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A blind date with a vampire || 18+ (Psychological.)

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ZdmuGPV.png The echo was spreading quick and rhythmic just like the long strokes he was doing while swimming in the indoor pool. It was the perfect afternoon until two hours ago when Shinohara received a call from the Supreme. The male was on a short vacation for two months, away from the filthy job he continuously did for years, no, centuries.


Seemingly though he couldn't afford more than two miserable months. Four hours from now he had to make an appearance in Rome, Italy. The Vatican spotted recent illegal activities in a famous hotel, unfortunate but true, lonely yet rich people disappear for some time now. And unfortunate but true, if Luis Shinohara was summoned, it meant only one thing - the vampire organisation, the Crux.


The male's slender, beautiful fingers touched the edge of the pool as his torso straightened in order to step firm on two feet. His dark blue eyes glittered under the gentle nuance of the water beneath and small droplets traveled down his skin. Despite the beautiful features his gloominess ruined the sharpness of his lines - a deep frown traced upon eyebrows.


In a silent motion his pupils averted to side just before the huge doors, that seemed like gates, spread open. It was his loyal secretary who would never allow his boss to be late, no matter the occasion.

- Sir, it's time. - in a humble yet calm voice he reminded Luis that his leisure time was over.


A response never came but Shinohara lifted himself up with the guide of his arms, to get out the pool. He wasn't one to talk much but his secretary could understand even his silence. Another reason he liked the man - he knew his place.

- I will get the car ready, so you can leave right away. - with a short bow he excused himself as headed out.


Dripping water behind himself, the vampire walked to the glass wall that had a wonderful view to the setting sun behind the horizon. The rays of the reddened disk curved the lines on his body better and the wet skin quickly adopted a beautiful reflection of the colorful sunset. Luis' hand stretched out with a gentle motion to touch the glass, it was just another boring night that he had to spend in hunting. The excitement was just as much as he would have if reading bed stories to the deaf.


- It's time, huh..


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aJPaHk3.pngLaughter broke the silent bubble that Rene had put himself in, as did the slap on the back from one of his friends. He looked over calmly even though he hadn't been paying attention to the conversation.


“Hey! Did you hear that?” One of the voices said. Rene looked over at the group who had talked him into drinking with them. He stared at the group before looking up at the man who stood next to him, a big toothy grin plastered on his face.


He stared blankly for a moment before shaking his head and reached for his glass.“Oh come on, you weren't off day dreaming again were you Ren?” Said another friend. “You missed the joke!” Rene rolled his eyes as he took a sip from the beer he had ordered,


“I have a lot on my mind, a stupid joke isn't something that was worth my attention.” he said as he kept his gaze to what was in front of him. An amused gasp came from the group as one man raised his glass towards Rene.


“Thinking about when you want to ask that woman to marry you?” said the man as he drank from his glass. Rene's eyes twitched a bit as he shook his head, not wanting to engage in the same boring conversation that always seemed to get brought up. He ran a finger along the rim of the glass, watching the drops slide down slowly. His violet eyes concentrated on the golden contents of his glass as he vaguely listened to the jokes about the woman who seemed to clinged to him like a toy.


He soon felt an arm drape over his shoulder and the man who stood next to him leaned in and spoke into his ear, “If I didn't know you so well, I would think you weren't interested in women at all.” his eyes widened but remained calm as he looked over at the man and the rest of the group. He gave a laugh as he dismissed the statement as a joke.


“Oh come off it, not this again.” he said pretending to be amused, “I've already told you, I just don't know if I actually want to spend the rest of my life with someone who acts the way she does.” he said simply. He sipped his drink as the men laughed and moved on to another topic. Satisfied he had dodged the conversation he fell back into his thoughts. But now, there was the voice that mocked him.


Perhaps you aren't interested in women at all...

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ZdmuGPV.pngA loud slam followed the just warmed up car's engine. It was a polished black Mercedes-Benz S62 AMG, custom-made with black leather salon. The car had its own story and how he ended up in possession of it, thus Luis always picked it whenever he was out on his way to the Vatican. The vampire was neatly dressed in a white suit yet in contrast with black leather gloves that went perfectly fine with the black diamond earring on his left ear. Under the pressure of time his hair was still wet. But if one thing he thought being a vampire was handy would be the fact that he wouldn't catch a cold, thus one less worry.


With a calm yet stoic expression his lips gave the order,

- Let's go.


The driver nodded averting eyes from the back mirror to the narrow path that led outside the huge estate. As soon the car took off the secretary slid a separating the back salon from the driver seat glass, with a few more rustles he opened a dark suitcase with folders handing one of them to Luis.

- We got these documents this morning, Sir.


Shinohara glanced briefly to the male then to the folder and reached his gloved hand to take it. A few flicks took him to a certain page, waiting patiently for the secretary to guide through the information.

- As stated from the Supreme, for the last two years in a hotel not far from Rome's core there were at least twenty cases of disappearance. The victims were always rich and lonely, be it single or divorced, they were lured in with the Crux' 'blind dates'.


Luis rose a brow as his lips stretched lightly in a grin,

- What a declaration of war. - another flip had the folder closed, - What happened to the hunting posse in Romania? I thought we had Crux' leader captured back then.

