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Hymn of the Soul

Rebel Heart

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Hello all and welcome


Like I told you all in introductions I like to write poems and stuff. I also started to write my very first Fiction story "Stranger in Japan"you can find that in the fiction corner. Please feel free to leave feedback, because of my dyslexia I'm quite unsure about myself and the things I write. it really helps allot if people could point out things which could improve my writing. also don't steal my work, I share it because I feel like too, but never use it as your own.





Little Boy


Little boy little boy

Why can’t you sleep

Did you wake up from a nightmare

Don’t give up my little boy

In your dreams you create the world

You can change the story

My little boy just close your eyes and think hard

Now you will have friends who support you with their heart

Work together and fight for what is true

In your dream you can be a hero too

Go out there save the princess

I know you are asleep but I will kiss my hero on the cheek

Because I know in his world he will find what he seek

Little boy we will meet again

When the time is there I will hear those tales you will bring

A tale of my little boy becoming a man

True to himself a heart of a lion

My boy be proud

When you open your eyes tears will fall down

Not of sadness but of joy

You fought hard and was so very brave

Your tale is in my heart and forever save

While I look down to you one more time

My little boy

The journey you take I cannot go

Good bye until we meet again

My little boy



Once a friend once kind

Humans are terrible difficult creatures

Looking back in the mirror he sees no self-reflection

The form is of something he recall from long ago

Time is just a mere reflection of the choices one makes

Gravity is what binds us to this world of pain

He lost it all, emptiness is what resides within him

No feeling no tears left to cry over the death

Blood been shed and no victory to be gained

A kingdom fallen into a void which cannot be filled

Despair is al what is left

He looks into the mirror but see not himself

What he sees is a mere shadow of himself

A tear drips from his cheek

The vision granted by his former self a shadow a choice

Humans are difficult creatures

The one tear is filled with hope

The hope for a bright future for this boy

The boy who saw his reflection

Sending Away


To protect what is importend I have to let go

I can see the distand future; a future in which you smile

A lovely smile which isn't hold back

How can i take this future away from you

You will always find a new path which keeps you hanging on

For this I will lock my heart away and give it to you

This heart of mine will be beating trough yours

Our memories

I'm sending you away so that I can live on in your heart

It's not that I don't want to go

But i can't risk you my love but i can risk myself

Our paths will cross again; love will keep on living even after death

As long as your heart beats I will live on

No matter where you are

I will always be with you

So i can see that smile

And then i will be assured

That sending you away was the right thing to do


Ray of Light


When the end is so sudden we all are left with holes of unanswered questions

It’s not the time to enjoy the paces of daily life, not when you see a ray of hope being dimmed

Life itself is a treasure which you can only share with others but the pain you can never be explained

Sometimes we wonder why there are such things like creatures in the dark who brings us sadness in our hearts

I can only grasp the portion of emotions that people must go through, It’s not my place to ask

I can only hope that the dimmed rays have gone back to the place where the light first shined upon them and may they have eternal peace in a warm bath of the love they were given in their life’s




Here face is telling me a tale

Like a music box playing here song

A string being pulled carefully by a breeze

The memory of the hymn is still haunting me


When I look at here I see a glorious past

Time is a cruel piece of machinery

I loved you so much now I only see what has become

Crows flying out to the moon who always watches us


A gentle ray of light coming down onto you

A tear falling down

No regrets only sorrow

I break down when I hear the last string being pulled

Never again will I hear you


I will never forget

the Hymn

The Hymn Of your heart

Reaching out to me

It will be forever silent




To be different is what define our character

Is it wrong to be ourself

Is it a crime to grow up living up to what you believe

Where lies our Joan of arc who will burn for our own desires

It makes all the difference in the world to be different

If we would all be the same, our individual would die just like the ashes of those who have fallen for our freedom

