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    • Jason smiles and rubs Tory's head, leaning down to kiss the top of her head. Lang smiles a little, "so after you buy all of this stuff, your going to use magic to teleport it all to the house?"
    • CHAPTER NINE: YOU DON'T KNOW ME     chapter warnings: SMUT! (finally, get that squared away √ ) , 3P (threesome for those who doesn't know *yeah baby*), unresolved sexual tension, unresolved emotional turmoil, drama, jealousy, mutual pining, polyamory characters, casual sex, alcohol intoxication, might trigger depression, swearing, OOC, long chapter (as always), not beta read; please forgive the mistakes, as i said before: there's no character bashing here. please try to understand that even though some characters are not likable™, I still want to write them as 'human' as possible. people with feelings, things to consider, families to think off, insecurities and everything. so please do not message me anymore about bashing a certain character. I would not do it. ^^   NOTE. PLEASE READ!: IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH CONSENSUAL 3P OR POLYAMORY AND WOULD LIKE TO SKIP IT, THE INDICATION IS THIS SYMBOL ( ~o~ ) . BEGINNING SCENE AND END SCENE. THOUGH I WILL TRY TO TONE IT DOWN. I DON'T WANT TO MAKE IT PURELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF SMUT CAUSE IT WAS NEVER MY INTENTION TO DO SO. THIS PART IS NECESSARY.       ~You give your hand to me And then you say, "Hello." And I can hardly speak, My heart is beating so. And anyone can tell You think you know me well. Well, you don't know me. (no you don't know me) . No you don't know the one Who dreams of you at night; And longs to kiss your lips And longs to hold you tight Oh I'm just a friend. That's all I've ever been. Cause you don't know me. (no you don't know me) ~   Naruto blinked a few times, lost on what has happened. Nothing registers in his mind, except Itachi's salty-sweet mouth—probably due to the food the man has consumed throughout the night—and how he felt the hot breathe on his skin, giving him a pleasant goosebumps. The next thing, he was pulled towards a warm embrace while his body froze stiff. There was a moment where he heard his name being called and luckily, through the intense training Sasori implanted on him for weeks, he smiled and nodded towards whoever it was. He had no idea if the conditioned response he gave was appropriate at that moment and he doesn't care. All he wanted was to get the away from the crowd that has started to move towards where they were. His feet were pulled by force and he was taken headed to the exit; his head hung low the entire time. He heard Shikamaru talking to Itachi and the latter bid his good nights and congratulations to the newly weds before Naruto nodded and smiled again. The blond felt all the blood rushed to his head and it started to throb painfully. All the while wondering what was wrong with him. For a brief moment, Naruto saw Sasuke's face looking lost and broken amidst the crowd. Despite the fact that Naruto was confused, his head zoned everything out and focused on one person. One face. Sasuke's lips were thinned and his hand that was finger-combing his jet-black ones visibly trembled. He saw Sakura behind the man, seemingly asking Sasuke to retreat for she was tugging one his other arm, but the raven just kept his gazed fixed on his ex. If Naruto wasn't doubting himself, he could swear he saw Sasuke mouthed the words 'Don't go' to him. Was he near Sasuke that he can make out even the slightest expression on the man's face? He doesn't know. He felt so far away; yet near. It was confusing how his heart violently thrashed inside his chest, making him desperate for air. Why was Sasuke looking like that? Naruto asked himself once more. "Oh, yeah.." weakly, he said and hung his head low once again. "It was the kiss." Itachi kissed Naruto in front of many people. The kiss that had happened right before Sasuke approached them. He can't explain the needle pains inside his chest, recalling the incident. Was he having a heart attack? That doesn't seem to be the case, but he was unsure how to explain it either way. It was just clear that he was in physical pain. The blond's gripped towards the strong, steady arms that were escorting him out, tightened. Itachi, knowing how must horrible must the blond be feeling right now, acted more intimate and wrapped one arm over Naruto's shoulder to pull him closer. They were greeted by a few guests and maybe spectators who wished to gossip about them, right before they escape the suffocating wedding hall. Naruto, by then, heard Sasuke calling his name in a last desperate attempt to stop the former for leaving. He was not successful though; Kiba was kind - or not - enough to give the raven a slap on the back of his head, and forcefully dragged him towards the back of the crowd. "Just a bit more," Itachi whispered to Naruto and cracked a smile as if masking his words to sweet-nothings. Naruto, this time, was sure that Itachi mouthed the word 'I apologize' to him. Naruto felt how kind Itachi is once again, not minding how the news will affect his life the next day. He nodded and whispered, "Just how many times do I have to be save by you?" Not really caring if Itachi heared or not. For the blond, the impending doom this event would bring him is nothing compared to the weight Itachi's going to bear for now. After all, Uchiha Itachi is a man of high status, unlike an orphan like him. He had no idea that they were outside the hall after a few minutes of walking, when Itachi touched his face, "Naruto?" Said man looked left and right, surprised that it was suddenly cold. Though the part of that town was known for all the Onsen, it was still very cold during the night. A suit would not suffice at all. "Naruto? We're outside now. Are you alright?" Itachi asked again while he draped his coat over the blond, though there was no reply. It seemed like Naruto was