- Unfortunately, Sir, it was nothing but a bait. We lost eight of ours in that fight.

- How many they killed?

- Only ten, Sir.


The answer had Luis' brows lock in a frown as his glare fell onto the secretary who lowered his gaze down,

- Thus, Sir, ..the Vatican decided upon a new strategy..

- A new strategy?

- We don't have much of information as of now, but I heard they plan to make you go out on the front-line.

- And Father? - Shinohara's gaze slid to side, losing its glitter into the far distance out the window.

- Your Father has already agreed to that, but the final word on the meeting tonight would be yours, Sir.

- ..I see.


It was a lame thing we called 'victory', a slaughter we always feasted on and screamed on top of lungs. We are no different from these disgusting homo sapiens.

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aJPaHk3.pngThe amount of time that was spent at the bar became a blur, Rene remained quiet as he went from partially listening to the conversation and thinking as the voice in the back of his mind mocked him. This wasn't something that he thought about, or even cared about, but the words his friend said as a joke, seemed to stick with him, even bothered him.


He gave a slight shake of his head as he decided the drunken banter was better than going down that road. He pushed some hair behind his ear and turned in the stool to face the group. He held the glass in his hand and finally joined the conversation.


“Haha, have you heard about the weird disappearances lately?” someone said.

“No, what are you talking about?”

“Not really sure, but there have been some rumors going around about one rich guy who just disappeared without a trace. Spooky stuff.”


Rene blinked and stared at the man who spoke, “That's ridiculous, are you sure that's not something you just read in that trash that passes for news?” he said with a laugh, rolling his eyes.


“Oh sure, you laugh about it now, but you're just the type who would go missing Ren.” joked one of the now drunken men.


“I'm not rich, I'm well off. There's a difference.” He snapped.


The man held his hands up feigning defeat as he laughed, “Oooooooh, sorry Ren, I didn't know there was a difference!”


Rene stared and shook his head before finished the contents of his glass. “I think it's time you were cut off. Unless falling off the stool is your intent.” he said with an amused grin.


“Come on, I'm not that drunk.” said the man as he swayed on the stool.


Rene laughed and shook his head as he pulled his wallet out and pulled out a few bills. He slid off the stool and slid the money to the bartender. “Sure, sure.” he laughed.


The man hopped off the stool and stood swaying in front of Rene. “Awwww, you aren't going to leave just yet are you? The night's still young.”


He let a sigh escape his lips as he placed a hand on his friend's shoulder, “I would love to stay longer, but I have some things to do.” he said with a gentle smile. Despite the protesting of the man and the others, he was able to say goodnight and finally he was able to leave the bar alone.

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ZdmuGPV.pngA few hours passed in silence before they reached Italy's capital. Although the night was still young the still cool season had the moon forced up high sooner. Of course the meeting couldn't be held in the Vatican, but for that purpose they always arranged the place in advance.


The dark Mercedes that overlayed with darkness of the night stopped gracefully in front of an abandoned factory. As soon the door was opened, a few men dressed in black robes welcomed the Shinohara's heir. Luis, on the other hand, calmly buttoned his suit coat's button and only then they moved inside.


No street light reached that part of the city; only the vampires' eyes glittered in the dark, bowing heads to their superior. It was a known fact in the hierarchy, "If you have a pure-blooded vampire before you, know your place. And in case you anger them, it's useless to try to run."


The group of males finally reached the far sector in that factory, where men of the Christ and men of the dusk had formed a circle, waiting for Luis.


- It's pleasure to have you come, Luis. I must apologize for ruining your vacation but a contract is a contract. - a male dressed in a long dark robe spoke. But far from flattered was Luis. He knew that the respect shown was nothing but a farce, or even a mock-on. After all, the Christ never liked any sinister creatures.


A few steps away from the circle Luis paused with relaxed shoulder, a quick glance to observe the different scents he could detect.


Half on half, huh. But there is something...


Indeed, there were twenty men from the Vatican and twenty vampires from different clans. However, Luis could sense the stench of blood.


- I suppose it's here I should say, "Long time no see, Angelo." - Shinohara was well known for his sarcastic nature, and at times even arrogant.

- As expected from Shinohara's heir. - the male took his robe's hood off and glanced up to meet the vampire's eyes.

- Let's cut the formalities. What's that ridiculous thing I heard about 'blind dates'?

- Indeed, ridiculous. Your species never ceased to surprise us. Another new scheme, it seems. According to our research it's a new way they approach with hunting. They lure in lonely men and women, at times even depressed. This makes it harder to question their disappearance. Some believed they probably went into hiding due to political clashes, others claimed they probably commit suicide and third believed they are away on one of their lonely islands. But truth is, they all disappeared after 'blind dates', of course the information is confidential.


Luis' lips stayed relaxed, listening to the male with eyes fastened at him.

- So you suggest that it's the Crux? - Shinohara felt a little irritated for some reason. Why he had to hunt his own kind? Weren't men all for mankind? Then why wouldn't vampires be all for their own kind? What a ridiculous contract! One thing he hated his father for, signing that contract was like a deal with the Devil.


- I wouldn't dare to accuse without a proof, Luis. - the male shrugged as beckoned with hand.


