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  • Human, All Too Human
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  1. samoytoy95

    Happy of the End - OGERETSU Tanaka

    Happy of the End 1 ハッピー・オブ・ジ・エンド 1 OGERETSU Tanaka 2021 Download
  2. paulIsia

    double suicide - Tojitsuki Hajime [JP]

    Title: double suicide Original: double suicide Author: Tojitsuki Hajime Year: 2021 LINK Feel free to translate but do not reupload outside of this forum or share on social media.
  3. Title: Kono Ai Kuraiyagare Kudasai! Original: この愛喰らいやがれください! Author: Nanamasu Koame Year: 2019 Download: LINK Feel free to translate but do not reupload outside of this forum or share on social media.
  4. samoytoy95

    Koi Kogare Utae - Miso

    Koi Kogare Utae 恋い焦れ歌え~R.I.P.~ Miso 2022 Download Please comment and like feedback will make me share more manga
  5. paulIsia

    Anata wo Korosu Tabi - Asai Sai [JP]

    Title: Anata wo Korosu Tabi Original: あなたを殺す旅 Author: Asai Sai Year: 2020 Download: LINK Feel free to translate but do not reupload outside of this forum or share on social media.
  6. samoytoy95

    Michimichi Naru Mama ni - Jyanome

    Michimichi Naru Mama ni みちみちなるままに Janome 2021 Download
  7. samoytoy95

    Happy of the End - OGERETSU Tanaka

    Happy of the End 2 ハッピー・オブ・ジ・エンド 2 OGERETSU Tanaka 2022 Download
  8. Masayuki Itou | Twenty three | Male* | Bottom | Human** | 5'7 | Slim | AVAILABLE *But due to being a Doll he has a womb and he can give birth. **His real species is Demonoid Wendigo Doll, but he thinks he's human. Personality: He is a very good hearted person and believes that there is something good in everyone. He's very good at reading people and especially children because they're so obvious. He likes to work a lot and do a lot of good as if to try and balance out all the bad things that happen to people. He has a tendency to be very negative towards himself and he's very insecure and feels like he can forget all about it when he sees someone else because he made them feel a bit better. He also suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Anxiety and some hallucinations. Biography: He lived his childhood very isolated in the woods with his mother and father. Eventually, his father started to show up home less and less, till he almost as if vanished. One day, Buro woke up in the middle of the night just to be found out he was all alone. He wasn't even in the house, but at the bottom of an empty well. There's no record of how he survived or how long he was down here, but it left a trauma in him. He lived a few years in an orphanage, until his father "adopted" him. He got taken into an abandoned mental asylum, where some slight 'tweaking' happened. He was gagged and bound most days in a room with no light, blindfolded. Neuro fed him and in desperation for survival, Buro obeyed. Eventually, Neuro brought one of his toys - nicknames Esu - in and put them into the same room as Buro. Esu helped Buro free and in turn Buro helped him into freedom. To make sure that Neuro wouldn't go after Esu, they faked his death. When Neuro discovered his lovers' dead body, he went into a psychosis and as promised, Esu gave off their location in an anonymous tip. Buro was taken into custody and he did his best to doom his father to a life in isolation, but due to his simplistic nature, he couldn't provide much, his body being the biggest piece of evidence they had. Afterwards, Buro, now under witness protection and using the alias Masayuki, went to college and started to learn about childcare services. He wanted to become a childcare worker for troubled children, but he had a massive burn out at the last steps and had to find his footing properly again to re-try. He'd worked in a few kindergartens for work experience and found a part-time position in one. It still wasn't enough to provide him with full funds for what he needed monthly, so he asked his co-workers if they knew something. One of them suggested that he could become a therapy companion, due to the fact that he seemed to have a calming effect on the children. It lead him to becoming a companion, but he was the one who made a step to go for high risk environments. Facts: - He's in witness protection. His real name is Buro Saiko. - Selectively mute, knows ASL. - His eyes are really a brown color, but he wears pink contact lenses. - He works as a therapist in high tension environments; prisons, juvie, mental asylums etc. - He also sometimes fills in at a local kindergarten during holidays. RP Premise: Your character is in prison, juvie, mental asylum etc. and Masayuki is the assigned therapy companion for YC. The initial road is rocky and they reject Masayuki, but he's very persistent and eventually gets past YC's guard. They end up becoming friends. Eventually when YC gets our of the high stress environment they were in, they end up seeing Masayuki heading into an alley. Wondering what he's doing, YC rushes in only to find Masayuki... and the dead body of a man.
  9. ~*~FaLlEn*SnOw~*~

