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Making Love Like Newlyweds Manga

Making Love Like Newlyweds Manga: Making Love Like Newlyweds, Shinkon Gokko de Itoshite

Author: MINAMI Haruka

Genres: Adult, Smut, Yaoi

Released: 2006

Status in Country of Origin: Oneshot (Complete)

Scanlator: Liquid Passion

For his boyfriend’s birthday, Chiyuki agrees to play ‘newlyweds.’ However, the cos in this cosplay turns out to be an apron – and nothing else.

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Making Love Like Newlyweds

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This oneshot is, as pretty much all Haruka Minami’s sensei works, sexy, naughty, smuty, hot~~~ The characters are 2 cute boyfriends who decide to do a cosplay as newlyweds in order to celebrate the birthday of the seme (a 25 year-old businessman). His birthday present request is firm – he wants his lover to play his wife, naked and wearing just an apron for one day~~~~~~~ Things advance fast and the two lovers soon find themselves in bed doing naughty stuff~~ If you want some smuty action, perhaps when you don’t have time or you are not in the mood to read a longer, plot-centered manga, make sure to give it a go~~~

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