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Well....to be honest i don't really have much talent but i wrote a little something...

The characters are not known, they'r all from my head...Hope you like it.


Summary : Hana is in a very complicated relationship with Shu...

Then one day Shu doesnt show up to meet Hana and Hana decides to go drinking...He finds out Shu is being unfaithful and in the middle of this turmoil he meets Mina a stunning stage dancer.... Hope you enjoy(dont expect much though :p)


Status: Complete


Warning: This fiction is rated +18! It contains strong language and explicit sex scenes.







“23:00 pm…”


“What the hell am i waiting for at this hour?”


“If he’s not coming then he’s not, and I’m leaving…There’s no way I’ll stay here in this cold waiting for nobody….”


“It’s always like this, he’s busy, and he has work but what about me?”


“For two years we’ve been in this kind of relationship in which no one gives in…I’m tired already of the empty house or the lonely hours I spend every day…I’m going to have a drink….sigh”


And so I went, expecting nothing but a full glass of alcohol that could make me forget everything. All I wanted was an escape from an exhausting relationship, that seemed to last for too long already, it wasn’t working at all, but I still cared for him…


But in fact, that night brought more than what I was expecting…


I entered the first bar I saw, it wasn’t in a very good place but who cared I wanted to find someone and maybe, who knows be able to chat a little… I asked for a beer, but not even the beer was enough to take away the bitter taste I had in my mouth, so I asked the waiter to bring me a whiskey double(now that was going to work for sure).


I kept asking one after the other, still sitting alone with nobody to talk to.

I kind of analyzed the mood around me, apparently I entered some shady place, and it was so dark I couldn’t almost see a hand in front of me… I started looking around and was able to recognize something similar to a stage, it wasn’t big or very well equipped to a live performance and I wondered if there was something happening , cause it didn’t seem the kind of place to hold concerts…


I looked the other way and saw a few small tables with a couple of chairs, filled with people, it toke me a second to realize they were couples, male one’s…(so I really did come to the right place uh)… if I wanted to find someone tonight not only for chit-chat it would be easy in this kind of place).


The thought made me shriver…


Yeah I was mad at him but did I really want to betray him, or was I just so mad to make him believe I did it?


I didn’t know what to do…but the next few seconds changed everything…

Shu walked thru the front door with someone I didn’t recognize…and honestly I was only able to see his face cause of the light outside when he opened the door….

I felt crushed…I couldn’t move an inch and I started shaking and wasn’t being able to stop…


I picked up my cell phone just make sure and called him…If he picked it up what would I do?


I tried to dial his number, he was always the first name on my phone list…I took the phone to my ear but all I eared was still the voice mail….

Was it really him?


Was I seeing things?


I stole another look and it was so hard because of the dark but my eyes were adjusting to the dim light and I was sure… Shu was with another man I didn’t knew… It couldn’t possibly be one of his co-workers because they didn’t know he was gay.

I didn’t want to believe that he found somebody else and left me in the dark, double crossing me.


My heart was about to burst…how could he do something like that to me…he left me out in the cold winter and came here with someone I didn’t know…who was this person, what did he meant to him, for how long was this going on?

It was just too much for me to handle at that time…I started to feel dizzy… I just wanted to leave…but my body wasn’t responding.


That was when I first saw him


“Are you alright, do you need help getting up?”


The drinks started to get to me and I wasn’t able to stood up…I was shaking all over but I wanted to get out of there…I couldn’t stop my tears, and they started to fall…All the tears I’ve wanted to shed for so long began falling endlessly …


“Look if you aren’t feeling alright I don’t mind taking you to a cab or something you’d just have to wait a little…”


I knew he was talking to me but I wasn’t able to understand clearly what he was saying…


He helped me get up and took me to some other place in the bar, with even less light…

“Ok c’mon…sit here, I’m gonna bring ya’ glass of water… Boss get me some water” (he yelled at someone)…


I wanted to focus on his face…to see who was being so kind to me…to see who was the person who was caring so much for me…nobody ever did…I wanted to thank him, but my voice didn’t come out I was still sobbing like a crazy person, and making a scene in a public place…Oh God what if Shu sees me?


And why am I so worried about him, he surely never worried about me…


“Hey look, I’m gonna leave ya here so you gotta be a good boy and behave, later I’ll take ya home or something…”


He stood there looking at me, and for the first time I was able to see his face…

He was perfection itself…


The long black silky hair, a black kind of shining kimono and a dazzling smile…I had never seen so much beauty with my eyes…

“Aren’t you a cutie…”He said while he watched me and smiled…


I was dazzled, lost and confused…I could no longer figure out where I was, what was I doing, who was i…


Some music started to play in the background, and the stage lights began to shine so brightly in that dark place that my eyes filled with tears hurt when I wanted to open them…


I was standing just beside the stage and the lights would certainly give me away…


“Shit I have to get out of here…if Shu sees me here, what am I going to do…what will he do… I don’t want to know”.


