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  1. @crystald I just reacted to your post. It still doesn't show up? It should work from now on (:
  2. @crystald I can't replicate the issue, it shows this way to me: Please take a print screen
  3. Hey everyone, no, I didn't vanish for the past few days XD I've been working on a few things, and here are some important notes, especially for those who lost threads. So, I made a new, temporary import, and this time it imported topics until the 17th of July 2020. Those of you who created threads in that period of time can access them and copy them. The temporary import is located here and will be deleted in a week from now. So you can log in normally there and copy-paste your missing threads from there to here. Secondly, the complete download lists are back, with a new system, of course. There are 2 ways of accessing the lists, one is if you click on Topic Lists in the upper right side of each forum section, and the other is to click on the Complete Download List threads that are pinned in each forum section where lists are available. So, whichever way you prefer. I attach a pic below: Also, the lists are now available in the Role Playing and Creative Corner sections as well. Other than that, the Arcade is back for a few days now, I'll add more games to it, don't worry XD Also the points system is back, I just need to fix its settings, which I'll do after posting this. Currently I'm trying to figure a shop system, which is not an available addition for this platform, so, I am trying to think of something, like combining 2 different systems... we'll see if it will work. That's about it for now, thanks everyone, once again, for your patience and understanding and do let me know if you spot bugs.
  4. List of Our GFX Artists - Alphabetical Order: Click here
  5. Complete List of Non-BL Poetry - Alphabetical Order: Click here
  6. Complete List of Yaoi/BL Poetry - Alphabetical Order: Click here
  7. Complete List of Non-Yaoi Fiction - Alphabetical Order: Click here
  8. Complete List of Original Yaoi Fiction - Alphabetical Order: Click here
  9. Complete List of Fanfics with Music/ Bands - Alphabetical Order: Click here
  10. Complete List of Movies/ Actors Inspired Fanfics: Click here
  11. Complete List of Anime/Manga Fanfics - Alphabetical Order: Click here
  12. Complete List of Inactive RPs - Alphabetical Order: Click here
  13. Complete List of Active RPs - Alphabetical Order: Click here
  14. Credits: Nagi Wataru's Lost Virgin -Translation Group YaoiOtaku- Manager: fan_yaoi Translator: mnanami Editor: fan_yaoi Proofreader: DateSana Typesetter: fan_yaoi QChecker: Key Download Read Online
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