    白鳥と虎 : Hakuchō to Tora

    教えてください、私は忘れてしまいます。 見せて、私は覚えていてもよいです。 しかし、私を伴う、と私は理解します。 Oshietekudasai, watashi wa wasurete shimaimasu. Misete, watashi wa oboete ite mo yoidesu. Shikashi, watashi o tomonau, to watashi wa rikai shimasu. Drifting...falling away to a quiet place, where no one else resided but a single, solitary soul. Undisturbed by the world's problems and worries, the mundane parts of every human life...That was the one wish, the one thing that Amagumo Shiromizu wished for. But never could his longing be fulfilled, for such a thing could never be reached...not unless he isolated himself from the rest of the world, and cut himself off from all ties to humans altogether. Something he couldn't do, no matter how hard he tried. At that particular moment, Amagumo could be found laying on his back, floating in the middle of a large body of water, his eyes closed and a tranquil look upon his face. His strangely colored white hair looked like semi-clear jellyfish tentacles in the water, and his skin had a translucent appearance to it as well. He looked as if her were quite comfortable just floating there, almost seeming as if her were asleep. Some might think that if they saw him, not moving, just...floating. Not doing anything at all. Even though he knew he had places to be, he just didn't feel like it that day. It was about to be break anyways, so why bother going to school when the next day and the week after he would be out of it? To be honest, he hated school, and if he could he'd just drop from it, but there was something that was keeping him there. The swim club. Because of the Iwatobi Swim Club, Amagumo went to school, endured pointless classes. Because of the others on the team, he actually had friends, something that he doubted he'd ever have if it weren't for the club. He risked skipping that day because he already knew what was going on in the club activities, they weren't going to have any practices that week because Gou was going out of town for a family thing, and Rei was as well. They were simply told to keep up with their own personal training, and be in good condition when they all got back after vacation. The pool in which Amagumo was swimming at that moment wasn't actually a pool, but the pond at a park. A public park. And even more odd was the fact he was wearing clothes. His school uniform to be exact, which contained of a short sleeved white button up shirt, and a green tie, and dark tan pants. His black jacket was tossed on the ground, along with his shoes; same with the pants, which under he wore his swimming jammers. He was getting weird looks by people who were walking past on the path that led through the large park, but none stopped to talk to him. Several already knew who he was, and knew that this kind of behavior coming from Amagumo was normal. So, instead, they just moved on, leaving the teen in his dream like state of being, and let him float in the water to his heart's content. A young woman who had passed by earlier, about ten minutes or so, knew Amagumo well, as she happened to be his neighbor, and left a dry, folded towel next to his clothing and school bag, as well as a dry white shirt. Amagumo sighs as he lay there, cracking his eyes open just a tiny margin, gazing up at the serene blue sky, with it's soft fluffy white clouds floating among the expanse of eternity, the reflection of that beautiful scene showing upon the surface of the lake around him, making him feel as if he were floating in the middle of not a lake, but the sky itself. A flock of birds fly up ahead, and Amagumo closes his eyes again, before shifting slightly, so that he began to drift slowly along in the water. General Information: Name: 白水, 雨雲 Name Translation: Shiromizu, Amagumo (White water raincloud) Nickname: Ame, Ama-chan Age: 17 Birthday: December 20th Gender: Male Ethnicity: Japanese Home Country: Kyoto, Japan Sexuality: Confused Position: Uke Occupation: Student, Part time worker at a grocery store Affiliation: Iwatobi Swimming Club, Iwatobi High School "Animal Symbol": Swan Appearance: Height: 5' 5"/ 167.64 cm Weight: 117 lbs/ 53.07 kg Eyes Has light silver grey blue eyes, with longish white eyelashes. Often has a faraway, or "not all there" appearance in his expression. As if he's physically there, but his mind is in a far away place. Has thin eyebrows, that are also light silver in color. Hair: Longish white hair, that is slightly wavy Skin: Pale ivory, that doesn't tan very much, though at the same time, doesn't burn either Body: Thin, but fit Markings/Tattoos/Scars/Etc: Has a long scar on his lower back Clothing: School uniform, his swim outfit (swimming jammers) is black with a white, silver, and light blue design down the side, the end being just above the knee. When he isn't in school he wears either the white outfit in the picture, or something casual, like a t-shirt, and a pair of pants or shorts. Nothing fancy. However sometimes he does dress nicely and wears a button up shirt, a tie, and a vest, often checkered or with some design, and nice pants. Close up pic: Jewelry/Etc: A locket that he got from his mother Other: Likes pins and other things like it Sports Stats: Style: All, but mainly free and breaststroke Stamina 4/5 Body: 3/5 Mental Strength: 4/5 Water Repellency: 5/5 Logic: 2/5 Smile: 3/5 Personality: A bit on the shy side, Amagumo is one who doesn't care one way or another about what is going to happen in the future, as long as he can be, do, and live how he wants. He is kind of like Haruka in a way, except a bit more introverted, and much harder to get to know, or get to open up to. However, when he does open up to you, he's a tiny margin more talkative, but even then he's still quiet, though you'd definitely notice the difference. He loves swimming just as much as the rest of the team, and always has simply floating on his back in the middle of the ocean on a hot summer day on his mind. He's a team player, and definitely a follower, not a leader. He can always be counted on, despite his appearances. Saying: 時々私は私が海に離れて浮くことがしたいです。私は沈黙の中で生きることができますこの方法 "Tokidoki watashi wa watashi ga umi ni hanarete uku koto ga shitaidesu. Watashi wa chinmoku no naka de ikiru koto ga dekimasu kono hōhō." (Sometimes I wish I could float away to sea . This way I can live in silence.) Extras/Other: -Loves cooking all kinds of food, especially from different countries -Has a pet rabbit named Musō-ka -Likes to draw, especially shoujo, shounen, etc. -Likes to paint too -Is often seen by himself -His favorite anime to watch are SoL, Shounen, and Sports. -He lives alone in a small two story house, as his mother and father are both deceased. -His strongest subjects in school are English and History, and his weakest subjects are Math and Science Theme Song(s):
  10. ~*~FaLlEn*SnOw~*~

