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Three Friends in a Sperated World. ( Jet x InuCassy x Aesthetical )


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It was a really weird world for three friends who live in a parallel separate world. You have Jet who is currently unemployed living in Japan, Cassy (InuCassy) living in California in the United States with her children, and Kim (Aesthetical) she is also a stay-at-home mom living in Missouri in the USA. Living in a pandemic parallel world staying safe during the tough time that we are going through but what if they met face to face once the pandemic ends for good? This is an RP strictly for Jet, Cassy, and Kim roleplaying as themselves. Would they get along or would it be a disaster from hell?


They will be living in a two story home in the United States there are also three bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is a large living room full of fun activities like video games, a beautiful dining room, and a basement that is a theatre room.  There is a swimming pool outside with a gazebo, three car garage, and many other fun activities!


Name: Jet

Age: 32 years old

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 142lbs(ish)

Mood: Mutual.

Relationship Status: Single

About: Jet is a bit moody at times people do attend to say jokingly he acts like a women he laughs about that but he can be loving and a sweet guy once you get to know him. Jet is shy at first and it does take time to get him to open up about himself. He really likes snakes and bearded dragons. He really likes to sketch characters and hopes that one day he can draw actual people one day. He's really good with computers and really Facebook illiterate he hates Facebook and finds it to be very confusing with their website — but he does find that the creator Mark Zuckerberg a smart man who created a platform during college was the greatest idea  so people can contact close family and friends and Jet still remembers once Facebook opened to the public pretty well. He doesn't like the taste of beans says the texture is disgusting and it's like eating a squishy mushroom which he also hates. 

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Name: Kim

Age: 32 years old

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 100lbs

Mood: Mutual

Relationship Status: In A Relationship

About: Kim was born in a big area called Topeka it was a horrible place to live in at least it used to not be when she was growing up. Now she lives in Missouri with her toddler and loving boyfriend, she also has another daughter who's 15 she is living with the grandmother right now. Kim is a very shy person that has trust issues because of previous relationships she was in but she's happy now with beautiful children and her boyfriend that are her world! Kim loves to sketch characters especially girl characters "those are easier to draw" she says. 

She also loves astronomy and space she really would like to be an astronaut one day but she knows she can't do the physical it's really too much especially needing to take care of her children.

She is also a bookworm and really loves computers especially web designing.

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