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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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    • "Oh Ayme, you're quite a scheming manipulator aren't you?" Derrick chuckled st Ayme's plan to tease Al and Misha for their relationship. "It would certainly be a fun show to watch when it explode." He got up following Ayme and smiled: "I missed all the fun and thrill as well. So how about we make tonight really counts?" He took Aymeas hand and said: "But of course we still have the rest of our date to enjoy."   The two of them fit back in the road and after they were done window shopping Derrick decided to take Game to see a movie. They ended up watching a pretty standard romantic comedy and by the time they got out of the theatre it was already dark. They made it back to their car and Derrick drive them to one of the high end hotels in the city center and managed to get a seat at the restaurant there. After a nice moody dinner with fine food and wine, accompanied  y a love performance by a band, the two of them ended up in the penthouse suite of the hotel. The place was lavish to say the very least with a spacious living room, a bar, a large bathroom with a bathtub almost big enough to swim in, and of class a massive bed befitting of royalty. Derrick asked as he pulled off his tie:  "So Ayme would you like to take a bath first or you wanna get down to business?"
    • Hide and seek, repeated Ginto confused as he drank the burning alcohol, feeling its trace all the way down. the burning persisted this time. As he heard him continue saying that his mate wouldn't leave his room only with specific priviledges he felt a little chill down his stomach and to his aroused member but at the same time frustrated by the closed mind he had.  A mate is not a pet that you can use whenever you need it. It is a person with feelings. So locking her or him in a room, at least for me, isn't an option. There may be risks yes but same risks apply to us. That's why we have our pack, our guards, he said as he poured another glass settling his anger on that matter. He didn't want to ruin the night. The was just a game after all.  I thought the chores apply to both parties. Like if you lose you have to dress up and do whatever i want for three days, he said with a smirk, taking a deep breath drinking another glass which he felt it hit his legs, making them like jelly. That wasn't good. He was slowly loosing. His body was on fire but he blamed the alcohol. He was intoxicated but he wasn't sure with what exactly. The alcohol or the guy next to him. He decided to take a break from drinking and eat some snacks. Sadly, the alcohol already had hit his rightful judgment and now he wasn't in control anymore. He placed a snack in between his lips and turned to look at the guy. Want a bite? he asked pointing the snack in his mouth, but this had more meanings. 
    • “Oh, no I don’t have one whoever’s unlucky to be chained to my bed is great at playing hide and seek” Yukie admitted with a laugh amused by the question and remark from Ginto. Drinking another shot Yukie groaned a little at the burn his voice sounding rather seductive as he looked at Ginto wishing so much he could strip his body and explore every inch with his hands. God he couldn’t control the burn making his face burn red from desire and need having been so long without a good fuck. “My mate would never leave my room. If they did get the privilege of leaving the house it would only be with me by their side.” Yukie finished before slamming back another shot his body already pretty tipsy the poor alpha secretly a lightweight. ”anyway, what chores do you have planned if you win....anything fancy?” Yukie asked clear as day already losing his grip to the alcohol. Looking at Ginto Yukie blushed for a moment before looking away knowing if he kept it up he wouldn’t be able to stop the raging erection he had been holding back since the bar.
    • “I’ve thought about it, sleeping with him but I’ve been nervous to actually make a move.” Ayme admitted with a small shrug knowing that keeping the fact Misha and Al where fucking from everyone might bite him in the ass. “To be honest I’ve been milking their little affair and keeping secret for a reason” Ayme admitted with a smirk having not cashed in his favor. “Misha owes me a favor for keeping it a secret at first...but you know I enjoy teasing him about it more then anything else.” Ayme finished taking the last sip of his drink before stretching. Looking at Derrick Ayme smiled before taking his hand. “I get a free night of sex until late tomorrow afternoon and Misha can’t say anything about it to Al.” Ayme basically bragged excited over his little free loophole that made Misha even more awkward around Al. ”The way I see it, my reward is I get to have sex no repercussions and I get to make things really really awkward between them and enjoy a fun little show until one of them cracks from stress or tension.” Ayme explained having planned out how to make this little mistake as interesting as possible. While it wasn’t unusual for Ayme to have this mischievous side it was rare to see it fully in action when he wanted harmless revenge. Standing up Ayme straightened out his suit and fixed his tie as he waited for Derrick. “I don’t plan on leaving to randomly fuck strangers I miss the thrill of the sex we had the adrenaline was a good high for me. So I’m not interested in more partners right now...but I will make sure to make sex interesting from now on, I miss that high.” Ayme finished waiting for Derrick to join him in leaving.
    • Hikaru was expecting some resistance or complaint from Keiko, after all he was just in a abusive and manipulative relationship with one master and thought he would be against the idea of being forced into another servitude..But surprising Keiko accepted the role seemingly quite gladly and knelt down in front of him. He found his heart skipping a heat when the demon took his hand and pressed a soft kiss on the back, but before he could even react he was pulled into the manas arms again for a loving kiss. He let out a soft moan feeling their lips pressed against each other, and could feel a earth coming gfrom Keiko flowing into his body and mind. Then the next moment he was suddenly scooped up his feet and got carried in his arm bridal style. Naturally Hikaru was embarrassed but at the same time he had to admit it felt Nice being held like this.    "Right now....Right now we need to get out of here..." Hikaru said with a sad tone as he looked at the ruined town around them. "'I doubt there's any survivors around who witness what happened but it would be awkward if someone saw you killing people and then me being held in your arm..." He turned to look back at Keiko and said: "Don't worry Keiko....Your deeds are my deeds. Your sins are my sins. We'll bear them together." He closed his eyes and laid his head on Keiko's shoulder and muttered: "I'm a little tired... Would you mind finding ourselves a quiet place to rest? There's the matter of your new body and we need to put an end to Magatsu... and then... and then...." Quickly exhaustion overwhelmed the priest and he fell asleep in his lover's arms. 
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