A drum began to play…


It was such a painful beat…It was so similar to my own heartbeat right then, that it was crushing, one after the other the strong thumping was bringing me to some other place and I felt myself being driven away by it…


“Hey cutie I’m gonna have to go cause it’s time for me to dance, but don’t go anywhere, I’ll take care of you in a minute, ok?”


That dazzling smile again…


He went to the stage, and it suddenly dawn on me that the only thing that mattered was watching him…He was going to dance? Really…?He was a dancer…? I wanted to see…I wanted to see him…But why?!


My eyes centered themselves on the small stage when a shadow took the place of the light…


What I saw next left me breathless…


The black figure standing so still in stage now, was till a few seconds ago holding my hand…I felt it warming just thinking about it.


He started to slowly move to the drum beat, and I was lost.


His face, his body…everything looked like was putting a spell on me, the way his hand moved to me felt like his previous touch was enticing my body to what more, to want his caress to want his kiss…to want his everything…


Was it the alcohol, or something else…?


I couldn’t help thinking what would he feel like if I touched his bare chest underneath that silky kimono…what his hair would smell like, the touch of his hand in me…

His dance was so sensual, I was beginning to wonder if he was real, if he wasn’t something my mind made up to ease my loneliness…


I wanted more.


I didn’t want to end there, so I started drinking water to make sure my five senses became restored…


And I remembered Shu…sitting somewhere in that place, watching his dance as well.

I became fire inside, I wanted to scream and beat the hell out of him.

But now wasn’t the time.


I would ask the beautiful dancing man to take me home, and who knows maybe something will happen, and I’ll be able to get my revenge on Shu for everything he did to me.


The thought of revenge made me feel powerful, and I liked that kind of feeling..

I was going to make it last for a little while longer…"




Well that's all for now. I'll soon post something else to continue the story :p

What will happen between Hana and Mina? And what about Shu, how will he react finding out Hana saw him?


Stay tunned :p

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Very good story Belita! You described so well all his jealousy and anger. I can't wait to read the next part! :D Hope he'll also get the chance to make Shu jealous :leaf4:


PS: I also like the fact that you chose a bigger characters, it's way more easy to read. And I also like that it's written in the first person.

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Very good story Belita! You described so well all his jealousy and anger. I can't wait to read the next part! Hope he'll also get the chance to make Shu jealous


PS: I also like the fact that you chose a bigger characters, it's way more easy to read. And I also like that it's written in the first person.


Oh gosh thank you Matti...

I wrote this on a whim...i really dont have the talent most guys here have, this was just kind of stuck in my head and i had to let it out...

I'll try to write something good next time as well even though i can't garantee it :D

Thank you so much for you'r words :)



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so nice i like it...too..cant wait for other chapter ^^

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Well here goes nothing :p


Story status : Well Hana found out Shu was betraying him, and still at the bar he's so drunk he needs the help of Mina, a dancer at that same bar... But now Hana is better, and has to face everything that has happend to him...


So what will he do? :p


Hope you enjoy.




Spell – Chapter 2



While I was standing behind the stage, I watched all his performance…


There weren’t words good enough to describe it.


How could something so beautiful be made by a person, I wondered…


“I have a boyfriend right now…Do I really want to do this? Am I this kind of person? Yes, he is unbelievable, so much that I don’t trust my eyes right now but…did I really mean it? No…. I didn’t, and since I became a bit sober I should apologize for my behavior and go home… I would work things out with Shu.”


Or better settle them once and for all.


I won’t let this continue, this miserable life, this empty feeling hovering on me every second of every day…


Enough was enough and things would end between us tonight.


I finally stoop up, and went to find the ”dancing man” (jeez i didn’t even know his name, how embarrassing)…


I went to met him, and he was talking to someone. I got a little closer, I was so ashamed with myself that my face felt like was it was being cooked inside out…


“Ok…relax, say hello, say sorry for everything and thank you….and then go home. Ok this is a good plan, sigh…”


When I almost got by his side I recognized the person he was talking to.


Shu was standing there holding the other guy’s hand, talking to the dancer, he seemed to be praising him.


Then the other guy also shook the dancer hand and they left after only a few seconds.


I stood there watching the all scene, like a movie…unable to do or say anything.


It was nerve racking…”Just calm down…one thing at the time.”


I took 2 steps forward and he looked back at me with that same dazzling smile of his.


“I there…Feeling better now? Do ya need a cab or I could walk ya home if you’re still not ok?!”