Never give up being different


Starry sky


What do we feel when we long to the night

A starry sky is what we see while living far away

The moon shine down upon us telling us it’s ok

To dream about the future our future

Don’t be afraid to cry when you heart needs it

Always remember just like the starry sky

The heart connect and protect what is import end

Look upon the sky and you will see

A tiny threat of love upon the starry sky of you and me



We all seek something in this world

an unbreakable vow to yourself something to fill the void

Far off places we run to deny the thing we seek close at home

Strangers words are clouding the mind

A broken heart can’t be mend with a cure filled with poison

In our eyes the world is drowning

Without a second thought we suffer not ever questioning

There is no substitute for love

I feel so alone

So alone

In crowded rooms I find myself

There is no handsome stranger

In my world of hurt there is only danger

Now that I have come back

I have changed my mind

Your face, my substitute for love







Being here with you

So close so warm

And yet so far apart

There is a sudden pain

A pain of my broken heart

Where did I lose track with you when did we forgot


Your hand tangled in my hair

So comforting and peaceful

What is this emptiness I feel

No lovely words no tenderness

Where did I lose track with you when did we forgot


I can’t think of any other way

It is Unavoidable


To let you go….


It was like yesterday wen were holding hands

You pushing me on the swing

It felt like flying through the autumn breeze

What did we do to get it this wrong


This awful sound were going trough

No words no tears just silence

A silence like a blade cutting through my heart

Not just our future, our memories being cut away


You fierce eyes tell me the tale

Our lips stays shut forever silent

We can’t keep pretending this way


It’s Unavoidable


Oh yes it’s unavoidable……


To let you




Pretend that I’m not even here

How can I live like this

The memories are burning and eating me away

The only thing I ever wanted was for you to be true

Was it so much to ask for you to stay


Damm right it’s Unavoidable

In my head it's been playing a thousand times


Ohhhhhhh unavoidable oohhhhhh

To let you gooooooo

Oh yessss to let you gooo


This swing of history

Is what is left of me

Nothing more than a dim memory

Of you and me

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woah.. you write a lot :)

I have never understud poetry but i do like people who writes or who has a passion :p


I did like the Stary sky. I like stars and the sky, I prefer nights.

Sorry Im not a very deep person, I feel like a Cave-man sometimes HAhahaha.

Keep Up the god work.


P.s I also have dyslexia :)

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Also wrote a song about difference, in times where people who are different are being bullied or being hated, we should be proud on being different and love everything or everyone who is different.


btw a part of the song is inspired by Vogue.


I also started a blog for anyone who cares;

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.




Bo honest what is the difference

We all share the same world

The sky is blue to all of us

From east to west it’s all the same


But yes there is a difference

I can do whatever I want and respect your choice

You can be whoever you want and still be my friend

Because it makes all the difference to be different


What can we do to let you be

To trust your choices and those of me

What does it matter to me or you

That we share different worlds

As long as we learn to respect each other too


In a mosque or church what will you choose?

For me it doesn’t matter I will still love you

So many people on this tiny land

We have to work together to get trough


Instead of making people choose

Let people be free of what they want to be

It’s not a crime to believe or not

So don’t accuse a human for being different then you


What can we do to let you be

To trust your choices and those of me

What does it matter to me or you

That we share different worlds

As long as we learn to respect each other too









It’s ok it’s alright

To be different in this time


It makes the world interesting

Instead of slaughtering respect each other

Because in the end we are all the same in being different

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A new poem; I written it for my upcoming Hijack fan fiction, not sure if people around here like that. I already have a finished a fan fiction called once upon a time with me, if people are interested I can post it here too.


This poem is a dark one,

Live and Learn

When life tears us apart


When the fire in the heart is gone


Live and learn


Because I was so foolish back then


I tasted my tears


Everything has changed


Looking back at my life


I tasted my fears


I want to be with you


Looking back at my life


I was very selfish


Live and learn


It is very clear to me


Nobody wins


This story has an ending


And a new story begins


Well there is hope yet


Live and learn


No regrets


As long as I can see your face


Then I know you are not a memory


I hid my tears


You are my pride and joy


I hid my fears


You are always there in my secret place


Forever and after

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Quick poem I wrote for my signature.


When we where young


When we where young

It didn’t matter who we where

Or what we did

We saw the world through innocence

I wish we could go back

Just you and me

Forever silly and ignorant

Not caring for the way of the worlds

The bliss that kept us together

Is now gone


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my latest poem, pretty much the most ugliest thing that could happen with the human heart.


