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  1. Hello!!! I would like to ask if anyone has heard any updates for this one. I've only been able to find it updated to chapter 4 in English and Spanish. But I am aware that the original is updated with 2 Volumes. Volume one containing about 6 or 7 chapters, the same for chapter two I believe. I am not 100% sure. The author is Pokerou, initial publishing in 2022. I just want to know how it's going and where I can read it or something. Thank you so much!! https://www.mangaupdates.com/series/xcwo4kh/gochisousama-ga-kikoenai
  2. Title: Toratsuki Kaichou, Teawase Negaimasu! Original: 虎憑き会長、手合わせ願います!! Author: Yuukura Aki Year: 2021 Vol 1: LINK Feel free to translate but do not reupload outside of this forum or share on social media.
  3. paulIsia

    Practiced Liar - Medamayaki [JP]

    Title: practiced liar Original: practiced liar Author: Medamayaki Year: 2020 Download: LINK Feel free to translate but do not reupload outside of this forum or share on social media.
  4. samoytoy95

    Smoky Nectar Renew - MINAZUKI Akira

    Smoky Nectar Renew スモーキーネクター Renew MINAZUKI Akira 2022 Download Whoever has program adblock will not be able to load it
  5. samoytoy95

    Beast of Blood - SEINA Anji

    Beast of Blood ビースト オフ ブラッド SEINA Anji 2020 Link Download Do not re-upload to the website other and do not use it to earn money
  6. paulIsia

    Koutei to Kaibutsu - akabeko [JP]

    Title: Koutei to Kaibutsu Original: 皇帝と怪物 Author: akabeko Year: 2021 LINK Feel free to translate but do not reupload outside of this forum or share on social media.
  7. samoytoy95

    Beast of Blood 2 - SEINA Anji

    Beast of Blood 2 ビースト オフ ブラッド 2 SEINA Anji 2022 Link Download Do not re-upload to the website other and do not use it to earn money
  8. paulIsia

    Kakine to Keidai - Omaru [JP]

    Title: Kakine to Keidai Original: 垣根と境内 Author: Omaru Year: 2021 LINK Feel free to translate but do not reupload outside of this forum or share on social media.
  9. Pandemonium Yori Ai wo Komete ℰ KOIWAZURAI Shibito [JP] Original Title: Pandemonium Yori Ai wo Komete Alt. Title: パンデモニウムより愛をこめて, With Love from Pandemonium Author/Artist: KOIWAZURAI Shibito Year of release: 2017 Published by: Futabasha Download Pandemonium Yori Ai wo Komete Manga: Volume 01 [JP] (Link thanks to @rakira!) For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  10. miyahara_sama

    ~Supernatural Tv~ fans

    This is one of my favorite Tv serial and i was curious to see how many fans does it have here.
  11. Title: Cinnamon (Blood Nation #3) BL Novel Author: Derekica Snake Plot: Xavier Von Drachenfeld is being hailed as the first Lord Emperor in four hundred years, and the Blood Nation is starting to break into factions. The redheaded yearling has more on his plate than he can handle: a stalker, perplexing medical issues, and work, all while still trying to learn what it takes to be a Blue Blood vampire. However, a powerful Ancient, Hades, has brought his attention on the young assassin. When Hades speaks, the nation listens, whether it be affairs of state, matters of finance, or orders of assassination. What Hades wants, Hades gets, and Hades wants the redhead. Can a minor Ancient such as Claudius defy that authority? Can the broken lover stand up to protect his heart of hearts? Does the Brotherhood of Von Drachenfeld need outside protection? Then the Lycan Nation begins to move… Support the author by buying this novel Free Worldwide Delivery
  12. boysbeforeflowers34.