having a good attack of panic, so he decided to escort him out and go for a ride. A ride far away from spectating eyes. After what it felt like long years of Naruto's life, he finally gain his senses, feeling the warm air blowing on his face; his knees up to his chest. "Huh? Where are we, Itachi." Naruto felt confused as to why were they inside their car and that Itachi gave him pats on his shoulder or thigh every once in a while, when the road was fairly free. Did he managed to walk on his own? Did Itachi picked him up and put him in his seat? His feet was up and he was hugging his knees, was he the one who did that unconsciously? Where were they driving? All these questions inside his head made him dizzy. "I'm gon' vomit," weakly he said to Itachi, barely audible. His gags; however, were heard loud and clear, making Itachi abruptly stop the car. Not a second later, Naruto opened his passenger door and dropped to his knees on the sidewalk. All he felt was his dinner in reverse, giving him an unpleasant sour taste and nauseating smell. The dirt on his hands as he braced himself on the ground, cut him deep. After what it felt like one whole season, Naruto was aware of a warm hand giving him soothing massages at his back. There was a car behind them that stopped and also parked; Itachi waved his phone towards whoever those were. Naruto, feelt extremely embarrassed, asked who are they and Itachi said it was Deidara and Sasori. "I think I'm alright," the blond said after they made sure his cut was taken care of and that they already made him drank the bottled water they brought. His scratch was not that serious when they checked it out so they let Naruto rest a bit. No one was speaking; let alone knowing what to say. Naruto looked like he can handle himself in-front of Sasuke, but they were wrong. That was a mistake on Itachi's part as well. He knew Naruto loves Sasuke and vice versa. This reaction; however, was an eye-opener. Not one of them knew how much Naruto is suffering. What was stabbing Itachi with guilt pains was the fact that it really looked like Naruto regretted the kiss. He looked like he wanted to run to Sasuke and explain everything. That it was all a lie, and that Itachi was just doing things on his own. The pain inside him was evidence of his feelings for the blond. Seeing the blond lost on what to do sealed it for him. This is a problem; this is not planned, Itachi brooded. Itachi ran his hand through his hair—partly, cause he got irritated all of a sudden and partly cause the locks of hair in-front of his face that was not tied together, was already hindering him—and loosen his tie, before he brought himself to apologized to Naruto. Though dazed, Naruto gave a short nod and hopped on the car seat; door still opened while his companions does what they had to do: Sasori, made a call, while Deidara was fixied Naruto's mess-of-a-hair. They were parked somewhere relatively private and made sure no one followed them. Especially those who wished to send news to press about what has happened. Deidara who saw the whole scene on sidelines was more shocked than he expected himself to be. He knew the kiss was so they could avoid bigger dramas, and frankly, the act itself was up to his taste. He loved how the subtle and suave Itachi when said man just went for it. What shocked him was Naruto's face. It felt like he was just betrayed by someone, rather than surprised. Of course, it didn't looked like that for everyone else, since his face turned flushed right after. Though Deidara is sensitive with such things that he got the gist of everything that transpired. Naruto searched, longed, and gazed for Sasuke's face—and poor Itachi's mouth, right after realizing so, quivered a bit. Deidara would know, he loves Itachi after all. Still, how Naruto was acting right now got the best of him. "Naruto, forgive me for being blunt, but you are kinda annoying me, Un." Shocked, Naruto and the rest of them looked at the ever handsome Deidara, with his arms crossed against his chest. "Listen up, you fool! Who was it who decided to take Itachi as a date, huh?!" Deidara attacked the younger blond with a vicious tone and leaned closer to latter's face. "Sasuke and Sakura would attend, of course it'll be awkward and messy, did ya' expect it'll clean and civil? When does the overly possessive Uchiha-brat does 'civil', Un?" Deidara asked, though not really needing an answer. "You live with Itachi, you sleep inside his room, you share meals together, you have a pet - that part really baffles the fuck out of me - and you are in a weird relationship with him where you guys, oh I don't know, maybe pretend to be dating?!" he yelled. "And your point, Honey?" Sasori always finds it amusing whenever Deidara losses his calm and this was rather fun for Itachi as well. Of course, the raven's passive face said otherwise. "That Naruto should be happy that Itachi kissed him!" He answered Sasori and got back at Naruto, "..he just fucking saved your ass. If Sasuke goes for you and questions everything, not only will you guys be ruining the Naras' wedding, you'll also be attacked the next day, Un! Look at all the tweets that's been circulating now! I'd rather see this headline," he opened his smart phone and read one tweet, "Itachi-sama and the gorgeous blond got intimate over weekend wedding reception... See?" Deidara showed Naruto the screen and the blond's eyes widened. They were silent for a while, only the rustling wind can be heard. The only light they have were their cars' headlight and a lamppost a few meters away. To think that minutes ago, they were part of a bustling town, now they were in the middle of a road near a rice field. Sasori can't help but feel unease. Shouting was never a good idea, for they would definitely disturb farmers and families even hundred meters away. Itachi then sighed deep and Deidara continued. "What I'm tryin' to say is that, no one asked you to have a make-over - you wanted that