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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. I know when I reach my quota of bullshit. When I am re-reading the same sentence over 10 times and I still don't know what I am reading. It is enough of researching for today. I can't stuff it in anymore.
  2. Yes...if you only read it...you will see it is a rip-off of concepts blended together. I even wonder if Japanese who adapted into anime actually shifted the plot a bit because of that? In the anime, which is actually very short (just 12 episodes), one cannot really feel the rip of. Though maybe the 'borrowed powers', as they call it...now when I think about it, they make me think of Yugioh. Huh. Anyway, the stolen concepts are eye-poking in the webtoon whatsoever.
  3. I legit slept 4 hours but being woken up several times when you have been trying to fall asleep--- is the worst. I have black coffee on my right, and energy drink on my left. Fun day ahead.
  4. I think the moment I spot spammers, I go into combat mode or something. Lol. Actually, you can do more via 'warn user' option. It has several restrictions on it. Practice next time you spot a spammer I used them as my 'lab subjects' X'D
  5. Wasting time. I am about to do some research on my thesis but I have been pondering what first to work on - cards, ranks, themes @_@
  6. Let's talk about something out of topic, since this blog is meant to be filled with serious read...but hey, I take my writing on manga/anime serious as well lol. Have you watched or read the latest trend, one of the latest, "The God of High School"? It is originally a Korean webtoon (갓 오브 하이스쿨) that gained popularity on the web in the last two years or so. The artwork is amazing. The balance of colors, skillful screentones and action panels. Pfff, mind-blowing! Let me give you some examples. But the thing is, the gap between the anime and the webtoon is huge. In the latest episode, eleventh, the main character (Jin Mori) won the match. Cool, it was an amazing episode with sound and special effects. I am not complaining! However, the original story arc actually has Jin Mori lose that very same match. And I was like ------- what on earth!? I don't know whether it is a budget thing or because they don't plan to continue the anime and rushed straight to the point "Who is Jin Mori", or because they didn't want to follow the original plot - simply put. I noticed though something truly irritating in the original flow of the story (namely, in the webtoon). Stolen concepts. I don't know if it's just me or something, but the concept of the 'nine-tailed beast' (a fox), which many people defended with being an original mythology-related thing - so no big deal, or some characters design that really make you recall things from Naruto, Dragon Balls, Bleach, Noblesse and other symbolic classics in the field. It goes as lame as having a supernatural power named "Jet Lee"..... Right. Like, let me show you something. The character called "Uma" in the webtoon, but not featured in the anime, is a cow-inspired girl (probably satisfying the fetish of hentai fans) makes me really think of a mixed version between Hatsuharu Souma from "Fruit Basket", who also happen to represent the cow from the Chinese zodiac, and Nelliel from "Bleach" who is another animal character but classified as a demon. Their properties 'trait-wise' are very mixed as well to create "Uma". This is Uma, okay. Now...the scar on her face also reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on it. I really know there is a character with the same scar. This is the cow-character from Fruit Basket. His features are really alike Uma's, or is it just me? Let me show you the finishing touch with Nelliel who also like Uma 'grows' and 'shrinks'. But I am not even done. That "Uma" actually has a weapon which really reminds of Madara's weapon, namely "War Fan". Of course, it is again an Asian thing - right. I know. But...what is the chance of two plots borrowing the idea of making a weapon out of "War Fan"??? This is Madara's War fan, whilst in "The God of High School", we call it "Pacho Fan". There are many details, like Jin Mori's weapon that can expand and shrink like Gin's sword in Bleach. I have so many points to make, I am serious >_< So, my point is...have we hit in the anime/manga industry a dead point? Like, with such strong classics out there, it seems to be very hard to create something new, something amazing as a concept. Then again, manga and webtoons with new, unpublished-before concepts seem to be pushed to the side by what is the mainstream trend. I believe, there is a certain requirement, nowadays, that dictates what to be accepted for boost and support by media, and what to be adopted as anime series. I believe anime viewers who don't really enjoy manga are very much led by the nose 'what to like and what not to like' as amazing titles are not animated. Pity, if you ask me. Look at a simple example - Gangsta. And amazing plot, even having a deaf main character...did it leave a long-lasting impression in the anime community? Not really. It was interesting for most but easily overpowered by Attacks on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) and even Boruto which is new even for the manga community. In fact, if you noticed - Boruto gained popularity through Naruto and it did not require years of manga publishing to hit the golden button for anime adaptation. Ridiculous. And the concepts are just copy-paste, nothing new. Well, am not bashing it as I am also watching Boruto...but I think I am following it simply out of nostalgia-led reasoning. That was it all, if I had to state all similarities I found in "The God of High School", it will take me probable several blog entries to pour it all out. -_- Ngh. Pity that the author really has an amazing artstyle and knowledge how to make good panels, wasted on 'stolen and bent concepts'.
  7. @KohakuShadow Well, the world has gone mad...hasn't it? I miss the 90s though the 90s for some countries were destructive. But maybe the people from these countries miss the 70s and 80s. I guess, every generation misses previous decades. And like, I woke up to tons of spammers...and am so not used to the new platform in regard of moderation of posts lol.
