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  1. ultimatecat

    Baka to Hasami (Eng)

    ✂️Baka to Hasami by Hinako [ENG]✂️ Manga title: Baka to Hasami Author: Hinako Alt. titles: 馬鹿とハサミ(ひなこ) Genres: Smut, Yaoi Year: 2020 Status in country of origin: 1 volume (completed) Translation status: ongoing Published by: Drap Translation group: YaoiOtaku Plot: Yousuke is enjoying a care-free life, living off of a wealthy woman. One day, management of an establishment, that forbids sex between the staff and their clients, finds out that he's been sleeping with the girls! Yousuke receives punishment as payment for breaking the rules, by having his virgin ass stuffed with a dildo and being strapped with a chastity device. Yousuke, who's been kicked out of his home as a result of what's happened, confronts the man who is the source of his issues and tells him that he'll be the next one to take him in. Read Online: Baka to Hasami Downlad: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 New!
  2. ultimatecat

    Baka to Hasami by Hinako

    Credits: Hinako's Baka to Hasami -Translation Group YaoiOtaku- Manager: ultimatecat Translator: ultimatecat Proofreader: KohakuShadow Editor/typesetter: ultimatecat QC: Key Read Online Download
  3. Title;まちのヤクザとパン屋さん Author and/or artist;あめのジジ Publisher;秋田書店 Magazine/imprint;カチCOMI Release date/year;2018/05/16 Language of the scans;Japanese Scanner;SenkiSakura Summary;インテリヤクザの羽鳥は、密かにパン屋巡りをするのが趣味。深夜に営業する、とあるパン屋を発見し、パン職人・綾瀬とパン談議に花を咲かせる羽鳥だったが、目覚めると、彼に美味しく食べられてしまっていて…!? パン屋×ヤクザの“危険”で“おいしい”関係。 DOWNLOAD LINK; Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 : https://mega.nz/folder/W1siQRKZ#FwB36lEWTvWWCqgxswnDSw Chapter 3 Onwards : Stay Tuned ! * Please do not share outside this forum . Thank you for your cooperation ! If face any problem, feel free to let Senki know. Wish you have a great day ! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~
  4. Title;人魚姫の真珠 Author and/or artist;著者: 北沢きょう , 原作: 華藤えれな Publisher;徳間書店 Magazine/imprint;Charaコミックス Release date/year;2019/09/25 Language of the scans;Japanese Scanner;SenkiSakura Summary;人魚伝説がのこる海で織りなす、切なくも美しいLOVEストーリー♡ 豪華コラボで贈る珠玉のロマンティック・ファンタジー!! アイルランド沖の小さな島で育ち、海を自由に泳ぎ天候を予知する人魚の末裔・水凪。その力ゆえに島民から疎まれてきた。唯一優しくしてくれたのは、島に来たばかりの若き侯爵・リアムだ。密かに想いを寄せるが、ある夜、遭難して瀕死となったリアムを人魚の力で救う。「きみは俺が探していた伝説の人魚だ」目覚めたリアムに求愛されるけれど、水凪はどうしても自分の正体を告げられず!? DOWNLOAD LINK; Chapter 1 : https://mega.nz/folder/qgFD0LjD#UCwmwCR0RFszLuZ8u59eBQ Chapter 2 Onwards : Stay Tuned ! * Please do not share outside this forum . Thank you for your cooperation ! If face any problem, feel free to let Senki know. Wish you have a great day ! !*★,°*:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★* 。
  5. Circle: Dad's Dark History Author: 前向きなドM Link: https://www.dlsite.com/bl-touch/work/=/product_id/RJ382284.html/?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=sns_link&utm_content=RJ382284&utm_source=none
  6. 敗北英雄、●辱【#DOELO/#モブレ】(分冊版/第1-4話) 【Serialization in progress. The latest content will be updated in this topic.】 「くっ!こんな奴らのモノで絶頂なんてするものか…!」 荒廃した現代、突如地球に現れた突然変異体・天魔によって、人類は食料や性欲処理の家畜として壊滅状態に追い込まれていた。 そんな中、人々を救うべく立ち上がった天魔討伐組織888。 その中でエージェント・救世者として戦う蒼威と久我丸のもとに、ある日敵の本部に侵入すべしという任務が下る。 さっそく潜入した二人だが、久我丸は天魔たちの罠にかかって体をまさぐられ……!? 極悪モブ集団・天魔VS正義の味方・久我丸の絶頂、絶望、絶倫任務が今、始まる…! ファイル形式:jpg(rar) DL LINK(mega):https://mega.nz/folder/lU1Xza5S#p0MVH96rigY6vjzEHZ7MtQ PW:yaoiotaku-akiaki22.06.17 Hi~ I purchased it myself = ̄ω ̄= ※ Please don't use the images for other purposes! ※ Please don't reupload or share anywhere outside yaoiotaku!! Thank you! Enjoy~ (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 【PS: If the subject is repeated、please let me know. Thanks~】
  7. Senki Sakura