for yourself. You didn't distance yourself to Itachi and got in this situation on your own volition. Naruto-kun, I understand that this is a tough time for you, but Itachi is not the type of person to fool around. If you're going to do something, do it flawlessly." Naruto understood immediately that he was being unfair, so he gazed at the man, eyes full of self-reproached. He was acting like a victim just a while ago and he had no idea. "I had no choice but to do so," Itachi started, "Sasuke looked so drunk and would make a scene if I didn't. I know this is a big deal, but for now we dodge a bullet. We.. I meant, I wouldn't want to ruin the Naras' wedding." Naruto looked straight at Itachi's face while the man stated his case. He understood; Naruto really did. The confusion he felt earlier was a weird case. More like, he didn't want Sasuke to misunderstood what was between him and his older brother – and Itachi, being the smart man that he is, understood Naruto as well. That was the normal reaction anyone would have. Yet, Itachi, the stoic man showed a slight hurt expression. "You're confusing me, Tachi." Naruto soften his voice and settled down on the seat loosing-up his tie. The raven, removed his hair-tie and fixed it again, unbuttoned his vest, uncapped his cuff-links, before he drank himself water that Sasori gave him. "Confusing you about what?" He asked the blond, not really in the mood to look at him. At least Naruto called him 'Tachi' once more. He got a little upset being called 'Itachi' back then. "I don't know what're you thinking. You helped me, yet it seems there's a lot of things you're not telling me. You, you.. kissed… me. I don't know how're you going to handle this in a few days when your Mother comes and slaps me again. This is so fucked up." Naruto waved his hands exasperatedly. "But I know I am at fault. I think I really need to pull myself together. I'm sorry about the reaction I had. I've no idea why I did that. I'm playing the victim here, I'm really sorry for putting you through this." Itachi, feeling his phone on his pocket vibrating, sighed deep and long before he excused himself and took the call. He was just silent, listening to whoever it was on the other line before he took a glance at his watch and said a time and place the blond couldn't make out of. He was not interested anyway. He was still confused a bit. "Then Naruto, let me ask you," Itachi breathed out, the 'this is so fucked up' part of Naruto's question still rang in his ears. "When you said you were willing to say you're in a 'fake relationship' with me, did you think of the consequences it'll bring you - us? When you brought me here as a date, did you really think Sasuke would take this sitting down? What would you do if he were to drag you there and make an idiot of himself, Hn? What would happened to you then? If I didn't kissed you, pulled you out of there, and make Sasuke understand that he has nothing to do with you anymore?" Itachi fired series of questions without battling an eye. It seemed like Naruto was being lectured and this made his face bright red with embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I didn't think any of those, I admit." Naruto stood up and bowed towards the raven. "You love Sasuke, right?" Itachi scorned, his voice laced with venom as if ought to kill Naruto. "I know that too, but please don't flatter yourself. I didn't kissed you because I wanted; I did it for Sasuke. Sasuke needed my help and I responded, that's all. Above everyone else, Sasuke is my main priority." Naruto saw Itachi's expression became blank like the usual that'd confused people from the past. That was not a 'bored Itachi' expression like most thought. That was an 'angry Itachi' expression and Naruto felt scared. "I'm so- "I'll be gone for a few hours. I already apologized to the newly weds for retiring early and they understood. Please relax yourself and have a good night," Itachi interrupted and picked up his coat that Naruto rested on the hood of his car before he asked Deidara and Sasori if they can take Naruto back to their room. He left the guilty and upset Naruto behind. It was when they we're headed to the Inn when Deidara scratched his head profusely. "Shit. I think I made it worse." Sasori looked at the shadow of a figure at the backseat and nodded, "I think you did," he said as they both heard Naruto sniffled. . . "Did you wait long?" The long haired raven asked the woman facing her back on him while she sipped tea. "Not at all, thank you for coming," she answered as her eyes followed Itachi from the time he walked beside her to the time he took a seat in front of her. The raven didn't even looked at the menu and ordered green tea. "What is it that you wanted to tell me, Haruno-san?" Itachi asked, eying the woman in front of him. He had an idea what that was all about, but he decided to humor her. "I just wanted to thank you for tonight. You saved, well, both of us, really. Sasuke is a big jerk." She had a solemn face that Itachi, somehow pity her. This must be so damn hard for her for sure. "What're you talking about?" Itachi asked, testing how she'd handle herself. Often times she found Haruno Sakura holding herself back, probably to gain his family's favor. Pushing her would make the tightly-wrapped feelings, unhinged. Sakura blinked a few times before she laughed a bit, "You don't have to lie to me, Itachi-san. I know you and Naruto aren't into 'that' kind of relationship," she said in good-humor. Itachi, annoyed, raised one elegant eyebrow and asked, "What do you mean by 'that kind' though?" Sakura, looked like she had drinks herself giggled and wiped a tear off her eye. "I know you and Naruto aren't dating. It was obvious that Naruto was surprised about that display of affection. He practically froze and searched the people around him. Did ya' see him? His eyes were practically apologizing to my husband." She finished her sentence with a sad smiled and sipped her