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and I decided to make a little writing challenge since we both like writing, we want to improve, but have little motivation. If anyone wants to join us, let either one of us know.
This thread is solely for posting the stories. 



image For more details about the challenge

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Writing Challenge Accepted!

Month: October (2021)
Theme: Rain
Words: chalkboard, orange, cover

Wordcount: 1335

Title: Sunny Rain



The rain hasn't stopped since last night. It was already October and the sky was still grey and cloudy. Nadim can still smell the scent of falling foliage and wet ground as the season transitions from summer to autumn, but the rain has made it a bit difficult to enjoy the warm earth tones of the falling maple leaves and chestnuts. 

He woke up a little after nine, head buried under the cover and a heavy duvet on top. The layers kept him warm, but it was insufficient. Since he couldn’t continue sleeping, Nadim headed to the bathroom and did what he needed to do, dressed in warm clothes and went into the kitchen. 

He first checked the chalkboard hung on one side of the wall. [Be back soon] was written on it. No one else he knew would bother going out in such weather. But then again, it was entirely a different place, a different demographic. He needed to stop comparing how things were normally for him and started to get used to the changes. Afterall, it wasn’t like he could go back anytime. 

With a mug of calming hot tea, Nadim arranged himself on the window seat; the pitter-patter of the rainwater against the bay window comforted him with its carefree rhythm as he picked out a book from the bookcase mounted on one side of the reading nook.  

It was the fourth book of that week. He never had much time reading before, always so busy in the rustle and bustle of his surroundings. He hardly had the time to take care of himself, let alone have the leisure of reading a book.

It wasn’t that he needed to work to his bones, it was the demands of the industry. There are many people like him, but Nadim didn’t do things half-heartedly, that was why he was sought after. And thanks to that, he also met Daniel. 

It wasn’t his first time conducting a solo tour, but Daniel was different from the people his company normally assigned to him. He listened to every story Nadim shared. He was attentive to every fact, every trivia Nadim explained to him. He was respectful and courteous - a proper gentleman in this modern day with suave style and good looks. Yet what made him most memorable to Nadim was his witty remarks. 

They were inseparable for two months. Daniel was there for business and needed a guide throughout his stay. Nadim noticed the meaningful stares from earlier on, but the flirtation was subtle, so was the touches. The final few weeks were filled with stolen kisses where no one could see. They always parted with frustration at the end of the day, wanting to calm the heat between them but impossible to do so without risk. 

Nadim recalled telling his maman, the only person who would speak fully in French with him. These days he mostly spoke in Arabic, although at work he had more chances to speak English and a little Spanish. Talking to maman always made him relax. Even though he no longer received any response, he always felt her presence in his heart. He still saw his father from time to time, but despite his new family being cordial, Nadim always felt like an outsider. He was neither French nor Arab. Always in between.

“You’re too much like Nadine,” his father often said to him with a small smile. 

The front door opened and closed, bringing in a familiar set of footsteps. Nadim finished his tea and set it aside, making enough space so Daniel could join him on the window seat. His smile was sunny when he greeted Nadim, even though he was looking a little better than a drowned rat at the moment. The Englishman reached for him and pressed his cold lips against Nadim’s tea-warmed ones. 

“You taste like orange,” Nadim commented when they parted a few inches. 

Daniel looked like a little kid who got caught with his hand in a jar of biscuits. “They’re selling a new bun with marmalade filling. I can’t resist a small bite at the store, but I bought some for you to try.”

Nadim lifted an eyebrow. 

“Alright, I had two buns, but I bought you three, which I don’t think you would be able to finish anyway,” Daniel confessed. 

Nadim chuckled in response, knowing full well that whenever Daniel went to get them breakfast, he always brought delicious things home, thinking ‘Nadim would like it’. He did have impeccable tastes, but Nadim didn’t usually eat breakfast, so Daniel would end up finishing half of his portion. 

“You could have sent someone to buy them, or skip breakfast today. Why do you have to go out in the rain?”

Daniel let out a “ha!”. “If we British people worry about a little rain and stay inside the whole day, half of the population would starve.” 

“That’s true, but I’d rather you stay in bed with me. It’s warmer.”

“We can get back in bed now. It won’t take long to get you warm.”

“No,” Nadim shook his head. “I’m going to eat that marmalade bun you bought while you get yourself a nice, warm, shower.” He pushed Daniel towards the bathroom. 