    Toriaezu Revenge By: HOTAKA Ran

    Title: Toriaezu Revenge Genre: Comedy, Shounen Ai, Supernatural Volumes: 1 Volume Status: Complete Author: HOTAKA Ran Scanlator: Hanashi (Yaoi), Tsuyu Translations Summary: Tomoya hates his tutor, Hirasawa. Obsessed with his destruction, Tomo creates a doppleganger of himself to do his dirty work for him. But instead of being the evil minion Tomoya had hoped for, Chibi!Tomo loves Hirosawa! But is hatred really the only thing big Tomoya feels for his tutor? Or is hatred only a symptom to the true illness...? [From Tsuyu Translation] Download Toriaezu Revenge: Complete For download reupload requests, please post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  13. Hey everyone! As the title states, I'm interested in a role-play of Dean Winchester and Castiel from the TV show Supernatural. I'd actually like to try playing as Castiel and would prefer not to do an AU. I don't mind which of us plays the dominant/submissive role with either character, or they could swap positions. I'd really like a nice plot to play out before they start getting interested in each other. Feel free to PM or comment if you have any questions or would like to RP!
  14. The angel had little memory of what he had been doing before he had been knocked unconscious, or who had even captured him and their reason why. It pained him to even wake up and regain his consciousness. Castiel tried to move, surprised to find that he was standing, but his arms were cuffed above his head. Forcing his reddened eyes open, he saw that something was obstructing his view like a blindfold or a cloth bag over his head. The angel let out a slight grunt in pain and squeezed his hands into fists as he tried to recall something or someone he might have seen prior to this. Hadn't he been with Dean? He shook his head and let out heavy breaths, letting his eyes close again since he couldn't see anyway.
  15. I'm not sure if the anime I'm thinking of is yaoi, shounen-ai, or just implied boy love, but there was an anime I wanted to watch a little while ago and I thought I wrote the name down but I guess I forgot to. Anyway, I was thinking about it today and would really like to start watching it. I don't know much... or really anything about it. But here is what I do know: -it's like a master/servant genre. -the master has a horn on his head and pointy ears. -the servant wears white and green and has one of those clothes covering his head (like a maid) -there is a weapon, something like a spiked bat. -supernatural setting and supposed to be a comedy I think. -i'm pretty sure the servant character is more of the boss than the master I would really appreciate any help! Thank you in advanced! ~Saiyumi
  16. You'll just never know, the many emotions I choose not to show The final bell had rung, signalling the end of the school day, and the beginning of winter break. Students could be seen chatting with friends, discussing what their plans were for the holidays. Some were going to the mountains, other to see relatives in another part of the country. Some were going overseas, or just staying home and hanging out with friends and family. However, one individual did not join in on any discussions, instead, simply made his way to the front hall, slipping on his shoes, placing his school slippers in his locker, then pulls on his coat, wrapping a white scarf around his neck. Some of the students who were already in the front look over at him, their voices becoming hushed, but he could still hear what they were saying, and it wasn't nice. "So, do you think Himitsu is going to do anything for the holidays?" A girl asks her friends. "Probably not, I mean seriously, that guy is as antisocial as antisocial can get." One replies. Another hushes her, making shooshing noises. "Be quiet, what if he hears you?!?" The second girl laughs. "Oh come off it. I can't help it that he's pretty much the definition of gloom and doom. What's he gonna do, angst me to death?" The three laugh, and walk out together. He simply stares after them, a blank expression on his face. It