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Akuma Game Manga

Manga: Akuma Game

Author: Takagi Ryo

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Historical, Romance, Supernatural, Yaoi

Released: 2009

Status in Country of Origin: 2 Volumes (Complete)

Scanlator: Aion Scanlations

Summary: Having a body that sends out pheromones, that makes people abnormally fascinated with him, one day he accidentally summoned a man who calls himself ‘Jin’ and is supposedly a devil. “I will help you make your every dream come true.” Listening to to Jin’s seductive whispers he can’t help but ask him to cure his problematic body. But unexpectedly, this is the start of an obscene contract…? The price to pay for this contract is to have 24 french kisses or have sex with the devil everyday?! This is the love story of a seductive devil and a pretty uke!

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Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the manga.

A much as I like Takagi Ryo and I do like this series, the start of this is quite hard to like. The premise is quite ridiculous, but when talking about a devil making a deal with a human because of his pheromones of course you’re not going to be expecting something realistic. But Jin (the devil) is rather pushy, and Setsuna (while not an irrational reaction) is annoyed and acts rather angrily due to the contract. Again though, we’re talking about a pushy devil who is giving him a rather difficult decision to make.
But as the story progresses (though also not completely translated) Setsuna’s behavior changes and the relationship evolves. But of course Setsuna still has his reservations because how can you trust a devil.
The artwork is lovely, and while the story isn’t completely translated and the premise is quite absurd it’s a good read. Be warned that the relationship is built upon dubious consent, so if that is something that you don’t like, I would not suggest this title. But if you are willing to look past that, this is worth a shot.

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