From behind him two other males brought in a well beaten up member of the Crux. Despite the weakened state he was in, he was still chained. With a harsh push he was thrown before Luis' feet.


- That's one of the men they used to sugar-coat a rich lady, they almost had her killed. We hardly made it in time, for now the woman is kept in the Vatican. It'd be troublesome if she went to the press, as you can guess, we don't want publicity.


The pure-blooded vampire lowered his gaze down, staring at the hardly moving 'brother'. He felt his pain, he felt his anger. He knew the unfairness of the contract but even if superior to the human race, vampires had morals too.

- Speak.


The vampire on the dusty ground flinched, his muscles felt like tearing. It was an order from a pure-blooded. And no one could disobey it.

- No...


Shinohara crouched down, reaching his gloved hand to cup the male's chin in palm and lift his head slightly up. He could feel the trembles travel to his hand, the other was truly terrified but his loyalty was proved. Luis had one rule, 'Even the loyal enemy should be respected.' Yet now, seeing the pitiful state the vampire was in, it angered him.

- He's useless. - releasing the other he rose up, his other hand reached for his pocket to take out a tissue and wipe although the gloved hand that came in contact with the vampire.


Angelo knew the anger that the young vampire felt, after all he was the one that nearly had him killed for piercing a vampire right before his eyes.


- We want you to hunt down the next group set to kidnap a human. For that purpose you have to act undercover and actually go to the blind dates.


Luis' scrubbing paused and he stood there motionless.


I have to..what?


- You want me to go to a blind date... with a human?

- Yes, that's the order.

- Heh... - Shinohara resumed his wiping, then dropped his tissue in front of the vampire in his feet, - What if I refuse?

- During the last fight where we had you on the front-line we managed to eliminate half of their group. Ever since then we had no such luck. Sadly you always disappear or go on vacation, correct me if I am wrong but, are you passively disobeying the Vatican under the pretense that you are busy?


Bull's eye.


Luis' firm stare eased and his lips stretched in a faint grin,

- I wouldn't dare, Angelo.

- Then we are done here. You are to attend that meeting tonight.


Having them busy in a meaningless chit-chat, Luis bought enough of time for the beaten up to nearly death vampire to lick the blood on the tissue. It was such of a pure-blooded vampire and it had an amazing effect on other vampires - full regeneration. Sneaky of Luis but he inflicted a small cut on his wrist with a nail, enough to draw out a few droplets and enough to have the vampire restore energy to run away.


The male broke his chains and stumbled up to run, in the small amount of a few seconds his gaze crossed with Luis'. It was that thankful exchange that only one of the same kind would understand.


- He is running away! Stop him!!


In the chaotic situation, Luis stepped onto the tissue to dirty it with dust, enough to get the fragrance of his own blood dulled.

- Luis! Catch him! - angered by the chaos, Angelo rose his voice slightly.

- As you command. - Luis turned around with a slow spin on heel to see the vampire jumping off the window, - Oh. ..He ran away.


Flat and obvious but no one could blame him for he was smart enough to play by the rules while breaking them.

- Luis...

- Well, you said 'tonight' I have a blind date. I can't ruin my suit, can I? - a flashy smile, who could he fool? But Angelo recollected himself and took a deep breath.

- I expect results. - with a turn around he pushed a few of his men and headed into the darkness.


"I expect results." "Luis catch him" When did I turn into the Vatican's puppy?


With a tired sigh he turned around and headed for the car.



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aJPaHk3.pngRene stood still for a moment as he felt the cool air, his eyes were closed as he breathed in and released that breath slowly. It seemed to wake him up as well as cause the alcohol he drank to make him feel warm all over. He put a hand to his cheek and flinched at the contrast in temperature.


'Ah....perhaps I did have too much to drink....' He sighed as he adjusted his clothes and buttoned up the double breasted coat he wore. He watched the cars drive by before he slid his hands in his pockets and made his way down the street. He was still pleased by the cool weather because it made him more awake, compared to the warmth and scents from the bar.


At the same time it wasn't long until the voice came around and taunted him with that same statement he heard on occasion.


Perhaps you aren't interested in women at all....


“Tch! Shut up.....” he muttered under his breath as he quickened his pace. This was not a topic he wanted to think about, going down a road like that, it would only lead to more questions, and possibly trouble. He narrowed his eyes as he paused and stood in front of the dark window of a closed shop. He stared at himself for a awhile as his mind reeled.


There's only one way to find out....

No one would have to know.....


He blinked at his reflection as though it really was talking to him. “Heh....like there's a way to find out....don't be ridiculous....” he said to the reflection. His eyes shifted to either side, making sure no one was around to see him talking to himself.


What's worse, finding out the truth, or having someone find out you're talking to a reflection?


“This is stupid....” he finally said as he turned away from the window and continued down the street. He sighed softly as he walked, this joke his friends told him, was something that bothered him deep down. What if it was true, what if they were right the whole time, he managed to brush it off and laugh, but there was something about it that didn't sit right. It made him question himself more than usual.


Just do it, you'll know soon enough.....


He soon stopped as though he was ready to lash out at the voice, “Fine....Maybe then I can end this pointless discussion....”


He walked lazily until he found a kiosk that held a bunch of flyers and leaflets that people posted. In the dim streetlights he skimmed them until he found something that seemed to catch his eye. He tore it off and stepped back trying to get more light.