After pulling the door closed and leaving Daniel to shower alone, Nadim went into the kitchen and found the breakfast bag with the baked goods. He took a bite of the still-warm bun and smiled, agreeing silently with Daniel that the marmalade bun was delicious. 

Their first kiss was citrus-flavoured as well. Nadim recalled the two of them going on a trip to an orange farm in Agadir after Daniel had a glass of orange juice bought from a juice stand in Marrakech. Not many people knew that Morocco was the 15th biggest orange exporter in the world, so Nadim showed him where his favourite glass of Maroc Late was grown. 

“Is it good?” Daniel wrapped his arms around Nadim from behind and kissed his nape. His hair had grown long, so Daniel hardly touched any skin. 

“Mhmm.” He hummed. His late maman taught him not to talk with a full mouth. 

“What do you want to do today?” Daniel asked. 

Nadim swallowed his last bite and answered him. “I’m in your territory now, why don’t you decide.”

The answer to that was very simple. Daniel turned Nadim around, put his arms and legs around him and carried him back to bed. 

The first time they were together, they were so cautious. Daniel’s hotel room was a suite, so being loud was not a problem. But still, the danger or anyone finding out would land Nadim in prison. Nadim could lose everything and he would rather not involve his father and his family into his personal business. Daniel was leaving in a week and neither Nadim nor Daniel could contain their feelings anymore. Come morning, Daniel asked Nadim to return home with him. 

And Nadim said yes.  

He had some trouble getting used to the new weather, new people and new cultures, but just like how he was Daniel’s guide back in Morocco, Daniel did a wonderful job once they arrived in England. They went on trips together, visited the best places and ate good food. The best thing of all was that they didn’t have to hide their affections for one another. Holding hands and kissing were somewhat normal, though they still kept it minimal in public as they didn’t want to risk excessive PDAs.

The persistent morning rain muffled the sounds coming from the bedroom. Their fingers entwined, mouths molded together and bodies joined as Nadim writhed under Daniel. His slim legs wrapped tightly around Daniel’s hips as Daniel pushed deeper into him. The rain brought chills with it, but there was only room for heat in their bed. 

There might be a lot more rainy days here than in his home country, but Nadim would forever be warmed by his sunny love story with the man by his side. 


~ the end~



This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



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Writing challenge - Accepted and completed!

This month's(October's) theme: Rain

3 given words: Feather, highlight, clue

Word count: 1056

Title: Blessed by the Rain




Finally, the long working day in the lab was over. However, it seems that instead of heading home, professor Iriyu Kurama’s colleague - Eric, asked him to hang out together tonight. Of course, the fluffy silver-haired young man agreed. More so, he was thrilled because his old friend was the one, who showed the initiative. Besides, he always enjoys the brunette’s company, even if Iriyu saw him a bit more than just a good friend since they entered college. However, he wanted to avoid ruining their relationship by confessing his true feelings. That’s right, it was more than enough being a supportive and caring friend, who is always by Eric’s side when he needs him the most. Or so, convinced himself Kurama. For now, as he finishes putting on a long white color coat, Iriyu notices Eric, and now, he gives a warm smile and waves at him.

It was a calm autumn evening. Unfortunately, when they were chatting on their way, this couple was caught by the sudden rain. Yet, Iriyu widens his eyes, and he nearly loses his glasses, when Eric grabs his hand and prompts him to rush. Fortunately, one local café saved them from soaking wet. After entering inside and hanging their coats, these two take their place in the corner near the window.

Now, the sound of raindrops hitting the window accompanied by the bossa-nova music, and the scent of fresh brew coffee and cinnamon, creates a perfect relaxing atmosphere for a calm evening. Meanwhile, the waitress brought two cups of black coffee for them. However, the brunette lowers his shy gaze from Iriyu. Of course, it concerned the fluffy silver-head, and now, he asks ‘‘Is there anything wrong?’’. ‘‘I’m not sure if it is okay to say this, but…’’ replies Eric in an uncertain tone. However, Kurama only gives a kind look as he rests his head on his palm. Now he chuckles and comforts ‘‘What is it with you? You can tell me anything, Eric.’’.

However, the brunette only sighs and defends himself’ ‘‘Are you sure? But I don't know… You might hate me after this.’’. ‘‘How could I be ever mad at you? So, you won’t know, unless you try.’’ Iriyu backfires as he placed his hand on the table. All of a sudden, he felt how he was touching something soft and warm. After noticing his colleague's blushing face, he knew something was off. When he looks down, the silver-haired young man’s cheeks were dyed in a lovely shade of pink. That's right, he was touching Eric’s hand. When he withdraws his hand, both of them turned their shy gaze from each other. Yet, while Kurama was staring at the falling raindrops, he could hear the brunette standing up and him declaring in a slightly nervous tone ‘‘Then, wait for a second!… I just need to get something from my coat’s pockets.’’. Of course, the silver-head was clueless about what his friend meant, and he just follows him with a dumbfounded gaze.