I thought about it again…Having the possibility of having him seemed almost too good(or not, maybe he wasn’t gay right…I just assumed that due to his work place…I could be wrong).


“Stop it, just stop it” I thought to myself, I got have a hold on my feelings and this is not the best way…


“Thank you so much for today, you really helped me out…”I smiled shyly…I didn’t want him to see my face, I was probably horrible from all that crying so I kept my head down.


“I’m so sorry for causing a commotion here, I was just feeling a little down and I kind of drank too much…so I’m really sorry for that. Hum, you don’t need to bother about me now, I’m fine so I’m heading home while I’m feeling better…”


I turned around so I could leave, but he grabbed one of my hands.


“So you would just leave without even telling me you’re name cutie?”

“Ahah, cutie yeah right...”-I managed to say-“but thanks anyway…”


I extended my other hand.


“I’m Hana.”


Just when I thought he was going to shake mine he pulled my entire arm to himself, holding my waist he took my lips without giving me a chance to back away…


“I’m Mina. Nice to meet ya Hana”


He licked the top of my mouth once again and gave that killer smile, his voice was soft velvet in my ears, all of my neck hair stood up…


The balance I was so strongly trying to keep broke and I almost hit the floor.

Knees shaking, head spinning…


Was all of this for real?!


I broke his embrace and gave some distance between us… There was no way I wouldn’t give in if he so much touched the tip of my finger… It was such an arousing feeling, that all parts of my body were pleading for.


“What the hell you think you’re doing mister?”


“Well that was my thank you gift…” He joked.


“I don’t think I ever gave you permission for such, and I already thanked you for everything, so there was really no need for you to do that…”


“I just felt like it…You’re so cute” he teased.


“I’m…wha…well goodbye.”


That one got me that’s for sure…


I turned around the fastest I could, but my feet were still deceiving me. Trying to keep my balance on alcohol and such an excited state was no good to keep my body moving accordingly to the way I wanted it.


I rushed thru the door… I was able to feel the cold air outside, and my head became clearer.


I heard footsteps behind me.


“Hey ya sure you don’t need me to walk ya home… I really don’t mind ya know.”

“I’m positive. Good night.”


I went my way… I don’t know why but I still glanced behind for a long time, until I could no longer see him. Gosh I hoped he didn’t saw me looking at him like an idiot.


Soon, as I was walking the important issue came to my mind.


After all that has happened tonight I still have to go home, and have a life changing moment.


Tonight was final. Tonight I would let him go.


The thought of regret started building inside of me, but I couldn’t realize if I was regretting the situation I was about to face, or the fact that I didn’t do it earlier.


Do I really love him? At that point I wasn’t so sure anymore.


The sense of freedom became a scary feeling, I didn’t want to spend my life alone…




That thought brought me back to old memories.


To the time we swore to never let go of each others hands. To the time we picked our house, to the time I bought him a hideous sweater that he hated but told me he loved it because I gave it to him…


“Oh god… I’m breaking breaking inside.”


Every step I took towards that door brought me a memory, and every memory brought me even more pain…


“What did I do wrong…? Where did I fail you…? I only took time loving you and you go and do something like this to me….You promised (sob)…Ya prom (sob)….”



My knees gave away and I fell on the snow covered floor crying…


I stood there for what it looked like an eternity.


My body was frozen from standing for too long on top of the snow.


At least all the things I remembered we’re good, and that gave me strength to lift my head and walk the rest of the way…


I was now standing in my front door, hand on the knob… Too scared to open it.


But I had to.

I took a deep breath and I walked in.

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The lights were out. There was nobody there…


“I’m such a fool… What was I expecting. He left the bar about the same time as me, and he was with that guy… He’s probably fooling around somewhere…”


I walked to the room, undressed my wet cloths and went straight to shower…


I turned the hot water, and it felt good against my cold body.


I dressed my other suit, packed all my stuff in a small bag, I sat on the couch and I waited for him to arrive.


I turned on the tv, and while i was there I felt cold again.


“Shit is this really going to happen…?”


As soon as I said it I heard the door open…


He walked in and I could see his confused face looking straight at me.


“What are you doing standing there?”


“I’m waiting for you Shu… We have to talk…”


“Talk? About what? And at this hour… Can’t it wait till tomorrow? I’m kind of exhausted right now…”


“I know you’re exhausted…And it’s about that exhaustion of yours that I wanted to talk about…”


“What the he…”


“Where were you Shu? What were you doing until this late hour…?”


“Where I was…? Working of course! I had a lot of problems today that I needed to take care of…why the hell are you asking me this now?”

“A lot of problems at work uh? I see… Isn’t there anything that you want to tell me Shu?”


