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  1. CAN SOMEONE UPLOAD IT? T.T desc: Mignon is an original BL anime from South Korea. The animation follows a complex and exciting story of drama and desires. It revolves around a boxer named Mignon, and a vampire doctor Young-on Oh, who find solace in the presence of one another through an aggressive and romantic affair.
  2. TITLE: Vampire wa Kuwazugirai VOL.1 & 2 Author/Artist : Higuchi Misao/Kano Ayumi Alt.name : ヴァンパイアは食わず嫌い/挑剔偏食的吸血鬼 Published in : CHARA Comics Release Date : 2014 Original Status : 2 Vol. Language : JAPANESE DOWNLOAD Vampire wa Kuwazugirai Manga -------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.datafile.com/d/TVRVeE16a3lPRGMF9 https://ul.to/lwhit1gn https://uploadex.com/6kjsc45qq4ru
  3. paulIsia

    Smoky Nectar - Minazuki Akira [JP]

    Title: Smoky Nectar Original: スモーキーネクター Author: Minazuki Akira Year: 2020 Download: LINK Feel free to translate but do not reupload outside of this forum or share on social media.
  4. It's been a while since I made one of these, but here I am. So, if anyone is still interested here are some possible pairings / kinks I'm willing to play: - Naga X Naga; - Naga X Elf; - Naga X Human; - Naga X Fairy; - Elf X Elf - Elf X Fairy - Vampire X Hunter; - Hunter X Vampire; - Werewolf X Vampire; - Kemonomimi X Kemonomimi; - Human X Kemonomimi. Now for some kinks, but they can be negotiable - ask me about it ^^ - Rutting / breeding / mpreg / oviposition (implied) - (all of these mainly in nagas); - Toys; - Dub con; - Positions of Power; - Voyeurism; - Multiple Partners and / or extended cast (I just find it more immersive if there are other living characters for ours to interact with and not having just the main pairing). Notes: - I can play seme, uke or seke characters. Throughout my experience, I must admit I became somewhat picky with the ukes over time, but try me anyway ^^ - I'm more of a "character over plot" based roleplayer, which doesn't mean I don't enjoy a steady plot, but I usually start on a simpler note and depending on our characters and how they interact / percieve each other, bigger plot ideas may bloom from there. I also love brainstorming and discussing plot ideas or various iterations. That being said, I also don't mind playing just for the smut; - I work full-time, so replies might be scarce during weekdays and even some weekends, but I'll do my best and will hopefully reward you for your patience; - I write in 3rd person; - I play mostly for fun and to unwind, so you'll hardly get me interested in super complex plots or dark/heavy themes. I may be getting old, but I found out I really love my fluff XD - I can also enjoy a good couple of slice of life episodes, and yes that applies to the fantasy creatures as well. Well, that would be all for now ^^ if you're interested, please PM me or reply to this post with your suggestions if you have them ^^
  5. paulIsia

    Undead Pappy - Sakishita Senmu

    Title: Undead Pappy Original: アンデッドパピー Author: Sakishita Senmu Year: 2021 Download: LINK Feel free to translate but do not reupload outside of this forum or share on social media.
  6. Title;少年館の生け贄 Author and/or artist;はざま黒緒 Publisher;Bコミ Magazine/imprint;らぶまん☆boyz Release date/year;2020/09/13 Language of the scans;Japanese Scanner;SenkiSakura Summary;「さあ息子達、あたらしい『デザート』」だ── 身寄りのない<ルカ>が連れて来られた山奥の屋敷。その館には同じ齢ほどの少年達がいた。主人とその息子達に体液を搾取される<生け贄>となったルカが出会ったのは、バラを食べて生きる特別に美しい<マリウス>で── DOWNLOAD LINK; Chapter 1 : https://mega.nz/folder/btlX3BJA#R7nM7FB-SoGfNQz8Ul_Wtg Chapter 2 Onwards : Stay Tuned ! * Please do not share outside this forum . Thank you for your cooperation ! If face any problem, feel free to let Senki know. Wish you have a great day ! ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ
  7. someone plz re-up the Omega vampire drama CD (vol.3)~?? 8M8))) I'm waiting U ;a;)))
  8. Please re-upload the file of this novel : http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/20466-The-Friendly-Werewolf-and-the-(Almost)-Virgin-Vampire-by-Caroll-Helen-Louise The link already died. Thank you in advance :Wink:
  9. GemSRuby

