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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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    • With every information the other was sharing his heart was hurting him, not understanding how someone could be so cruel with a child and doing that just to make him stronger in their point of view. That was crazy. He was stating to hate those people that did him so wrong as a child and those elders with their thirst for power despite the way they were achieving.  Lotus flower he said softly smiling gently as he was finishing dressing up the clothes the other brought him which surprisingly were fitting him just perfect. I like that, he added stepping closer to the other standing in front of him now.  You shouldn't feel sorry for liking certain things. That's something yours that no one can take it away. As i see you've managed to keep that pretty well, he smiled pointing out his room that was filled with flowers and also the garden outside.  I would love that, he reached his hand out smiling wanting to see the other rooms and how he preserved the flowers that were a mere memory of his mother. He thought about the child that he was and how lonely he might have felt, not having someone to go too or hold on too. Always having to act brave and fearful. He wanted to be that vulnerable part of him. The one that he could seek comfort and be himself without hiding behind all those walls of a beast that he created. He wanted to protect him from anyone that would want to harm him now even more. HE now could understand better why he was acting like that outside and putting up a show. He had to. The rumors were like that because he intent them to but behind closed doors, he was a silly guy that loved so many things and was so caring but was forced to hide that side of him. Keeping it locked. They were coming from so different surroundings and yet they managed to find each other and ended up in this situation. Maye the mating thing was something he needed and was meant for him to have at this point. Maybe they actually were destined to be together and change things.  Is not always the fierce Yukie shows his hideouts,  he winked keeping his soft smile on his face, wanting to show the other that he was fine with this that was between them. He couldn't say it was love. It was too soon for that. But he was slowly starting to care for him. maybe it was the bond that was forming or who knew. All that he was sure about at that moment was that he wanted to stay beside him and protect him as much as he could. 
    • “Well each heir In my clan has had a different mark taking after what they like or enjoy in life...my favorite thing that I could remember at an early age. Well, it was a lotus flower from my late mother’s garden that I could see from my bedroom window. Seeing it’s beauty And being reminded of her was something that I loved and enjoyed a lot when I stayed locked inside” Yukie replied embarrassed that his mark would be something so feminine and shameful for such a powerful wolf. “Sorry I know it’s not the best mark...usually most alphas have snarling wolves or something else.” Yukie replied with a blush feeling rather vulnerable in front of his mate but...it wasn’t Entirely a bad feeling.   “We use to have a nice koi pond and garden my mother designed but grandfather saw my interest in it and had it destroyed...along with anything else that you see in my room. He was afraid I would miss my parents to much and become weak and soft hearted” Yukie explained the story showing just why his room had soft pillows blankets and was filled with plants crystals and other things that brought him peace and happiness. “I have six other rooms like this in my wing of the house if you want to see?” Yukie asked wanting to show his mate around in his own desperate attempt to keep from pushing Ginto away and to try and keep him longer really enjoying his company more then he would ever admit to Ginto.
    • "That's good. I'm glad you found someone who makes you happy." Ren replied offering Ash a smile. "Just don't forget to make time for me." He added his smile growing. While he wanted Ash to be happy he still wanted to spend time with him too, Ash still being really important to him. He couldn't help but laugh when the bird hopped closer and Ash told it that it was his apple followed by the bird flying away. "I think that bird liked you." He teased.   "Oh? We'll have to test it." Kaine mused with a smile as his pants were quickly removed. Feeling the other's tongue in his already hard length had him moaning happily. Shifting to spread his legs wider. "Hurry... to impatient." He groaned. As much as he liked it he really just needed his husband. "You'll have plenty of other chances to tease and take it slow." Kaine added.
    • He was surprised when he heard him talk from within the room. i didn't even heard him....how is that possible? i wasn't paying attention to that so i let my guard down. This is the first time that happens. I never relax around no one...oh boy. He nodded smiling faintly. Thank you, he said turning his gaze to the window before, watching his relaxation, more exactly the bite on his shoulder.  He couldn't go home. not yet at least. Not till he could figure out how he was going to tell everyone about this and not let them freak out. Especially the elders and his family.  What would it look like .... the mark i mean .... what will it look like when its formed, he asked looking at the other over his shoulder before taking a deep breath and walking to where the new clothes were, starting to get dressed. 
    • “Yeah...he is my favorite so far..” Ash said quietly when he looked down at his Apple. “He made me feel good around him, trying to get me to try new things slowly on our date but not pushing Me if I was uncomfortable. He made me happy..” He said with a small smile before the bird that was eyeing him down hopped a bit closer and Ren was laughing. “My Apple..” He gave it a death glare before it flew away   ”That won’t be much of a chase..Maybe a minute at best” Tenmo purred, yanking the others pants off. “Might be just as good as you in a suit..” He growled as he licked up his shaft
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