    kemono to omega (獣とΩ) / Aoi sabi

    Title;獣とΩ 1 Author and/or artist;青井さび Publisher;ジーウォーク Magazine/imprint;- Release date/year;2020/01/17 Language of the scans;Japanese Scanner;SenkiSakura Summary;「おまえオメガだったら捨てられるな」子供のころケンカをして血で染まった白いバラを今でも覚えている。はじめての発情期はオメガのフェロモンにあてられて獣人化したアルファに囲まれていた。親に捨てられ養子に出された。必要としてくれている、幸せになれると思ったその場所は――地獄だった。発情期がくると思い知らされる。俺はオメガなのだと。そんな中で出会った言葉を話すことのできない獣人化したアルファ。ああ…、こんなにやさしい体温があるんだ… DOWNLOAD LINK; Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 : https://mega.nz/folder/zslXBaSZ#QPVBz_VfSUXc97nngMBVjw Chapter 3 Onwards : Stay Tuned ! * Please do not share outside this forum . Thank you for your cooperation ! If face any problem, feel free to let Senki know. Wish you have a great day ! !*★,°*:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★* 。
  8. Title;俺が育てた「変態」 ~ 盗んだパンツを返せ! Author and/or artist;城宮えす Publisher;スクリーモ Magazine/imprint;絶対領域R! Release date/year;2018/03/09 Language of the scans;Japanese Scanner;SenkiSakura Summary;幼なじみが、俺のことを好きすぎる。奏の最近の悩み。それはやたらパンツがなくなること、毎朝しつこい痴漢がいること… そして、幼馴染の秀司がイケメンになってモテだしたこと! でも、秀司にはどうやら好きな子がいるらしく、「諦めてるから」なんて超弱気。むかむかして、「男なら強引に行け!」とアドバイスした翌朝、なぜか痴漢まで超強引に!? 脱がされて、お尻まで弄られて…… 嘘だろ! こんな所でイきたくない! あれ? でも、この痴漢の正体って、もしかして―― DOWNLOAD LINK; Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 : https://mega.nz/folder/75tWiT5D#yfbsQ2nIKZ7N8G-yOCRzMA Chapter 3 Onwards : Stay Tuned ! * Please do not share outside this forum . Thank you for your cooperation ! If face any problem, feel free to let Senki know. Wish you have a great day ! ( ゚∀゚) ノ♡
  9. Title;真夜中の庭 Author and/or artist;塔夜綴 Publisher;秋田書店 Magazine/imprint;- Release date/year;2018/09/14 Language of the scans;Japanese Scanner;SenkiSakura Summary;大学生の尚はある日何者かに夜道で襲われ、目が覚めると見知らぬ男の部屋にいた。尚を襲った男・昭人は殺しを請け負う稼業をしており、ある人物から尚の殺害を依頼されたのだが、気が変わって殺さないことにしたのだという。昭人によって監禁され、犯され、屈辱を味わう尚だが…? DOWNLOAD LINK; Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 : https://mega.nz/folder/itsyhYKZ#SPXEWs4G3JNOoFNqQI8odw Chapter 3 Onwards : Stay Tuned ! * Please do not share outside this forum . Thank you for your cooperation ! If face any problem, feel free to let Senki know. Wish you have a great day ! (๑´ㅂ`๑)
  10. KiraMidnight