    Instincts Series - S.J. Frost

    Instincts Series S.J. Frost MM Romance, Vampire 01 Natural Instincts Andreas Nikandros has one focus, to kill the vampire he believes murdered his sister, and he knows with their greater strength, the surest way to kill a vampire is to become one. As a zoologist, he's used to looking at the world from a natural standpoint, but when he sets out on a quest to find a vampire to Turn him, what he finds in Titus Antonius Calidus is the last thing he expected. Titus has lived for over a thousand years, and in all that time has only ever given his heart to one man. As they follow their natural instincts, they discover something truly worth living forever for, each other. 02 Enduring Instincts Vampire Daniel Valente struggles to live on his own, now that his master, Titus Antonius Calidus, has found eternal love with another. Carrying mental and emotional scars, he lives in loneliness and feels as though he's lost who he once was. Ryunosuke Kimura has known Daniel for hundreds of years, and loved him for many of them. Even though he believes Titus is the only one Daniel wants to give his heart to, when he hears Daniel needs his support, he rushes to be with him.With Ryu at his side, Daniel's confidence returns, and with it, he sees the enduring love Ryu has always had for him. As they grow closer, new threats from old enemies arise, and if Daniel and Ryunosuke are to spend eternity together, they must first defeat the past. 03 Loving Instincts Andreas Nikandros is ready to make the ultimate commitment to his vampire lover, Titus Antonius Calidus, but in doing so, Titus's enemies become his own and his hope of living forever may be vanquished he becomes the hunted. From the moment Andreas Nikandros looked into the silver eyes of Titus Antonius Calidus, his life was destined to change. They've faced challenges and danger together, but all those did was make his love for Titus grow and strengthen his resolve to spend eternity at the side of his vampire lover. Â Titus has seen centuries come and go, losing more hope with each one of ever finding love again, until Andreas entered his life. He's found his eternal partner in Andreas, and is ready to make him so in every sense. As they follow their loving instincts, Andreas knows he's going to have to make sacrifices, but he also knows what he'll gain will be so much greater; Titus - forever. What he doesn't foresee is Titus's enemies becoming his own and how difficult simply surviving is when he becomes the hunted. 04 Adapting Instincts When Carl Anderson's actions endanger the life of his vampire lover, Egill Dalgaard, he must decide whether to to walk deeper into vampire society, or turn his back on the only man who's ever made him feel secure. A single soft kiss, just a gentle brush of lips...but was it meant as a beginning, or a good-bye? Every day, Carl Anderson wondered if the man...the vampire...who gave him that kiss would appear in his life again. In that time, he's worked to come to terms with the existence of vampires, and the dangers they and their enemies pose. Always looking over his shoulder for a vampire or hunter stalking behind him, Carl wishes he could feel safe again, like he did when Egill was at his side. As a Viking warrior and member of vampire society's ruling body, the Tribunal, Egill Dalgaard is used to being in control of all things. But months ago, he did something that started to unravel his orderly life. He gave a kiss to a man who he was drawn to, who he hasn't been able to stop thinking about. He has his reasons for keeping his distance, but when he sees Carl again, all logical thoughts begin to fade. When Carl's actions inadvertently put Egill's immortal life in danger, Carl must decide which path to take; whether to walk deeper into vampire society, or turn his back on the only man who's ever made him feel secure. 05 Refined Instincts In the arms of the vampire who Turned him, Troy Raines finds the desire to seek redemption, but as danger closes in, it might be too late for him to set right the wrongs of the past. Troy Raines wants it all to end. His pain, his heartache, his regrets. Having been in hiding to avoid capture from the Tribunal, he returns to Chicago believing since that's where everything began for him, it should end there, as well. Renart Bellerose has known many regrets in his long life as a vampire, but few are stronger than what he has regarding Troy Raines. As the one to make Troy a vampire, he gave him power, money, anything he thought Troy wanted, but he restrained on giving him what they both needed. When Renart and Troy face each other again, anger and passion explodes between them. Renart wants to help Troy find redemption, but as danger closes in, it might be too late to set right the wrongs of the past. 06 Protective Instincts When an old enemy and old grudges draw close, vampires Daniel Valente and Ryunosuke Kimura must let their protective instincts guide them if they're to spend their eternal lives together. Daniel Valente and Ryunosuke Kimura knew each other for centuries, and when Daniel saw the love Ryu had for him and how it had endured for lifetimes, their lives became forever entwined. In recognizing that love, the two vampires became eternal partners, those with a bond deep and unbreakable. They're living in peace and happiness, until a call comes inviting Ryunosuke to interview for the Tribunal, the ruling body of vampire society. Both Daniel and Ryu know everything is about to change. Danger will come with the position and the greatest threat may be from one of the Tribunal members. Daniel and Ryunosuke's protective instincts are strong, their love even stronger, but when old grudges demand retribution, will those instincts be enough to keep each other safe?
  10. I'm trying to find where to watch this Yaoi Vampire movie that was released back in 2014. Mayonaka kimi wa kiba o muku ...I can't seem to find it anywhere so I don't know if it was banned or something~ :Sad:
  11. I've have the idea for this plot for a very long time. It involves a rather rich vampire on a boatt trip who gets accidentally pulled into a river by a kappa. The kappa takes him in and cares for him. I dont have any real specific for the complete plot so anything goes. I'd prefer someone who wrote in paragraphs,but im nit to much a stickler on grammer. Id also like for both characters to switch roles at times.
  12. EvenEcho

