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Manga: YataMomo, やたもも

Author: Harada

Genres: Slice of Life, Drama, Yaoi

Released: 2014

Status in Country of Origin: Complete

Scanlator: Blissful Sin, Cocobees, Distanttranslation, Heart’s Fragrance, Nogitsune, Sentimiento Yaoi

Summary: Good-for-nothing Momo lacks the ability to look after himself, and is the ultimate slut. Yata is the mothering type, a reliable but simple guy. The two get off to the worst possible start when Yata comes across Momo during a post-sex clean-up in a public restroom. Taking advantage of Yata’s kindness, Momo ends up staying at his apartment. As he spends more with Yata, the once-slovenly Momo starts to change… But in the midst of this, Momo’s previous “owner” shows up. An erotic comedy with a sad twist that’ll pull at your heartstrings.

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Warnings: rape, child abuse.

This manga has everything and a little bit more: hot sex scenes, lots of drama, and some comic relief. I was in awe at how neatly it is laid out, you get a taste of everything without feeling like one is overpowering. Sometimes the mood changes in the blink of an eye and you are thrown into a whirlpool. Harada really wrote a brilliant manga.

The last thing I expected from YataMomo was to be emotional. The plot is awesome, and the characters more so. Yata is a lovely guy, looks mean, but he’s actually kind (with a weakness for everything cute). He is also a very… energetic man. Momo is the type of character you might not expect to like. He doesn’t value himself, he doesn’t (didn’t) make an effort, he gambles, he is willing to do anything for money and he laughs everything off like it’s not a big deal. The laughing off part is what made me want to hug him and don’t let go. Luckily, Yata had the same impulse.

Despite Momo’s personality it’s almost impossible to not like him and Yata doesn’t leave his side. Even more, he sees through Momo’s façade and sneaks right through the cracks. It was great to read about everything Yata and Momo went through and I plan on looking up some more of Harada’s works. If YataMomo is this good, I want to know what else is out there.

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