was almost as if he didn't care what they had said about him. Shifting his bag on his shoulder, he too leaves the school building, but didn't get very far. A foot sticks out in his path, and he stumbles over it, falling down the stairs that led up to the front doors, and lands hard on the ground, flat on his stomach, his face in the dirt. His bag had fallen off, and split open, the contents inside now flying everywhere in the wind. Getting up, he ignores the laughter of the guys who had tripped him, and brushes the dirt of his face, smearing the blood from the cut on his cheek he had gotten from the trip down the stairs. His hands were cut too, and there were rips in his coat, and on the knees of his pants. Blood dripped down from his lip, which had split open when he had fallen, the crimson liquid making a trail down to the tip of his chin. His scarf had flown off, and was now stuck high up in a tree. Unlike most, who would complain about getting tripped and falling down a large set of stone and concrete stairs, he stays silent, and begins to pick up his belongings, stuffing them in his ripped bag. Because of his attitude, how he didn't show emotions, or react to things, he often got picked on, and bullied, because the ones doing the bullying knew he wouldn't react, or try to fight back.
  17. hey everyone. I'm wanting to rp something Dark, Horror, and Sadistic RP. It's going to be master slave themed. I have different plots, but i would like to hear what you all have to say. if your interested in joining pm me. I usually love doing RAPE and abusive relationships or non relationships rps. Mostly anything goes.. from kinky torture, or hardcore rough sex. I do it all. I'm an uke, so i want semes that will dominate me and are controlling. I also can be seme upon request.. but i usually look for dominance. --My Likes, Favorites, Things i will do: Penetration *double penetration, Triple.. and if their's a 4th* , anal sex *love making to rough hardcore* , oral, face fucking, anal enema, mpreg, school play, age play, rape scenes, bondage *mild to heavy* abuse, love. Relationships, sex toys, kinkiness. chocking, blindfolds, spanking, pain, gore, angst, torture, bdsm, fear, force.. and if you want to know of something else you like or wanna try that's not listed, don't be afraid to ask. HUGE FAN OF INCEST! rabbit16 --My Dislikes: godmodding, responses less then a paragraph. (i understand some posts won't be long but don't make them like one sentence or two) --My pairings i would like to do: *bold is what i want to play* --Supernatural Vampire x Vampire Vampire x Human (in process with Maknaehariiex27 ) Werewolf x Human Werewolf x Vampire Ghost x Hunter Hunter x Vampire Demon x Angel Neko x Demon --Misc. Human x Human Royalty x Peasant Master x Slave Master x Furry Servant x Royality --Age Wise Adult x Teen Teen x Teen Father x Son So again, any questions or pairs, genes, or anything that's not here on the list that you want to try or do. Just let me know. I'm open to anything. and if i haven't tried them.. im willing to try it. :hamtaro-005 (6):
  18. Hello fellow role players I've had this idea for awhile now and it just wouldn't go away so I though maybe someone would like to roleplay with me. My Rules: ×Please bare with me if I don't reply for awhil I might be busy ×Do not enter charcters under the age of eighteen ×Im fine with S&M and half animals or shiftshapers but I will not except fully furry/animals. ×Tell me if your going to quit (That's it for the rules.) "Here's the plot." As your family moves into a house near by the ocean you realize that apparently at the bottom of the ocean lives a (merman or watersprit(half human.) Or shiftshaper.)or at least that's what your class mates told you but your unsure if there messing with you because your new and where home taught before.Later on after the creature(my charcter washes up on shore.)causing a disturbance to the towns people once they notice it unconscious.(If you need more details don't be afraid to private message me.) (Oh, and if nesscary I will play the new boy.)
  19. LexHugglez