    Looking For RP Partners

    Here are some ideas I have for some pairings/ships that we can do. The bolded roles are the roles I would prefer to play, but I am up to switching things around. Don't fret. Vampire x Human Aristocrat x Street-rat/Urchin Apprentice x Wizard/Witch/Magic-Wielder Witch/Wizard x Werewolf Werewolves --> Alpha x Omega Master x Slave Master x Pet Demon x witch/wizard Demons --> We can discuss what to do through PMs if you would like to rp this one. Merman x College Student Chief Medical Examiner x Detective Forensic Pathologist x Pathology Assistant Teacher x Student (I could lean either way on this one) Prince x Peasant/Serf Noble x Peasant/Serf King x Prince Cellist x Model (Once again, I could go either way) Psychologist x Patient Professor x Student Magical Professor x Magical Student Supernatural --> A roleplay consisting of supernatural elements. We can discuss this if you would like to chose this one. Necromancer x Druid Druid x Necromancer Some Darker Themes/Pairings
  13. Cryptconfessions

    Ephemeral Darkness

    Name: Aleister Valtiel Nickname: Alice Race: Vampire Haircolor: Black with gold high lights Eye color: Gold Elysia. A word with unknown origin that means ''peaceful and perfect''. The town is known for a lot of things. From their funny little familiars to their brave knights. It is the home of different races from humans to night dwellers. Violet Fields and Divine Rights. Beautiful Spring mornings to Cold winter nights. But tonight, the peaceful, divine town of Elysia is different to its meaning. Fire licks the stone buildings and reducing every homes to ashes.Blood has been spilled and citizens from different races are either running, fighting or worst dead. The clock chimed ominously as death's chorale echoed to the town. Somewhere in the ashes, a boy with black locks and gold eyes is standing. Modern Day Elysia The school chimed for the fifth time signaling the end of another period. Today is the anniversary of the bloodbath that happened five years ago that tainted the divine Elysian soil. Aleister sat at the back of the room where shadows reside next to him. His eyes were cold and his personality is distant. His blood is shouting revenge. . .
  14. Kohaku tsubasa

    112 (yaoi)