Behind this smile I use to comfort others


Lies a deep rooted pain


Wherever I go


Wherever I turn


Without you


This façade is going to burn


Burning me up


It’s my love for you


Deep within my heart I know it’s truth


You are no longer


But lingering on in the depths of my Rebel Heart


Darling I miss you


I keep on smiling pretending not to see


That even after you are gone with him


You still hurting me


My love for you will burn me up


I smelt my burning flesh


I saw my rotting bones


I saw my decay


I still kept on smiling

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I've just discovered your poems and they are really well written. Love reading them! Good job! Waiting for more! :D

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thank you very much! I love writing and I keep improving bit by bit:Dancing:


Here is one I wrote for someone online,




Broken pieces, The uninvited change


In the high of our youth

We all search for and object to crave

But you were not

You stepped into my world uninvited

You where whistling my name

In order the unlock the real me

In order to make my heart change


Let’s walk let’s run let’s get away

You unravelled my heart

Let’s leave this place tonight

Where it will be just you and me

You made me drop my guard

Let’s go let’s move let’s be

I want to go to anywhere

Where our love is more than just you and me


Now darkness quickly steals my light

I had so much hope but now it’s broken

Now I’m the one who is left behind

These broken pieces of a dream

Are messing me up deep inside

Your words keep telling me to survive

But without knowing it

Your words where slowly taking my artificial light


I don’t know any more what to do

These shattered feelings of mine

What I need from you is to be true

Please let me love you please let me in

But all you left in me is a wreckage

This isn’t what love was supposed to be

Now I found out there is no more you and me


Now I’m broken

Now I’m in pieces

And messed up inside

And yet you still you came uninvited

You feel just like heroin

These heartbroken memories are fading

One more day in paradise

One last chance to feel alright

Those are the means to me

To survive



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I love this one too! The sadness, the melancholy... it's just perfect!

You're talented!

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Arrigatoo :Jumping around:


This poem is connected to the story I'm rewriting, Stranger in Japan. It's about Twins being shred apart.


When the shadow fades from the light


Brother where are you now

Where is the shadow I long for

Please let me put my hands around you once more

If I just could keep you from fading

For this is our end brother

All your love inside of me faded

For burning your dreams or worse I couldn’t bother

I failed

You got swept away


While I got left behind crying myself to sleep

These burning dreams are here to stay

Because of the promises I didn’t keep

When everything crumbles around me

I’m walking alone and no one seems to care

I look into the mirror and see everything faded

Brother why don’t you say nothing at all

now I know I truly failed


I let you fall into the blades

When it all becomes reality

My sadness will reign until everything fades

It wasn’t just my fantasy

I’m about to lose my mind

Please I want to hold you once more

But when I search for you it is only pain I find

All by myself since you have faded

And all this hatred that I deserve

I have broken the promise and failed


While is it that I’m still breathing

Is it true that I walk this pitiful life being unnoticed

Just when these feelings of mine betrayed me

He found me and noticed

That his shadow would complete me

Even if you are faded

And even when I terrible failed


Lingering hope is reaching out to me

Saying it isn’t over till it’s over

Brother this is where it ends for you and me

I now know we both have made mistakes

It is time for me to move on and let it be

Even when you faded

And even when I failed

He was the one for me

and the only one who stayed


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Quick poem I wrote to honour prince





In this world where music fills the sky


Clouds are gathering like a lullaby


It’s raining purple rain


Purple rain


Singing our prince to sleep


Lying in a bed of roses


Silently on his cheek


The last words which flew from his lips


Floating on the wind of change


With one shake of his hips


It rains purple rain


up he goes


Into the sky he goes


The sky which is filled with doves


And when these doves cry


It is sure to rain


Purple rain


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Something I written while listening to Sia's Cheap Thrill




You are just like a pill


You where stand there over me


I knew I couldn’t stay


Still I went in for the thrill


And I know it is too late


The knife in my back won’t go away


This bleed running down my leg isn’t just fantasy


You were so lost and I couldn’t let it go


But from the start I knew there was no immortality


If I just could have said no


But this is becoming reality


I’m addicted to you


And I went in right for the thrill


My heart is growing cold as stone


You are just like a pill


If I could do this all over again


I would dive right back into this thrill


And won’t change a single thing


Because it was all for you


And the thrill

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Quick poem I wrote about forbidden love