    War Trophy

    So this rp goes on dark themes. If you do not wish such things please dont proceeded to read this. A king, alexander and another king, you, were in a long time war. In the end alexander lost the ling time war and became a war trophy for the king he lost to. I'm mainly on discord, KiraWitcher#9803 For sometimes I forget my login. I'm also more then okay doing this idea in PM though up perfer discord I'll do it here as well :3
  11. [/img] Seized by the Shape-shifting Serpent. Author: Dr. D A young man, Tian, travels into a different universe by accident. The land is filled with danger, cruelty, and vicious intentions. A world of kill or be killed, a world where only the strongest can survive. The only sentient beings--- the shapeshifters, also need to rely on their animal forms to thrive. Shifters are intelligent like humans, but their culture remains brutal and wild. They possess animal features even in human forms and most of them still consume raw animal meat. At first, Tian thought he was going to be eaten by the monster snake. Then he thought the snake was keeping him as a pampered pet. But when the snake turned into a man, Tian soon knew he was wrong again. Wait, what do you mean that I am your…. female?! Tian’s desire to escape grows rapidly with the serpent’s increasing affection. Author’s note: One sided love at first sight. Dubious consent. Straight turns gay. Violent. Possessive behavior. Focuses of the story: 1. Love and trust development between the human and the serpent shifter 2. Finding replacements for food and tools in a primeval forest 3. Mystical creatures and their conflicts on this fantasy land. 4. (Future book) Leading a struggling tribe to prosperity and spread modern knowledge. Download https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/109655203/Serpent%20Book.pdf
  12. Original name: -6mm no Taboo Manga ALT. names: マイナス6ミリのタブー マイナス6mmの禁忌 -6mm的禁忌 6mm no Taboo Original run: 2006 Description: Collection of oneshots: 1) Half Moon Tsukito is known as the "Angel of Death" due to the misfortune that falls to anyone that associates with him. A yakuza intrusted with the mission to kill a trader, is looking for a one sweet night before the deadly mission. But perhaps the night will become more than just one night. "remember me in night of the half moon" 2) Private Gallery What is fake and what is real - in art and love? 3) Lover's Return Akimi Kenishi was kidnapped as a little boy in a foreign country and became a pedophiles toy in human trafficking business. His parents hired a detective to rescue their son. And the boy falls in love with his hero. 4) Night of Dismantlement Kou was 12 when he was violated by his older brother. But the one who feels the passion is Kou, and he fears that one day, his aniki will leave him. The insecurity lead him to the wrong path. Will his brother make Kou his own? 5) -6mm no Taboo 6) Neji no Kaiten EX Continuation of Neji no Kaiten Hyato is moving into Ryuu's apartment in the excuse of experiencing the real world. What his parents don't know, is that they are actually lovers. But Ryuu is Hyato's first time, but Hyato isn't Ryuu's first time. But why is Ryuu so insistent in wearing condom? Does he plan to have other partners beside him? WARNING: The third story "Lover's Return" contains Shota and S&M. The fourth story "Night of Dismantlement" contains incest. Written by: Sadahiro Mika Group(s) Scanlating: Countless Time, Tokudane Status: Complete Read -6mm no Taboo Online -6mm no Taboo Download -6mm no Taboo Manga Chapter 01 Chapter 02 Chapter 03 Chapter 04 Chapter 06 For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  13. WolfDog12