Soon enough, the brunette returns to his seat while placing a small package wrapped with red ribbon. As Eric sits down, he gently pushes the package to the other side of the table ‘‘Here.’’. Iriyu only gave a curious gaze to his colleague, while having no clue about the reason behind this kind gesture. Yet, when he opens the package, Kurama notices a small long square box and envelope. When he quickly reads the letter and fixes his glasses. As the fluffy silver-head cracks a smile by reading the scramble of many random words, he asks Eric ‘‘I don’t get it. What is the meaning of this?’’.

However, the brunette politely objects ‘‘You haven’t even touched that box yet. Then I’ll tell you what to do next.’’. For now, Kurama plays along with his rules. After opening the box, he noticed a snow-white feather, which top was dyed in golden paint. Yet, as Iriyu takes a better look, he realized that it was a feather ballpoint pen. When he takes the pen into his hand, he points the feather at Eric while teasing him ‘‘And what do you want me to do with it, Eric?~ Or do you want me to grade your ‘masterpiece’?’’.

Despite that, the brunette replies in a confident, yet slightly shaky voice ‘‘Highlight every third word and when you’re done, try to read. However, I would completely understand, if you would want to cut any ties with me after that…’’. Nevertheless, Kurama softens his gaze and comforts his old friend, who looked like a scolded puppy ‘‘Eric, you know that I would never do that. So, you can have faith in me. Anyway, let’s see what kind of puzzle you prepared for me.’’. Lastly, Iriyu’s face becomes serious as he begins to solve the brunette’s mystery.

Word after a word, the silver-haired male is getting closer to his goal, while his colleague impatiently awaits. It didn’t take long, and Kurama placed down the pen on the side. Finally, he begins to read the letter. Meanwhile, the fluffy silver head covers his mouth and lowers his head. As Eric feared the most, the worst-case scenario happened. So, after nervously swallowing saliva, the brunette waits for the final verdict.

However, Iriyu only gives a warm gaze and gentle smile to Eric. Now, he speaks up in a gentle tone ‘‘If I just knew that earlier… I would have done it already. I’m so glad that you feel this way.’’. Of course, such a reaction relieved the brunette, whose face was glowing in excitement. Now, as he carefully placed his palm on top of his partner, Eric comments ‘‘And when I thought that you’ve seen and treated me just as a close friend… So, I didn’t want to push our boundaries and destroy them with a simple ‘ I love you ’ .’’. Yet, instead of countless words, Kurama leans closely and places his hand behind the brunette’s head. Finally, he pulls Eric into a kiss, which is short, but gentle.

Perhaps, the same rain, which puts a lot of people in a gloomy mood, can wash down all your worries and doubts as well. More importantly, the same droplets can help the seeds to grow into beautiful flowers. The same could be said about the rain letting bloom a beautiful relationship.



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          #001 image October | untitled | word count: 1122
             theme image rain
                words image carousel, acorn, jelly



The wind almost blew the umbrella out of Donovan’s hand as he exited the building. When he left home the rain had just started and he didn’t actually think he’d need the umbrella, but took it either way. He was glad for it now. While holding the groceries in his other hand, he started walking home. The store wasn’t that far from his place, but if he knew the rain would get more furious, he would have drove instead of walking. His pants were already getting wet and he even sneezed twice.

A cold was the last thing Donovan needed, he had a ton of work still, so he couldn’t afford to take a day, or even an afternoon, off. It was his own fault for taking work home at the end of the day, but he didn’t seem to be able to break the habit. Ever since he started, from day one, he wanted to show he was a reliable employee, and while that worked great in his career, his personal life had to suffer along with his mental well-being. He had to deal with it and had to deal with it soon.
After he was done with his current accounts.

Donovan decided to take the long way home. Not ideal, but the short way featured a few potholes he wanted to avoid. You’d think living in a big city offered a higher quality of life, but Donovan quickly learned that was not true. It did offer, however, a wide range of pretty faces to look at. Like the one he just spotted across the street. He knew the man, didn’t know his name, but he was very well acquainted with his mouth.