“What the hell is going on Hana, why are you acting this way? You now I work late sometimes, you never complained, so now it’s no good…? I’m not gonna listen to this bullshit anymore, I’m going to bed…”


That was all I could take.


“I saw you Shu…”


It was like dropping a bomb… My eyes acted all by themselves and I couldn’t stop crying again anymore.


“How could you do something like this to me (sob)… You promised me we would always be together, (sob) even if we knew it was something so hard to achieve, we were trying, and the only thing I asked of you (sob)… Don’t hurt me (sob)…wasn’t it…WASN’T IT??”


He stared at me blankly, I don’t know if he understood right then what was happening or if he was amazed with my words…


“What are you talking about Hana? You saw me? You saw what… What are you saying…”


“Stop it Shu…don’t act like there’s nothing behind all of this. You want every word than I’ll tell you straight to you’re face…I saw you with another man in a gay bar. Is it enough or do you still want me to give you the details of what I saw inside the bar?”


At that time several possibilities crossed my mind… Was he going to ask for forgiveness, or was he happy I found out so he could dump me faster…


The answer came faster than I wished.


“Well ok you saw me with a guy I usually go out when I want sex, so what?”

I turned pale, and colder than I already was… My heart squeezed so tight there was no room for nothing else but sorrow…


“Well…Nothing apparently…Goodbye Shun…”


I was already half way to the door when he grabbed my arm…


“What the hell you think you’re doing, or where do you think you’re going?”

“Away from you that’s where I’m going so let go of my arm Shu…”


“I’m not letting go until you understand… Do you think it’s easy for me to be with you everyday, do everything with you and remain the same? It’s not! I tried to have only you but you have to understand that sex is something I need to have, and if I want to be with you forever I have to do this…”


“What are you saying that I’m not enough for you, that you still need to have others on the side just in case I’m not in the mood to screw with you?? What the hell is wrong with you? I don’t want this, I don’t want this kind of relationship… I’m leaving.”


I pulled out my arm and started walking away… I wasn’t going to listen to this, he was making a fool out of me…


“What… You think you’re going to find someone who’ll be able to stick up to that… Yeah go ahead and find the perfect guy… There’s some news for ya honey HE DOESN’T EXIST YA HEAR ME… I bet you’ll come begging in two days…that’ll be enough. 2 days and you’ll be here at this door step, begging me to take you back.”


As I walked away I still heard him scream something that I wasn’t able to understand anymore.


I kept my back to him and kept walking…


“Don’t worry Shun… I won’t come here anymore, even if it killed me… Goodbye.”


Truly, I said that to myself more than I said to answer him…




Well that's for today...hope you enjoy... :*

Next time Hana is going to find Mina again...let's see how Hana reacts to sexy Mina :p



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ahaha...i love it...i wanna read the next chapter...

u create all the characters perfectly...

I ENJOY IT A LOT!!!....^^

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Thank you Last_sky16... =D

Glad you liked it :p



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I just read the story! So beautiful! :hamtaro-005 (8): I like Mina's attitude when they introduced to each other, so sexy! :leaf15:

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I really like this story! The 2nd ch. was even better! :D

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:hamtaro-005 (5):

Thank you guys...i dont even know what to say :hamtaro-005 (15):


The second chapter was a little to sad emotionally but i promise it's going to get better in hotness and sexiness (just you wait for Mina-san :p)...


I have to tell you, i never thought it would be so hard to do it... :leaf10:

I now truly apreciate all the damn good writers we have around here rabbit14


Matti, Kaoru, Miho and Last_sky, and all the people that took the time to read this...You rock :leaf3::leaf3::leaf3:


Thank you for all the support... Gambatte, ne... :cuteonion44:

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I also like the story! My favorite character is Hana. He's so cute and kinda innocent! :)

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Thank You Aoi rabbit13


You guys are being to sweet to the newbie here, im really happy rabbit4

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The story is so beautiful Bela :) I like the second chapter, even if it was a little sad. It made me like Hana even more :) Very good story! Can't wait to read the next part :)

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rabbit0 You've read it Rei-sama?! rabbit0


Arigatou Gozaiimasu... onion0 onion0

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really cant wait for the next chapter...^^

that shun...or shu???..whoever he was.... he's a sick bastard...yosh...

and btw...u can call me June or Junnie...whichever u want...^w^

really love ur story...

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Chapter 2 is nice...Hana should leave him ...Grr...

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really cant wait for the next chapter...^^

that shun...or shu???..whoever he was.... he's a sick bastard...yosh...

and btw...u can call me June or Junnie...whichever u want...^w^

really love ur story...



rabbit13 I like Junnie..... So Junnie ( rabbit4 wuuaa like you'r name so much) thank you so much for liking this crazy thing coming out ot my head... I REALLY hope i can come up with something really good next chapter. Shun is going to get what he deserves... :cuteonion43: hehehhe...