    Secret Love, My Escape

    Even if a million miles separate us, the world stuck in between. You'll always be near me in my heart, forever and eternity: you and me. ~Ryosuke Takafumi - Forever and Eternity: The Album Dozing quietly in his room, hand loosely holding onto the pencil in which he'd been using moments before, Ryosuke Takafumi stares out the window from his bedroom window on the third floor of the humongous mansion in which he called home. It was nice outside, the weather perfect for skateboarding or doing something fun, but instead he was stuck inside, studying. Or well, trying to study that is. His mind kept wandering to other things, like next band's practice, or the photo shoot and video rehearsal that was to take place during the weekend. In Ryosuke's opinion, homework was lame, but at the same time it also helped him keep a hold onto what he really was. A regular teenager in high school. Last night at dinner he and his mother, well, his caretaker, Mufukine, had a conversation about this whole thing, and she had decided that maybe it would be best if he had a tutor, since his life as an idol often got into the way of classes, and because he missed so many he didn't always get every thing that was taught when he was gone. At first he told her it was a stupid idea, he didn't need a tutor, he could figure it out on his own. Even so, she told him to think about it, and to make her stop talking about the whole subject he'd agreed; now, as he was stuck on a question and daydreaming about other things, he was beginning to think that the whole 'tutor' idea wasn't such a dumb idea after all. So, coming upon that decision, he sends a quick text to Mufukine and set down his pencil, closing the text book that had been laying open on his desk. Leaning back in his chair, he takes a deep breath, sighing loudly, looking up at the ceiling while stretching his arms over his head. Sticking to nearly every square inch of the ceiling, and a good part of the walls as well, were posters of different bands, as well as some of his own. Included among them were also photos, letters, and other such things from fans and admirers, and a small portion of the wall was dedicated to photos of his friends, his band mates. Goofing off, laughing, spending time together when they could. Some were at amusement parks, others at huge malls. On the floor was a shaggy blue and red carpet, he had a huge bed that was decked out in gothic sheets and blankets, a multi level shelf was covered in books, and he also had a T.V., with lots of game consoles, with a shelf dedicated to all the different games he owned. Next to this was a huge music system, with enormous speakers and a multi deck cd holder. Scattered around the room were trinkets and such, in the corner leaning against the wall was his guitar, next to it were two amps and the plugs that went to them. A set of double doors opened to a walk in closet stuffed with all kinds of different clothes, and another set of doors swung out to reveal a balcony in which at least ten people could sit or stand comfortably. There were a couple of chairs and a table out there. On his desk was a mess of papers and other desk items, a lamp, and his cellphone. And all over the floor was a mess. Some might say it was cramped or unorganized, but to Ryosuke, it was how it was supposed to be. A buzzing indicated that Mufukine had replied to his text, and he read what she wrote. 'Alright then. I'll contact a few people and see if they can find someone. I'll let you know once I get some information. -Mufukine Mizuo-' Tossing his phone aside after sending an 'okay' in reply, he gets up from the chair and walks over to his bed, flopping onto it, laying on his back, closing his eyes. Slowly he drifts off to sleep, exhausted from overworking his brain on complicated equations, and soon enough he was lost in the world of dreams. Who is Ryosuke you ask? Well, he's an idol. He's the lead singer to a band named Danger Zone, a very popular group throughout not only Japan, but other countries as well. Their label was 'Colorful 5', a group that takes things like this very seriously, often pitting each of their own against each other, so as to keep them at the top of the popularity scale. Ryosuke Takafumi. 18 years old. Resident of Tokyo, Japan. High school student. And world class idol. Who would have known? My Character I'm a Punk General Information: Name: Ryosuke Takafumi Nickname:* Ryo, Ryo-kun, Fumi-chan Age: 18 Birthday: April 15th Gender: Male Ethnicity: Japanese Home Country: Tokyo, Japan Sexuality: Confused Position: Uke Occupation: Lead singer in the band "Danger Zone" (also plays guitar) Appearance: Height: 5' 5" Weight: 117 lbs Eyes: Has light grey blue eyes, but wears different colored contacts, with long eyelashes and slanted eyebrows Hair: Slightly longish, with bangs that end just beneath his eyes. Naturally brunette, but is constantly coloring it differently Skin: Very pale ivory, and smooth Body: Very thin, but quite fit. Markings/Tattoos/Scars/Etc: Lots if tattoos. Has a scar on his knee Clothing: Wears a variety of Gothic, skater, emo, punk/rock clothing Jewelry/Etc: Lots if piercings. Lip, tongue, ears. Even has one on his collar bone. Other: Sometimes wears white gloves, and an eyepatch Personality: Is carefree, and quite easy to get along with. Rarely does he get upset. However, when he gets mad, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction and don't look back. Other than that, he's a fun guy and can be really sweet at times. Loves joking and fooling around, and pulling pranks on people. He often rebels against many things as well because he is torn between his life as an idol and the youth he wants to cherish. This is all but a way to hide the pain he feels deep inside. A painted on smile to mask the hurting he holds hidden away in his heart. Saying: "Even if a million miles separate us, the world stuck in between. You'll always be near me in my heart, forever and eternity: you and me." Extras/Other: *Can sing really well, and play the electric guitar *When performing or doing things for the band, he changes his look quite drastically, going from his usual red to blue, even wearing contacts. *His favorite meal is udon noodle soup with fish *Likes to write poetry and draw in his free time *Has an unending appetite *Is known to be quite lazy at times Theme Song(s):
  11. This is a side story based of the original role play Dragon Ball Z: A Visitor From Another World WARNING: SPOILERS It had been nearly two weeks since the big battle against Nexus Uriel and his brother Exodys. Two weeks since Exodys had come to Earth to kill Nexus, bringing an unexpected "package" along with him. Two weeks since Nexus had died, and was reborn a week later. And two weeks of simply sitting or laying on a bed, eyes covered with a bandage that wrapped around his head. That's how it was for the young male named Rexyl Novaz. A time of blankness, nothing going on. No response to whenever Nexus spoke to him, no words escaping his mouth. Just silence. He rarely even interacted enough to eat the food he was given. The reason for this? Rexyl was stuck in a comatose like state of mind. No matter how hard Nexus tried, he just couldn't get Rexyl to snap out of it. Out of desperation, he'd contacted Goku, to try and see if he could do anything. Despite being the guy's rival, he knew he could trust Goku with Rexyl. He was always on edge, fearing he'd lose the one he thought he'd lost already, only to find out Exodys had saved Rexyl by forcing him to fuse with another Xerothuan, altering his appearance and causing his power to become dangerously unstable in the process. This would be the first time Goku would be seeing Rexyl since the whole battle incident. Not that Rexyl would even remember. He didn't really latch onto anything then, and now, it was the same. Laying on the bed in the added bedroom, he rests quietly, absently making patterns on the pillow beneath his head with his fingers, on the verge of falling asleep, or waking up, no one could really tell. Once Goku got to the house, Nexus shows the way to Rexyl's room, before taking off, he had plans to go and do some things with Bardock and Gracie. "Just be sure to lock the door when you leave. And thanks for doing this, I'm counting on you. Oh, and if you get hungry, make what you want. We just got food the other day, so there should be plenty. See if you can get Rexyl to eat something. Okay, bye!" With that, he leaves.