    Chapter 1-Ritz Barron Creatures of darkness where being attacked by two enemies that usually did not combine. Humans used werewolves to kill the vampire race. The king and queen hid their son in an unmarked tomb. This child was named Ritz the next in line to the throne. Almost all the vampires were killed what remained in the cemetery fled. Ritz stayed in the tomb till he was strong enough to lift the lid off, that place where he was kept to be saved from the war. When he emerged everything was strange and new. At the time no one was around. He started to wonder hungry and angry the only thing he could think of was what his father told him. “Stay in here until you are strong enough to push the top off” his father said. It echoed in his brain as he wandered around. The first human he seen became his meal after that it became a bloodbath. He ate any human he saw and fought everyone even other vampires. This reign of terror lasted for hundreds of years till one brave human buried Ritz. they put chain upon chain they were thick. Sadly for the humans this did not last to long. He broke and started all over again. It continued till a werewolf named cian showed him that not all humans are bad After he was set straight Ritz vowed to never drain blood ever again. It was dark out this boy was about to be hurt in an alleyway. A shadow figure was on top a cross long hair thrashing around in the strong wind. The figure jumped down in front of the man who had a knife. “You wish to spill the blood of this young human am i correct” Ritz said fangs bared. “And what if i am? what are you a dog?” The man asked pointing the knife at him. “No i am a vampire.Ritz Barron is the name” Ritz said his eyes turned red the guy lunged at him. Jumping over him like it was nothing. “You missed” Ritz said the guy then swung around trying to cut him again still missing as Ritz just jumped out the way. When his hand was in right position Ritz kicked the knife out the guys hand. “You little…” the guy started to say but just then Ritz kicked him in the mouth. “Are you okay human boy?” Ritz asked extending a hand out to him the boy gently took his hand. Pulling him into the light Ritz saw a cut on the boys cheek. “You are hurt” Ritz said with anger in his voice. “I am fine it is just a cut” the boy said. “No you are hurt” Ritz said looking sad with his head down he saw his pants were ripped up.this made him even more angry. “Don't be angry” the boy said putting his head on Ritz. “Okay i will take you to my tomb human boy” Ritz said trying to pick him up. “My name is Kit” the boy said Ritz stopped trying to pick him up. “I am Ritz Barron,i am next in line for the throne of vampire king” Ritz said proudly standing straight up. Just the sun started to come up. “Should we go?” Kit asked pointing at the sun rising. “Yes” Ritz said grabbing Kit’s hand gently dragging him to the tomb the humans put Ritz when he was on a blood high. The tomb was big enough for two so Ritz put kit in the crawled in. “good night Ritz” Kit said as Ritz put the lid on right as the sun was coming up.
  15. 0rochi

    ♡Blood & Wine (18+)♡

    In a small city, everything seems to be normal. However, it isn't completely normal. In the Vermont Nightclub downtown, a vampire thrives and hunts for next victims. Name: Blake Valentine Age: 188 yrs Appearance: Backstory: Raised by his parents Carter and Morticia Valentine on a strict way of life, Blake grew up to become someone who always got what he wanted. His parents were slain by hunters in 1973, and all they left was their rich inheritance. With this, Blake bought a house in a city to fit in and keep a steady amount of live prey for himself. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a populated night on this long Friday, and Blake was more than delighted to prepare for this week's feeding. He had almost withered away with hunger. He put on his best clothing, styled his hair and strolled out the door. Once there, he observed all the partygoers and soon focused in on a juicy looking individual. He thought about a way to approach the man. Ordering two glasses of wine, he wandered over and sat down next to the man, looking at him with his most charming smile. "Would you care for a taste of wine tonight? You looked quite lonely here by yourself." He said, his voice deep with a slight hint of a British accent.
  16. Title: The Power of the Bite Author: Lisa Oliver Genre: standalone, m/m romance, wolf and vampire couple, alpha wolf Published: December 16th 2015 Summary: Dax Portrain has it all - he's the next Alpha of the only pack in town, he owns a successful night club and he has men falling all over him every night of the week. So when he catches sight of a new vampire in town, he tries to shrug off the instant attraction he feels. After all, everyone knows that wolf shifters and vampires do not get along. Zane Macintosh has lived a long and full life, and while he might have issues trying to pass himself off as human at the Portrain police department, he knows it's only temporary and shrugs off the problems. A night out with friends turns his whole life upside down when he catches sight of Dax with his pack. The gorgeous hunk is his mate, but that doesn't mean that anything has to come of it. In fact, he's determined nothing will. One explosive meeting sends both men's lives into a spiral. Zane knows the only way things can end well for his mate is to allow himself to die. But Dax has a stubborn streak a mile wide and isn't going to let Zane go that easily. Download Here: The Power of the Bite by Lisa Oliver For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! ENJOY!
  17. LadyKeya