He squinted his eyes as he tried to read everything, it was still dim, but he managed to read as much as he could, “A hotel.....hmm...” he muttered as he slid the ad into his coat pocket, 'It's one no one I know has talked about.....' He knew the name and headed in the direction of it.


The rational side of him still questioned his own actions as he hailed a cab and got in it. He told the driver the name of the hotel and sat back as the car moved forward.


Why are you doing this, you have nothing to prove to anyone.....

Oh come now, there's no harm in this.

Just head home....

Come on, what's the harm.


He rested his chin in his hand and looked out the window, “What's the worst that could happen.....”

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ZdmuGPV.pngSkillfully avoiding any scratch on his new pair of shoes, Shinohara was followed by his secretary to the car. The moment they were far enough from the building, there came the scolding.

- Sir, I highly disagree with what you did back there.

- So do I actually. How am I to handle the stench of a human? - Luis was however on another page, his mind still processing the fact that he had to spend time with the other race.

- I don't mean that, Sir. If the Elders knew what you did, there would be a problem.


The young vampire caught on quick. Of course it'd be a problem if they knew that he let a member of the Crux get away on purpose. But luckily, none of the vampires back there would go against a pure-blooded. As for Angelo, well, he had his own charms...like, mortal stupidity.


- I don't know what you are talking about. - bluffing until being impossible, Shinohara unbuttoned his coat's buttons before entering the car, - To Boscolo Exedra Roma.


With the single order the driver took off.


- Sir.. what's the plan now? You don't have any back up team.

- I don't need a back up team in order to catch some vampire hosts. - Luis reached for the suitcase by his side and slid it open.


From all the stuff inside, like pair of additional leather gloves, different cell phones and more gadgets, he picked two small earplugs. One he set on his ear, the other he passed to his secretary. Both of them adjusted the plugs connected to a receiver.


- Make sure to not get in my way, Markus.

- I understand, Sir.


The ride wasn't long and they reached the opulent hotel that would mesmerize anyone. As soon as both of the males got off the car, the driver took off to the parking.


- Make my reservation for the blind dates, use the credit card I used last time in Rome.

- Understood. - the male watched his boss' back as they entered the hotel, - Sir...


Luis glanced over quietly.


- ... Don't do anything drastic. We are to harm no human in the process of capturing, you know the rules.


A deep sigh escaped Shinohara,

- You are worse than my mother at times, I swear. - the heir continued upstairs as raised hand slightly up to wave the worries away, - I will try.

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aJPaHk3.pngThe rocking of the car caused Rene's eyes to lower heavily, the combination of the alcohol and no longer walking caused the effects to take it's toll on him. Even the occasional buzzing of his cell phone alerting of a text wasn't enough to make him move. He simply stared out the window in a daze, the voices had ceased their arguing as well which filled him with a sense of relief. 'Finally.....Silence....' was the only thought that crossed his mind.


He didn't keep track as to how long it took to get to the hotel, but it was the slowing of the car and a voice that caused him to snap out of his trance.


“Alright, here we are sir, Boscolo Exedra Roma.” The driver said as he turned backwards and looked at Rene.


“Ah....thank you very much.” He said still coming out of his trance. He pulled the wallet from his pocket, and glanced at the meter. He pulled out enough to cover the ride and a generous tip. “Keep the change.” he said as he handed the cash over and opened the door.


The driver stared at the money in disbelief and gave a slight smile, “Thank you very much.” he said as Rene slid out of the car. He nodded and closed the door, he turned around as the cab drove off and stared in awe at the hotel that was before him. It was nothing he had ever been to before, it also became clear as to why none of his friends and co-workers would have talked about it.


It reminded him of some of the hotels he had gone to as a child with his parents for parties and balls. It was just the kind of thing they enjoyed. He shook his head as he questioned why he suddenly thought about the past.


He rubbed the bridge of his nose a bit before shaking his head and pulling out the folded up flyer in his pocket. He read the text for a moment and sighed, “So....I just go up to the front desk....?” he muttered to himself as he slide the paper back into his pocket. He stood still for moment as though he had the desire to turn around and leave. His eyes narrowed a bit as he urged his body to move forward, heading up the stairs and through the doors of the hotel.

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ZdmuGPV.pngLuis didn't need a guide around the hotel. He has been here before and his nose could lead him around. All kind of scents collided in the air, but what he was focused on was the trail of his kind. Just around the last floor in the east wing of the hotel he noticed the scent becoming stronger, and no wonder. Down the long corridor, that had an off-limit separator, a series of doors were reserved.


So this is the place, huh.


Before him a woman nodded slightly chin with a smile, standing right next to the stanchions separating the obviously VIP event from the rest of the building.


- May I help you, Sir?

- I have a reservation here for tonight.

- Your name?

- Davide Rege.

- Just a moment, Sir. - the woman turned to side, checking in a low tone the male. It was no surprise to see earplugs used in that hotel, he knew the security was good enough.


Sadly though they couldn't do much in case vampires went on rampage. Humans couldn't handle the vampires, after all, why else they would ask vampires to hunt vampires. It was an obvious scheme of the Vatican that Luis didn't want to bow before.