  12. You'll just never know, the many emotions I choose not to show The final bell had rung, signalling the end of the school day, and the beginning of winter break. Students could be seen chatting with friends, discussing what their plans were for the holidays. Some were going to the mountains, other to see relatives in another part of the country. Some were going overseas, or just staying home and hanging out with friends and family. However, one individual did not join in on any discussions, instead, simply made his way to the front hall, slipping on his shoes, placing his school slippers in his locker, then pulls on his coat, wrapping a white scarf around his neck. Some of the students who were already in the front look over at him, their voices becoming hushed, but he could still hear what they were saying, and it wasn't nice. "So, do you think Himitsu is going to do anything for the holidays?" A girl asks her friends. "Probably not, I mean seriously, that guy is as antisocial as antisocial can get." One replies. Another hushes her, making shooshing noises. "Be quiet, what if he hears you?!?" The second girl laughs. "Oh come off it. I can't help it that he's pretty much the definition of gloom and doom. What's he gonna do, angst me to death?" The three laugh, and walk out together. He simply stares after them, a blank expression on his face. It was almost as if he didn't care what they had said about him. Shifting his bag on his shoulder, he too leaves the school building, but didn't get very far. A foot sticks out in his path, and he stumbles over it, falling down the stairs that led up to the front doors, and lands hard on the ground, flat on his stomach, his face in the dirt. His bag had fallen off, and split open, the contents inside now flying everywhere in the wind. Getting up, he ignores the laughter of the guys who had tripped him, and brushes the dirt of his face, smearing the blood from the cut on his cheek he had gotten from the trip down the stairs. His hands were cut too, and there were rips in his coat, and on the knees of his pants. Blood dripped down from his lip, which had split open when he had fallen, the crimson liquid making a trail down to the tip of his chin. His scarf had flown off, and was now stuck high up in a tree. Unlike most, who would complain about getting tripped and falling down a large set of stone and concrete stairs, he stays silent, and begins to pick up his belongings, stuffing them in his ripped bag. Because of his attitude, how he didn't show emotions, or react to things, he often got picked on, and bullied, because the ones doing the bullying knew he wouldn't react, or try to fight back.
  13. It was night time, and the streets were quiet, and for the most part, empty. There was no wind, and it looked like a storm was on it's way, as the sky was filled with dark clouds, and the air was humid. A distant roll of thunder could be heard. The whole scene was ominous, and had every right to be, considering what was going to take place. A shadow slips through the blackness of the alleyways, jumping up onto fire escapes, leaping from roof to roof, to drop back to the ground twenty feet below once more. A silver glint could be seen in the figure's hand. A gun. But it was no ordinary gun, it was a gun that had killed, and killed so many individuals. And the one pulling the trigger craved to do it again. They were following someone, tracking an individual, to kill them. The killer, a male with glowing red eyes, had been hired to rid the streets of a particular person. A certain loan shark that was becoming to big for his proverbial britches. The goal? Snuff him out as quickly as possible, by any means neccesary. He grins, as he spots the target, his trigger finger itching to be used. "Time to die, Kazuki Usaeki." He mutters to himself, as he waits for the perfect moment. A drop of rain falls, and lands on his cheek, but he pays no heed. Even when the rain began to pour harder, and he becomes completely soaked, he ignores it, his eyes staring at the man, watching him go inside a building, probably to do business. And so he waits. Who is this person? Unon. The shadow. Shade. Blood Raven. Death Incarnate.
  14. This will be the very first story I have ever written so it's going to be very bad probably. And also it is not just my story, I am creating this story from a role-play that I am doing with someone. I am gonna give credit to this person. WE are co-writers, I hope this story turns out real well, and let me know what you think. ( The life of Keji Hiroshi, as his life goes through drastic changes because of an innocent slave Miyuki he bought on an instinct.. What will happen to Miyuki; will he be able to live an independent life or forever be stuck in the slave trafficking trade. What do you think will happen, come and read to find out.) Authors Note: Hey names Dani, no hiding that, I am gonna try and create a really interesting story that I am taking from a Role play I am currently doing on a chat client. I decided to make it into a story because it just seems to good to let it slip into the cracks for no one to read. I will be giving half the credit to my role-play partner because they are also helping me make this. This is my first time writing a story, yet alone a yaoi story so I am kinda afraid of how it will turn out. I will give you the character information and then a small part of the beginning of the story. I hope you all enjoy. Background: It's modern times, Keji Hiroshi, lives in the state of Vermont, his family is extremely wealthy they live in a mansion that is near the highway. His father was a slave trader/ owner in secret, even though its modern times, his father was living what his Grandfather lived, and he was hoping Keji would take it up.. But it didn't seem like it was possible Keji was to friendly to the slaves. His father recently died, Keji was happy about that , but his father left him with the staff of his butlers and almost all of his money. Character bio: Name Keji Hiroshi Age: 20 Orientation: Believes he is bisexual Hair: Short Light brown hair with black strikes Eyes: Hazel Body: Athletic Height: 6'3 weight: 170 lb Likes: Jogging, riding his motorcycle laying in the grass on the summer breeze listening to music Dislikes: His father, slavery, money grabbers. Background: Keji grew up being indoctrinated by his father, to believe in slavery and continue it on till the next generation, Keji believes that he wont let it happen , but when his father died his only family left because his mother walked out on them, just there to take his fathers money..Keji deals with the death of his father in the wrong way. Character Bio Two: Name: Miyuki Age: 18 sex: Male Hair: Dirty blond touches his shoulders eyes: Cobalt blue Orientation: Unknown body: Petite Height: 5'7 weight: 140lb Background: When Miyuki was but seven years old, his mother died. His father was never a cruel man before, but he grew sick of looking at the boy, getting too many memories of his late wife who he looks just like. With that, Miyuki's father sold him into slavery where he was taught to be someone's pet. He was never touched sexually but he was punished when he did something wrong, having scars on many parts of his body such as his hands, arms, legs and chest when he was whipped repeatedly. Author's Note: This will be the first chapter just the character bio's and background..
  15. General Information: Name: Camui LeJaune Nickname: Cottonmouth, Cammi, Cam-Cam Age: 20 Date of Birth: January 1 Position: Seke [uke for Isa Katsura] Other Medical Information: Possesses a weak liver and alcohol tolerance courtesy of his mother's impulsive drinking. Personality: Has a calm, friendly, and somewhat stoic demeanor as raised as the Prince of Sterling Kingdom. He always plays the role of a diligent, intelligent man to his people and an ignorant, snooty brat to his best friend. In actuality, he's madly in love with him and has been hiding it due to the other's erratic split persona. Background: Well bred Prince of the East, Camui exceeded all expectations in academics, military and mapping as a teen and spends the current of his days dwelling in gardens, tending to plants and playing with children. He wishes to pursue a profession of teaching as he has well convinced his father to pass the family torch to his younger, more aggressive brother. Likes +His Best Friend +Roses +Optimism +Picture Books +Naps Dislikes -Materialistic Gifts -Political Wars -The Color 'Red' -Winter -Mosquitoes Other Information: ~Berates his best friend for his whimsical changes in personality but suppresses the hurt of letting him know how much his other personality physically and emotionally pains him ~Does children and friends secret favors in fear of public admiration ~Has an extensive collection of contemporary and fiction books •^•°•^•°•^•°•^•°•^•°•^•°•^•°•^• The same Prince Camui who ordinarily bursts with creative energy and optimism remotely reduces to a current episode of depression towards pathetic, bedridden immobility. By tracing his unhealthy snacking, lethargic fitness routine and countless meetings he held strongly accountable for, we can gather valuable clues that unlock the mystery of his big, sad fever. "Cammi, the maid says you are sick." a group of six children enclose the space around their Prince and cover their mouths as instructed by Camui. "When will you get better? We want to play tag and ball!" they chant, nodding their heads at each other. "Cam-Cam are you ok?!" the two pig tailed girls bustle near the ends of his King sized bed, fumbling with their black and blue hair as the pouts of their cherry lips and widen eyes exact how feverishly worried for their after school play date teacher. To the children, one day without the Prince was a month without the joys of sugar biscuits and warm spoils. Tossing his brown strands weakly from half lidded eyes, Camui whispers huskily, the frog hurdling on the tracks of his esophagus. "N-not today... I... you all, I'm so happy to see you... but my friend is coming soon and... it's best for you all to play outside now." he squints at the clock just above his mirror, pressure looming over him as he reads it as '4:55', his best friend will be here very soon...