    Lex's RPG Catalog~(Seme's welcomed)

    Hello there~! The name's Lex, or Lexy. I am a literate uke, so I'm obviously looking for some literate semes to RP with. If you are interested in any of the plots listed below, send me a PM please. DO NOT POST ON HERE. If there is a plot you wish to play out with me, PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. All I really ask is for you to be literate (Grammar and punctuation is correct along with a length of three or more paragraphs) If I've already RPed with you in the past (possibly from another site like Yaoi-Haven, yaoidreams, or ElysiumRolepaly) then just let me know who are and what site you're from so I know what to expect^^ Overall, have fun! Also, I do like to have conversations and get to know my fellow rper, so feel free to just talk to me either in the chat, or just through messaging back and forth. A Dragon's Bride-To-Be In a village hidden deep within a forest, a bride has been chosen....or more like a prisoner has been decided to be taken. In this village, when a young boy has become of age they are decided on becoming the bride of the Dragon God that lives within a mountain fortress that has been said to be made of gold with beautiful lilies sprouting from every pool of water there. One boy has just been chosen to become the next bride of the Dragon God, but unlike the others he is the reincarnation of the Dragon God's beloved who had died long ago at a time when Gods and Humans were at peace. The boy is almost the spitting image of the boy from long ago, however unlike the previous bride Haneul is calm, and adapts to the immortal realm that the Dragon God lives in. For the mountain that the dragon lives in, is a gateway to and from the immortal realm of the gods, to the mortal realm of the humans. So much happens between the fated two....pain and love all at once come over the two soon-to-be husband and bride. (possible m-preg. I would be playing the village boy) Do You Love the Forest...? About five hundred years into the future, a nuclear explosion happens on earth in which plants from the moon that were growing but went crazy, had descended upon Earth and only a few people were saved in sleep chambers. A thousand years pass since the new beginning of Earth, and its inhabitants fear the forest now that it is more alive than ever and more than pissed at mankind. A certain city of peaceful people have made peace with the forest, and its many elders who are stronger than normal human have been given such gifts from the forest. When one of the city's younger adults explores the forbidden areas of the city that go on below their dwellings, he discovers another male around his age bathing in the pools. Warning the male that he should stay out of the water or else it'll anger the forest spirits and guards; the boy shows himself as non other than the forest guardian who is the heart of the forest itself and protected heavily by it. The two become friends though......and more......but can one really love a plant? (I would be playing the forest guardian) I'm Good When a man's lover is kidnapped while he is away, he must find him. However unlike the man from Taken, this man doesn't find his lover in time to save him. He ends up finding the boy a year later completely drugged and used. In fact the boy was drugged to the point of being numb and high. However, this time, the man doesn't let him get away, and now has to get out of the slums of New York with his lover. Or die trying. (This one would take place when they first meet, then to when they are lovers, and then go into the kidnapping. From there we'll get to the seme trying to rescue his uke and more) (Warning: Contains Rape and Drugs) A Vampire's Soulmate and Bride Amongst the world of mortals are the immortals. They walk amongst us, and live among us....even LOOK like us.....but they aren't....well US. They are vampires.... And the higher ranked of them all has been searching......for a bride. He finds his bride among those filled with blood in our veins though, and though he has many candidates to choose from, only this one boy can quench his thirst and hunger, as well as fill his heart. What starts as a game of cat and mouse, slowly becomes a love game. Will the vampire manage to win the boy's heart without using his vampire abilities, or has the goddess of love cursed the vampire to live a life unloved by the one he wants the heart of...? (Obviously I would play the role of the bride. Possible M-preg, but it's completely optional) He Has A Premium Quality Body!! Once an ordinary high school kid, ______ after a strange incident, now sees everyone as animals. It's crazy, and for some odd reason he's attracting men and women of all kinds too. What the hell is going on??? (Warning: Contains M-pregnancy) Job Application For Hell _____company, but when he was called out for a new job, he took the offer. The offer was to be a replacement worker in Hell. Upon arrival he meets the King of Hell himself, __Satan(can have an actual name though__ and their love story full of suspense, and maybe even a tragedy unfolds. (Warning: Possible rape in this one) We Were Wrong... Earth now has been around for a very long time. However....there are things we don't know, and that is that there is a floating island filled with deer-like creatures that have helped the earth prosper so well, and who come down at night to help the forests, oceans, and animals. But.... Now that we have figured out how to use greenhouses, and filterers for our waters, as well as farming animals.....we seem to think these creatures unneeded. Now after fifty years of the military and government poisoning our minds, they have decided to launch an attack on the deer-like creatures. They have spread about that the deer-creatures are dangerous, and can take human lives with a single touch. The best way to exterminate one is to remove its head and destroy its heart. However.....we were wrong....and as a soldier becomes wounded.....he finds out the truth....the truth behind the deer-creatures.....and the truth behind the government. (I would playing a deer creature) Can Beauty Love A Beast? In an abandoned mansion lives a rumor that has been