- You are so lucky, Sir! There are only a few spots left, tonight we have a lot of guests registered for the event. - she was the chatty type, and he disliked that.


Luis forced a faint smile on lips, and calmly tried to fake his excitement.

- Oh? I am indeed lucky.

- Your room for the date would be number 1893, it's down the corridor on the right side, Sir.


The vampire just slightly nodded chin at the woman and passed through the barrier. The moment he started walking down the corridor, from left and right he observed be it noises or scents.


In defiance of having a large number of vampires tonight, none of them was a pure-blooded. That was a relief because Luis wouldn't be detected by lower ranked, and no one truly would want to see the fight between two royals.


The few meters led him to the so said 1893 room and he twisted the door knob to enter. Inside there was a small space similar to a very narrow and small hall, and two doors. One on left and one on right. Both had the green light on side.


So I am still alone, huh. That's good.


He picked one on a whim and as soon the door closed behind, the green bar on the door from the right turned red.

The room he found himself in was indeed luxurious but in the middle a beautiful series of silk curtains embraced each other, preventing one to see from the other side.


Since he could tell he was still alone, the male sat on the sofa sliding eyes close to focus.


Left. Right. Left. Left. Right.


In his trance, he finally had his hearing sense notched up. After all, even kids knew that bats might be blind but they damn knew how to hear.


"I really like your personality! You are fun to talk to. I remember when I was a child I had that--"




Focusing more, he switched to another room's conversation.

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aJPaHk3.pngRene stepped into the foyer and stared in awe, his eyes looked around soaking up everything around him, his mind getting overwhelmed slightly. He blinked a few times and walked up to the front desk, the Concierge gave a polite smile as we welcomed Rene to the hotel.


“Welcome sir, how can I help you this evening?”


Rene unbuttoned his coat slowly as he began to warm up, “I'm looking for this event, could you direct me to where it is?” he said softly as he pulled the flyer out and slid it to the man.


The Concierge carefully picked it up and smiled as he nodded, “Ah, yes, we have been getting quite a few guests for this.” he said politely. He gestured to a corridor as he spoke, “Go down this hallway sir. Once to get to the end you'll see seperators that will let you know which way to go. Once you're there, there will be a young woman who will help you register for the evening. I hope you enjoy yourself sir.” He said with a smile.


Rene listened to the directions and nodded finally after he got the directions, he smiled a little as he removed his coat and turned to leave, “Thank you.” he said as he headed down the corridor.


It wasn't long until he found the stanchions that the Concierge told him about. His body tensed up slightly as he got closer to the event, the reality of what he was doing began to feel more real. He continued to urge himself to continue past the ropes.


“Hello! Can I help you sir?”


A voice brought him out of his tension, he stared for a second at a woman who stood with a friendly smile.


Rene shifted the coat that draped over his arm as he searched the pocket for the flyer, he relaxed after he found it and brought it out, “I would like to know if there is anymore room for this event.” he said casually.


The woman tilted her head slightly as she checked the papers and listened to her earpiece. She nodded as she spoke in a low tone and came back to Rene. She smiled at him and nodded, “You're in luck! We don't have many spots left so please, fill this out real quick!” she handed him a sheet of paper and smiled, “How would you like to pay?” she chimed as he scanned the sheet.


“Oh, yes...here....” he said as he slide the clipboard under his arm and searched his coat pocket again. He pulled out the black leather wallet and slid a platinum card out to the woman. “Use that please.” He said as he focused his attention on the sheet. He rolled his eyes a bit as he filled out the sheet and signed his name. Despite his deep seeded doubt and nervousness, he managed to remain calm, and composed, as though this was something that he did a lot.


The woman came back smiling as she handed the card back to him, he took the card back and handed her the clipboard in exchange. She reviewed it and smiled wider as she finished. “Very good!” she sang as she filed the sheet away and wrote down on a small piece of paper and a small pamphlet, “Here's your room number, and enjoy yourself!” she said with a wink.


Rene simply stared at her as he carefully took the sheet and walked past her. 'Such a strange young woman....' he thought as he headed down the hall. He looked around at the numbers on the doors before pausing and looking at the number that the woman had written down.




He stopped as he looked at the correct room number, a sudden feeling of dread swept over him as he stood in front of the door. 'What the hell am I doing....?' he thought as though he suddenly came to his senses. He looked around before glancing at the pamphlet the woman gave him. He scanned the rules, and general information about what he had participated in, but his feelings were stopped in their tracks as he read the two words that kept him from leaving. No Refunds. “Tch.....well...damn....” he muttered as he realized he was already committed to it.


'Ah what the hell...' he thought as he let out a sigh, 'You're already doing this, just get it over with...' He slipped the papers into the pocket of his coat and took a deep breath before turning the knob, and entering the room.

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ZdmuGPV.png"I'd like to show you my estate next weekend, how about it?" , the vampire male kept switching from conversation to conversation until he finally could hit the right doors.


If I recall correctly... Right, right, left, right... Hm.


With the mental map he managed to create while walking down the corridor, he guided himself around the rooms. But the further he went, the more focused he became. If one could only see him, they'd think he is in a deep sound sleep.


Just when he spotted something worth the attention, he heard a twist of a knob. His eyes quickly slid open, still adjusting to the light in the room, thus his slit pupils formed.




