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Blue on Black Novel

Novel: Blue on Black

Author: Carole Cummings

Genres: Fantasy/steampunk western, Romance

Released: 2015

Summary: Bas Eisen is a policeman looking into the mysterious baron Stanlo, who is running an isolated barony by the edge of the desert, and using his isolation to act like a madman dictator, working on a mysterious project.

Undercover and hired as a gun, Bas becomes one of the right hand men of Stanlo, uncovering secrets and missing people, like the long lost dead Kimolijah Adani. The genius mechanic Kimolijah is working with the criminal boss, as his prisoner and forced lover. Bas has to find a way to stop Stanslo and his mysterious plan.

Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

This novel has a harsh start. The beginning is slow and, in general, the whole novel is the definition of slow burn when it concerns the relationship between Bas and Kimo.

The worldbuilding is probably the worst part of the novel. The world is a western futuristic steampunk world where some people can manipulate electricity and technology, but information about how these things work is leaked so slowly that even now I am still confused on how exactly this technnological magic worked.

And yet, I would still recommend this book, especially for people that don’t mind action and a bit of violence. While the world is confusing, the relationship between Bas and Kimo is amazingly detailed. Not only that, but every romantic scene, every kiss, every interaction is used to give us a little more of each character. Sex scenes are also used for characterization, which is, in my opinion, what they should be! Nothing is gratuitous.

The mystery of what is going on with Stanlo and his barony is literally overshadowed by the need I had to find more about Kimo. I definitely recommend pushing through the start, and taking for granted that the world is confusing, and you will enjoy the novel as much as I did!

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