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30 Sai Kara no Coming Out Manga

Manga: 30 Sai Kara no Coming Out, 30歳からのカミングアウト

Author: Saike Natsuhara

Genres: Yaoi

Released: 2017

Status in Country of Origin: Complete

Scanlator: Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Summary: After living his entire 30 years in a small, rural city, Mitsuru has decided to move to Tokyo. He has a singular purpose: to lose his virginity. So Mitsuru joins an online dating site wanting a one night stand. There he meets Haruka, one of the best looking guys he has ever encountered.

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Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the manga.

It’s been a while since I read manga so when I found myself craving some I went straight to the first one on my planning to read list and oh boy, I was not expecting this level of lewdness. Not that I am complaining.

Mitsuru and Haruka are the main characters here, but there is a side story as well, featuring Takashima and Karasuma.

     Mitsuru x Haruka
Aren’t they just cute! Can’t believe I’m saying this after pages of hot, needy sex, but here I am. Mitsuru is a closeted gay guy who finally decided to be true to himself and for that he turned to online dating. That’s how he meets Haruka. Without question they are a great fit and I appreciated that they were pretty forward with each other. There are a few clichés that I can find in the majority of the mangas I read, but this time there wasn’t any unnecessary drama or awful misunderstandings.

And did I mention that they are cute? Mitsuru especially, he is so nice, bordering on innocent and is almost impossible to not like him. Haruka is more devious, but in the good sense of the word.

     Takashima x Karasuma
Colleagues on a cooking show, TV host Takashima and actor Karasuma work so well together, the ratings are over the roof and the show is attracting a huge audience, so why wouldn’t the hosts interact off camera too? Takashima loves cakes and he’s in luck because Karasuma bakes delicious sweets, all for a very tiny, small, steamy price.

I am usually biased when there’s more than one couple in a manga, often liking the main one more, and this one’s no exception. While I did like Mitsuru and Haruka more, Takashima and Karasuma weren’t too bad either. I thought their story was a little rushed, but it was still enjoyable.

Overall, the manga made me laugh a few times and it is both hot and surprisingly cute despite focusing on the sex more than anything else, and oh! Nipple play! How could I forget? There’s quite a lot of nipple play and I’m all in for that. Love some good teasing and flicking.

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