The very attractive waiter he met just a few nights ago didn’t have an umbrella. He was looking at something through the window of a store and didn’t seem aware that he was getting soaked.

Donovan pondered if to approach him or not. He almost didn’t. He normally wouldn’t, but it was the least he could do.

He crossed the street and hesitated before getting closer. He looked at the man, studied him. He had been able to see him more clearly in the restaurant, the light had been stronger. Now, with only the street lamp and obscured by the rain, Donovan wondered how was he able to even recognise him.

His blond hair stuck to his forehead and it looked longer now. Of course, curly hair was always longer when wet, Donovan knew that, but he was still surprised. When the man sneezed, Donovan remembered what he was supposed to do.

“Forgot your umbrella?” He asked as casually as he could.
The man turned towards him, startled.

“Is that something you want to buy?” Donovan asked referring to the toy carousel the man had been mesmerised by. It was an expensive one with a heavy wooden base, white and red roof, and–one, two, three…–nine horses that Donovan could see. It was big, looked handmade with beautiful details and the price reflected all of that.

“Was thinking about it.” He paused. “I’m sorry, do I know you?”

“Oh, um. Yeah, not really.” Donovan stammered.

They stared at one another for a few seconds, Donovan feeling increasingly stupid. Why didn’t he think about how awkward this encounter would be? Who goes and says ‘hi’ to the guy who casually sucked him off two nights before? They didn’t even exchange names, Donovan didn’t know anything about the man except where he worked and that he had a magical set of skills.

Donovan scrambled for an excuse, maybe telling him he mistook him for someone else, apologising and going on his way, but something that looked like a faded bruise on the man’s jaw made him hesitate again. He laughed nervously.

“I’m sorry, I probably shouldn’t have popped up like this. I’m, uh- We met…” He made a jacking off motion with his hand. The man looked at him, rightfully so, like he’d lost his mind. “At the restaurant.” And that seemed to jog the man’s memory because he looked surprised. Yes, Donovan didn’t think this through.

“So you want a repeat? I’m flattered, but I’m not sucking you off in the middle of the street.” He deadpanned, offended.

“Oh my G-! No, no-no! I’m so sorry, this is not what… I just saw you and-” Donovan stopped when the man started laughing. Could he make more of a fool out of himself?

“I’m just messing with you. So what do you want?”

Donovan realised he wasn’t close enough as to shelter the man from the rain, and he also remembered that that was what he wanted to do in the first place. So he took two steps towards the man.

“I didn’t want you to get any wetter.” He received a confused look in exchange, but at least the man didn’t say he was crazy and run away. “I think we did this whole thing backwards. I’m Donovan.”

“This whole thing? What thing?”

“I don’t know. Getting to know each other? Becoming friends?” Or something more as Donovan discovered he wanted.

“Friends, huh? Okay, I’ll bite. I’m Elias.”

“Elias… Nice meeting you, Elias.”

They fell into a sort of spell, looking at one another, seemingly studying one another, without saying anything. The silence stretched so long it grew uncomfortable.

“So, are you buying that?” Donovan asked referring to the carousel. Elias pondered for a moment before answering.

“Not worth it. I think I’d rather pick an acorn from the park. Same effect.” There was a bitterness behind his words that Donovan could not place. He was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to know more about Elias, to know how he got that damn bruise and why a toy carousel and an acorn would have the same effect–what kind of effect? For whom? Why?

Donovan’s insides seemed to turn to jelly in the face of the realisation that he genuinely wanted to know more about Elias. Up until seeing him today he didn’t think about him. Actually, no, he did think. He thought with amusement at everything that led to their little escapade in the restaurant’s bathroom, he thought with lust at what they’ve done, and a little bit of shameful pride, but what he was feeling right now he couldn’t name. More lust? Yes, definitely. Desire? Some of that as well. But what else?

“The rain doesn’t look like stopping and I see you have no umbrella, I could walk with you wherever you need to go. I’d feel guilty if I’d leave you like this.”

Intrigued. He felt intrigued.

Elias hesitated, but agreed. They walked towards the park, away from Donovan’s place, but he didn’t mind.


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Well Done Wow GIF by Abitan

Well done, writers! Now that we have posted our stories, it's time for us to give comments, and by comments I mean building criticism and not negative thrashing ;) Anyone who stumbles upon this post is also welcome to comment on any of the stories posted. Please be respectful in your comments as the purpose of this thread is to improve the writers (me included) in their writing! 

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.