Come to where we can be free


In the moonlight near the river


Our feet playing with the water


While we look at each other we shiver


Our hands tangled together


It was just like yesterday


That we decided to run away forever


Our love was forbidden


But our future was not forsaken


Love should never be hidden


We knew the danger of the road we had taken


We had to struggle in the night to get trough


They told us that our love was nothing more then dead


But we held on the flickering truth


Now there is no more need to hide


Look at us standing here in the sunshine


Our love makes it a wonderful life


To know that every part of you is mine


We can laugh and cry


Because we are in love this time


It was worth it to run and hide


In the sunshine near the river

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Quick poem to finish the Monday evening.


Our Happy Ending


In this city so rotten


We held our heads high


As we knew our love hasn’t forgotten


Just one touch from your hands


Was enough to make me forget


That we had no time to get back to what we knew


In our eyes was no room left to regret


There are just things we can’t undo


Before we knew it all the birds had flew


Under the sky filled with stars


Where our problems are from Yesterday


We will make our own happy ending


And we just know we will be okay


Because even in a city so rotten


We will never go pretending


With you by my side hope will not be forgotten


Hoping for our happy ending

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Quick poem I wrote about how someone might think they can fool the partner, but in the end got caught and was played with instead.



Take a Bow


Congratulations on this vow


Empty mistreated and so much hatred


This is what you left me with


It’s enough I have done all what I could do


I will never understand you one bit


I’m leaving you


I will take a bow


Because I’m so much better


After all this time I can see this now


This life with you is over


I need to walk away before my heart grows colder


To find happiness after getting love sober


I know my best friend will lend me here shoulder


I will take a bow


Because I want to move forward


I don’t want to start pretending now


I will never keep this masquerade on


Even if you want me too


My feelings for you are long gone


It’s your bluff I overthrew


Now you know you where wrong


How does it feel to know our love is overdue


Take a bow


You can rot in hell


This is over now

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Well good morning, Just had a strike of creativity, Not sure if this turned out well. I felt like writing about an impure relationship were one of the couple had impure motives, and in the end just played with the feelings of the other. Good way to begin the Saturday -_- Well I hope you like it:No!:



I don’t want to feel, what you want me to feel


When the sun rises and my struggle has begun


To live in this future like I had a clue


Making my way to the refrigerator with pictures of us


I can still feel the warmth of your smile


But those eyes always averted


Should have known from the start


That It was just a house of cards


I only have myself to blame for trusting you


I don’t want to feel


I don’t want this to be


What you want it to feel


What you want it to be


I want to continue to flee in your arms


But this is not the world I was living in


I still want to feel comfortable and secure


But in the end you just kept me hanging on


Today I feel broken inside


Ashamed that I wasn’t able to uncover the truth


And every morning after I just want to stay and hide


Because now I know all these years where just a lie


I don’t want to feel


I don’t want this to be


What you want it to feel


What you want it to be


Since that day you told me birds could no longer fly


You cut me down the middle and walked all over me


You told me the sun would never rise again


You grabbed my heart and tore it into pieces


Torn between the impulses of love and hate


I had to let you wash all over me


All of these Illusions you made where shattered


It was the biggest trauma to see all the things I had to see


I don’t want to feel


I don’t want this to be


What you want it to feel


What you want it to be


Every morning I try to fly away from all of this


But I’m a bird without wings


What have you done you are still hurting me


Well today I decided to let you win


I’m not going to run any more from this sadness


When the sun rises and my struggle has began


Since you have decided for me what should done


If this is the end then let it come

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Just got a quick inspiration thanks to a friend to write this

The child in my rebel heart

Deep down in my rebel heart


I find this child smiling at me


Telling me to keep walking this line


Grabbing my arm and pulling me trough


Tough love this child knew it from the start


But he’s telling me to keep trying


Because this is how it’s suppose to be


When we all find the child inside of us


We want to regain this ignorance and innocence we once had


To fully understand that smile, the smile of the bliss we used to live in


Now I’m walking this life satisfied


And it’s all thanks to that child deep down


In my rebel heart

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A poem in the memory of those who have fallen for us in the second world war, and also of those who die today in unnecessary wars.