  16. General Information: Name: Samael Lucif Revolli Nickname: Lucky Lucifer, Sam, Lucif Age: 18 Date of Birth: May 27 Gender: Male Blood Type: A- Sexuality: Bisexual Position: Seme Other Medical Information: Had surgery when he was eight, gets sick easily, has asthma, and suffers from anxiety Appearance: Height: 5' 8" Weight: 142 lbs Eye Color and Description: Spring sky blue, with long black eye lashes and thin black eyebrows Hair Color and Style: Dark black hair that is quite long. It has a slight wave to it, but not too noticeable, appearing just straight. Often wears his hair in a half ponytail. Skin Type and Color: Has lightly tanned skin, which usually darkens in the summer due to his ability to tan easily Body Type: Thin, slender, not too muscular. Has the body and physique of a male model Markings/Tattoos/Scars/Other: Has a small scar on his chest from when he had surgery. Clothing and Other Wear: His clothing varies day by day, but what he does wear is usually comfortable. Large sweaters, loose pants, etc. If it's lounge worthy, he will wear it. Personality: Has a quiet, sweet, and somewhat shy personality. He's gentle, has great manners, cares for others, and is pretty much the nicest guy you will ever meet. Because of this however, people often take advantage of him. Background: Is an exchange student from Verona, Italy to Japan. More revealed IC Likes +Sweets +Watching movies +Listening to music +Animals +Going on walks in the park Dislikes -Scary movies -Thunderstorms -People touching his hair -Bitter things (exceptions are coffee and tea) -Being out at night Other Information: ~Has a very large gaming system and game collection. You name it, he's got it ~Has an extensive collection of anime, manga, and other things like it ~Lives in a house (apartment) his parents rented for his stay as a foreign exchange student ~Owns a car and a motorcycle •^•°•^•°•^•°•^•°•^•°•^•°•^•°•^• Some things never change, and other things are always changing. And the way life was heading for Samael, it was going to be a time of constant change, with lots of things and events happening he probably could have done without, and others he gladly accepts. One such change was when he was offered to go abroad as a foreign exchange student. For three years now he's been living in Japan, going to high school with them, learning, and enjoying himself. Little did he know that someone at the school liked him. A lot. Class was out for the day, and after saying his farewells to friends, he begins walking home. He could have driven, but he preferred to enjoy a leisurely walk back to his house, the weather being quite nice. It was the beginning of a new school year, and summer was closing in fast. It was still spring, but each day it got a little bit warmer, the sun shone a tiny bit brighter, and the sky was the most beautiful of blue, matching the color of Samael's eyes perfectly. After walking a bit, he decides to get something to eat, and so stops in a fast food restaurant to order something, and when it was ready, he goes outside to eat. Sitting on a bench in a nearby park, he bites into the sandwich he'd gotten, his school bag on the bench next to him. He sat with his legs pulled up onto the bench, crisis crossed over each other. His eyes look around as he eats and drinks, thinking about how good of a day it had been. Samael pulls out a book, a manga actually, and begins to read, deciding that he'd go home in a bit. It was just too nice of a day to waste in his opinion, so he would enjoy it as much as he could. Recently, in the past few months, he'd started noticing someone kept leaving him gifts at the door of his apartment. The last one having been the manga he was reading, it had been something he'd been wanting for quite some time. Samael wasn't sure who it was, but he knew if the gift giver wanted to, they'd tell him. However, they have not, and he didn't mind. When he'd gotten the manga, he had written a thank you note and left it for the person, and when he checked for it later, it was gone. Sighing, he turns the page, and reads on. His phone was in his pocket, as well were his keys to his two vehicles, and to the apartment. Not many knew his number, only a few close friends, his parents, and that was it. Samael was content, and glad at that moment how his life was turning out so far. But would it last for long? Who knew, but one person...
  17. Training was starting early that morning, and Gamil Emir was more than ready. Right at that moment he was enjoying a nice breakfast with a few of his, all of them beginners in the Knights Academy, same as him. Gamil was doing what he loved most, dancing, a piece of bread in his right hand, and a bright red apple in his left, as he stood on top of the long wooden table, moving gracefully, every step he took was perfect, never knocking over anything on the table, the way he swayed and curved, twisting his body beautifully, the scene was mesmerizing. He had a huge smile on his lips, and a blush on his cheeks, his eyes twinkling with merriment. The others around him were chattering loudly amongst themselves, or watching him dance, some with amazement in their eyes, others, with longing, and a few with lust. Gamil had a very feminine physique, slender and thin, a beauty indeed. He also had very long hair, which he wore tied up, today in a long braid, the end reaching past his knees. ~•°•~°•°~•°•~°•°~•°•~°•°~•°•~°•°~•°•~ Same as the Knights Academy, the Wizarding Academy also started early. Sitting cross legged at a round table sat Nadir Boulos Emir, eating his breakfast with one hand, while creating small dancing flames in the palm of his other hand, amused by the looks he was getting by the others in the room, evident by the smirk on his lips and the twinkling in his eyes. He was waiting for his teacher to arrive, wondering what was in store for them today, licking his lips in anticipation. As you could guess by the name, Nadir was related to Gamil, in fact, the two were brothers, Gamil being the eldest, and Nadir being youngest. The two didn't see eye to eye, evident by their choice in Academic studies. Gamil chose to be a knight, saying everyone deserves a fair fight, and magic was cheating. Nadir obviously chose Wizarding, saying why be fair when you could just blast your enemy to smithereens? Besides, being a knight is for sissy's. They never got along, ever.
  18. [table=width: 320, align: center] [tr] [td] Pay Per View [/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width: 250, class: outer_border, align: center] [tr] [td] Plot [/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width: 320, align: center] [tr] [td] [/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width: 500, class: outer_border, align: center] [tr] [td] Character Sheet [/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width: 500, align: center] [tr] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [/tr] [/table] Kelix body shivered, as a nearly inaudible groan escaped. Emerald green eyes clouded heavily by lust, the older man leaned forward to press his lips against the soft pair before him. After a moment he pulled away. With a shift, the brunette fell onto the bed next to the smaller figure. Sex had just ended. Sighing harshly, kicking away the covers, Kelix glanced to the blue eyes beauty. The younger male had seemed to have enjoyed himself, as well as he. Sitting upright, the green eyed man wiped away the sweat lingering amongst his face. "Damn Aiden, why do you have to leave?" The elder of the two asked, the question being rhetorical. It didn't hurt to try and persuade the other into staying. With a stretch, the twenty-eight year old stood with a grunt. He also had to ready himself for a day out. The man had to go to the mall for a variety of things. Strutting to the dresser, Lexton rummaged through to see what to wear. Once again he noticed, like always, that he didn't have enough comfortable clothing. Being a salesman caused him to buy formal clothing with forgotten intentions to buy casual. An exhale was heaved, Kelix reaching inside to pull forth a green blazer, khacki pants, and a black dress shirt.
