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Katakana (Practice)


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Well,all that want to practice their katakana can write here. Let's make it as a game. (:

I'll post words written in katakana, trusting that you won't cheat,you can try and type it with romaji.

(Romaji is using Latin letters for typing Japanese. Like most of you type cat in Japanese with romaji -> neko.

You use Latin letters.)

So,I type it with katakana and when someone type the right romaji reading,I'll post the meaning of the word and will give the new katakana word. Ne? (:



I post: ラーメン

A random user: Rimen?

I reply: Wrong.

The same user,or someone else: Ramen?

I reply: Right. Meaning: Ramen (Noodles). Next word: リング


And so on. (:


If someone is sure they can do the part with asking the next user when a word is guessed,feel free to do so. Don't forget though that you'll be able to post a new word ,only if you know the meaning,you are sure it's the right spelling and that the previous word has been guessed. (:


So,the word I post now is:



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hopefully I'll learn the r's and m's as we go


its hard to tell between shi and tsu, so and n ....shi-n is sleeping lol

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tee...ru hu...bu





Saga, you should think about creating an army of japanese speaking fangirls. We could take over the world. ^^

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