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  1. @manel Have you cleared the cache? Also, please try a different browser (on Windows) and tell me how it is.
  2. Update: The thumbnails on download threads, as well as in the Galleries section are back.
  3. @bl0v I finally managed to fix the issues and have the thumbnails back 🙂
  4. @manel Click on the letter you want to see, plus there are several pages for each letter...
  5. @Fake2 Those who remember how many points they had can PM me. As for the cards, yes, we lost them and we don't even have a shop system yet, I'm still trying to figure out a shop system. The new platform has a gallery system, but I haven't set it up yet.
  6. @bl0v Yes, I did try to install a thumbnail system but it messed up the whole forum layout, you can read here. I'll try to see again if there's any way to make it work.
  7. @hal7283 Yes, that's right, we were trying to install thumbnails for download threads (like small cover images on the thread list) and it messed up the whole layout. Working on fixing it. Meanwhile, another forum style was made available, just refresh the forum. (:
  8. @crystald I just reacted to your post. It still doesn't show up? It should work from now on (:
  9. @crystald I can't replicate the issue, it shows this way to me: Please take a print screen
  10. Hey everyone, no, I didn't vanish for the past few days XD I've been working on a few things, and here are some important notes, especially for those who lost threads. So, I made a new, temporary import, and this time it imported topics until the 17th of July 2020. Those of you who created threads in that period of time can access them and copy them. The temporary import is located here and will be deleted in a week from now. So you can log in normally there and copy-paste your missing threads from there to here. Secondly, the complete download lists are back, with a new system, of course. There are 2 ways of accessing the lists, one is if you click on Topic Lists in the upper right side of each forum section, and the other is to click on the Complete Download List threads that are pinned in each forum section where lists are available. So, whichever way you prefer. I attach a pic below: Also, the lists are now available in the Role Playing and Creative Corner sections as well. Other than that, the Arcade is back for a few days now, I'll add more games to it, don't worry XD Also the points system is back, I just need to fix its settings, which I'll do after posting this. Currently I'm trying to figure a shop system, which is not an available addition for this platform, so, I am trying to think of something, like combining 2 different systems... we'll see if it will work. That's about it for now, thanks everyone, once again, for your patience and understanding and do let me know if you spot bugs. ---- Update: The points system is up, those who recall how many points they had, please PM me. Update 1: The thumbnails on download threads, as well as in the Galleries section are back.
  11. @crystald Have you clicked on 'See all followers' on your profile?
  12. I'll get back to all of you in a couple of days, when I'm done with the re-import (:
  13. Oh boy, it's a mess atm XD We'll see when the re-import is over, I'll deal with duplicates, if there are any (:
  14. @blondetiger Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I'm slowly trying to get back all the previous forum features, or at least most of them, so, in the next days it should be available again ;D @nimpatan Thanks a lot! ;D
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