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Together Tied Novel [Marshals #3.5]

Novel: Together Tied

Author: Mary Calmes

Genres: Police, Drama, Romance

Released: 2018

Part of Book Series: Marshals #3.5

Summary: To celebrate Valentine’s Day, you’re all invited to spend some time with my marshals. I put a short novella on Instafreebie of Miro and Ian having dinner with their boss Sam Kage and his husband, Jory Harcourt. What could possibly go wrong?

I hope you all enjoy it and I hope you all have a wonderful, shmoopy, candy and flower filled day.

Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

Prequels: All Kinds of Tied Down, Fit to be Tied, Tied Up in Knots.

To answer the question in the synopsis, everything could go wrong.

But before we get to that, here it is! The one part of this series that I didn’t like as much. I did say in the last review that the novels are pretty easy to follow and understand on their own and since that still is the case on Together Tied as well, it’s also clear that there is so much more. Like other series more. Series that I’m not sure I even want to start reading since I’m so invested into Miro and Ian, but that’s a debate for another time.

While reading the third part of the series, I thought at some point that things really don’t turn out how everyone expects them to and Miro and Ian don’t seem to be able to go from point A to point B without first having to go through all the other letters of the alphabet. Twice. And the situation was somehow way worse in this short story.

It’s like trouble is always just behind them, and they can’t ever get a moment of quiet, not longer than a few hours at a time, and that’s why I didn’t enjoy this part as much. I really, really wanted them to just relax, enjoy each other, be cute and fluffy and in love. And while they are pretty much in love, there was nothing cute or fluffy about it. And I don’t like it one bit.

I didn’t like this part because although it was a Valentine Day’s special (one of the most pointless holidays ever in my opinion, but for the sake of the topic) they didn’t really get to spend time together and it didn’t feel like it was about Miro and Ian at all. Other characters took the podium in this supposedly Miro and Ian novella. The together part of the Together Tied didn’t translate in any way to me.

Worthy to note is that Together Tied actually make a bridge to the third part of the series and whatever is going to happen in the last part. I can’t even begin to imagine what can go bad anymore, but man, I really want them safe and doing whatever they want to. All I ask is for one plan that goes smoothly, with no detours.

What’s your opinion on Together Tied novel? Please let us know in the comments below.

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