tea once more. Itachi found the conversation a little funny, therefore, smirked a bit. "Assuming all of what you said was true, it is none of your business, though. Hn, since we are on the topic, may I ask you a rather personal question?" Itachi curtly said. Though startled by how serious Itachi looked like, Sakura agreed. "What is it that you love about Sasuke? Looks aside, that is." Itachi asked and she blushed, slightly embarrassed. "Well," clearing her throat, she continued, "- he is serious, but when he smiles, for a while, his face lights up. He may seemed detached but he's actually a caring guy," she searched for words before continuing, "He also is the jealous type, trying to control himself but can't and – Itachi interrupted Sakura with a laugh. A laugh no one has heard before. It really does looked like he was having a blast that Sakura felt insulted. "What's so funny?" she asked. Itachi was one of the people that sided with Naruto no matter how many times she tried to make the man like her and that has always bothered her. "When, Haruno-san? When did Sasuke did all these things for you? As far as I know, there is only one person who made Sasuke laughed, smiled, and jealous. That is not you, though." Itachi stated. "You know what?" she gathered her things and placed money on top of the table, "- you just blindly sided Naruto without knowing me, and that has always been unfair on your part. It took two people to made that mistake that night! Please don't go on judging me like you've always have! That condescending attitude is not attractive!" Sakura was about to leave when Itachi stopped her by grabbing her arm. His eyes are fierce - almost red - under the light. Sakura shivered a bit. "You know, I know what you really did that night, Haruno." Itachi said, his eyes still stared down at her while his grip got tighter, slightly hurting the woman. "Wha-what do you mean?" she panicked. Itachi continued, "Sasuke was drunk that night, obviously angry at Naruto. That day, where were you? I know from investigating around that you were at school working on something. You already told your friends you won't come, but Naruto and Sasuke had a huge blow-out and you left your work to came to Ino's party, isn't that right?" Itachi still held onto her, even though she was not struggling anymore. "And?" Sakura visibly paled. "You took your chance with Sasuke that night—and what happened the next day? You cried and begged Sasuke to tell Naruto what happened because, let me guess, you felt guilty for Naruto and that you didn't mean to hurt your 'friend'?" "What are you implying, Itachi-san? This was the longest conversation we had and that's the thing that comes out of your mouth?" Sakura finally yanked her arm out of his hold. She briskly rubbed her stinging wrist and looked straight at Itachi. Well, tried to. She now had an idea why the man was donned as 'cold and deadly'. Itachi could kill her with his stares and there was nothing she can do about it. It's as if an awful creature can make her spill all of her emotions and secrets. He was not someone she - no - anyone should mess with. "I'm saying I've noticed you around the two for a long time. A long time, Haruno-san," the courteous way he spoke was intimidating that Sakura had to step back. "You better be careful, Haruno. I will make this clear for you – Sasuke is important to me. Anyone who cause him harm, I'll gladly eliminate; anyone who makes him happy, I'll gladly protect. You and Naruto belongs in that same sentence. Judge who are you from those." Though Sakura was the first one to stood up, Itachi was the first one to leave. He handed a ten thousand yen to the waiter and left without looking back. He was so pissed and angry that night that he needed to simmer down. That conversation was also not part of his plans. . ~For I never knew the art of making love, Though my heart aches with love for you. Afraid and shy, I let my chance go by. A chance that you might love me too. (love me too)~ . He took a deep breathe before he started the engine of his car and drove towards the riverbank he used to play with Shisui when they were little kids. The place changed a lot over the years. His view before were hills and full of trees, now nothing more than a few high-rise apartment buildings and parking spaces. Still, he was grateful that the other side of the bank still had grassy hill that he can sit or lay down to, if he wanted. The grass were soft and wet, probably from the light shower rains they had that afternoon, which made him lying on the ground impossible. "Hn," he grunted and decided to use his coat as cover so he can sit on the concrete steps. He can't help but notice the faint scent Naruto left on his clothes. He was too agitated that he said some pretty awful things to a person suffering from depression. He decided he'd take Naruto drinking tomorrow or maybe after he had cool down. There were a few people nearby, either walking their dogs, or walking towards a convenience store not so far away. Some even managed to stop a second to look at the handsome man near an impossibly sleek, black car. Itachi knew he was getting a lot of attention but didn't care. It's not like they were approaching him anyway. He had a busy night, that was for sure. It was so unlike him to feel irritated for long; usually he just brush whatever and whoever the source of this feeling aside and move on from his day. Why would he actually needed to take deep breathes to relax now? What was happening? It was probably - there was no probably, Itachi said to himself. It's surely because of Naruto. Yep, he was a goner. He realized it all too well, that what he was doing was more than just something he'd do for Sasuke or for his friendship with the man. He was oblivious of his feelings at first, thinking he was just physically attracted to Naruto. What brought on his realization was that move Sasuke was about to do. He felt his long-ago-broken-heart beat violently inside his chest when he saw Sasuke approaching-and had Naruto's confused face. 