Hope you continue reading, i'm also looking forward to see what's coming next :p


Kiss* for ya :leaf3:

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@ Miho


Chapter 2 is nice...Hana should leave him ...Grr...


That's what Hana wants but will it be this easy...??


Let's wait for next chap...rabbit16


Thank you for you'r words Miho chan...


Big Kiss* for you as well :leaf3:

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rabbit13 I like Junnie..... So Junnie ( rabbit4 wuuaa like you'r name so much) thank you so much for liking this crazy thing coming out ot my head... I REALLY hope i can come up with something really good next chapter. Shun is going to get what he deserves... :cuteonion43: hehehhe...


Hope you continue reading, i'm also looking forward to see what's coming next :p


Kiss* for ya :leaf3:


ahahha...u're so cute...hohoho....

well...i hope too...that Shun...if i meet him i'll give him 'freekicks'...lol

i will continue of course....itz very interesting....^o^

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I like this story a lot! It's really interesting! What I like the most is that this story is unforeseeable. If I thought Mina will follow him and all... well.. no. :D


I like Hana a lot by the way!

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I like this story a lot! It's really interesting! What I like the most is that this story is unforeseeable. If I thought Mina will follow him and all... well.. no.


I like Hana a lot by the way!


Arigatou Miro chan rabbit13 , I'm glad you liked it, this was really just a spur of the moment i wasn't even expecting to write anything readable, much more people would actually like it.


I'm really on cloud 9 rabbit4 ...Never did i do anything alike.


Hana is a very interesting person, isn't he?! Well he was made so we could identify ourselves with him(my male version of me :D rabbit16 ) a very true, very honest person but he's a very perv one too...You'll find out later on...


Hope you continue to follow up, thank you once again for you're words :leaf3::leaf3:

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Ok this is all you guys fault.

I was suppose to write a little bit on chap 3 but i just couldn't stop and i ended up writing 3 chapters... Insane. Let's start with chapter 3


Story so far: Hana found out about Shu being unfaithful, and he leaves home....


Spell… Chapter 3



After turning my back to the past I wasn’t looking forward to the future…


I mean what was left for me?I was alone, homeless and loveless…


Everything was bad, I couldn’t see any ray of hope in my life. I wished so many times to have a peaceful, quite life beside someone I love and who loves me back but judging for everything that has happened so far it was impossible.


I went to a hotel the closest to my work place, one of the big offices down town.


Tomorrow I would have to face reality. Work would be the same, the people would be the same. I just needed some time adjusting to the situation. I was a good professional, never did I let my boss down, or behaved incorrectly at work, I was an almost perfect employee.


I opened my small bag, took my hygiene stuff and placed them on the bathroom, it looked so impersonal… It kind of hurt seeing my face in the mirror, I looked like I was punched several times in the eyes.


I dressed my pajamas and went to sleep, only for a few hours.


The hotel manger woke me up early that day, exactly the way I asked him to, I would take the opportunity to look for a place.


Soon as I got to the office, the still empty space, made me feel somehow relived, that I wasn’t facing somebody just yet… Would I be able to do it? Act like everything’s ok?


Well I had to, it didn’t matter how hard it was I just had to.

I turned my computer on, and visited some house selling/renting websites.


I saved a few I liked and started to work.


“Hey Hana-san, you’re here already? Man you got an early start today…”


“Yeah Nagasaki-san, I’m a bit busy today so I thought I took care of a few things first today. So how’s marriage going Nagasaki?”


Nagasaki was a fellow co worker, a really nice guy and friendly too.

“Well, women are complicated beings aren’t they Hana-san eheheheh…”


“What’s up Nagasaki-san, is everything ok? Did you have a fight with your wife?”


“Ah no that’s not it. Ya know I just thought things would be simpler and nicer ya know…All she’s been doing is spending money, and complain cause she thinks my house sucks. I’m letting her have her way for now thought, cause in some ways she’s doing it for us.”


“Ahahh, having it hard already eh Nagasaki…Well don’t worry I’m sure things will turn out ok, you’ll see.”

“I’m hoping it does Hana-san…I sure am…And what about you Hana-san, aren’t you getting married? What about a girlfriend for starters? I can hook you up with a few of my wife friends I’m sure of it… You’re a really good looking guy, I don’t think there’s a girl who wouldn’t think so. So what do you think?”


“Ah please don’t Nagasaki-san, I’m ok really. I want to focus on my job for now.”


