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  1. Watching A lie in April right now on Netflix. The tears keep on coming. Going to buy the manga aswel now.
  2. @fan_yaoi I called Samsungs helpdesk to ask why a tablet cannot simply order pictures right. I mean even a kid can count to 10 so why can't a tablet put pictures in the right order. Seems the guy behind the desk didn't know either, first time he even heard of this and was baffled the tablet couldn't arrange the pictures orderly.
  3. Someone please re upload worlds end by Makotte chapter 1 2 and 5 + extra cheers! https://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/41338-World-s-End-no-Niwa-%E2%9C%BF-Motteke-Eng/page2
  4. Well big fire today at Kyoto animation studio. 33 dead and many wounded. My thoughts are today with them as many great artist have died unnecessary.
  5. Is there no one really who uses an ereader or an tablet to read there manga on? I mean lots of people download manga here right?
  6. Can someone please re upload endless world. thank you! https://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/905-Endless-World-by-Jaryuu-Dokuro-Eng?highlight=endless+world
  7. I need some advice. I downloaded allot of manga/manwha because I want to read them offline whenever I feel like it. The only problem is on every friggin tablet it seems all the images get scrambled up. And no matter what I do they stay fixed scrambled. So anyone has some advice or tips on how to handle this issue. I want to buy a tablet which does a decent job on arranging the pictures so they stay in order.
  8. Beautifel. made me really feel this one because I know some friends who have been abondend bu their famillies because there gay. Jehova's it almost the same as amish but then dutch.
  9. @fan_yaoi found a hidden gem I wanted to share with you
  10. Unbelievable that they can make face this real like my avatar. She is not real but still to me she looks like a real person. Mindfuck!
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