To live in a world of possibilities


Is to see many children growing up with unlimited dreams


Dreams of being a doctor, professor, teacher or fireman


Dreams can only be chased in a world which is free


Freedom is not just something, it’s a gift of those who have fallen for us in the war


A war which costed millions of children their lives


Who knows maybe the cure to cancer was among them or maybe the new Einstein


By killing all those possibilities we have killed true freedom


Never take freedom for granted


Think of the hero’s who have fought for it


Who have died for it


Never forget


True freedom comes with a price


The price of the loss of millions of possibilities and dreams

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I wrote this poem with the relationship of Hase Tiachi and Hisami Naoto in mind from Escape journey. I hope you will enjoy it


We are just like the tides

We can’t live with each other


Even when I fear you


we can’t live without each other


You just can’t abandon me


This love is like and endless chain


Even if I hate you I still cannot live without you


I will always fall for you again


No matter what we do brother


We cannot let these feelings for each other fade


Just like the tides one will need the other


My heart cannot carry this weight


Just when our old love has ended


My feelings grow stronger and I want to love you so much more without being told


And that’s when our new love has begun


Who doesn’t long for the love one to be hold


The old troubles in our minds


seems so far away


Just like the tides


For better or worse I know you better then anyone else


Call for me and I will always be on your side


No matter how many times we separate


Just like the waves from the tide


I will never fear the truth


Because like the power of love


The tides will pull us trough


Because one will need the other


It’s just as simple as that

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Quick poem about a broken relationship

Summer Blues


We came home last summer


To find nothing will ever be the same again


To cease this pain


I shred my heart to pieces and spread my love around


Knowing it will all be in vain


You look like you’re in another world


There is nothing for us to gain


It’s starting to get better light


You’re awake but still not here


I wish that it was still last night


It’s the morning I knew I do fear


I used to be your biggest fan


I will always love you dear


But now it is summer blues all over again

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  • 2 weeks later...


Shards of a Broken dream


How could I let it end this way


I looked at your face and saw our love had died


Honestly what of a monster have I become


I can’t believe this is the end


I have to let you go it’s a tragedy for me to know


Please don’t turn your back on me because it hurts


We used to be together forever


To lose this all


To see the dreams we shared shattered


This is the reality I got to face


To see the endless abyss in which I fall


Without you by my side


My life doesn’t matter at all


This tragedy is coming to an end


To see the broken dreams floating out of the window


And I know deep inside


That this is what I got to face


A world without you


My heart forever with an empty space


I sit down and cry


Because I now know


That I have to live in a world without you


Forever losing this trace


Of love

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The dragon and the frost


Eyes which reflect upon the thin ice he stands on


When all hope is lost and the cracks of time are wrecking the clean image


When you think the evening star far up above haven’t heard your call


Darkness descending and taking away the very air you breath


And the drums of death are getting louder


and the shadow inside of you grows ever larger


You feel the elements of creations burning inside of you


While miracles do happen and your prayers are heard


Then rise above all that is dragging you down


And what you see is a boy covered in frost


Below you is a dragon with eyes like emeralds


And you know that everything is going to be al right


Because when I tell this tale to the children of our time


they look down on me far above in the sky


The dragon and the frost


The one miracle which did happened




Wandering this earth all alone


Looking for the one place I could call home


Travelling trough the wards of time


Escaping from what I have become


Running around trough crowded places


One night stands in a far of lands


And all I see are their faces


Is there someone out there hearing me cry


I have changed my mind


Incompatible is what I’m


There is no soulmate out there for me to find


And here I’m back again


At the place where I traded my love for fame


Is it wrong for someone longing to be hold


All I can do is crying tears of shame


Should had loved you without being told


Now I know why I’m on my own


I came back


Just to find


I couldn’t turn back time


This is my curse this is my life


Drowning in a world of pleasure


And walking this path being forever alone


No soulmate for me to treasure

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I love your poems very much! Shards of a Broken dream is my favorite, but I love them all!~~ cheetah10

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