    Snake Bite

    Author's note: This is my first fan fiction actually being posted so please bear with me while I give this a shot. I've done lots of writing things but never have I done any yaoi or actually posted any of my writing except one time for a class something had to be published. I hardly know where I'm going with this story and I'm sorry if it is too strong for some people. I do appreciate feedback though. It is always welcome. Here I go. P.s Before I get started I should say that this is an ongoing thing and I'll try to add to it periodically. I doubt it will be too long but I do plan to build a bit before it all comes crashing down. Summary: "He's dangerous... I have to run, escape and but I feel like I'm suffocating already.... So, this is what it's like to be caught by a snake..." [/hr] "Why are you bringing this up? Isn't it just some stupid rumor?" One voice could be heard. "No, I seriously heard that the Student council president dumped her," another female replied to her friend. "So then he's free?" The skeptical voice was growing more curious, higher pitched with the happiness beginning to manifest. "Ya, but who else could he want to date after dumping the most popular girl in school?" The two girls grew quieter in thought. Finally, peace at last. The door slid open and a tall male with darker gray hair, shorter in the back with longer bangs all combed to one side that almost covered one eye completely if not for the gaps in strands. The male pushed his glasses up his nose a tiny bit so they stood at the very top, his sharp eyes, narrow beyond the rectangular frames of glass. Everyone in the room fell silent, eyes focused on the male who strode down the last row of desks to find his seat in the very back. However, before he made it to his desk, he stopped at the desk just before it which was usually empty, but for some reason, it wasn't right now. The male sitting in the chair had his head lowered the whole time. His hands were between his knees at the moment and he was feeling even more on edge then ever before. 'This guy's dangerous. I can feel it.' The teen thought as his eyes came off his desk and onto the pair of shiny black shoes that belonged to the gray hair's male. "Who are you?" The voice was smooth as silk but colder then ice. It had a sweet, enticing tone but it was dripping with dangerous intent. The tall male's eyes studied the clearly smaller male with almost completely uncontrollable dark, forest green hair. "Is this your seat?" The smaller male replied while still looking down, apparently not responding to the question asked of him. His voice sounded fairly steady considering he was looking like a mouse being eyes by a hawk. "I don't recall ever seeing you before. Outsiders are not welcome in this school and as student council president I can not over look this." Just as the words finished leaving the male's lips, the teacher entered and clapped her hands making everyone rush to their seats. All except the student council president who still had his attention at the student before him. The teacher took quick notice and interrupted saying, "I see you've met our new student? He just transferred today from the states." She was specifically talking to the president who's eyes narrowed farther in disapproval. Still, if he was a registered student, there was nothing more that he could do so the male turned and took his own seat. "Now," the teacher continued, focusing more on the new student. "would you like to introduce yourself Mr. Masaoka?" The new student rose from his seat and held up his head now show a strange amount of confidence that wasn't too apparent earlier. "My name is Hiro Masaoka and I'm originally from Okinawa. We moved to the states when I was 12 and I lived in LA until we finally moved to Tokyo just a few weeks ago. It's a pleasure to work with you." The male bowed to the point of his torso being parallel with the floor. Luckily he turned because he'd have slammed his head against the desk otherwise. He was actually rather short but at least his uniform covered up just how scrawny and slim his body really was. The male returned to his seat and tried to focus on what they were about to learn. Of course, he couldn't help but zero in on the soft voice behind him whisper, "Interesting." He really did catch the attention of someone dangerous. Keeping your head down doesn't seem to always work.
  14. JenovaVII

    Mob For Jack by Zaria (Eng)

    Original name: Mob for Jack Manga ALT. names: N/A Original run: 2009 Description: Jack looks like an innocent boy on the outside, but his body actually yearns for a man. What happens when he joins the military and someone there finds out about his secret? Manga-type: Manga Series Written by: Zaria Drawn by: Zaria Status: Completed Genres: Adult, Drama, Smut, Yaoi Categories: Drama, Rape, BDSM, Tragedy Main Characters: Jack Recommendations: Seifukusha Download Mob For Jack Manga Chapter 1 Chapter 2 For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  15. lsd

