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Manga: MODS, もッズ

Author: NATSUME Kazuki

Genres: Adult, Drama, Yaoi

Released: 2015

Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume + After Story (Complete)

Scanlator: Seraphic Deviltry, u-zai

Summary: Nobutora, who desperately needs money to pay off his sisters dept, gets lured by a misleading employment ad. It turns out that he applied for a position as chauffeur at a brothel. Although Reluctant at first because of the grubby surroundings, he still takes on the offer. There he makes his first encounter with the most requested prostitute Shiro. Because of his helpless aura, Tora-san decides to stay by the clumsy mans side. While spending their days together, a fragile relationship starts to take shape between the soft hearted new employee and the pitiful sex-worker.

After witnessing the mistreatment Shiro has to face each day, Tora tries to persuade him of starting a new life together, away from danger and prostitution. But Shiro, who in his past, experienced a lot of cruelness, seems to have lost all hope in living a decent life. Will shiro who is full of anxieties yet strongly yearns for Tora’s warmth, take the chance and reach out to the helping hand of his caring friend?


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Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the manga.

Brace yourself! “MODS” will take you on a emotional roller coaster ride of pain, angst and strong desires.

NATSUME Kazuki who’s speciality it is to write stories about fragile relationships, bestowes us with a tragic love story about two men who cannot be more different.

The basic mood of the manga is cloudy and dark. Though Nobatoras lighthearted character brings a breath of fresh air into the story. Also, did I feel some kind of emotional attachment towards Shiro’s character, because of how relatable his fears and emotions were depicted.

I know this lies in the eyes of the beholder but to be honest, reading this at first, the art just didn’t appeal to me. But in some kind of way,  in combination with the story and personality of the characters it does have it’s beauty and Natsume Kazuki’s distinctive drawing style gradually grew on me.

I wouldn’t recommend this manga if you avoid dark topics like rape, drug abuse, prostitution etc. because those subjects turn up in every chapter. But other than that, this is a outstandingly good manga which is, without fail, worth reading.

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