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Semantic Error

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Some of you might be familiar with Semantic Error manhwa by Jeosuri, I wasn't until last week. Well, I didn't read the manhwa, but I did watch the

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and I loved it, it was so cute. After watching that I also found out there's a drama coming up, scheduled to run from the 16th this month to 10th of March.


The drama will have 8 episodes, 20 minutes each and I am looking forward to watch it. Even if you didn't read the manhwa or watch the anime, I think the drama will be great. Based on everything I know about Semantic Error and Korean BL dramas in general I am confident this will be a fun watch (please BL gods, don't disappoint me!).

Anyone else looking forward to watching Semantic Error drama? Any thoughts on the manhwa and/or the animation?

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