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My Darling is an English Gentleman manga

  Manga: My Darling is an English Gentleman, My Darling is English Gentleman, Uchi no Darling Eikoku Shinshi, うちのダーリン英国紳士。

Author: Miki Araya

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Yaoi

Released: April 10th 2009

Status in Country of Origin: Complete

Scanlator: MangaOne

Summary: “Is this what sex is?!”

An English nobleman, Earl Christopher (33 years old), lives a systematic and routine life. Due to his methodical way of life, he has been isolated from the living world and does not even know what sex is…
One morning, Christopher comes upon a man camping in his territory. Because of Kanamori, a Japanese gardener, part of his territory has been unexpectedly turned into a Japanese garden with a water fountain!
Kanamori expresses his liking to the enraged Christopher and suddenly pushes him down…

A nobleman’s first time and a barbaric Japanese man in a field of grass!

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My Darling is An English Gentleman Manga

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Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the manga.

It was comedy gold! A pervy Japanese gardener and a 33-year-old virgin. Even the horse ships it!And the even the horse is GAY!  From the failing novel life comes a guest who managed not just to save the protagonist but also steal his virginity and heart as well.

Unlike other manga and novels I’ve reviewed before, this one is relatively lighter in terms of plot and characters. There’s not much of dramas minus the climax. Still, it did managed to keep me reading up until the end.

Our Japanese gardener is really pervy starting from beginning until the end. Our Earl on the other hand being innocent, he became a bit of a tsundere and then started pining when the plot thickens. Sadly, like most manga it started in a very noncon/dubious way. So the reviews starts here. For the art style, I will give it a 4. The background is just so good. The way the garden and the designs were drawn are just so pleasing to the eyes. The characters  and the horses are good too.

The story? I’ll give it a 3. Like what I said, there’s not much of a something but the comedic approach is enough to keep you reading. I love the way that all or most (in the Earl’s case) are made in purely comedic reasons (e.g. like how the horse is made to be the wingman). The dramatic climax is also very engaging and will be enough to keep you reading.

I’ll guess I end it here? I don’t wanna spoil more.

What’s your opinion on My Darling is an English Gentleman manga? Please let us know in the comments below.

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