I really didn’t see that one coming, I got so flustered that I turned away to the computer again… Now that was all I was missing, getting hooked up with some women, yeah right, as If i could do it. Sometime i wished I could… it would be a lot easier.


After a few hours lunch time was already here, I didn’t want to have lunch with Nagasaki, I was afraid he would come up with the women story again, and I was really not up to it.


So I said sorry and because I had some business outside the office i went to see some houses instead. I wasn’t hungry and all, so I would take my chances. I wasn’t planning on staying in a hotel forever.


I have to admit, it was horrible.


Houses falling apart, to damn big, too expensive, and some in which people should never live inside.


“How the hell do they sell these places without any kind of reconstruction work first, it’s insane.”


All the up’s and down’s started to give me a lion’s hunger. I stopped by a small vendor and grabbed a sandwich. I sat in a small bench, and while I was watching people go by Shu came to my mind.


What was he doing right now… Was he thinking of me…


Shit. This was the only thing I wished not to happen. I kept myself busy all day so I wouldn’t think about him.


His words were still fresh in my head, and my heart turned small just thinking about it.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts, stood up and continued my search.


I came across a small apartment building and one of the windows had a big screaming sign saying ”FOR RENT”.

I didn’t even hesitate. I went in and pushed the door bell.


An old gentle looking woman came to answer the door.


“Ah yes, can I help you?”


“Yes, good afternoon. I…came because of the…renting sign…”


“Oh yes yes come in please. You’re the first to come, I just put that thing there today eheheh. Who knew that somebody would come so fast.”


“Well it was a coincidence really. I went to see a house nearby. And on the way I grabbed a sandwich with the vendor below and when I looked up I saw the sign. Nice to meet you I’m Myaki Hana, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance”


“Nice to meet you dear, I’m Madara Sakura, the landlady. Now that’s really a coincidence. Well let’s have a look around the house shall we.”


She gave me the most heartwarming smile. And we started to go from room to room. It wasn’t a big house but it was more than enough for me.


A small cozy living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Plus there was this small closet I could use for storage. The living room had a small link to a veranda which was covered in flowers, it smelled beautifully. It was perfect.


“You can cut down the flowers, if you want to. They don’t have to be there if you don’t like them, I know men don’t really have patience for this kind of things.”


“Oh no no please I loved them, they smell so well I couldn’t possibly…”


“Well I see…A Hana that likes “Hana” right…?”


She giggled and I understood that she linked my name to them… The thought made me smile sadly. I wasn’t a flower. If I was, then I would be a withered one.


We talked about renting fees and to my surprise it was quite cheaper from what I was expecting for such a house. After a few considerations I agreed to keep the house. It was to my liking and close to work, I won’t be needing much furniture so everything got solved quite fast.


Today right after work I would start making arrangements so I could move in.


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December 23rd


I completed the small arrangements I wanted around the house, I wanted to move in before Christmas, nothing was more depressing than spending Christmas night in a hotel.

Not that I was really looking forward to it. I mean with whom would I be spending such a lovely period?! Alone?! Exactly. So I shouldn’t be expecting anything else but loneliness…

I asked for a 3 day off from my job so I could prepare everything to move in.

I went shopping bought cheap but great things to my new home, and they were delivering it today. I was a little excited. It was a new start, and I was just a little relieved I was getting a place of my own.

Shu didn’t call, text or tried to contact me in any way. It seemed he forgot all about me. Not that I wasn’t expecting it but the feeling his despise was giving me was not pleasant at all.


“I mean… we were together for two god damn years… How could I just simply forget?!…Right now I really wished I could.”


It’s been three weeks since that terrible night, and the mixture of feelings I have from that time, still made me confused. The anger, the fear, the excitement…

A really funny feeling came when I remembered the guy I saw dancing…


“Mina-san…wasn’t it?!”


Gosh he was really good looking.

I giggled to the thought from the kiss he gave me. I sometimes could feel the warmth of his lips… I stopped for a second.


“Oh c’mon I could that be…it was 3 weeks ago man. Anything that had happened should have disappeared already what the hell…talking about feeling his lips… Talking about crazy I tell you. Get a hold of yourself…”


Truth was that I wouldn’t probably ever see him again, and the thought squeezed my chest a little.

I wanted somebody to hold, to kiss…and well to do a lot of stuff too I mean when was the last time I DID it…

I blushed terribly to the thought.


“Oh god what am I thinking at this time of the day….”


Somebody hit the bell and I went to answer it, still blushing like an idiot.

The furniture was here, and I started putting everything in place, planning which place was best for each piece I’ve bought.


“Fiiuu…shit now that was hard. Never thought I bought so many things.”


After I finished placing the most important stuff I thought of preparing a little something for the neighbors, but I changed my mind.

