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Any Recommendations?


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Recommend your favorite Japanese Doramas here!


Tell us what you like about the dorama(s) and why you recommend it/them. :)

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1 litre of tears - very inspirational and just close to the human heart

Blue spring (movie) - reflection of the society/gives lots of thoughts

Nobody knows (movie) - based on real facts/interesting

Gokusen - really funny/portrays basic human values

Hana Kimi - something you will probably want to watch over and over again/hilarious and fun

Ikigami(movie)- perfect society/thougt evoking

Kimi wa petto - a very sweet/unusual love story

Kurosagi - a matter of taste, but it's a really cool drama.

Welcome to the quiet room (movie) - interesting story

Liar Game - also a matter of taste

Life - a bit brutal story about bullying

Nobuta wo Produce - refreshing type of story about friendship/fun to watch

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I Give My First Love to You/Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu

[These two have a pretty much the same element - first love (sort of), dying characters - ah sadness :(]



Kimi no todoke - the cuteness >.

Nobody knows - base on true story

Taiyō no Uta/Midnight Sun - base on true story


there's another one which is also base on the true story but i forgot the title -__-

it's about a girl who have a spiral illness which slowly made her unable to walk,talk, and move but she decided to write a diary of her life before dying - a very wonderful story ;(

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Try these series: Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu, Nobuta wo Produce, Saba Doll, Switch Girl and Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo (airing)



Paradise Kiss

High School Debut

Bokura Ga Ita

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Highly recommended:


Atashinchi no Danshi - because the story is great. Its about being a family even though you are not blood related. And because of Osamu Mukai-sama. He's just so hawt. Hihi.

Nobuta wo Produce - because they have an amazing friendship. Even though they are apart, they still think of each other as precious friends. And because Yamapi is just so funny here. xDD

Proposal Daisakusen - for those who're afraid to confess to their bestfriend... Stop waiting for the right time coz It may never come. Man up!

Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru - you'll know when you watch it, Its really a sad story. I cried a lot. I mean A LOT! T_____T


That's it for now. HiHi

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Kimi wa Petto - Because I (not so) secretly crave a human pet myself. ;_;

Gokusen - School based. You could literally die from laughter. Plus dem cute students. *_*

Great Teacher Onizuka - School based. Another one that could kill you from laughter.

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I recommand these:


- 14-sai no Haha

- 1 Litre no Namida

- Kurosagi

- Bloody Monday

- A sleeping forrest

- A million stars falling from the sky

- Akihabara@Deep

- Bambino

- Beautiful Life

- Clone Baby

- Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari

- Densha Otoko

- Dragonzakura

- Engine

- Hanayome to Papa

- Glass Mask

- Hikari to tomo ni

- Iguana no Musume

- Jotei

- Keizoku

- Koishite Akuma

- Koukou Kyoushi (1993 and 2003)


- Limit

- Lair Game

- Long Love Letter

- Majo no Joukan

- Mother

- My Boss My Hero

- Nobuta wo Produce

- Orange Days

- Tatta Hitotsu no Koi

- Remote

- Strawberry on the shortcake

- Summer Snow

- Ringu Saishusho

- Ogon no Buta

- Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

- Yasha

- Yoiko no Mikata

- Beach Boys

- Dekichatta Kekkon

- Gokusen

- Great Teacher Onizuka (1998)

- Seija no Koushin

- 15 sai no Blues

- Renai Shindan

- Jin

- Ooku

- Atashinchi no Danshi

- Marks no Yama

- Hi wa Mata Noboru

- IS - Otoko demo nai onna demo nai Sei

- Barairo no Seisen

- Shokuzai

- Lucky Seven

- Zeni Geba

- Akai Ito

- Q10

- Majo Saiban

- Switch Girl

- Rakuen

- Ataru

- Ando Lloyd

- Boku no Ita Jikan

- Ashita Mama ga Inai

- Kaseifu no Mita

- Aoi Tori

- Daisuki

- Woman

- W no Higeki

- Tantei Gakuen Q

- Smile

- Kimi wa Pet

- Nobunaga Concerto

- Umareru

- Shiroi Haru

- Silent Poor

- Death Note

- Zenkai Girl

- Kazoku Game

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I totally second the recommendation for Nobunaga Concerto. If you want something more on business, I recommend Hanzawa Naoki, Legal High, 99.9 Criminal Lawyer.

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