    Neji no Kaiten

    Original name: ねじの回転 Manga ALT. names: The Turn of the Screw, Neji no Kaiten Original run: 2000 Description: Ryu is sleeping with his college professor, but doesn't feel loved, so he decides to kidnap his professor's son, Hayato, out of revenge. As it turns out, Hayato's relationship with his father is not very good, so he winds up living with Ryu. The doujinshi called "Nezi no Kaiten - EX", (done by the mangaka) begins when they start living together. It was released inside the book -6mm no Taboo. Manga-type: Manga Series Written by: Sadahiro Mika Drawn by: Sadahiro Mika Published by: Magazine Magazine Group(s) Scanlating: Nakama Status: Completed Completely Scanlated: Yes Completely Translated: Yes Genres: Drama, Mature, Romance, Smut, Yaoi Categories: Seke, Age-gap, Drama, Rape, Teacher – Student, Incest Main Characters: Ryu, Hayato Adaptations available: N/A Recommendations: Foreskin Boys, Haito Diamond, Shinu hodo Suki, Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari, -6mm no Taboo Read Neji no Kaiten Online Neji no Kaiten Download Neji no Kaiten Manga DOWNLOAD For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  16. Rhye_Meow

    Stalker for hire

    SUMMARY: Ueda Hibiki 20 year old beautiful androgynous man , and freeter who enjoys the life of being a hedonist. His promiscuity led him to the world of trouble, being chase by the husband of the woman he slept with. In his attempt to escape, he break-in inside a car, thinking it was empty. After a few minutes, a man emerge from the shadows and say "I'll hire you as my Stalker." STATUS: On going DISCLAIMER: I do not condone the act of stalking, nor intend to make light or fun with the subject. This part is necessary with the story that i wanted to convey. (Please read spoiler for further details.) CHAPTER ONE Shit! So it comes to this huh? That wretch said she's single! Ha. Ha, What do i do now? I can't come home and bring trouble, it's not even my house!! Ueda Hibiki: a freeter, currently - a dead man walking. 3 hours earlier.. "Nggnn, shit ~what a slut! " he was having a one night stand with a woman he met on a bar that night. She was cute, kinda old for his taste, since he usualy go for the innocent type highschool vibe. But he was a hedonist; all the pleasure he can get, he grabs without second thought. He was a freeter, obviously without any money, so they made the deed in the woman's house. 'It's fine i live alone anyway.' the woman said. "Ohhh, ahh! Please.. do me harder!" The woman moaned and groan under him. What a slut indeed! Allowing anal sex on the first night! Thank goodness for condoms! He said himself. "Yosh! Here i come..." As he was pounding his way to the big 'O' moment, the bedroom door burst open. The joined bodies suddenly stop, like they have been poured by ice water. Hibiki, looked at the man in front of the door, then the woman then the man again. Realizing the situation , he pulled out and stammer. "Ah! Shit! You're married?!" Shouting at the woman under him. With a coy smile she answered "Well, i'm touched you believed my story, but hardly anyone says the truth when on hooking up right?" This bitch! "Bro, listen i'm sorry okay?! I didn't know she was... hey? Bro?who are they?!" Behind the man whose seething with rage and clenching his jaw was 5 burly men, who look like they are ready to kill him, slowly inching forward.. "Aniki, what should we do with this fucker?" One guy wearing tacky clothes ask the man in front, who is now cracking his knuckles. Aniki? Oh no! The yakuza? "I'm sorry honey, you never come home and...." the woman said, but it's obvious she isn't showing any kind of remorse. "Get that man and bring him 'there'!" The man finally spoke. Being punched kick and drag , Hibiki