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  1. woop woop, i feel so good. got my home exam today and i just finnish awnsering the first question ^^ It was kinda short but still. feels good. The other two will take longer time. But it feels like a good start. Now i m gonna relax. eat some and drink my new tea. Its supose to give me energy *shakes tea bottle* can't really say i feel that enery tho..hmm @Saga themes ?
  2. You're the best Lio , keep it up! I really enjoy being your friend!

    You really can cheer me up!

  3. Hope u feel better soon even if summer is over ^^

    1. ThatSexyUsui


      Ahhh , I'll see about it hahaha It's still super hot in here , I could use a hot guy to wash my back cold and totally dominate me..

      But eh , I guess summer has its end soon.. At least there's always time for beer...

  4. Hi dear


    Have a great friday!

    Will Ferrell Goodbye GIF by filmeditor

    1. fan_yaoi


      hii XD fun gif

  5. Have a cookieeee. You deserve it , you're the best! :D

  6. check inbox handsome :p

  7. Ahahahaha XDD Poor poop :D but he/she looks really cute ^ ^






    :_red_fox 5 Dat faaaace X'DDDD



  9. Oh look at that daaaaance! mjjaaaooo

    He dances better than Cloud at Honey bee in :Red_fox11:

  10. Haha, yeah it's him. This is a really nice coincidence :D





    Me after finding out your signature is V XDD




  11. Here you go btw. The "original"

    eehhh I should perhaps say its >nsfw




  12. oh maaa looorrrddd ( had really no idea ) you don't say thats V.. on maaa--a' signature.

    Well well look what the cat/devil dragged in, its V. Well i hope he enjoys that nice D**k then ;)

    had to remove the D from the siggy tho



    It's V!!!!! V from Devil May Cry on your signature!!! A-HA!! *sparkle sparkle* We're Devil May Cry brothers now !



  14. yeah. we are experiencing the second wave of the virus cause people have been complacent about going out again, and not taking precautions for their safety. please take care there!

  15. oh man that sounds bad. Well im oki, must of my friends are online ^^ plus my family lives in other cities and on the country side so they are fine. I take my daly walks as i usally do and then i stay inside. it oki by me. but yeah. i hope people will be oki. seems nasty if u get sick. :/

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