Well I wasn’t much of a cook. Ok, ok not a cook at all, I would probably blow up the kitchen frying a freaking egg.

Shu used to do all the cooking. I loved to watch him cook he looked really sexy.

Another stab on the chest.

Shu wasn’t here anymore so I would need to learn how to do things myself. And that is what I need to concentrate for now… well I’ll just by something nice and cheap to the neighbors… I was getting broke so I couldn’t splurge.

I found a small “patisserie” selling some delicious cookies with a very good price and I bought them. Problem solved.

Now all I had to do was give them away so I could get over it.

After I was done with wrapping the cookies, I went to give them. Door bell to door bell saying hello and please take care of me from now on, it wasn’t that hard.


“Finally the last one. Well they’re really nice neighbors, they didn’t ask too many questions, they weren’t weird, so I guess I really hit jackpot coming here…”


I pushed the last one, but no one answered.


“It’s not that late yet… They probably aren’t home yet. I’ll wait for later, or maybe tomorrow…”


I placed the only package left close to the entrance and started to clean up the rest of things I had to put away, storage and organize.

It wasn’t much after that I heard the door bell, I ran to check who was it and when I opened the door I almost has a heart attack.

Those” Mina-san lips”, I was so embarrassingly thinking about just a few hours ago were standing in front of me. I had such a shock I don’t remember anything after I opened the door.


I woke up on my entrance floor(god knows for how long was I out) but nothing was in pain, didn’t I just passed out…If I fell I should hurt right?!


“I there, you ok man?!”


I was about to pass out again, that voice… shit…no way… there’s just no way this is happening to me.


So many places in this world and HE had to be HERE…what the hell…


I was lying on his knees(apparently he supported my fall) I stood up quickly, kept my head real down, like a bow so he couldn’t recognize me, he seemed not to have until now, and I was going to make sure he didn’t at all…


“Oh I’m sorry, I felt hum…a bit dizzy…hum… cause I just moved here today…and all the moving well I’m a bit tired so…hum, if you excuse me…”


“Oh’s that so?! Then welcome neighbor!”




“Oh, it’s that so…well hum…so nice to meet you I’ll be in your care from now on, good night….”


I tried to close the door but no can do…


“Hey is this the way you treat your neighbors? That’s not nice at all. Where’s my welcoming gift, ya have one right?!…I bet you went to my house but since no one’s there, you kept it to give later right, so where is it? I’ll receive it now. Is it food? I’m starved ahahah.”


Was this guy for real, I just said I wasn’t feeling right, what the hell is wrong with him… I wanted to run away…How could he be so pushy.

I picked up the wrap lying on the floor gave it him and closed the door without saying anything.

Yeah ok, I was rude but how come I could face him like this, heart beating 1000 miles per second, face red like a tomato, there’s just no way I could, if he recognized me…fuck what was I going to do…?


“Ya know(chewing) ya could have been a little nicer(chewing), I came all the way here to say hello to the new guy(chewing) and he bangs th’a door on m’a face… Oh BUT THE COOKIES R’ GREAT THANK YOU, MAYBE TOMORROW WE GET TO CHAT A LITTLE AND…”


“SHUT UP…don’t yell, please be considerate about the other neighbors. Now go home. Please.”

“Shit did I do something to piss’ya off? What the hell… Alright good night then… you crazy person…”




“Don’t scream you’ll disturb the neighbors…ahahah”


What the hell, this son of a…. now I’M the one disturbing…shit…

I tried to calm down… It was normal right, if he didn’t knew who I was, it was normal to think I was crazy acting like that… I would apologize properly tomorrow…I just needed some time to cool down, because that was seriously unbelievable.

Of all the places in this town, 10 million people, he had to live in the place i just moved…


So long peaceful life...

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Spell… Chapter 4



I went to take a shower, when I took off my shirt my chest was still pounding so hard you could see my chest going up and down like something was about to burst.

I needed to cool down so I turned the shower took a reaally long one, and waited for my breathing and heartbeat to go back to normal…


As soon as could breathe normally I started thinking… He was really different from that time.


Today the long silky hair was gone, and instead a short cut but still shining silky black appeared. He was still looking dazzling. The perfect shape of his nose, black eyes( I think they were black, the other time I didn’t catch that right and today I couldn’t even face him properly) and those lips, that felt like were imprinted on mine when he kissed me.


I pressed my fingers to my lips and they were pounding, like somehow they were expecting something… They were so hot, they were expecting his kiss again…

Shit… seeing him now was not good at all… I could just do something crazy.


December 24rd


Morning came, and I was terrified that our paths could come across, we lived at the same building.