locked away inside for centuries. Inside lies a beast with a dark past and a cold heart. He yearns for love, but is too filled with rage to try and find it. He has one servant that does everything for him from food to cleaning. The only time someone has seen the beast is when he takes a walk around the house, but even then his face is not seen for he wears a cloak when outside and even inside his home. Disgusted by his appearance, the beast's anger grows and grows. The lonely beast, who feels like the light of day is something he is not worthy of. That is....until he meets a boy who, on a dare, spends the night in the mansion on his own. That is when the two paths cross, and their destinies are rewritten. However, a beast is a beast....and beauty is a human..does the fear he set in the boy scare him too far to love a beast like him? Or perhaps the boy can see past the ugly and the temper the beast holds to see that the beast is more than he appears to be. Maybe having not always been a beast..? [[idea from Beauty and the Beast, but I'm thinking the beast is poisoned into the shape he is in now. Perhaps as a human he was rude and crude, given a poison that turns him into a monster? Instead of the magic stuff^^]] (I would playing the boy for this one^^) On Love's Wings Within the mountains are a numerous amount of villages and cottages. Within a village that is hidden within a particular area, there is a secret. The people within the village are bird-like shifters. You see, in these mountains, the villagers are never humans. They are ALL shifters of separate species. In the bird-like village of shifters, a boy is known to shift into an enormous golden-feathered falcon that is said to be bigger than two average sized men. He is kept even deeper in the village secrets, but humans have been tracking him AND his kind for centuries. Finally, a group of poachers have tracked him and are now on the hunt. Leaving his village in secret to protect his loved ones, the bird-like boy escapes the trackers and hides out within a human populated village many miles outside the mountains. He hides within the population to his adult years where his bird size has grown, and his wings longer. It has been a long time since he shifted though since he had not had the opportunity to. Now working in a business field, the boy (now a man) has adapted to human traveling as well as human speach. Now however he is facing threats once more on poachers discovering him....but he also discovers something else.......love. (I would play the falcon for this RP) The Tengu In My Heart Okay, basically this is a yaoi twist on the most amazing manga in the world, Black Bird. I highly recommend reading this manga before deciding on this RP or at least reading a synopsis of it. The Rp will involve m-preg, which I personally am fond of since I want to have kids one day and basically imagine a realistic circumstance in which a human male gets pregnant. Trust me, I have a very vivid imagination. I'd also like this to be a take-your-time rp where we take our time getting from meet-and-greet to relationship. Also, I would be playing Misao, and you would be playing Kyou. Make your own OC though, I refuse to steal characters from a mangaka artist, but I absolutely love the plot and everything. PM me if you are interested in this one and we can discuss and questions you may have or suggestions^^
  20. † _ Plot Ao No Exorcist Universe It is said that Satan was the only one who is able to open The Gates of Gehenna, the only one able to open his realm into Assiah. But a secret is yet soon to be revealed. Shirō Fujimoto, Exorcist: Paladin, father to Rin and Yukio Okumura, sired a son seventeen years before his death, and also the first human to successfully open The Gates of Gehenna. Shin Kuromi Pius, Exorcist: Upper First Class, found out that Satan had a hand in his father's death and in a bid to exact his revenge followed his father's trails and came to know the secrets of opening the Gehenna Gates. He did so, in a hidden location, heavily scripted with demon protection circles, just before he plunged into its depths; not knowing that he left behind an open gate. Demon activity in Vatican drastically increased after that, and all available Exorcists were dispatched to lend in a hand. Meanwhile, Mephisto Pheles, True Cross Academy Principal, figures out that the Gehenna Gates have been opened and dispatches the Okumura twins along with a few others to investigate it. Upon their failure on pinpointing where the Gates of Gehenna had been opened, Mephisto recalls them and gives them the most dangerous mission no Exorcist had been given: To go to Gehenna itself and find the one responsible. But what awaits them in the realm of the demons is something they'd never expect. † _ Genre Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Angst/Tragic/Comedy on the side † _ Rules Good Grammar No Godmodding Maximum of 2 Meister Categories Characters must be 18 and above Maximum of 2 Familiars if you have Tamer as a Category Must be able to reply a minimum of 1 paragraph[6-8 sentences] † _ Warning Violence, Possible disturbing descriptions, Strong language, Hardcore yaoi scenes Players † _ It is not necessary to choose a per-existing character. OCs are very much welcomed. [TABLE=class: grid, width: 500, align: center] [TR] [TD]Role Players[/TD] [TD]Characters[/TD] [TD]Exorcist Class[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Saga[/TD] [TD]Okumura, Rin[/TD] [TD]Exorcist Middle Second Class[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Dusutii[/TD] [TD]Arthur Cerluian[/TD] [TD]Exorcist Middle First Class [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Satou-san[/TD] [TD]Yoshitsunaga, Shou[/TD] [TD]Esquire[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]KyAzrel[/TD] [TD]Shin Kuromi Pius[/TD] [TD]Exorcist Upper First Class[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]InkompleteWish[/TD] [TD]Jasper[/TD] [TD]Demon [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Techno[/TD] [TD]- - -[/TD] [TD]- - -[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Exorcist Ranks † _ No taking the big three: Chancellor, Arc Knight and Paladin
  21. GrimRabbit

