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The Blurry Viewfinder Manga: The Blurry Viewfinder, 觀景窗內不聚焦

Author: MN

Genres: Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Yaoi

Released: 2018

Status in Country of Origin: Ongoing

Scanlator: Zandy no Fansub

After an accident that made him unable to distinguish people’s faces, the main character is shocked when he sees the new transfer student, and thinks he’s found the one.

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The Blurry Viewfinder

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First of all the art is very beautiful T_T It reminds a bit of Futsuu ni Naritai, which is non-yoi, but the guys have the same illness – prosopagnosia which makes them unable to distinguish people faces. Just the first chapters are out at the moment I’m writing this but I think this manga has a lot of potential and I bet on hotness overload in the future chapters~~~

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