He rose his hand lightly above, to block the yet strong light blinding the heck of him.


Well, am I not indeed lucky...


With a sarcastic remark he gradually lowered his hand, noticing the hesitant steps closing in from the other side of the curtain barrier. The faint scent of an expensive men perfume caught his attention - the human had a good taste. But more than that, somehow Luis was relieved it was a man. He could deal easier with a man than with a woman, he didn't have to sugar-coat to the point of wanting to vomit from his own words.


Calmly sitting on the sofa Shinohara's husky yet velvet voice greeted the male from the other side of the curtains.

- It's indeed extravagant, isn't it? - suggesting that the male also found the room way too luxurious.


I have to keep track of the rooms. Damn, why had I to attend a blind date. I could have tried to be a undercover staff member, for example.

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aJPaHk3.pngHe entered the room and looked around, it was luxurious, more so than even he was used to. It was definitely a place he parents would have gone to when they went to functions.


He sighed at the thought again and shook his head as he looked at the room and noticed the doors, one red light, one green. 'Someone's already here.....' he thought as he felt the woman had done this on purpose. 'Everyone's a comedian....' he thought with a sigh. He entered the room with the green light and closed the door.


His observance of the room was stopped by an attractive sounding voice.


“It's indeed extravagant, isn't it?”


He turned around looking at the curtain as he heard the voice, he set his coat down on the arm of the chair he sat in. He stared at the curtain again as he gathered himself, his mind urging himself to relax.


“Indeed it is....” he said as he gazed around the room, “The whole hotel is...”

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ZdmuGPV.pngThe slow yet non-hesitant rustles Luis heard made him think that the male was well-mannered. The human knew how to move his body in a natural elegant way. Now and then Shinohara could feel the faint scent of alcohol. Was he tipsy?


But more than that, the vampire slid his eyes close again focusing in between walls, while trying to have a conversation with the human.



- Is it your first time being on a 'blind-date' ? - although the question was too banal yet the answer obvious, Shinohara never was one to hit on whoever it was. In fact, he never had a problem with finding sex partners, they came on their own. But having a human for a conversational partner was somehow odder than even hitting on someone.


Right, left, left, left.


With a frown on brows, his gloved fingers flinched. He finally found the door.


"I think you are indeed beautiful. Do you want to go somewhere after that?"


The vampire noted mentally the room down as moved to another room.

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aJPaHk3.pngRene looked around some more as all of this was new and foreign to him, but at the same time, so far it felt no different than when he was with his friends. The only obvious difference was the curtain. He looked back towards it as he heard the question.


“It is.” He said simply, before getting a slight grin as the sound of the question amused him. “Heh.....is it that obvious?”


He relaxed in the chair a bit as his nervousness subsided a bit. He closed his eyes a little as he felt a sudden heaviness in his body.


"I think you are indeed beautiful. Do you want to go somewhere after that?"


The statement caused Rene to open his eyes and look towards the curtain, “You can tell that just by this....conversation?” he said bluntly. Despite his response he could feel his cheeks become warm from the statement, though his mind blamed it on the drinking.


He tilted his head and gave a shrug as he continued to answer, “Hmm.... what did you have in mind?” he said, though he blinked as he suddenly realized what he had said.

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ZdmuGPV.pngBeing too focused himself, he skipped through pointless remarks the human made. If anything, Luis wanted to walk out the room as soon as possible, but for that he had to wait for the right moment. And if these conversations he had to listen to were less sugar-coated it'd make it a lot more easier for him to bear with it.


You can tell that just by this....conversation?


Suddenly Luis paused his madly rushing thoughts, sliding eyes open slightly.


What was the human talking about?


Hmm.... what did you have in mind?


Ah. Wait. ....I forgot we have the habit of repeating the sentences we overhear out loud.





Luis reached hand to pinch the bridge of his nose.

Just perfect. How he could make such a stupid mistake. Now what? He had to tag along with the human? Hell no. But for as long this act was up, he had to go along with the present messed up situation.


- Well, you don't sound arrogantly confident. And having access to this event means you have the budget to. On its own hand, aren't you a well-mannered man instead of a spoiled kid? I find that for beautiful. I apologize if I made you feel...uncomfortable.


The vampire let his hand down, resting it comfortable on top of the sofa's board. A sudden idea hit him when he detected a small table-like bar with alcoholic beverages.


It'd be good if he could get drunk enough to fall asleep.


- Well, we can decide where to go after that. But how about we have a drink before that? - with a guess he wondered if the same portable bar with alcoholic beverages were on the other side of the curtains as well.

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aJPaHk3.pngRene listened to the silence and covered his eyes a bit embarrassed, 'Ugh....way to sound easy you idiot.....' he thought to himself as he wanted to leave. He ran his hand down his face slowly and sat back, but his relaxed state made it difficult for him to get up quickly to leave.


But the response he heard caused him to let out a silent breath of relief as the conversation continued.


“Ha.....haha, it's quite alright, this being my first....blind date, I'm not sure how these things go....” he said honestly, he rested his hands in his lap as he composed himself again, “Yes....I was raised to be well mannered, but....not self entitled.” as he spoke he frowned slightly to himself.