Thank your for joining our challenge! I think "Blessed by the Rain" has a sweet and innocent-like feeling to it, with a dash of bittersweet nuances between the two characters. I like the classic friends-to-lovers concept as well. 

Writing-wise, I would like to suggest that you try to separate the dialogues between different characters instead of putting them in the same paragraph.

On 10/26/2021 at 10:10 PM, Fmkitty said:

‘‘Are you sure? But I don't know… You might hate me after this.’’. ‘‘How could I be ever mad at you? So, you won’t know, unless you try.’’

To untrained eyes, it could be confusing determining who is saying what despite the sentence after clearly indicates whose comment it was. It will also make the paragraphing much neater if the dialogues are separated. Other than that, a little attention to punctuation marks would do a lot of difference as well. Anyway, you did a good job in incorporating the 3 word choices into your story.

All in all, I think we have a great start! I know people have their own writing styles, but there is always room for improvement and this is one of the reasons why we came up with this challenge. I look forward to your future posts and you're welcome to comment on my work as well!



Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.


 I was actually enjoying the "innocent" vibe until I saw that part where Donovan is well acquainted with Elias' mouth. Heh, I went :onionn6:when I came to that particular part. You have a very mature way of writing (to me) and your story makes me want to know more about the characters in a "wth is going on with these people, so sus" kinda way. I know about your plans for the future, but I'm a little frustrated that the story just ends there. Maybe add a little more hint/sneak peak in the future? This is like an evil, evil teaser. I loved how you used "carousel" in your story and I cant wait for the next challenge. 


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2 hours ago, 3ruri said:

Writing-wise, I would like to suggest that you try to separate the dialogues between different characters instead of putting them in the same paragraph.

On 10/26/2021 at 5:10 PM, Fmkitty said:

‘‘Are you sure? But I don't know… You might hate me after this.’’. ‘‘How could I be ever mad at you? So, you won’t know, unless you try.’’

To untrained eyes, it could be confusing determining who is saying what despite the sentence after clearly indicates whose comment it was. It will also make the paragraphing much neater if the dialogues are separated. Other than that, a little attention to punctuation marks would do a lot of difference as well. Anyway, you did a good job in incorporating the 3 word choices into your story.

All in all, I think we have a great start! I know people have their own writing styles, but there is always room for improvement and this is one of the reasons why we came up with this challenge. I look forward to your future posts and you're welcome to comment on my work as well!

My... Thank you for the feedback!

Perhaps, when I thought that it clear who is speaking, but it seems that this kind of pointing out made me rethink this. So, yeah, I'll try to separate dialogs next time in incoming one-shot. However, even if I didn't quite understand about the punctuation. Yet, I'll try to figure that out.




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I'm a bit late, I was in a rush to get some things done. My fault for letting them pile up. image


Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
, I already gave you my feedback for your story, but I'll put it here too. 
     I liked it a lot, the characters were in a very risky situation and I'm glad they found a safe space. Daniel had a very good idea there and I am happy about that. About the words, nice integration. Orange seemed odd in the first instance there with the missing s, but you have plenty others in the story so it's great. Other than that, the story only needs a super quick edit (we all do) and it is awesome! 
     Also, the pairing is great. I can't wait to read the next one! image


Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
, there are a few things that stood out to me. I also noticed the dialogue, basically what 3ruri said, but there are two more things as well. 
     The verb tenses confused me, you use both present and past and I don't know with which (I just butchered this word, lol, kept writing witch) I should stick. And the other thing, you repeated the word however very often, it's almost one every paragraph. 
     Other than that, the story is very cute, nice use of the words, and it made me smile. I hope you will participate again because I really want to see what's next! image

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Writing Challenge Accepted!

Month: November (2021)
Theme: Villain
Words: coat, mask, laughter
Wordcount: 1499 words

Title: My Life as a Villain

Licking Marine Life GIF by pikaole


>> This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. <<


It wasn’t easy being a villain. I have been following the villainous path for a couple of years now, but I still couldn’t get the hang of it. The starting part was easy; choose your villain name - check. Have you got your villain costume? - check. Is there a superhero near you? - check. Does he already have an enemy? - well now he does, check. 

The not so easy part was that the superhero was also your landlord. Supposedly, that would make it easier for you to mess him up, but when you’re a little short of rent money at the end of the month, you kind of have to lower your standards and knock on his door to ask for an extension. 

In what universe would a villain live in a converted apartment and could only be described as broke? That’s why they never would feature me in a movie, ‘cause my story sucks.