  19. [table=width: 300, align: center] [tr] [td] The Building of Utopia [/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width: 500, class: outer_border, align: center] [tr] [td] ▲▽Plot△▼ [/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width: 350, align: center] [tr] [td] [/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width: 500, class: outer_border, align: center] [tr] [td] Character Sheet [/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width: 500, align: center] [tr] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [/tr] [/table] The tapping of heels against the tiled floor was all that filled the silence between the patients. The city had just adopted a procedure of having all residents to take a weekly dosage of medicine. The substance was said to be able to sterilize all bacteria or virus; therefore not to spread the common cold through any sexual transmitted diseases. The scientists have said to worked on the injection for years now. Even before the build of Utopia. A miracle was what it was. Grey orbs scanned the area with caution. Sadao was not liking the idea. Such a injection, to him, seemed fatal. He had never thought that such a cure would come for yet another eternity. Sure he could feel more patients tense as well, albeit neither doubted any of what was happening. At least that was the way it seemed. Tadashi did, however, hear others outside the facility discussing their disapproval, and fear. Some even going as far as refusing the free offer. Could it really be a place of purity, if many went against such a marvel accomplishment. --Tsk...what absurdity. Here I am being hypocritical when I too do not wish to take such a substance. Isn't life filled with colds and diseases. For some to die as an infected whore, while even an innocent is dying of the same cause. Life isn't meant for such a city, but...this is genius. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised. We humans are here after all. A smirk formed over the teen's lips as a light voice called out his name. Standing with a stretch, the brunette yawned and sluggishly dragged himself to a room to receive his first dosage.
  20. Velshaunt is an institution for being's known as Valcinna and Eiroath; to learn of their history, abilities, control and who they are, when of age (18) they were sent there for that (until they're 21) and to find their partner to walk through life with, whether it be romantic or mere friendship. The Eiroath were, in the simplest way of saying, servants to the Valcinna, they'd protect, be a source of blood(even though on Velshaunt grounds its frowned upon), and even in some cases become a lover. They had a natural skill of hand to hand combat, intuition, and a natural protective instinct, some could even read the thoughts of their Valcinna; once bonded with them. The Eiroath, unlike the Valcinna, can make the choice of drinking blood or eating whatever else they want like humans. The Valcinna were more or less a type of vampire, they weren't immortal they just lived longer than humans, they did feed off of humans and Eiroath but not to the point of death and they had the natural abilities of compulsion and telekinesis, however pure blood Valcinna could do much more than that. It was said that a pureblood would have the gifts of second sight(seeing the dead), third sight (seeing through another's eyes) and healing. But very few were documented in history. Once a Eiroath has claimed their Valcinna it is forbidden for the Eiroath to betray their Valcinna in any way shape or form, their Valcinna is their top priority, what he/she says is final (within reason) Along with the Valcinna and Eiroath are those who want them dead, often humans fear what they don't understand and the Orvias hunters are those humans. They know of the Valcinna and Eiroath and even tho most Valcinna would never kill, the potential and few cases of human death by valcinna and eiroath hands is enough to make them want them dead. Ezekyel [Easy-kai-el]-(or just Kyel) is the first pure blood to enter the institution, upon entering he finds that most of his fellow students have paired up with their Eiroath, not all but most, however things becomes a bit tangled when another Valcinna's Eiroath falls for him, and an incredible bond forms between them without their control. Can the forbidden connection between Ezekyel and "his" Eiroath survive the rough waters ahead of them? MY Character Sheet: -------------------------------- Name:Ezekyel Mirvoi Age:18 App: Strawberry-blond hair (short and slightly wavy), 1 green-brownish eye and 1 blue, pale and short [ht] (but not too short :3), wearing the uniform of the institution or casual comfy sweaters of various sizes and pastel/grey scale colors, skinny jeans, and boots. Position: Uke (Bottom) Species: Pureblood Valcinna Abilities: telekinesis, compulsion, 2nd/3rd sight, & healing -------------------------------- NEED: an Eiroath :3 [sEME(top)] [i am open to: creating another character besides my main one so we can rp two different couples simultaneously]
  21. My name: Friends call me sugar Rating: Mature(almost all the time >>; Role-play style: 3rd person, I get very descriptive and i enjoy my RPs like telling an erotic story…I like adventures, themes, pretty much anything. ALSO: LOOKING FOR SOMEBODY WHO PLAYS SEME AND UKE, not just a ONE role person…those people are boring. Characters: I have a LOT and I DRAW them and pixel them. I have a Deviantart account(it has most of my ocs on it) http://machinemistress.deviantart.com/ (check my gallery…you cant see them on the front page) Most of them are ukes, virgins, whores, anything really depending which one. My Semes are pretty alpha male… Special likes: Blood, gore, murder, cannibalism(i have a few sexy cannibal ocs and zombies), violence, fight scenes…kinky stuff is good too Likes: Adventure, (role playing within role playing…ex: characters playing as pirates or some shit) lol I like rough graphic sex, some passion, something thats really emotional and like a roller coaster…threesomes are appreciated XP for my whore ocs. I like fantasy, reality, heaven/hell, ZOMBIES/APOCALYPSE, and pretty much anything . Dislikes: uhh…shit, piss, puke, thats pretty much it Availability: ALL the time lol my phone has ebuddy/AIM. I AM ALWAYS ONLINE Contacts: aim: my SN is HomicidalHugz but i have ebuddy so if you want my yahoo its iluvjthm666 Im hoping to maybe try out being with a furry character?
  22. Sebastian sighed working his way to the Trancy manor for some reason the spider butler had invited him for tea. He refused at first, but Ceil ordered him to see what the demon wanted. Sebastian sighed again knocking on the door to the Trancy estate. Almost immediately the door flung open and Sebastian smiled at the spider. “Hello Michaelis.” He grinned back and Sebastian nodded a hello even though he wanted to rip the spiders head from his body. Claude motioned him inside and lead him upstairs where tea and small cakes were waiting freshly made. Sebastian sat down watching the spider. “I hope you enjoy Jasmine tea and Cherry Blossom cake.”Claude sat in a chair opposite of Sebastian who nodded. Sebastian slowly raised the cup from its plate inhaling the sweet scent before drinking slowly enjoying the taste. It was oddly sweeter than Sebastian remember it, not eating or drinking on a regular bases since he didn’t need to ,but he ignored this small detail. “Why did you call me hear Faustus?” Sebastian said setting down the cup. “Why can’t two old friends get together for tea Sebastian?” Claude grinned. “We haven’t been friends in years and if I remember correctly we are rivals and you're trying to steal my meal.” Sebastian growled. He went to pick back up the cup but it fell from his grasp shattering on the floor. He leaned back in his chair gasping. Sebastian’s vision blurred a second then Claude was in front of him pushing a light blue liquid into his mouth. He tried to push it out but it slid down his throat. Claude smiled in triumph. “W-What is the meaning of this Faustus?” Sebastian rasped on the brink of passing out. “Don’t worry feathers I’ll be gentle. Now sleep.” Claude commanded and Sebastian black out. It was nearly two hours later before Sebastian woke up his body stripped of his clothing. He tried to move but found his hands chained firmly above his head another set of chains kept his legs raised in the air a heavier chain around his neck. Sebastian struggled but didn’t have complete control over his body yet. Claude soon stepped out of the shadows grinning as Sebastian let out a low growl. He tilted Sebastian’s chin so he looked up at Claude.”Come now Michaelis no need to be hostile.” A soft buzz sent vibrations through Sebastian body. He moaned loudly pulling the chains the metal sound vibrating through the room.Sebastian bit his lip to hold back his moans. “Does that feel good feathers, I think the drug is working? Why don’t I turn it up for you.” Claude took a small box out of his pocket and slid the switch which made the vibrations louder. Blood ran down Sebastians chin as his lip started to bleed. Claude stared at the blood and sighed he walk away opening a cupboard and took out a ring gag. As he walked over Sebastian growled again glaring at him. “Come on feathers open up.” He pushed his thumb and forefinger hard into his cheeks causing the skin to go between Sebastian’s teeth and opening his mouth. He positioned the gag in his mouth opening Sebastian’s mouth wider then fastened it behind his head. Sebastian coughed not able to hold the moans back anymore his body writhing and twitching. “I want to hear you scream Sebastian” He grinned turning the speed up the full way. “Ahhh~”Sebastian couldn’t help it as the pleasure filled his body his cock growing terribly hard. Sweat beaded off his body as he started to pant. “Sebastian why won’t you forget the past? Love me again.” Claude whimpered tilting his chin up so that he would look at him. Sebastian growled a response since he couldn’t talk like this. Claude sighed