    Psychic Love

    Name: Saito Hiroshima Age:19 Looks: short spiky purple hair. Bright green eyes with child like features. Height is 5'7. Personality: He's short tempered and slightly bratty. But in truth, he can be really sweet and caring. Even if he denies it later. Short Bio: Saito grew up in Osaka,Japan. He lived with his little sister Naomi and his father who owns his own fashion company. When he was 10,his mother went off for what she said was an urgent meeting. But later she was found dead in a parking lot. In what seems to be a robbery gone wrong. Saito was never the same since. He easily snapped at people causing him not to have so many friends. He doesn't even smile anymore. But what he never understood,was what kind of meetings his mom was going to. And why was she killed? What was she hiding from him?
  22. GrimRabbit

    Supernatural Love Complex

    Saito walked through the corridor of the university, his purple hair swaying side to side. He ignored the stares he got from the other university students. He glanced out the window,watching the snow fall silently to the ground. He continued walking. He's now a freshman in college and it seems the gossip about him being some sort of werid purple headed childish kid has somehow traveled to his university. He hated it,how he had to pretend to be happy. But he had to,he can't show any weakness. He had to,for his father. The freshman had been walking aimlessly until he reached what looked to be the library. He opened the door which mad a eerie creaking noise. He poked his head through the doorway,seeing it empty,he walked in. Saito walked through the dusty library' Geez,do they ever clean this place?' He thought to himself,curling his face in disgust. He glanced down and saw a lone book laying on a nearby table. He looked around the empty room,looking for a sign that anyone was around. Seeing none,he slowly walked over to the table picking up the book.'It doesn't have a title...', He was examining the book when he heard a loud bang.
  23. I looked around me. A forest surrounded me and when I looked above me, a blazing canopy caught my sight. I didn't know what was going on. "Sebastian, where are you?" I shouted as I started following the dirt path before me. Then a few moments later, I was caught off guard when a large branch caved in on my and sent my rolling down a stickily hill. The tumble lasted longer than I thought it would, but once I reached the bottom I felt relief. I stood and went to take a step only to find that my leg was broken. 'Just great..' I thought as I brushed my leg off to examine the wound. I winced as I ran my fingers lose to the open flesh, but now at least this sight no longer bothered me. I have gotten use to these types of wounds. I started trying to walk only to end up stumbling not far from where I was previously. "Damn it..." I cursed as I tried getting up again. However, before I could fully stand, something caught my eye. A slight shift of the brush just to my right caused me to look and listen closely. What met my eyes was nothing but sudden darkness, almost as if the canopy of fire above me was suddenly extinguished by some unknown cause. I looked back over as the sound of rustling grew stronger. Blood red eyes were all that I could see now. "Seb-sebas...", before I could finish speaking, a figure lunged at me. "Ahh!!" I awoke with a start. My breathing was heavy and my heart was racing. I looked down and saw my tight grasp on the sheets. "Ha, it was only a dream......"I clutched onto my chest, "only a dream...". Not even a moment later and Sebastian busted through the door. "Young master, what is wrong?" He asked in a somewhat frantic tone. I looked at him for a moment and then responded, "nothing..". He looked at me incredulously, but brushed it off. "I was just having another nightmare." I said when the awkward silence was becoming too much. He turned back to face me. "Hmm, I see. But young master it is quite weird for a demon to have dreams, let alone sleep like a mortal." Sebastian commented with a concentrated look on his face. 'Yes, it has been weird.' I thought. Then Sebastian broke my thoughts. "Anyway, young master, today we have Camellia tea with soul scones." I took the cup and scone quickly and began my meal. "My young master, your appetite has increased lately." Sebastian's comment bothered me at first, but then I decided it didn't matter and continued eating. "I wish we didn't have to stay in this disgusting cottage." I said when I had finished eating. "Forgive me young master, but I cannot find a better place right now to hide." Sebastian responded as he took my plate and cup. "Why did this happen to us?" I questioned as I leaned back. My eyes drifted close again and pictures from my dreams filled my mind. Though I wasn't able to examine them long before a loud crash sounded at the front door, and the faint smell of flesh began to fill the air..... I jumped up