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Sankaku Love Home Manga: Sankaku Love Home, さんかくラブ・ホーム

Author: MINAMI Haruka

Genres:Comedy, Romance, Yaoi

Released: 2015

Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)

Scanlator: Muses Scans

Clothing designer Yuuki; cool and mature company president whom he met online, Hasegawa; and a frugal university student, Makabe. Hoping to start a communal life together! Both men unconsciously thrown into a home wafting with pheromones!
Older vs Younger x a little devil’s love triangle!
A room sharing romcom filled with exciting and passionate happenings.

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This manga is so adorable and cute and sexy~~~~ The main characters, Yuuki (clothing designer, 22), Hasegawa (CEO, 28) and Makabe (student, 19) are living together in a 3 bedroom apartment because the rent is too expensive for one person. Hasegawa and Keigo were originally living together and accepted Yuuki’s ad for a roommate because they found him cute~~~ Yuuki turns to be oblivious to the feelings his new roommates start developing for him~~~~ The 3 characters are awesome, even though I have to admit I ship Hasegawa with Makabe the most <3 If you are into threesomes and love triangles, make sure to give Sankaku Love Home a go~~~ <3

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