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MARCH 2023 Monthly challenge - Pen and pencil


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Here is another YO's a big monthly challenge with a general theme/word and you can submit whatever you're most comfortable with related to that theme PEN AND PENCIL a gfx, a poem, a digital or classical drawing, a short story or short video.



Follow the theme/prompt word of the month

All art submitted must be rated as 16+

All content must be between 2 guys/BL/containing bishies (meaning, if you can't include 2 guys, a bishie would do as well)



Handmade or digital are accepted

Drawing must be made by you/don't copy others work



No explicit content

Minimum 400 words, maximum 600 words



No explicit content

Minimum 20 seconds, maximum 3 minutes



Create a signature

No plagiarism

No pre-made signature

Entries must be more than 500x250 pixels 


:Laughing:If you would like a signature or an icon from me, feel free to PM me! :-) 

DEADLINE 31.03.2023

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Here is my entry!




Missing You


Your words, the last I heard from you

were written in a piece of parchment,

penned with your usual flourish.


The forgotten secrets that you hid

at the end of every sentence

and the corners of some words.


You exercise in penmanship a caress to my soul,

as I read your message I felt your whisper in my ear

and your voice translate parchment into love.


At the end of your missive

a lily sketch in pencil colored

with the promise of your love.




Have a lovely day everyone!



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I have an intolerance

for lifes fruit

it wreckons my body

and my soul

My bowl lays empty

as the skies ran down

all around town

all around me

I flee


only through trust

can I remain sane

in the brain

for months to come

I am left numb




Edited by Marjorie Haukea Williams
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