    Crimson Red Moon

    Something I wrote a while back: O crimson red moon, O blood thirsty moon, Why must you taunt me so? Your ruby red light, Embraces the night, That shines with a flickering glow, O dark looming forest, O midnight Black Forest, Why must you make them prowl? Your shadowy plight, Beckoning the night, That calls the wolf to howl, O brave trusty steed, O sure footed steed, Why must you be so frightened? Your head hung low, It worries me so, That I feel the reins be tightened, O fast flying foxes, O frightening foxes, Why must you terrorize my steed? I am flung from my horse, Being knocked of my course, That leaves me stranded indeed, O strange eerie voice, O sweet alluring voice, Why must you tempt my soul? Your dark little song, It leads me along, That makes me forget my goal, O crimson red moon, O blood thirsty moon, Why must you embrace this castle? Enveloping every wall, Illuminating and tall, That moving closer becomes a hassle, O dark castle gate, O frightening gate, Why must you open so? Your chains unwinding, The sound is so binding, That forces my body to go, O strange eerie voice, O sweet alluring voice, Why am I following thus? I want to escape, Embracing my cape, This feeling I dare not trust, O dark wooden door, O strong wooden door, Why must you open alone? The voice it beckons me, Calling so solemnly, This sound is a calming tone, O shadowy figure, O tall dark figure, Why must you stand in the night? The Crimson red moon, Embraces me soon, As my body feels so light, O dark prince, O sweet prince, Why must your embrace be cold? Your fangs gleaming white, Embrace me so tight, I am yours forever to hold, O crimson red moon, O blood thirsty moon, Why must I want you so? Your ruby red light, Takes me to flight, My prince won't let me go..........
  18. Name: Aaron Age: 20 Seme/uke: Uke Sexuality: Gay Personality: He is quiet around most people (unless he has known them for a long time) including his master. He is very loving and affectionate when he becomes emotionally connected with someone. He really gets into intimate times with his lover. He is easily entertained, playful, and curious. Likes: Animals, surprises, water, his Master Dislikes: crowds, anyone who tries to get close to his Master
  19. SlyPixie


    So I am getting crazy about these themes in particular but not necessarily be together, any story revolving about yakuza, historical, animal shapeshifting or vampires or any supernatural yaoi manga, novels Doujins or fanfics(with the link or author if you'd be so kind) would be nice I really like serious stuffs but if there are fluffy ones, they are still very much appreciated. for the animal shapeshifting something akin to Sex Pistols preferably they are all complete /bows head/ thank you in advance
  20. Kohaku tsubasa