from the bed, and my heart began racing. "Sebastian! Sebastian, where are you?" I called out. My only response was the sound of clattering and crashes coming from just behind the entrance to my room. I stood up and rushed to the door but when I tried to open it, it wouldn't budge. I tried as hard as I could but it still would not open. "SEBASTIAN, where are you?" I screamed but still my only response was the sound of crashes. I sank to floor, and awaited my fate. Time passed by slowly, and when the morning sun shone through the window, I glanced up hearing shifting sounds just before the door creaked open. I shuttered and waited..."Young master, are you unharmed?" I sighed in relief as I saw Sebastian kneeling down next to me. He grasped my face and began searching for any sort of scratch to see if I was lying. I could feel my face begin to heat up so I quickly slapped his hand away and put more distance between us. "I-I'm fine...But what took you so long?" I asked trying to hide my flustered voice. He sighed then looked back towards me, "forgive me young master, but it seems we had a few more 'visitors' than I had expected. Not only that, but they were better equipped this time around. Even a larger number of demons decided to appear, and I had to deal with them first..." Then he suddenly stopped and bowed down to me. "I'm sorry young master, I did not prepare breakfast for you yet, and there is quite a bit of cleaning I'm going to have to do." I looked behind him only to see a huge mess. Holes littered the walls and shattered glass was sprawled out all over the tiled floor. I sighed, "never mind that, I'm just hungry." "Sorry young master, but that is going to have to wait. Just because it is morning does not mean that our pursuers are no longer looking for us. I suggest we leave now and I will bring you a soul on our way." I wasn't too thrilled with that idea but none the less I followed along. Our journey brought us to a wooded area. Somehow it looked familiar, but I ignored that feeling and continued on with Sebastian carrying me. The daylight was starting to dim as night approached. "Young master, would you like to stop and rest?" I looked up at Sebastian and agreed. "Where is the soul you promised me?" I asked him. He couldn't help but chuckle and respond with, "I will go and fetch it now. There is a village near here so I shouldn't be long." "Good, I'll wait here then." I said and as soon as the last syllable left my lips, he vanished. "Stupid demon..." I looked around not being able to ignore the feeling that I was being watched. "Maybe I should've went with him..." I whispered. I shook my head and began blushing, "Humph, it's not like I always need Sebastian around. I'm a demon too..." Before I knew it, I fell asleep to the quietness of the forest. I awoke not much later and a blazing canopy lingered above me. I didn't know what was going on. "Sebastian, where are you?" I shouted as I started following the dirt path before me. Then a few moments later, I was caught off guard when a large branch caved in on my and sent my rolling down a stickily hill. The tumble lasted longer than I thought it would, but once I reached the bottom I felt relief. I stood and went to take a step only to find that my leg was broken. 'Just great..' I thought as I brushed my leg off to examine the wound. I winced as I ran my fingers lose to the open flesh, but now at least this sight no longer bothered me. I have gotten use to these types of wounds. I started trying to walk only to end up stumbling not far from where I was previously. "Damn it..." I cursed as I tried getting up again. However, before I could fully stand, something caught my eye. A slight shift of the brush just to my right caused me to look and listen closely. What met my eyes was nothing but sudden darkness, almost as if the canopy of fire above me was suddenly extinguished by some unknown cause. I looked back over as the sound of rustling grew stronger. Blood red eyes were all that was before me. "Hello Ciel, we meet at last." This mysterious shadow said. "Wh-Who are you?" I asked frightened. "Oh, but don't you remember me? I was one of the ones who raise you all those years ago, don't tell me you forgot?" I stared blankly at the figure. "I have no idea what you're talking about." I responded. "No? Well then, maybe this will refresh your memory. Your father, Lord Phantomhive, took in a stranger off the streets. And with that stranger he made a pact 'No matter what, you cannot let 'him' have my son'. Those were the conditions, then the night of the fire, my prize was stolen from me. And now, I want revenge. However, I need you as a bargaining chip. You don't mind right, making a deal with the Devil himself?" .......... A.N: Hey, first story on here so please tell me what you think of it, thanks http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/images/smilies/Hamtaro/hamtaro-005%20(23).gif
  24. miyahara_sama