'Go on,' it taunted him, 'take Naruto for yourself' his conscience said. He was embarrassed, even. He kissed the man with good intentions: to save Sasuke's face and to save Naruto as well. Yet the blond actually shown that kind of expression. A face where he looked like he wanted to explain to Sasuke that he didn't want Itachi's kiss. What did he expect? Itachi, once again asked himself. It's true that they were going in a nice kind of place and pace when it comes to their relationship. But what was he expecting? Sleeping in the same room sometimes, eating together sometimes, drinking and hanging out once in a while. Taking care of a dog together, and lives on the same roof. Romance aside, everything they were doing can also be called being close friends, or best friends. Is it the case for Naruto? Itachi wouldn't know himself, for, in all honesty, he doesn't have any close friends and been single far too long. Sasori and Deidara can be considered as one, either lovers or friends. Though Itachi would never confide his weakness to them and would never drink till he passed out in front of the two. How different was he when he was with Naruto? Now, Itachi is not stupid. No. He knew he was starting to treat Naruto different than how he intended. That was the thing that's been eating him. This part was not going according to plan. "What?" he answered his phone after nearly thirty minutes of trying to simmer down. "Behind you," the person on the other line said and he did was he was told to. To see who it was before he dropped the call. "Yo," the other person greeted. "Good evening," the long haired raven answered back. . . Pacing back and forth inside their room, Naruto waited for Itachi. After he had sorted out his feelings, he realized the err in his ways. He had no right to hurt Itachi, not even a fraction. What's more, he realized how bad he had treated the man that night and the past. Sleeping with him and doing things so comfortably without any reserve. Things got to his head and it wasn't pretty. "Damn," he muttered as he bit his nails, checking if the mail he sent the man was returned. There was none. "Uhm, Hello?" Naruto cleared his throat and proceeded to talk to the voice mail for the umpteenth time. "Tachi? I'm so sorry! Please come back soon and let's talk, okay? You were right about everything you said! I just got affected by… well, you-know-who. Please, come back soon. I'm really worried. 'Kay?" Naruto didn't realized he fell asleep when he woke up from rustling of clothes. Startled, he sat straight up and adjusted his vision through the darkness. By then he realized it was Itachi who was undressing, looking like he was ready for a dip at their private outdoor bath. "Join me?" the raven asked after he slid the paper door and head out to dip. Like the last time, Itachi was fully naked, not even a slightest hint of baring shame. Naruto caught a glimpse of Itachi's penis and can't helped but felt shy. He said yes in an awkward, stuttering fashion and stood up. A few seconds of inner debate and he decided to remove his clothes as well. There was no point in covering himself with a towel now that the man saw whatever it was that he was trying to hide. The sky was reddish that night, and the air was cold. There were no stars in sight, a stark contrast of the hot water so Itachi asked the blond to soak his feet a few minutes and gradually submerge himself so he'd give his body temperature a time to adjust. So the blond did, feeling extremely embarrassed sitting on a towel Itachi laid for him. His crotch had an awfully funny position, that he was tempted to reposition it. Itachi, on the other hand, knew the predicament Naruto was in, but enjoyed the scene regardless. Of course, his face said other wise, as always. "I apologize for saying the things I said earlier, I was in a lot of stress lately, forgive me." Itachi started. "Ah, damn." Naruto muttered and plunged right in the water. He seemed to rowed and swam towards the raven that Itachi's body stiffened in anticipation. "Why is it that you're the one who apologized first? I wanted to do it, didn't you heard the voice mails?" the blond was relatively lower than the long haired raven so he had to gaze up at the raven one. It was incredibly tempting to Itachi; however, seeing it was rather provocative of their positions. Naruto's wet hair that dripped towards his silky smooth, tanned skin, was inviting. The way the man spoke was a testament to the Suna couples' (AKA Sasori and Deidara) training. Naruto still speaks loudly, but when needed to, he does have an air of calm and allure around him. Or was it because he finally understood his need for the said man? Both. Both is good. Itachi said to himself. "Let's just agree to accept each others' apology, Hn? I don't want to argue again. It was wrong of me to kiss you on the mouth, without consent, for the second time." Itachi splashed water on his face and subtly moved away from the temptation. When he opened his eyes, Naruto was making a funny face that he had to snort. "What did you... I mean. Twice? What 'twice'? You kissed me, what?" Oh, dear. "Ah, yes. I did. I was drunk that day and was tempted to kiss you because you're so vulnerable. I meant no harm. Remember the time when I took Choi to pee and that you fell asleep on the couch after that? We both had our fill of drinks and that happened, sorry 'bout that." Was what Itachi wanted to say, but realized he'd be hated more. So, "Ah, my mistake. I was out of it tonight. Pretty tired and all." he was being vague. Naruto bought it and offered to massage Itachi's shoulder which the other one happily accepted. They started with Naruto sitting by the side with towel wrapped on his waist. He was unsure of what to do, until Itachi asked to be between his legs, while Itachi faced his back towards the blond. It was all sorts of awkward for Naruto, suddenly