    lust the moon light made the young males platinum blond hair seem almost like it was glowing.he was standing on a cliff that below held a tiny city which the boy felt he did not belong there.he lived in the woods.the humans below said that the horrible creatures that trick you or worse kill you and use your body as a puppet. then a snap sound happened behind the young male.he turned around to see a person that that looked to be a bit older then him."who are you"the young male asked?"lust"the older male said.lust had a real problem telling his victim his real name."i am kohaku tsubasa"the young male said."kohaku huh"lust said licking his lips.just then yawned reveling his fangs."you're not a human"lust said shocked."no i am neko"kohaku said as his tail popped out."yum"lust thought licking his lips again."you hungry lust"kohaku asked?"yeah for you..."lust almost gave his plan away.so he quickly covered his mouth."what is wrong"kohaku asked?"nothing,do you not know there are bad things in these woods"lust said uncovering his mouth. lust walked into the moon light.he had dark blond hair and glowing red eyes."lust are you one of the bad things in the woods"kohaku asked?lust stopped walking up on him and actually thought about it for a second.kohaku stood right there waiting for the answer."yes i am"lust said.kohaku felt something on the side of my neck as he fell asleep. he woke up tied to a bed.lust was a crossed the room hands folded in front of him."i can not do this"lust said looking up at kohaku."then let me go lust"kohaku demanded."fine"lust said cutting the rope off.luckily kohaku was not bleeding.he got up jumping back away from him.lust just stood there." did i hurt you"lust asked looking down."yeah i have a bite mark"kohaku said.lust held out his arm."if you suck my blood it will go away"lust said looking at him sadly."no"kohaku said pushing his arm away."where then"lust asked? kohaku ran over to him looking like he only used one foot.biting the side of lusts neck."now"kohaku said."sorry i will never hurt you again"lust said."lets wrap that up"kohaku said."no its fine"lust said as it started to heal."i am sorry i never bite anyone"kohaku said sulky.lust could see that kohaku was always in pain his eyes screamed help me."i see from now on i will protect you kohaku"lust said in a determined voice."ok call me haku,lust"kohaku said smiling. continued.....> "now what do we do now"lust asked?"you can do whatever you want,i am going adventuring"kohaku said walking into the deep part of the woods."i will come with you and protect you"lust said running up to kohaku."ok if you want you you"kohaku said as he started walking again."you wanted to wander in the woods alone"lust asked?"yes i have no idea no idea what is in the deep part of the woods"kohaku said A loud painful scream could be heard.i run over to investigate.a very young male was burning in the sun.steam rolls off his body as his screams get louder.i take off my shit covering him."lets take him to my place"lust said.we walk back to lust's house putting him on the bed."he needs blood to heal his wounds"kohaku said concerned putting out his arm. The burned young vampire seem uninterested in biting me.but he keep looking at lust."can i finish my blood pact with him master" the boy asked jumping behind lust in a flash."wait what"lust said as he bites his neck."i said you could bite me"kohaku said a bit angry.once he was healed he let go of lust's neck."i could not hurt you master"the young boy said as a bright fire red light shined out of him.suddenly he looked about twelve years old with long dark grey and bigger fangs the light faded away.he jumps on me."master"the boy said happily.kohaku realizes he was still naked."please get off"kohaku asked kindly? the boy started growling at lust like it was his fault.
  21. name says it all doesn't it? well it's basically that. A badass sexy vampire falls, unknowingly falls for a neko. Unaware of his feelings, he torments the poor boy and attack him. But unknowing it's how he's showing his feelings as well. he's often mistaken for his appearences that he's no good, all that changes when suddenly a neko fall into his sight. Vampires aren't suppose to love, right? They kill and have no morse for anything other then blood. Killing and seduction is their pleasure. The vampire council finding out later on about his feelings that he himself is just starting to realize that he have. He is thus haunted and sentenced to death. But he somehow escapes and goes to see the one he can't seem to stay away from. Even if he's still causing the boy pain and suffering as well as mixed feelings. Not too sure how to come over both their feelings when his lan is saying nekos and vampires doesn't belong together. Can he save the one that is always trying o kill him? giving him pain or treating him as if he's nothing but.. a game of pleasure? Forbidden love~ Name: Hiro Age: unknown Hair: Burgendy Eyes: yellow personality: you'll see when you meet him
  22. EnKay