    ~Tales of Another World~

    Summary: Two people traveling together through different lives, realms and states. Does fate really exist and will they always be together? Status: In progress Author's Note: When i started writing this story i wasn't going to post it or show it to someone but...sis convinced me it might be a good idea the story has supernatural base and i intent to make it long. It's written as a journal. I hope you (the ones that we'll read it) will like and enjoy it! Here's the first part of the first chapter ----------------------------------------------- Tales of another world 1. How i met you again ~Part 1 All people ask themselves what is out there,is the universe kind or would it strike us down at the first touch with something alien to human kind. We get born into this world,we learn things,we do bad and good and at a certain point we move on...yes,move on because leaving our temporary solid state doesn't mean it all ends there,we still go on and on and on. I heard many skeptics saying that we only live once,i must contradict,the correct sentence is we only live once in this form,as this certain person,in this family and with one or many tasks to accomplish during this time but we live many times just in other conditions. From the beginning of time when souls were created out of pure energy they all come from a single place so they have a little something in common but that place was so big that they all differ a lot,new souls are always made but most people here on earth have already gone through more than one form,the proof is quite simple...think of how many things come to you naturally even if you don't remember ever learning them. From the ocean of souls there are groups of similar ones but only pairs that come from the same spot and are more similar to one another then to all the rest. That night when the accident happened i was feeling the happiest woman in the whole world because i was finally free,in that time you mostly had to depend on your parents before marriage. My white gown was flying graciously behind me as i was running down the hill to meet him,i was so excited i would have started flying if i had wings,too bad i didn't. My mind was wandering around,all i could think about was him,his beautiful,mesmerising eyes,his charming smile,the wonderful smell his skin gave when he was holding me in his arms. We were compatible in every possible way,i knew i found the one or better said,my soul recognised it's twin and craved to have it close,arm reach close. The road seemed like it won't end but in the next second i could see his house and the rush that passed through my blood made it run even faster,even my cheeks became bright red because of the run,the excitement and a thought that came to my mind that moment,shamefull me but ... It's only normal to want the one you love to all extents and in every form body and soul. As i got closer the excitement started radiating through all my body as if the energy of my soul was exploding and attracting other energies...i never expected that to come until it stroke me with a speed i didn't understand. One minute i was running happily to my love and the next i was lying on my back while another energy disrupted my personal one and made my whole body circuits fry and my heart stop. Something pulled me with a force i couldn't fight,i didn't wanna go,i still had so much i wanted to do here,so many things i wanted to see,wanted to do,it wasn't fair,i wanted time but i couldn't fight,i had to go in that place again. When you are in spirit form only you get to see it all,while still connected to your last life and the people you loved in it you can see them all,all the lives you lived. Soul is energy and energy is information in compressed form. All you've learned,all you've discovered in every life you can see in spirit form,some are pretty pictures and some are like scenes from horror movies and you can see them all in vivid colours all your births and living times and deaths. The last one always breaks you and leaves a new scar on your soul. The most beautiful souls are the ones that have many scars because they have been through so much in every life and suffered to the point others would break but they still glow powerfully and give a feeling of warmth and kindness anytime you come close to them. My soul was in pain,ripped so early out of it's temple. Why? I had my life all figured out,i had found my soulmate even though that's really hard to do in any lifetime,i regretted the time i spent away from him,the time i took to take decisions even though it was so simple,the way i saw things now made me realise I've wasted a lot of my life being afraid of consequences than actually living,i was such a fool. My soul was floating in midair,i couldn't turn back into my body,in fact i wasn't interested in it anymore,once the connection chain broke that was just an empty shell i left behind. For a reason i couldn't understand i never regretted leaving my body but i did regret leaving the people i loved behind. I remember in ancient times you could take the ones you love with you If you died but that was really selfish,in the face of death even the most brave person waver so you would put the ones you love through fear And pain. Souls are not material so you can't see them with your bare eyes but If you are connected to one you will most certainly feel it. I could see him cry,i wanted to wipe his tears and caress his head but i wasn't material anymore. He covered his eyes with both hands and i could only hear his heartbreaking sights. Don't hide your beautiful face love...i said that even though i knew he couldn’t hear me and i got close enough to kiss his intertwined hands. As If he could feel it he raised his eyes in what seemed to be my direction but i knew he was just looking at the sky and with slightly parted lips he said...Why did you leave me? Even though i knew he couldn't blame me for something that was out of my control i still felt guilt. I didn't know what was waiting for me ahead but i could choose what i wanted to do as freely as i did in my physical form,maybe more,If i didn't want to disappear i had to go to the space where souls dwell after death but i could stay here for him until he won't need me anymore.
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