thought that this is where he will die. But the heavens haven't really forsake him, -either that or he was just a devil indiguise. He seduced one of the underling who was eyeing at his bare ass and said" Bro, if you let the cuffs on my feet lose and untie my hand, i'll let you take my ass.." Seeing as the man was guarding him alone for now. Just to add another wound to the attack, he stick out his tongue and swirl it around. He knew his strenght very well,looking really tempting; and that instant, the man untie him , well only his feet, the pervert needed some kind of restraint on him to make sure he can take his time and devour him. "Ah, bro please be gentle it really hurts.." tears was in his eye, but being raped, he admit gives him a new kind of thrill. After a few round, the man untie his hand and shove him on the floor, continuing with the assault. "Fuck this is so good!" The man grunt. In the moment the man was convulsing, almost ready to burst, Hibiki leaned in and kiss him, frenching his tongue.. "omph!" The man moaned; just before he released Hibiki bit his tongue and the tangy taste and smell of blood rushed in his mouth and nose. Cough. Cough. He almost choke , he spit a few times before grabbing a few of his clothing. "Arghh!" The man writhes in pain and roll on the floor. "Sorry bro, that was fun but i don't intend to die here." Running as fast as he could, slightly woobling, bare feet and injured all over, Hibiki pushed open the gate and escape without a definite direction. Stumbling a few times, he groaned and tried to get up, but he caught the sound of hurried footsteps chasing him. "Get the motherfucker!" He was instantly spotted. Adrenaline rush takes over him, forget the fact that he was aching all over, he crawled and stand and ran like the wind. Huff. Huff. 10 minutes of chasing and they are closely gaining distance. Where is this place. So dark! He was panicking. He was running a dark road for ten minutes without a sign of house or life nearby. Another 2 minutes, he spotted a warehouse with open garage. Thinking he could ask for help if someone see him tattered and covered with blood, he ran through the garage looking for some kind of life. "Anyone! Help me!" He plead, already near the limit of his strenght. Although lit, the garage was seemingly lifeless. Not one soul present. He can already feel them closing in, and he was crying in desperation. Trying to prop open the cars one by one, looking for a place to hide. He has no luck, all of them was locked. Well ofcourse it is! Gee! He was already accepting death. The last car he haven't tried was in the far end of the garage, the part where it was not covered by light. With trembling hands he tried to open the driver seat. Kacha. He was momentarily stunned. It opened! "Search everywhere! That guy must be hiding somewhere..." he heard the voices approaching stopping his stupor. He climb inside and silently close the door. Trying to bend and scoot himself under the seat. Ha. Ha. Ha. Calm down stupid breath! He told himself. A few second later, he realized that he has not locked the door, just when he was about to try to manually lock it, it made a clicking sound. Huh? It locked.? Rattle ratlle. He froze when he heard someone rattling the knobs, "this is locked too! Shit! Check around the warehouse, maybe he is hiding in there! Go!" His pursuer said to his companion and they ran towards the warehouse. Thank goodness! This car is heavily tinted like shit!! He said to himself. Realizing that he is safe for now, he heave a sigh of relief, and sit and the drivers seat. Touching his chest trying to calm his heart, the car reverberates his muffled sobbing. Rustle. Shock by the sound, he looked left and right, but see no one. Click. A light behind him suddenly flickered, and he heard someone inhaling and exhaling smoke. Freezing in place; Hibiki took a peek at the rear view mirror, and see a figure slowly emerging from the back seat, inching forward, just enough for the figure to be seen in the dim of the light outside. A man with long black hair wearing dark sharp suit was gazing at him through the mirror. He took another drab of the smoke and exhale, while smirking at him, the man spoke with an eerily cold voice, "Na, cornered rat.. I'll hire you as my stalker."