  8. Have you ever heard of "The Golden Mean"? Or probably about the 'Virtue Theory'? Well, if we go back in Ancient Greece (of course, it is always Greece), and we talk to Aristotle (who, by the way, actually stole this idea from Ancient China) about what is 'courage', he would probably tell you the following thing. For a trait to be virtuous it has to be in a golden mean. That is to say, Aristotle believed that the equilibrium of 'virtue' is reached by a golden mean. But this idea of 'virtue' or 'being virtuous', we can expand it a bit further by "proper function". What is to be good or bad? What is proper function? Let's take for example a pen that has ink and its idea is to deliver ink for you to write. It's function is to write. Good pen is one that writes. Bad pen is one that doesn't write. It doesn't fulfill its function. Different entities have their own proper function, and believe it or not, it can be expanded to even human traits. But how 'proper function' actually applies on' good' vs. 'bad'? Well, Aristotle says that 'a good man practises good deeds, by practising good deeds he becomes a good man', so with the 'bad man'. Let's think of an architect. A good architect is one who builds good walls. By building good walls, over and over again, he can become a better architect. A good, very good one. A bad architect builds bad walls. Such architect who continues to build bad walls will continue being a bad architect for he practises 'bad walls'. So the idea of being virtuous depends on the practice. However, 'virtue' on its own - taken as 'a good thing' is questioned. What is the true color of 'virtue'? For it to function and be a virtuous act or a virtuous person, Aristotle mentions the golden mean. It is explained by the idea of 'courage'. Courage is seen as a virtue, a good thing to have! What is 'courage'? Well, one who is brave! X DING DING, WRONG. One who doesn't fear anything! X DING DING WRONG. One who sacrifices and fights for whatever is to be defended! X DING DING WRONG. We are not talking about 'linguistic definition', this is what you have to realize. For courage to be in its golden mean and be 'a good thing' (opposite of being bad and harmful), you have to feel fear but also bravery at the same time. A balance, of sorts. Aristotle says that if you have too much fear, 'courage' is in deficit and it results into 'cowardice'. Therefore, 'courage' that is in deficit gives a 'hypo-result'. Opposite, if 'bravery' is too much, 'courage' is in abundance and it results into 'recklessness'. Therefore, 'courage in exaggeration gives a 'hyper-result'. Apparently, a trait, an emotion or a metaphysical object can be rendered with a golden mean. This blog entry bends 'the golden mean' to show how a lie can become in its most dangerous and most damaging state through the use of 'truth' in deficit. So to say, utilizing the truth despite making a lie out of it. Let me put it that way. Have you heard of the saying, "Read between the lines"? Or.... "The truth is always somewhere in between"? Glad you have heard them, saves us both time. Have you ever deeply analyzed these statements? The perfect lie, my dear reader, and the hardest to catch, is the one that utilizes a small dose of the truth. It does not show the full color of 'truth', but it borrows from it to be painted by the shades of a truth. Does it start to make sense? Truth, according the golden mean is something very interesting. Can you even put a truth under a golden mean? Apparently you can with 'secrecy' which involves lack of honesty and excess of it. But how about 'truth'? Deficit of truth should, logically, result in a lie, but what is the exaggeration of a truth? Again a lie? Manipulation? Or probably Solomon's Wisdom? Let's switch now, 'lie in the golden mean'. Can a lie even have a golden mean? Some people may now come in and question the 'white lie'. Therefore, I want to scratch this with eagle claws. A white lie does not exist. It is a lie in its deficit. Let's end this long-lasting debate on 'white lie', okay? -_- It is a truth in deficit. Not enough truth is said, therefore, it is a lie but 'not harming one'. So people say. -_- So, a deficit - a white lie. What about a lie with exaggeration? Politics. -COUGH COUGH- Sorry, a joke slipped. Can a lie be in its exaggeration state? Having excess of it? People will say, "Look, it is still a lie anyway; what's the point of applying 'golden mean'?" Hmmmmmm. True. But using a golden mean can help bad people actually create/fabricate a lie very close to the truth and utilizing 'facts' to bend them in a way that takes away their truthfulness but still mislead because the 'receiver' is aware that 'such things indeed happened'. So, have you ever questioned 'history'? If you have, you may understand what I am saying. Question time, "Can a truth become a lie, and can a lie become a truth"? I leave this to more experienced philosophers.
  9. You can find examples of both "humanity" and "inhumanity" at surprising places.
  10. Title: Konya ga Kitto Shounenba Original: 今夜がきっと正念場 Author: Actus Year: 2003 (?) Download: link
  11. Hello, as already stated, recent threads were lost. Initially all threads from 2020 were gone; but after re-doing the whole process again, only selective ones were retrieved from 2020. Therefore, it really depends how 'recent' the thread was. If it is gone, it is lost and cannot be retrieved. It is not something that we can re-import manually. Thank you for the support. Regards, Saga
  12. If it's not there, then it was lost. I am sorry, the process is not manual and us selecting what to be 'saved' and 'retrieved'. The software does it automatically. If there are no further inquiries on the matter, I will close this thread in 24 hours. Kind regards, Saga
  13. Hello, As already have been announced and answered to several similar topics, yes - we lost threads all over the place not just RP sections. You are unhappy as much as we are, believe me. To answer the second part of the question, last night I was 'dusting off' the RP Arena, locking and moving very old threads to the Graveyard. If your thread was not answered for the last two years, then it was moved. I moved threads from 2016, 2017 and 2018, leaving all 2019-2020 active. If I was not helpful, you can turn to the administration. 🙂
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