It was the first time in quite awhile that he had said something that he was happy with, the way his parents instilled that attitude in him. It was a rare thing that he was glad about. He shook his head a bit as he grew weary of all the random thoughts this evening had brought.


He looked up as the conversation continued, “A drink...?” he said slowly as he looked around the room, he spotted a small bar and looked back at the curtain. The urge to say no crossed his mind, but seeing as he was already in this situation, he thought to himself 'What the hell, you're in a luxurious room, might as well enjoy it.'


“Sure, a drink sounds good.” he said as he pushed himself out of the chair slowly and headed to the bar.

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ZdmuGPV.pngSo far the situation was in control. Luis was getting finally in mood - the vampire group would take a bit of force but nothing he couldn't handle, the male in the room would get drunk and fall asleep and Luis, himself, would be gone with the wind. Nothing could go wrong.


So in gesture of a well managed mission he thought a glass of whiskey would be a good choice. Once the human rose to make his way to the portable bar, so did Luis.


- I perfectly understand that. I was also raised..., - Luis paused with an already half full glass in his gloved hand , recalling about his early life that would be almost 500 years ago, - ..to have manners and know where I come from. In fact, isn't that one of the essential things of being successful?


Letting the rhetorical question linger in the air, he rose the glass to his lips. What a perfect night, he thought.


It's all settled. I have to just get the human drunk and get to it.

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aJPaHk3.pngStanding near the bar he took note of what there was. The choices were all quite amazing, and everything sounded good. But he ended up choosing a wine that had caught his eye, Solaia. He smiled as he saw the bottle. It was a bottle he had seen in his youth, and remembered if he had the chance to he wanted to try it.


Spoil yourself


He smiled as a satisfying pop of the cork sounded and poured it into the sparkling glass. It was a beautiful ruby color, the aroma was just as lovely. He held the glass and sat down in the chair as he listened. The words the man behind the curtain spoke was a refreshing change from the usual conversation. “I couldn't agree more.” he said as he sat down. “I didn't think there were people out there who still believed in that.” he brought the glass up to his lips and took a sip.


His eyes brightened as he drank the contents, it was so elegant, it seemed to refresh him more that even walking outside.


'This is....actually fun....' he thought as he took a sip, forgetting why he came.

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ZdmuGPV.pngThe more the clock tick'd and tock'd, the more impatient Luis grew to be. But one thing he had to admit, it was good that the human on the other side of the silky barrier wasn't annoyingly talkative. It saved him the bother to keep up with pointless stuff.


"Sir...can you hear me?"


Suddenly the ear-bug he had positioned in his ear buzzed, connecting his secretary on the line.


"We have a problem. I am downstairs on the reception desk, but I heard that tonight Vergil is a special guest here. He is to arrive any time soon."


Hearing the name buzz in his ear, the vampire dropped his glass. It smashed against the hard surface of the floor, shattering to dozen of small glass pieces.


Vergil. A well known name from the west branch. He is known for being the most strongest vampire clan's leader right after Shinohara's, Luis' father. Put simply, another pure-blooded vampire was on his way to the hotel. But that wasn't the 'problem' Markus had in mind. Vergil was Luis' uncle who shared more or less the philosophy of the Crux. He believed that humans were nothing but food. And if Luis was one to break the rules while playing by them, it ran perfectly fine even in his uncle's blood - that kind of arrogance.


What on earth is this old man to do here? That Angelo, I am very sure he was supposed to know the list of guests for tonight. ---No. It's not the time to think on that. I have to think of a way to avoid Vergil questioning my visit here tonight.


Think. Think. Think---


In the quick seconds everything happened, he realized. There was his escape plan, right on the other side of the curtains.


- Ah, my apologies. It seems I am a bit tipsy. - joked he, to reassure the human who probably would wonder what happened.


"Sir...Vergil's car just arrived. I will be getting our car ready. The mission failed."







Luis furrowed his brows and felt his blood boiling. Another three minutes and he was pretty sure that Vergil would be close enough to detect the presence of another pure-blooded, and even more, that his nephew was a guest.




The vampire unbuttoned his suit coat's buttons and loosened his necktie. Although he disliked the idea, he had no other option.


- As I said a bit ago, I think you are really beautiful. - Shinohara made a few steps away from the portable bar table and headed for the silky curtains, - So I had in mind to get us more comfortable--


His gloved hand reached forth to move to side the curtains, stepping in Rene's half. Luis' pupils widened slightly, the human was indeed...beautiful.




The seconds kept rushing, and Luis hoped that the human wouldn't create additional problems.



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aJPaHk3.pngRene sipped his wine as he relaxed more, it wasn't long until the voice chimed in.


See? You're enjoying this. More than when you talked to that woman.


He lowered the glass and sighed, 'This proves nothing.....' he thought as he stared at the ruby colored wine. It was true, just because he was talking to another man seperated by a curtain it didn't prove anything other than, he was having a slight conversation.


He brushed away the thoughts as he stared at the curtain, he tilted his head slightly as the silence continued. He sat straight up as he heard the distinct sound of breaking glass. “Ah...” he sounded as he wasn't sure what to say.


Rene set the glass down and slowly stood up, 'What happened....?' he thought as he took a step towards the curtain. He let out a slight sigh of relief when he finally heard the other male speak.