conscious of how beautiful Itachi's skin up close. The rice bath water, white and illuminating them, made Itachi glow otherworldly beautiful. His hair that was tied to a lazy-bun was a striking contrast of his pale self. As Naruto started to pressed his thumbs towards the male's shoulder, Itachi rested one arm on top of the blond's leg which immediately sent shivers towards latter. There were times when Itachi let out contented hums as Naruto tried, with all his power, to concentrate in giving the man massages. Though it was clear that Naruto was having a hard time. For one, he really was attracted to the man physically. What's not there to like? Well-toned, handsome and well-mannered. His libido was working well too. Getting out of his medication certainly was bad for him. There was one time he found Sai and Neji attractive. It seemed like he had a thing for certain beauty. Fair skinned, and black haired. "Okay," Naruto interrupted his train of thoughts before it got ugly and slowly pushed Itachi away, before he dipped himself. "That's enough," he said as his mouth formed bubbles on the water. "Naruto, let me do yours," Itachi said, wriggling his fingers while he situated himself where Naruto sat a few seconds ago. The blond was shy, of course, but it'd be suspicious not to do it so he muttered under his breath and let Itachi's fingers do the work. . . "Ah.. Aargh.. Damn.. there, that's so good!" the blond cried out, making it impossible for anyone who heard it to think it was an just innocent massage that has the blond like that. Itachi just worked his way to remove the knots from the man's stiff muscles. The raven chuckled at how big of a mess Naruto was, his whole body fighting the urge to sleep and yet let out a hiss whenever Itachi stops. "My body got cold now," Itachi said. Finally allowed to end the session. "Are you sure this is not what you do for a living, damn. It's so good, I think I'll sleep here." Naruto begrudgingly walked out of the bath and got ready for a good night's sleep. He was exhausted for the day and would like to rest. Itachi; however, stayed behind, warming up again before he let out a deep sigh. He was in trouble. Asking to massage the blond titillated his senses. He felt how the tanned skin glided to his fingers, and how that moans sounded sweet. Itachi felt the need to be with someone tonight, or he'll break whatever façade he had going on. This was not the time to make a move, if ever he really would consider it. The thing is, Itachi also did not consider it. Whatever it was that he was feeling at the moment, he can and would control. Whatever the outcome of his decisions, should he does not control himself, is something unacceptable. He can't have Naruto. Not until Sasuke gave up on the man. What he said with Sakura earlier was true. He'd be willing to help Sasuke should he sorted his life out and wants to start over. Whether or not Naruto was part of it was the question. Swiftly he got up and got dressed in his yukata before he took his phone and left. Naruto was already snoring lightly under covers when he sneaked out. He wanted relief and wanted to get out there fast. He wasn't himself and that was whats messing him up. He was surprised to see Deidara just near their room, with his hair up like he just got out of the baths as well. "What're you doing out? You'll catch a cold," Itachi said, slowly walking towards him. Deidara answered with a sigh and opened their bedroom door with a loud slide. "I know you, you son of a bitch. Get in," he said and Itachi felt relieved. It'd be awkward after all these time to ask the two to comfort him, for it has been a while since he had been with them. Now that he realized it, he stopped coming to the partners' place when he started enjoying Naruto's company. "What was that noise around back there?" Sasori asked, offering Itachi a drink. "Massage," Itachi simply said. It seems he is reverting back to being straightforward and aloof whenever Naruto was not around. ~O~ "Can I ask one thing first?" Sasori asked while Deidara slowly removed Itachi's robe. Said raven sat on the large futon and was not in the mood to lead anyone. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Sasori continued, now situated behind Itachi. Annoyed, Itachi asked. "What do you mean?" Deidara, planting soft kisses on Itachi's chest, was moaning low. His husband, on the other hand, let Itachi's body rest on his chest, while he trace his thumb on Itachi's mouth. He was partly sad for the man, and partly feeling sorry for themselves. They wanted him to be happy and they can't give it to him. For Itachi, they were nothing more than some bed-warmers and someone to console his bruised heart. But the man is important to them both. They both can see this was hard for Itachi. What was bothering them - Sasori all the more - was what was Itachi's intention with Naruto. He can most definitely pursue Naruto and Sasori thought he had a fair chance. Was he trying to be chivalrous and gave Sasuke another chance? Taking care of a flower so he can transfer it to the garden where it'll bloom beautifully? "How sad," Sasori muttered and said nothing more, when it looked like Itachi doesn't really want to talk about it. Deidara understood, and started moving things in a faster pace. The soft kisses he planted were now open, wet ones, sucking on Itachi's skin, enough to make a faint mark. Itachi was strict when it comes to things that'll ruin his image, therefore, no kiss-marks allowed. Deidara was feeling pissed; however, since Itachi was musing and brooding like a teenage boy. He can't really know what was going inside the raven's head. He can try to guess, but that's about it. Itachi is such a complex character that the man even planned years ahead on what kind of move he'll make like everyone around him were pieces of shougi game. Yet this Itachi, a seemingly calm one, was jealous of his brother and could not admit to himself that he was. It irritated