grabbing a riding crop from the cupboard. Sebastian whimpered slightly watching him. “Fine if I can’t have your love I’ll have your hate!”Claude growled smacking the crop against his chest. Sebastian cried out whining in the chains. He whipped his back with the crop leaving red welts where it landed. Sebastian kept screaming slava started to pour from his mouth. Claude came close to him, his breath on Sebastian’s ear. “Will you never forgive me, my loving dove?”Sebastian blushed harder hearing his old pet name and shivering as Claude’s breath tickled his ear. “Clawde.” Sebastian tried to speak but his words were stopped. Claude smiled and undid the gag and Sebastian coughed loudly. “Claude how can I forgive you, you betrayed me and all for power. I loved you Claude.” Sebastian had tears in his eyes recalling the painful memory. “I’m sorry Sebastian I was blinded by the power.”Claude looked away. “Thats not a reason to try and kill your lover.” Sebastian hissed the memory coming back. Hundreds of years ago Claude and Sebastian were deeply in love Sebastian had given Claude everything (except his virginity he was too afraid to go that far). Later on Claude started acting weird heading out late at night not kissing him or saying I love you as much, Sebastian got worried. Thats when it happened Claude lead an enormous amount of demons to Sebastian’s home all of them wanting to tear him limb from limb for being Lucifer’s favored. Hours later Sebastian was the only one left covered in blood Claude’s neck in a tight grasp the others had fled badly injured. Sebastian was about to tear Claude’s head from his neck but stopped tears in his eyes. “Get out of here I never want to see you again, next time we meet only as rivals.” Sebastian threw him to the ground and ran off tears pouring from his eyes. “Sebastian please I-I'm so sorry these years since that time have been torture. I wish you would have killed me that night. I can’t go on like this. Sebastian I need you back.”Claude was crying now holding onto him tightly. Sebastian refused to look at him so Claude slipped the gag back in his mouth, He walked away grabbing a belt from the cupboard. The front fit tightly around Sebastian’s cock preventing him from cumming the back prevented the vibrator from coming out. before his put the back on he pushed another vibartor into Sebastian’s ass beside the other one. Sebastian cried out tears filling his eyes in pain since his was a virgin and really tight. Claude fastened the belt tightly on him and turned the new vibrator up the full way. “Both batteries are guaranteed to run for three days straight without dieing I’ll be back tomorrow for you.” And with this Claude left Sebastian’s body hanging in the chains screaming/moaning in pain and pleasure. Sebastian withered around in the chains panting and screaming until his body grew weak and his couldn’t move any more. His legs and arms ached from being held up by the chains the welts from the crop stung his flesh his cock was so hard he thought he might burst. He let out a few more small screams his jaw held wide also ached. He couldn’t stay like this till morning. But he did forced to take the agonizing pleasure that filled his body, his body begging for a release that didn't come. Then the door finally open as the spider came back in to examine his catch. “So how are we doing Michaelis?” He walked over place a hand on Sebastian’s erection squeezing slightly and Sebastian whimpered. “I bet it hurts doesn’t it.” He smiled a little seeming to enjoy the others pain but inside this was tearing him apart he wanted to hold Sebastian lovingly like he once had. “Clawde” Sebastian coughed weakly a silent plea in his eyes. Claude sighed take off the gag his jaw was stiff and popped as he closed it.”Please Claude I can’t do this please give me release!” Claude pressed a kind hand against his cheek feeling sorry for the demon for a second then he looked away. He kept the front of the belt on and unfastened the back the vibartors slipping out of his slick hole. Sebastian moaned looking at him pleading for the release. Claude watched him pressing his cock against Sebastian’s entrance. “N-no Claude don’t I can’t do this please Claude don’t!!” Sebastian fought pulling at the restraints weakly his muscles sore. “Trust me Sebastian it will feel good.” Claude huffed and pressed himself inside. The vibartors had loosened him up but it was still pretty tight inside. Sebastian let out a loudly moan of pleasure/pain then glared at him. “Trust you.” Sebastian growled. “the last time I trusted you, you tried to kill me!” Claude ignored him thrusting harder inside hitting his prostate. With every thrust Sebastian cried out and the chains rocked him with the force. Tears started to fall down Sebastian’s face as the thrust got harder and more painful a few drops of blood fell from his ass to the floor and Sebastian was still. Claude looked up Not hearing Sebastian’s cries the demon’s head leaned back his body hanging limp in the chains. Claude quickly pulled out and took Sebastian down. Tears filled Claude’s eyes as his love didn’t move. ~A few weeks Later~ Light streamed in through as window hitting the black haired demons face. He woke and the light stung his blood red eyes. Groggily his rolled his head to the side to see Hana there with a dish of water. He moaned trying to move his body still weak. Hanna jumped running from the room yelling something that the demon couldn’t make out. He closed his eyes then opened them as gold ones stared back. “Cl-Claude?” Sebastian said groggily closing his eyes again. A dull sound whispered his name a few times before growing clear.Sebastian opened his eyes again staring at Claude. “W-where am I?”Sebastian asked blinking. Claude didn’t reply holding onto him tight. “Sebastian, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I’m so glad your ok,”Sebastian’s eyes grew wide as the spider held him. Then ,with a slight hesitation, Sebastian wrapped his arms around Claude. Claude pulled away staring at him then wrapped Sebastian back into the hug. “I love you Sebastian.”Claude buried his face in Sebastian’s neck. Sebastian nodded and kissed his neck.Claude went to pull away but sebastian held him tight. “Don’t let go Claude.........never let me go” Sebastian sobbed. Claude nodded holding him tighter. Sebastian sighed and smiled a last few tears falling from his eyes. “Im sorry Claude I’ve missed you so much.....I just want to love you again.” Sebastian looked at him. Claude smiled and captured his lips in a passionate kiss. Sebastian moaned wrapping his arms around Claude’s neck. Claude laid him onto the bed. Sebastian blushed but didn’t stop him as Claude undid Sebastian’s pants. Claude slowly started to stroke Sebastian’s cock. “Nn~! Claude!”Sebastian moaned quickly getting hard.Claude smiled slideing down Sebastian’s body sucking his tip lightly. Sebastian moaned pleasure filling his body as Claude began to deepthroat him. “Claude I-Im sorry...” Sebastian moaned loudly. Claude stopped looking up “What do you mean Sebastian you didn’t do anything wrong?” Sebastian pulled him up holding him tight.”I’m sorry I left you that time all I’ve wanted over the years was for you to be my lover again. For you to be with me again.” Claude smiled”I won't leave you, I promise.If you try and run away again I’m afraid I’ll have to lock you away so you’ll always be mine.” Sebastian giggled“Wouldn’t want it any other way” Claude held him tight licking slowly up Sebastian’s neck. Sebastian moaned leaning his head back. “Claude please....I want it inside me.”Sebastian moaned gripping his shoulders. “Doesn’t it hurt there though from before.”Claude asked worried, but Sebastian shook his head just wanting more of Claude. Claude sighed prodding him with his finger receiving a moan from Sebastian. Claude gently slipped the finger inside. Sebastian twitched arching his back. Claude thrust the finger in deep and fast. Sebastian moaned loudly leaning into claude. Claude set him on the bed on his back and added another finger inside him. Sebastian gripped the bed sheets tight. “Cl-Claude! Put it in already!”Sebastian growled he couldn’t wait much longer. Claude chuckled prodding him with his tip but not going in leaning down and sucking on one of Sebastian’s nipples. Sebastian groaned trying to get Claude inside him but Claude wouldn’t let him and kept teasing his body. Only a few Minutes later and Sebastian was panting his cock very hard his pants felt like a vice on his dick not letting him cum. “Claude I-I can’t i-it hurts! Please Claude p-put it i-in~!” Sebastian moaned arching his back. Claude chuckled but took off Sebastian’s pants and pushed himself inside slowly.Sebastian whined in want as Claude began to thrust. Sebastian moaned as Claude thrusted more and more. He could feel release nearing and cried out as his hot seed covered Claude. A few thrusts later Sebastian gasped and Claude came inside him moaning. Sebastian laid beside Claude happily.”Promise me you stay with me always Claude.” Sebastian mumbled falling asleep. “I wouldn’t have it any other way my loving dove.” Claude kissed Sebastian’s head falling asleep as the love enchanted their dreams. END
  23. Dragons Dawn