“I see...” he said a bit unsure. “As long as nothing serious happened.”


I think you are really beautiful


The statement again caused his face to get warm. The statement was something he wasn't used to hearing from a man, it didn't sound bad, just different.


So I had in mind to get us more comfortable


He blinked as he heard the man walk towards the curtains, 'What...wait....he's serious?' he thought as he froze for a moment. He began to panic internally as the steps grew closer, and the curtains parted. He took a couple of steps back, his hand moving behind him as he steadied himself, he heard the glass of wine topple over and spill the contents over the table.


“Damn....” he cursed looking back, but the thought about the spilled glass disappeared quickly as he stared at the man before him. His eyes widened as he gazed at the presence before him.


'He's.....so handsome......'

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Their time was surely counted but somehow the idea to use the human for his escape made him irritated. Why he had to rely on that, and why it had it to be such a beauty.


Of course, being beautiful always had its privilege even among vampires. Vergil would surely like it if his nephew presented him such a delicacy. However, in these agonizing ten seconds Luis changed his mind.


Let's see if the beauty is just an empty shell.


Shinohara's eyes eased onto Rene and a faint yet not threatening smile spread across his lips,

- Before that though, I am very interested to hear your answer to a question once I read in a book.


"Sir... what are you doing?" , the secretary kept babbling worriedly on the earplug.


The vampire gently let the curtains fall behind him as took a few steps towards the human. It was a purity he saw in the other, such as of a wild animal deep in the forest. Far from the corruption yet he knew the taste of deception, after all, he himself was a master of it.


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aJPaHk3.pngA tightness developed in Rene's chest as he stared at the attractive dark haired man before him. He felt the entire room around him disappear, as he shifted slightly trying to remain calm.


He blinked as the man stared at him, the smile that crept across his face seemed non-threatening, but there was something suspicious about it as well. He blinked again as he looked up at him again.


Before that though, I am very interested to hear your answer to a question once I read in a book.


“Wh...what?” he said calmly, though his eyes were nervous. He felt his body tense up once more as the man walked towards him, there was something predatory about the way the man looked, but there was something intriguing about him as well, something that peaked his curiosity.


He breathed in, then out as he calmed himself down and looked back at the man before him. His lips parting slowly as he finally spoke, “Ask away.”

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Luis calmly averted his eyes as spotted a small armchair to the side, he calmly headed to it. The distance once again widened, which he hoped to give more comfort to the other. Even though the human had no idea he breathed in the same air with a vampire, deep in his core he would tell - they both were different. That was the curse of being a pure-blooded, it made anyone's core shiver.


Ask away.


The vampire comfortably sat then looked up to the other.

- I certainly find myself curious each time I meet gentlemen such as yourself. - trying to sound less confusing and not dropping the beat before it was the time to, Luis' voice softened once again, - It was a line I read long time ago...




The dark haired male set comfortably his gloved hands on each side of the armchair,


- ..If you had two children, one poor and one rich, which one's life would you save? And certainly, which one holds a greater value to you?


Of course such a question was a hard one to answer. During the centuries he lived, rarely that question left his lips. But each time it did, the answer never satisfied him.


Once the secretary heard his master's question, his voice leveled to silence. He knew when his master asked that question and he didn't like what was about to happen.

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aJPaHk3.pngRene kept his eye on the man as he sat down. The tension in his body calmed down as he relaxed his stance. There was something very mysterious about the man something he couldn't put his finger on, but now, was not the time to think about that as he focused his attention on the question.


He listened curiously as the man talked, he watched his body move in the chair, he looked handsome, very handsome, and regal.


..If you had two children, one poor and one rich, which one's life would you save? And certainly, which one holds a greater value to you?


He blinked at the question, the wheels in his mind turning as he contemplated the question, it was something he wasn't expecting at all, but without thinking much, he looked at the man who sat before him, “Can't I save both....?” he said softly “Life is valuable....regardless of rich or poor.....” he rubbed the back of his neck softly as he wondered if his answer sounded pathetic.

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ZdmuGPV.png It was an old book he read who knows how many years ago, but that single question always lingered in his mind. Wasn't it, somehow, reflecting how two races were? One child was the humans, the other was the vampires. But no matter how many times he asked the question, the answer always came to be the same - either the poor or either the rich. These that picked the rich hoped for a reward, and those that picked the poor hoped to look humble and fair. But what was fair when one decided upon a value of a life? There was no fairness just cruelty.


Ready to be disappointed, Luis' pupils wavered once again.


Can't I save both....Life is valuable....regardless of rich or poor.....


A silence spread around, sinking into walls and floors.


That was right. So did Luis believe. Thus he couldn't stand to watch his kind being executed. Why he had to choose between two races? If humans valued life and any form of existence, why then they decided upon the obscurity of certain species? But there was it, a human that would probably share the same idea - but Luis wondered then, would the human still say the same if the question was 'a human child and a vampire one'?


The male chuckled softly,

- I agree with you. Life is valuable regardless of rich or poor, heh. - the vampire rose from his chair, - Well then...


With an out-stretched, gloved hand he beckoned the human to place own hand onto his. He wouldn't force the other to follow, if he wanted to do so he would. If not, too bad that Luis had abandon such a beauty.



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