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  1. Well... That was fun... deleting all that spam.
  2. I'm so tired of all these people who have a mouthful of scripture but have a heart full of hate...
  3. I don't know how to feel right now....I have to many emotions right now...
  4. This is too much right now....my mental toughness is really being put to the test...
  5. LMAO! Me too. Though since you've been beating me to it, I haven't been able to get that rush. LOL! I've finally discovered that option so now that I now how to get to it, I will be practicing. Fufufu~ I'm looking forward to being able to experiment on the spammers. XD
  6. @Saga It sure seems so. Haha, The 90s were a good time. I could go for the 90s again. Simpler times. You beat me to the spammers every time. XD But yeah, I'm not used to this either, in fact I think I missed some since I didn't know how to do anything other than delete the posts. Oh well, learning curve.
  7. @Saga It seems to be everywhere here. Nothing like the silence I enjoy being disrupted by the sudden screaming of a random person. It did make for an interesting story to tell people though.
  8. Ugh...I want this weather to stop. The heat is bad enough, but then adding the humidity, that's just cruel....
  9. I'm feeling exhausted from this heat. I'm really over it. Also feeling annoyed that I'm being neglected by @Suida. XD
  10. @Choree, It's so nice to see you again~! ^o^
  11. @fan_yaoi GMT is such a pain in the ass, especially since GMT doesn't change to daylight savings (summer hours) but at the same time, there are countries who use GMT that do change over to summer hours or daylight savings. Just to add to the confushion. XDDD Well, strange birthday, strange week, but all in all, a good week. couldn't really ask for much more than that right now.
  12. Who would have thought even with not doing that much, life can still be so damn busy.
  13. I'm a bit nervous to go back to work....I'm happy, but I'm also very concerned and nervous....
  14. Ohohoho, really now? Sounds more like you missed me. Fufufufu I guess I should be flattered. Fufufu
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