  17. This will be the very first story I have ever written so it's going to be very bad probably. And also it is not just my story, I am creating this story from a role-play that I am doing with someone. I am gonna give credit to this person. WE are co-writers, I hope this story turns out real well, and let me know what you think. ( The life of Keji Hiroshi, as his life goes through drastic changes because of an innocent slave Miyuki he bought on an instinct.. What will happen to Miyuki; will he be able to live an independent life or forever be stuck in the slave trafficking trade. What do you think will happen, come and read to find out.) Authors Note: Hey names Dani, no hiding that, I am gonna try and create a really interesting story that I am taking from a Role play I am currently doing on a chat client. I decided to make it into a story because it just seems to good to let it slip into the cracks for no one to read. I will be giving half the credit to my role-play partner because they are also helping me make this. This is my first time writing a story, yet alone a yaoi story so I am kinda afraid of how it will turn out. I will give you the character information and then a small part of the beginning of the story. I hope you all enjoy. Background: It's modern times, Keji Hiroshi, lives in the state of Vermont, his family is extremely wealthy they live in a mansion that is near the highway. His father was a slave trader/ owner in secret, even though its modern times, his father was living what his Grandfather lived, and he was hoping Keji would take it up.. But it didn't seem like it was possible Keji was to friendly to the slaves. His father recently died, Keji was happy about that , but his father left him with the staff of his butlers and almost all of his money. Character bio: Name Keji Hiroshi Age: 20 Orientation: Believes he is bisexual Hair: Short Light brown hair with black strikes Eyes: Hazel Body: Athletic Height: 6'3 weight: 170 lb Likes: Jogging, riding his motorcycle laying in the grass on the summer breeze listening to music Dislikes: His father, slavery, money grabbers. Background: Keji grew up being indoctrinated by his father, to believe in slavery and continue it on till the next generation, Keji believes that he wont let it happen , but when his father died his only family left because his mother walked out on them, just there to take his fathers money..Keji deals with the death of his father in the wrong way. Character Bio Two: Name: Miyuki Age: 18 sex: Male Hair: Dirty blond touches his shoulders eyes: Cobalt blue Orientation: Unknown body: Petite Height: 5'7 weight: 140lb Background: When Miyuki was but seven years old, his mother died. His father was never a cruel man before, but he grew sick of looking at the boy, getting too many memories of his late wife who he looks just like. With that, Miyuki's father sold him into slavery where he was taught to be someone's pet. He was never touched sexually but he was punished when he did something wrong, having scars on many parts of his body such as his hands, arms, legs and chest when he was whipped repeatedly. Author's Note: This will be the first chapter just the character bio's and background..
  18. Rhye_Meow

