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Mayonaka no Oyatsu Manga

Manga: Mayonaka no Oyatsu

Author: Kanda Neko

Genres: Yaoi, Incest

Released: 2011

Status in Country of Origin: Complete

Scanlator: September Scans

Summary: Fuji Azuma is thrilled to have the chance to spend two whole weeks with his adorable 8-years-younger nephew Taira, head over heels for the kid and the proudest uncle there ever was. But when he learns at the end of their time together that Taira and his mother are moving overseas, he’s shocked to receive a parting kiss and a vow that Taira won’t return “until I’m taller than you, Azuma-san.” Four years later…and Taira’s back to make good on his promise.

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Right off the bat, if incest and age gaps are not your thing then this manga will not be your thing. Mayonaka no Oyatsu is an adorable, sweet, cuddly little manga about the budding romantic relationship between an uncle and his nephew. The nephew, Taira, starts off as just a short, young boy. When it’s discovered that he’s going to leave for four years he promises to only come back once he’s taller than his uncle, Azuma. Well, lo and behold, this young boy does come back and he is big and handsome and quite the eye candy. It’s all Azuma can do to keep his nephew’s advancements at bay. The cuteness comes in their little shenanigans as they try to maneuver around their strange and complicated feelings. It’s a fun, sweet little manga that’s a quick read and will bring about all of those fluffy feelings in you.

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