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Toshishita Kareshi no Renai Kanriheki Manga

Manga: 年下彼氏の恋愛管理癖, Young Boyfriend’s Love Management Habit

Author: Sakurabi Hashigo

Genres: Yaoi

Released: 2013

Status in Country of Origin: 2 Volumes (Complete)

Scanlator: N/A

Satoshi is a fragile research student who immerses himself so much in his research, that he often forgets to eat and sleep. He has a pet-master relationship with Izumi, his junior at the same lab, a relation which they themselves and people around them are aware of. Izumi’s supposed to limit himself in taking care of Satoshi, but after he learns that he was attacked by a man, his feelings towards Satoshi started to change. These feelings are possessiveness and a desire to monopolize or…?

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Toshishita Kareshi no Renai Kanriheki

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Post’s Author Opinion:

Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the manga.

To begin, let’s clarify that, as usually happens with the two volumes series, we don’t only have one story, instead, we have three. The main story is about Satoshi and Izumi. They are both schoolmates, Satoshi is a clueless and clumsy boy and Izumi is a friend of his who takes care of him and make sure he eats properly, which is why Satoshi’s seminar professor named him his owner. Both have a purely friendship until Izumi sees his friend in a compromised situation and realizes what he feels, he loses his temper and gets into trouble. This first story, as is logical, is the best of the three. To begin with, it is the one that is more developed, the one that has more episodes of the saga, and therefore, you know better both characters.

The second couple are Mineo and Prince Rad. This story has left a strange taste in my mouth, because although the chapter of the story that appears in the first volume I loved it, the second volume has left me somewhat indifferent. Here we meet Mineo, a companion of Satoshi and Izumi, who one day is forced to show the university campus to an Arabian prince named Rad who is a fan of Japanese culture and wants to spend time there with someone with the same age as him. Both spend an incredible day together and, although they know that their relationship has no future due to the fact that Rad will have to return to his country, they fall in love. The second chapter it has more smut than anything else, they don’t really move forward with their relationship, we don’t deepen into it, so the chapter is fine (if you like the smut, in my case, I love it :D) ​​doesn’t contribute anything to the development of this story . And the last story revolves around Kyoya and Kuramoto, an actor and his manager. Kyoya is forced to play roles with sadistic character when in reality he is a true masochist, that’s why he feels frustrated. To which, after certain events that I wont tell you either, his manager decides to help him by making his partner his personal sado. This story has enchanted me in the first volume, but in the second it has backfired because of the end. It has left a totally bitter taste in my mouth, and I think it deserves some other chapter more. It could have potential as an independent story and it also could have had more future, I mean it. It’s a pity.

As for this manga in general, as a whole and not analyzing every single history, I think it’s a short manga that although it isn’t the bomb or going to be at my yaoi list that I love, is quite good and leaves a good aftertaste. In addition, one of the main points of the art of the mangaka, which is absolutely beautiful (not to mention the smut, which truthly is very, very good).

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