    Yukidaruma (Snowman)

    Summary: 33 years old - recently divorced Noborou Shin decided to drink his sorrows away one night and ends up sitting at a bench park. To his shock, a young man- probably in his early 20's; started talking to him and even sits besides him all comfortable and friendly. To Shin, this guy is probably a prostitute. But who is he really? Yukidaruma is a tale of Shin's failure and his attempt to get back up and move forward. Struggling of dating again after a lost love. A dead end job with no savings whatsoever.. Shin is just a regular joe.... With an extra ordinary new friend. Prologue My world has gone to shit.. Swaying around and losing his footing, Shin Noborou tried to sober up before hailing a cab. I outdid myself tonight. Woo boy, do i even have enough money for transpo? He drank alot today, which is in all honesty a new thing for him. It felt horrible. How can drunks live like this? Ugh.. might as well rest here. The city park is just a few minutes away from his home, but the construction on the road nearby would be dangerous to walk under his conditon. As such, a cab is the best way to go. But a cab, while dizzy.. no way. Vomitting in the vehicle is highly possible. Seeing as the park has a vendo machine , he thought i was a good idea to drink coffee or anything warm to help him calm faster. However, ducking down and taking the drink out of the receptacle is a feat next to impossibility. His knees gave away as he tried to take the can of coffee and he stumbled with a loud thud. "Ahh!" Giving up almost instantly, Shin decided to shamefully crawl to the nearest bench and rest for a while. Haa.. my butt is wet. Tch. "Mister, if you sit on the bench without wiping the snow off, your balls will be cold and it'll probably fall off." "Ha?!" Surprised by the voice coming beside him. Shin immediately look at the source of the irritating sound. A young man, with long limbs and arms dressed in dark brown coat is scraping off the ice at the empty space on the bench. "What are you doing, kid? Don't bother me." Obviously not in the mood for some company, he tried to be as harsh as he could. He's probably a prostitute. "Mister, did you dropped your can? Here.. take this." The young man took his arm a little forcefully and place a warm can on it. Without even checking what's inside, Shin opened up the can and eagerly gulp a few big ones. "Puuuu! Wha?! What the fuck is this?!" He threw the can on the snow-filled paving blocks and looked at the giggling man besides him. "It's a weird flavor no one seems to enjoy. It's been on that vendo for quite sometime." The young man has soft deep voice. Appearance wise, Shin can't say for certain. The only light on the park was a post that has been blinking a few times per minute, it was snowing and quite frankly, he was completely drunk. He's always been a responsible drinker. So it never really gotten to the point that he can't remember anything after. But that aside, he knew this kid is trouble. And although drunk, he knew it's best to stay away. "Alright, i've sobered up. Time to go home." Hoisting himself by bracing the arm rest, Shin slowly stood up and left the kid. "Mister, do you know how many people have been sleeping here everynight?" Why is this guy following me? Leave me be.. i'm not a pervert. Whatever, i'll just ignore him. "You're walking kinda funny mister. For a drunk that is. Did you somehow injured yourself when you.. pffft!! When you stumbled earlier?" The young man shook his head , making the snow that fell on it splatter to Shin's clothes. "Stop laughing at someone else's expense, and... why are you following me anyways?!" Shin exasperate. "Just because." The man answered with a smile on his face. Weird kid. Shin reached the park exit ; luck has turn and a cab was nearby. Finally, i can go home. "Don't stay out too late kid. Go home. It's freezing out here." Just as he step inside the cab, he took one last look at the man. He was smiling at Shin and waving his hand. He sigh. He can't help but worry afterall. "Shin! Come back tomorrow! I'll wait for you here!" The young man had his palms besides his mouth , shouting really loud. Yeah.. whatever. "Wait what?! He called me Shin?!" But how??
  19. ._._._._._._._._._._._._._. PERSONA 4 DJ Night has Become a Sunny Dawn Because You ._._._._._._._._._._._._._. ._._._._._._._._._._._._._. {. Information Language: English Author: Yamada Non Scanlator groups: Ebil Trio, Pandy Warning: Rape, Self-fxcking, Bondage, Threesome #Download Night has Become a Sunny Dawn Because You ._._._._._._._._._._._._._. For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  20. Imonai

    Rape anime

    Hello! This is my first post here I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this.. anyhow, I would like to know if anybody have any tip for any great, hardcore-rape-violent-anime? I've already seen/played/read most of them like Okane ga Nai, Enzai, Boku no Pico, and so on.... I'm not asking for shonen-ai, neither light yaoi-series, like Gravitation or Ai no Kusabi... (which I've also seen) So please, if there is anybody who can give some great tips, let me know! I love hardcore yaoi, the more nasty the better... (for exampel, I drool over Enzai... almost) Thanks!! xoxo Imonai
  21. what do you think? did Thomas Price [Daniel] use a stunt double?? on his *spoiler alert - i suggest that you watched it first or read at your own risk***************************************************************************************frontal nude (i'm talking about*cough* penis shot) in last scene just before credits rolls where we can see his thing (ok2 i'll just say it : Penis! there:hamtaro-005 (8) reason i'm asking and having a doubt is that it isn't his penis at all (IMO: that's stunt double penis) because being given many windows of opportunity in many scenes that involves nudity, tom price/thomas price chose not to showing his penis, and also i read his interview somewhere he said that he's bit uneasy about him nude on screen thing. he said: "this was a very difficult role for me to play because not only were many scenes performed in the nude,..." and "there were feelings of slight unease because i had never done such scenes before...." [read the full interview here: http://bit.ly/l9vMhp = http://koolcampus.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/thomas-price-actor-from-amphetamine-gay-film-i-am-ready-for-success-and-theres-a-price-tag-for-everything/] these backed up my theory that he's not ready to show his penis yet. what do you think guys, care to share your thoughts? or maybe you have found or know something about it(facts and fictions) and evidence(s) to support it, please do share; i'd appreciate it. thank you.
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