    Beauty in Insainity

    For many generatios vampire clans adopted the Tzmisce tradition of breeding their ghouls in order for their traits to breed true. These creatures throughout the generations became more than ghouls, they became revenants. Though they may be living, they are far from the normal lives of human society so they can best serve their vampire masters, and some hope to even be candidates for the embrace. One weathly family of these being cursed between the life of a human and a vampire breed in hopes of a master taking them in. They are well organized and even have some vampires living in their manor giving the young ones lessons in vampire disciplines. They may seem normal but a closer inspection reveals a chaotic family life. It is not uncommon to go to the lower levels of the manor and see people chained up and collared like the animals they are. Some family members even go missing just to have their remains found later half eaten. One revenant is currently trying not to stand out and be as invisible as possible. Sadly this did not last very long. Abel is already quite use to this bleek world to the point it is no longer bleak but colorful. He heard rumor of a vampire coming to visit the home and was quite excited. The more presentable family members caught up on their manners and were ready to greet the new comer. Abel was trying to sneak about to catch a glimps of the new arrival through the window. Alas in the dark of night it was hard for him to see as he mumbled to himself "a master is here"
  23. Velshaunt is an institution for being's known as Valcinna and Eiroath; to learn of their history, abilities, control and who they are, when of age (18) they were sent there for that (until they're 21) and to find their partner to walk through life with, whether it be romantic or mere friendship. The Eiroath were, in the simplest way of saying, servants to the Valcinna, they'd protect, be a source of blood(even though on Velshaunt grounds its frowned upon), and even in some cases become a lover. They had a natural skill of hand to hand combat, intuition, and a natural protective instinct, some could even read the thoughts of their Valcinna; once bonded with them. The Eiroath, unlike the Valcinna, can make the choice of drinking blood or eating whatever else they want like humans. The Valcinna were more or less a type of vampire, they weren't immortal they just lived longer than humans, they did feed off of humans and Eiroath but not to the point of death and they had the natural abilities of compulsion and telekinesis, however pure blood Valcinna could do much more than that. It was said that a pureblood would have the gifts of second sight(seeing the dead), third sight (seeing through another's eyes) and healing. But very few were documented in history. Once a Eiroath has claimed their Valcinna it is forbidden for the Eiroath to betray their Valcinna in any way shape or form, their Valcinna is their top priority, what he/she says is final (within reason) Along with the Valcinna and Eiroath are those who want them dead, often humans fear what they don't understand and the Orvias hunters are those humans. They know of the Valcinna and Eiroath and even tho most Valcinna would never kill, the potential and few cases of human death by valcinna and eiroath hands is enough to make them want them dead. Ezekyel [Easy-kai-el]-(or just Kyel) is the first pure blood to enter the institution, upon entering he finds that most of his fellow students have paired up with their Eiroath, not all but most, however things becomes a bit tangled when another Valcinna's Eiroath falls for him, and an incredible bond forms between them without their control. Can the forbidden connection between Ezekyel and "his" Eiroath survive the rough waters ahead of them? MY Character Sheet: -------------------------------- Name:Ezekyel Mirvoi Age:18 App: Strawberry-blond hair (short and slightly wavy), 1 green-brownish eye and 1 blue, pale and short [ht] (but not too short :3), wearing the uniform of the institution or casual comfy sweaters of various sizes and pastel/grey scale colors, skinny jeans, and boots. Position: Uke (Bottom) Species: Pureblood Valcinna Abilities: telekinesis, compulsion, 2nd/3rd sight, & healing -------------------------------- NEED: an Eiroath :3 [sEME(top)] [i am open to: creating another character besides my main one so we can rp two different couples simultaneously]
  24. miyahara_sama

    Are you a vampire?

    This was fun hahah XD Quiz link My result Full Blood Vampire You were born a vampire meaning no bite marks for you. Some say you are the direct descendent of a demon from hell, while others say you are descended from Vlad Tempish, also known as Dracula. Your skills are more powerful than a regular vampire's, the difference being impossible for humans to comprehend. It is said you can even call shadows to help you. You also have age control, meaning you may be 10,000 years old but can look 10 or 100 depending on what you like.
  25. dragongirl6

    Vampire RP, anyone?

    I know it's terribly cliched, but I want to try a vampire yaoi RP. I'd like both characters to be vampires, but don't care much about the specifics beyond that. They can both start as vamps or one can get turned by the other. It can be romantic and fluffy and plot-driven story or a S&M oneshot without much of a real plot (I'd kind of prefer the first one though). It can be historical or modern-day. I'm open to almost anything and you can decide what you want to do or I can come up with something if you're unsure. I don't have a preference between seme and uke so you can decide that also if you care. Being literate is a must. Complete sentences, good grammar, more than one-sentence posts (though it doesn't have to be too crazy long as long as there's something to work with). And you have to be able to RP regularly because I don't like when someone starts a RP and then is never there to continue. Reply here or message me if you're interested.
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