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  1. Thank you for the frienship request. Gladly accepted.

  2. Hi!!

    Do you by any chance have any raythe reign books? And if you have, can you send me it please?



  3. Then, until later tonight, beautiful. <3

  4. I think I'll leave my agenda clear for that day :p

    So, we've a date!! :p

  5. We should totally do that. I am free on Wednesday night, how about'chu?

  6. Let's catch up with each other when u have the time, hottie ;)

  7. Hi my friend. I'm really sorry to write this message again to you. I had my reason because I'm more worried about you that you can't see my Request Reupload properly. I was talking about the oldest manga, not the newest manga. OK. I really hope you understand. Thank you.


    :Sorry: Please forgive me!!!

  8. I'd appreciate if you stopped spamming my VM asking for this manga. As I've already explained to you, I follow a chronological order to attend requests so needless to say that you either wait until your turn comes or I invite you to look for it yourself. There isn't any reason for me to fulfill your request sooner than any other user's. I hope I don't have to explain myself again and I really hope you stop spamming my VM. Thank you.

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