Deidara. He was annoyed that this Itachi was not the cool one he knew. Yet felt jealous as well. Naruto can crumble this man, like how Shisui did. "Your mouth stopped," Itachi lifted Deidara's chin towards him and opted for a kiss. The long haired blond had a pout that Itachi sighed seeing it. "Are we doing this, or?" he jested and Deidara rolled to his side, laying on the futon himself. "All yours," he said as he lifted his robe, revealing his legs and underwear on. Itachi then accepted the challenged and hovered on top of him, tracing his cold fingers on the pretty blond's neck. It was during sex when they can see Itachi's raw expression, his usual cold demeanor changes to lust filled ones. His eyes lidded with it, squinted enough so Sasori can see how ready the man was. The redhead then uncapped a bottle of lubricant and poured some on his hand, after which he poured some to Itachi's. The two assaulted Deidara simultaneously, one tweaking the blond's nipples with cold liquid, while the other teased his entrance, poking in and out of it. Of course, the blond was already hard and needing friction. So he squirmed under Itachi, rubbing his crotch to the said man, while his husband, laying prone besides him, kissed his mouth rigorously, as if stifling his moans. Itachi then entered one finger in, not moving until Deidara adjusted towards the invader. Still hovering on top, Deidara decided to whipped out Itachi's semi-erected penis and stroke it to hardness. He did not have to wait that long, for the man's desire was clear on his face, and though Sasori was foreplaying his husband, he can't helped but feel the need as well. Deidara knew what to do, and so while he was working on Itachi's with his hand, his mouth was put to good use, pleasuring Sasori. He was clever enough to suck the air out for better sensation, that Sasori had to throw his head back in pleasure. The warm mouth was tight around him, and seeing how Sasori slowly lost control, Itachi kissed the man's lips deeply, earning him a low moan. When a few good minutes has passed by, Itachi began to pushed in and out and added another finger, seemingly aware that he did not need to prepare Deidara all that much. The two was prepared all along for the insides were soft, and the traces of the lubricant and water* was leaking out. Itachi removed his underwear, now totally naked, and took a condom Sasori gave him and wore one. He reminded Deidara to timed his breathing to his. It has been a long time since he slept with someone, and frankly, he thought he wouldn't last that long. "Ah.. ohhh.." Deidara moaned, a tear rolled out, when Itachi entered rather violently. The raven had a thing for rough sex, though normally he would ask first. It was obvious that he was occupied. "Was that too rough, baby?" Sasori asked, rubbing his member on Deidara's nipple. The lubricant applied to it before was now warm, and making a weird noise. The protrude part of the blond's nipple, gave Sasori a tingling sensation that his dick very much enjoyed. "Yeah, ah.. Too rough," Deidara cried out, his hand guiding his husband's so that the redhead can stroke his shaft. Itachi, on the other hand, was lost in sweet pleasure, plunging in and out of Dei. Angling himself, Itachi lifted Deidara's one leg over his shoulder so he can hit the spot where the blond usually liked it. Sure enough, Deidara cried in pleasure, calling Itachi's name and begging his husband to stroke him hardly. Being pleasured by his two lovers, It didn't took long before Deidara orgasm, understandably. Itachi pulled out, asking Sasori to changed position and removed his condom for a fresh one. He knelt in-front of Deidara, his prick pretty much twitching - wanting release. Deidara didn't needed to be asked and so he got down on all fours and exposed his hole for Sasori, which the man gladly entered with a grunt and hiss, while Itachi enjoyed thrusting his on the man's warm mouth. "Hmmm.. Ohh." "Shit.. So tight," "Un." It was, as always, a good sex with Itachi. Seeing the man lost in his sensation, sweat glistening over his body that was illuminated by the dim light in their room. How the man was rough and gentle alternately, how Itachi sometimes bit the back of the blond's neck, or how he kissed Sasori deeply. How he touched them both. It was a sad consolation for their genuine affection towards the man. No matter how much they finished big, Itachi still looked like he was not satisfied. It was clear that his body was saying yes. His heart, was elsewhere. ~O~ It was awfully silent that morning, not one was saying a word. The place where all of them had their breakfast looked like it was a place for exam students. Everyone was nervous and not wanting to move. It was Kakashi who was the first one to break his chopsticks and ate heartily. It was weird, seeing him eating stealthily at one corner to hide his face. He was strangely happy that morning for some reason. One part of the group was Hinata with Sai and Ino. She wore a light pink blouse, matching her white skirt. She always have simple taste in clothes that it fits her perfectly. They can't helped but feel sorry for Kiba, cause the said man deliberately stared at Hinata which she does good ignoring. Gaara's group had to leave the night before, cause they had to see the newly weds to the airport and have their own short trip as well. So the big crowd last time got smaller. "What'll you do after this?" Sasori asked Itachi and Naruto and the younger blond shrugged. "I don't know. Honestly, I want to go home. I'm worried for Choi." "How 'bout we drop by the market and roam around before we head home?" Itachi asked, checking who was it who sent him an email. After he had a glimpsed of it, Itachi looked at Kakashi for a brief second before he resumed eating, his phone secured on his pants' back pocket. "After I painstakingly fixed your hair, you better not ruin it, Naruto. Un." Deidara warned, though had a friendly tone to it. Sasuke and Sakura