    Kuroshitsuji: Claude's long night

    Claude Faustus was lying on his bed trying to sleep but sleep wouldn’t come he had that raven in his mind torturing him with that sweet musical voice. They were supposed to be enemies so why did Claude want to hold him more than anything in the world. Just then there was a tap as something hit his window. Claude yawned getting up and opened it finding the raven right below getting ready to toss another rock. Sebastian smiled a hello then jumped into Claude’s window. “Hello spider.” Sebastian smiled. “Sebastian what are you doing here” Claude blushed a bit the dirty thoughts getting worse. “I’m simply here to make you dreams come true.” Sebastian went closer kissing his lips deeply. At first Claude was shocked and wanted to pull away then his body betrayed him as he laid Sebastian on his bed kissing down his body. Sebastian moaned as Claude explored undressing him. Soon his clothes were thrown over the edge of the bed and Sebastian slid down starting to suck Claude’s erection.Claude moaned and fucked Sebastian’s mouth hard as Sebastian started to deep throat. Sebastian purred the vibrations going through Claude’s cock. Claude moaned loudly arching his back Sebastian removed his mouth sliding Claude’s dick into his ass. Sebastian was so tight since he was a virgin. He then began sliding up and down Claude’s cock. Claude moaned louder and louder until he finally came releasing into the raven. Claude woke feeling the hot seed against his leg.A dream......he couldn’t believe it. He had dirtied his pants and was sweating terribly. Claude got up to change his clothes when a tall dark figure came up from behind one hand on Claude’s throat the other on his chest. “Well spider I would have never thought that I aroused your dreams so much.” Sebastian purred into his ear obviously amused. “W-What are you doing here Michaelis?”Claude hissed slightly embarrassed his pants still dirtied. Sebastian didn’t reply running the hand on his chest down Claude’s body reaching into his pants smiling as he pulled it back out his fingers coated in Claude’s cum. “My, my what was i doing to you in that dream of yours.” Sebastian licked Claude’s ear pushing two of the cum coated fingers into Claude’s mouth receiving a moan. Sebastian smiled licking Claude’s neck as his fingers explored Claude’s mouth. Sebastian then used his free hand to unbutton Claude’s coat and undershirt sliding them off to display Claude’s well formed chest. He ran his hand over Claude’s chest pulling at a bud. Claude moaned arching his back into Sebastian. This couldn’t be a dream this time his whole body felt everything it was definitely real and Claude was scared and nervous as hell. “Do you touch alois like this? I know I love hearing Ceil beg for it every night.”Sebastian smiled and whispered into Claude’s ear. Claude felt a low growl enter his throat vibrating Sebastian’s fingers. “Jealous much spider.” Sebastian chuckled licking Claude’s neck then sliding his hand into Claude’s pants again. He took more of Claude’s cum and coated his nipples with it the wetness and the cold made them stand up and Claude moaned loudly panting a bit. Sebastian backed up sitting on the bed Claude sitting in his lap. Then ever so slowly he unbuttoned Claudes pants pulling them down but leaving his boxers on.Claude whined as Sebastian toyed with his cock through the fabric running the fingers gently over it as he pulled at a nipple with his free hand. Claude was so hard by now his cock begging for release. Sebastian chuckled reaching into the fabric stroking his cock directly. “S-Sebastian p-please more~!”Claude begged and Sebastian moved Claude off him standing up and undressing terribly slowly receiving a whine. When Sebastian was finally undressed he laid on the bed his legs opened wide and held close to his chest.Sebastian hadn’t shown it but he was terribly hard himself sweat beaded on his body. “Claude please, take me.”Sebastian moaned the cold air teasing his cock. Claude blinked not expecting Sebastian to be so willingly taken but he crawled over pushing his cock into Sebastian’s tight hole.The sensation was so much better than it was in the dream his ass squeezing Claude’s cock tight. Sebastian moaned loudly in want.Claude thrust faster into his ass moaning. “C-Claude p-please not so f-fast!” Claude couldn’t stop moaning more. He thrust harder and Sebastian cried out the pleasure filling him. “I-Im gonna cum!”Sebastian cried out his cock tight. “N-not yet~!”Claude held Sebastian’s cock tight so you couldn’t cum. Sebastian’s eyes flew open and he screamed wanting to burst. Claude thrust harder and faster shoving it in farther. Sebastian had tears in his eyes his body numb he couldn’t tell whether it was pain or pleasure as he moaned. Claude moaned and cried out cumming inside him and letting the raven’s cock go letting him cum.Sebastian moaned panting on the bed Claude laying beside him. “So what made you come here Michaelis?” Claude asked looking at him. Sebastian smiled back.“I was horny.” “Oh really did that help then?”Claude chuckled. “Very much.”Sebastian giggled kissing Claude deeply as the stars and moon shown bright in the sky above.
  24. yojichan

    Wanton Euphoria - 18+

    In your deep cavernous warm entrance I discover a pleasure to your pain As you writhe in bouts of havoc and rapture while i flick the bits of moisture of clammy droplets on your skin We are blinded to the world that peeks in the windows around us We are deaf to the sounds of reality but our own I am drowning between tidal waves of overwhelming euphoric torture as i viciously take you with me in my arms Your appetite knows no bounds just a bottomless pit of wanton and madness I can feel your mind screaming for me to dissolve this and yet you linger desperately for my strength to take you to places your mind fears to thread in your waking hours I know not how much deeper i can bury you in this tangled mess of sheets and twisted materials of warmth and wetness Your eyes are half closing to the silky words coming out of my mouth as i pour them endlessly to your ears Your hot breath on my ears driving me to the brink of madness and drunkenness A blinding white hot searing light we see together as we desperately capture the embrace of completion Sated, drunk, weakness, blissful sleep overcome us finally. Your lips move making a sound I could barely read. I reach for your hand as you clasp your fingers to mine We are one.
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