about a virgin’s geek that just introduced into the world of pleasure. The uke was like, “He is like a beast, and I’m lost control from all this.” But well, this is the kind of manga that I like. So, I’m not gonna start complaining.
Let’s see. For the start all the characters drawn beautifully and neat. Although the plot is weak, for me the art is just enough to make up for it. There’s a sequel to this manga. But I haven’t got my hand on it.
Anyway, if you don’t want to think to much, you’re probably would enjoy this. Good luck!

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