looked extremely gloomy, with dark bags under their eyes. It was clear Sakura was upset, for she was forking her food and not really eating. Sasuke was openly staring at Itachi that the said man, also had a good time ignoring. If things were a little uncivilized, Sasuke would chopped off Itachi's head by now, that was Naruto thought at least. Naruto; however, was nervous, for whatever reason, he was weird around Itachi last night. Was he treating him as a candy? A substitute? Yes. That's probably it. Here he was, stealing glances at Sasuke again. He hated how much his heart never listens to his head. What a poor excuse of being one of the major organ, Naruto thought. He just wanted to go home and prepare himself for the worst. What would his future be? What kind of gossip are they're in for when they come back? What kind of relationship will he have with Itachi now? Would he have to kiss and make out with him out in public, regularly? The breakfast ended and they soon parted ways. Hinata was asked by Kiba if she'd like to join him for a short drive, with the promise of him taking her home safely. He was rejected, though, rather curtly at that, saying she has a date. This said date was a guy named Toneri; a guy she worked with for a while. True enough, Toneri came for her, all smile and looking really happy to see her. Kiba watched as she hopped inside Toneri's car, -whom Naruto might thought was more attractive than Kiba - waved at him and then rolled away. "Shit," was all he could mutter, before he kicked his tire, got inside and pushed the pedal that the tires screeched. "Will he be alright?" Naruto asked, thinking it was Itachi who was besides him, but was surprised by the 'Hn' grunt as a reply. Sasuke was loading their things inside his car when he stopped to looked at how Kiba was acting. He can't believe they were similar. How unsightly it was to lose your cool and storm out. He can't believe that was the same man who gave him a square beating when he lost his cool. "Ah. Are you guys going home now?" Naruto, tried his best to make small talks, asked Sakura. She nodded briefly and hopped on the car without another word. She saw Itachi not so far away, after all, and was not ready to face him. It bothered her a lot, that the older Uchiha had her investigated and that he implied other things that made her confused. She didn't even want to look at Sasuke, let alone Naruto. Sasuke; however, stared at Naruto and took out something in his pocket. A box Naruto knew all so well. "How? How'd you get that?" Naruto asked, reaching out for it but was caught off guard when Sasuke pulled back. "I'm keeping this. This is meant for us. Let's talk when we get back," he whispered, sounding like his voice was laced with other intentions. True to his word, he stared at Itachi, openly taunting him. "Take care on your way home, little brother. Give Sarada a kiss for me," Itachi said. Not at all fazed by Sasuke's silent warnings. Naruto just froze there, not knowing how to respond. He just let his eyes followed Sasuke's back, from the time he rode his car, to the time they drove off. It was Itachi who escorted him towards theirs and let the young blond be comfortable inside, adjusting his seat for him. He excused himself and said his goodbye towards Sasori and Deidara. It was funny, Deidara thought, how it seemed like Itachi was saying goodbye for good. Maybe this was the last time they can have him for a selfish reason, and that Itachi can't 'fool around' with them anymore. Deidara felt sad, yet happy that it brought him to tears all of a sudden. Itachi's feature soften and offered the man a hug, not caring if the Inn's helper can see. He really had to stop doing it with the two. Just how much more does he have to hurt their feelings by convincing himself that the two are fine with a physical relationship. Of course they are not; they're not machines. Just because Itachi felt he had no chance to love again, he forgot what it's like to be compassionate of others' feelings. Somehow, his realization helped him regain that. "I'll see you both on Monday." He reminded them the business they had and Sasori nodded, placing one arm over Deidara's shoulder. "Good Luck, Itachi-san. We'll be behind you, a hundred percent." Sasori replied. Looking back at Naruto and how the younger blond's eyes still trying to follow Sasuke's car, Itachi said, "- there's no need to. It seemed I already have an answer," The two had a lot to say about that, but held themselves back. That was not the place for it. Itachi then moved on and hopped in the car. "You alright?" he asked, while fastening his seat belt. "No. I'm not okay." Naruto said sadly, running his hand through his hair, staring at his empty ring finger. "Me too," Itachi almost said that, but kept it all to himself instead.   ~(For I never knew the art of making love, ) (Though my heart aches with love for you. ) Afraid and shy, I let my chance go by. A chance that you might love me too. (love me too) Oh, you give your hand to me, And then you say, "Goodbye." I watched you walk away, Beside the lucky guy Oh, you'll never ever know The one who loved you so. Well, you don't know me (you don't love me, you don't know me) ~               Notes: *was talking about water enema. though it's primary use was for health reason, it is also used to prepare yourself for anal sex.   -the song is "You don't know me by Ray Charles" I urge you guys to listen to how sad it was   -a/n; now there's two new chapter that was drafted and i need to sort it out first. sorry this chapter got long, but it was a transition chapter so it'll be clear what was itachi's feelings.   a)itachi 'kinda' likes naruto. enough to make him confuse.   b) naruto does not like itachi that way. he lust for him, probably?   c) what will sasuke do? his POV next chapter.   thanks for reading and i'll see you guys next chapter, hopefully next day, yeah?   -rhye
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