I mean I acted like a crazy person yesterday. Now he must probably hate me and having a point there.


Who told me to act like that right?! If he didn’t knew who I was there was no need to panic.

But as soon as his image came to my mind my body reacted differently.


I went to work, without giving it further thought, I had to go to work now and, do my job properly, and that’s what I should be concerned right now.


Work day went by, and the hard part was going to begin now.


Walking my way back home, i heard someone call my name.


That voice, well i was wishing not to listen to it for a longer time, before I really had to so I could be prepared.


I wasn’t.


Shu was waiting for me by a small garden near my office.

“Hana, wait. I need to talk to you.”


He certainly choose a good day to disturb me, Christmas Eve and my ex-boyfriend shows up to destroy my peace.


“What is it Shu. I have to go home, I have a lot of work to so…”


“Please, it’s just a few minutes…”


What did he want with me…and today off all days, it was already difficult without seeing him why did he have to show up?


“Ok, let’s go to the cafe near the trains.”


And there we went. That brought back memories from when we used to meet each other near that same garden so we could go home together…


What was he up to, what did he want?


We broke up, for weeks he didn’t even tried to contact me… What was it now?!


“I came so I could ask you when will you go pick up your stuff that’s left in the house. I’ll be needing the space.”


“Oh so you already found somebody to replace me…I see.”


“It’s not of your damn business, I just need to know when so I could make arrangements to…”


I didn’t even left him finish.


“Throw or give them away, sell them, get rid of them. They’re trash, just like me right? Get rid of them like you did with me. Replace them or whatever…I really, really don’t care. See ya.”


“Hey wait Hana…”


I was already out the door.


I managed somehow not to cry in public again, and when I was almost at home a hand grabbed my shoulder.

“Hi there again. Are ya going to ignore me today as well?”




“Hi there…hum…about yesterday I’m so really sorry. I really wasn’t feeling very well so I kind of…”

“Yeah well, I don’t know if I’m gonna forgive ya!”


“I understand, I’m so sorry…”


“I’ll think about during dinner…”


“Wha…Excuse me?!”

“Well make me dinner and I’ll think about forgiving you…”


Oh… There it was that smile….


I felt my knees turning to jelly, my face turned fire and I wasn’t feeling well…


Having dinner with him?! What was this about? Was he joking with me?


“So what’s your answer? You make me dinner and I forgive you, how’s going to be?”


“It’s Christmas Eve…Don’t you have plans…with somebody?”

“I’m trying to make plans with ya, if you don’t mind, i0’m kind of hoping you don’t have plans yourself…ahahah.”

What the hell, what about me, I might have plans right?! I might have someone waiting for me… Of course I hadn’t but that was not the point.

“So what do ya say? My forgiveness for a dinner tonight?! Sounds like a great deal right?!”


There goes that smile again…it makes go off track. My head was a complete black and all I was able to answer was…




“Yay, free dinner goodie… I’m starting to forgive ya already hum… I still don’t know your name. I’m Shirou Mina, but everybody just call me Mina-san, yours?!”


“Hum I’m Myaki Hana…”


“Hana…Hana…I heard that name before somewhere…


Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit…..


“Well…hum I …don’t think I’ve made your acquaintance yet, perhaps another “Hana” maybe…”


Hope that worked.


“Yeah who knows…I meet people all the time…eheheh”




“You seem like a very merry person Mina-san, always laughing and all…”

“Thank you…ahahah I’ll take that as a compliment, right?!”


“Sort of…”



“Ah, nothing, nothing. Hum Mina-san there’s just a small, little, insignificant problem, you see I can’t…hum quite cook…”


“Ahahhah, ok so let’s do this let’s grab some groceries, that you’ll be paying for and I’ll make dinner. What do ya think?”


“Hum ok, if you don’t mind having the trouble, I mean I was supposed to “cook for your forgiveness” right?!”

“Ah, Hana-san you made a joke…So cute ahahah”


I blushed even harder this time. Cute a 28 year old man, cute now that’s absurd…

“Ok so what do you wanna have for dinner Hana-san? I’m a great cook so I’ll cook anything you ask?


Another blush, I was starting to feel numb cause all my blood was rushing to my face…

This was turning ridiculous, I should get a hold of myself some more…


“Hum anything’s fine with me Mina-san, you choose ok, you’re the one I’m supposed to be offering right?”


“Is that so Hana-san…?”


He got a lot closer to me and I could feel his warmth.


“You shouldn’t say that so many often cause I’ll take advantage of you Hana-san…”


That was almost a whispering, and I felt all of my blood boil, it was something I never felt before in my life, the way he was looking at me right now, shouldn’t be legal.


“Ok then let’s go Hana-san, before it gets to dark…”

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