Am I going to fast with this story? I always do that. Sometimes I thought about a hundred things at once. It seemed like my brain was a lot better at multitasking than I am. When I was younger, my mom told me I needed to focus, so she took me to an art class. It turned out quite well and I had used the skills I honed into a profession, namely, a tortured artist. 

So, back about me being a villain. How did little ol’ me embark into this path? To be honest, I don’t want to blame other people because it was fully my choice, but sometimes you just had enough. Most villains started that way, right? A bullied kid in school grew up with pent-up anger, suddenly discovered a special talent and now taking it out on people who made his life miserable - classic. 

Did I make you curious enough on what I do? It came back to painting. I specialized in scenery. To be more precise, I painted my bullies into undesirable scenes; naked during a public speech, flat tires in the middle of nowhere, being chased by a swarm of bees - to name a few. It sounded pretty benign and it was. No harm done even when what I painted came true in real life. It was fun to watch the lively canvas as my chosen ‘victims’ went through the ordeals.

Let me get this straight. Even though I’m a villain, I’m not a “super” villain. I mean, I could have drawn apocalyptic scenes or terrorist attacks or grand robbery, but I didn’t and I wouldn’t. I only wanted justice for myself since no one had given it to me when it was due. 

This was also the reason why I hated my landlord, a.k.a the superhero, a.k.a my enemy. He had thwarted my attempts at revenge quite a few times. For some reason, he would appear at the scenes and save my bullies even though I never included him in my painting. I wasn’t blaming him for doing his job, but, where was he when I needed him?

Anyway, apart from being a mediocre villain, I also had terrible luck. It was sunny when I left my apartment to get supplies for my current project. I was just leaving the art store when the sky suddenly turned dark, followed by heavy rain. I was contemplating whether I should brave through it when someone called my name.

“Hey Toby. I figured it was your from afar.” A blue umbrella moved over my head. “Going home? I’ll give you a lift.”

I didn’t really make a habit of talking to him.  My sudden stuttering aside, I thought it was more villain-like if I kept being mysterious. So, even though his offer was tempting, I had to turn it down. “That’s very nice, but I prefer walking,” I said in a rush. 

“Toby, it’s raining.” Thank you, Mr. Obvious. “You’re not even wearing a coat.” He pointed out.

You know you sucked at being a villain when the superhero offered to drive you home. I knew I looked cute and harmless, but so did the original Annabelle doll. On the contrary, Jordan - that’s his name - was the epitome of a superhero. He had great looks (not blond, thankfully, because I didn’t need another superhero that looked like one of the Chrises), good physique (don’t ask me how I know) and he was also kind. I didn’t know what precisely was his talent other than he was a superhero, but it wasn’t like he knew mine either. 

It was a little uncomfortable being in a closed space with him. For one, he could just end me there and no one would fuss (hey, one less villain meant one step closer to world peace). Two, we’re encroaching dangerous territory. By “we”, I meant “me”. You know how girls find guys sexy when they roll up their sleeves or when they drive? Yeah, that applied to some dudes too. Remember when I said I was bullied in school? Congratulations, you just found out one of the reasons. 

“That’s a lot of paint there. Big project?” Jordan broke the silence. 

“Not really.” I answered vaguely. “The ones before didn’t turn out the way I wanted, so I kept making new ones. Didn’t realize I almost used up all the paints.”

“Another scenery?” 

He’s my landlord, so he had seen my work. Not the ones with the bullies, though. He got to see the real life versions when he went to rescue those scums. “I’m trying something different this time, but I can’t quite get it right,” I replied. 

We chatted a little more until Jordan pulled up into the garage. Our residence was originally a plantation style house converted into four separate apartment units. Jordan’s unit was on the first floor and the biggest one. There were two equal-sized units on the second floor, while mine was the smallest and situated on the first floor beside Jordan’s. 

Once we got onto the porch, we parted ways and went into our own apartments. I headed to the corner where I set up my painting area. It wasn’t exactly a room, but there was a wall separating the area from my living room, keeping it obscured. I put the tote bag with my newly purchased painting supplies down and stood back to observe the 18x24 inches canvas on my easel. I didn’t mean anything sinister when I started painting the two figures sharing an intimate dinner. 

Alright, time to disclose that I have a thing for Jordan. How pathetic was that? Sure, many people liked slash pairing between superheroes and villains, but really, there wasn’t any sexual tension between us. I happened to be a creep who watched him through my window whenever he was outside, looking the way he looked. It’s not my fault he was such an eye candy.

I left my unfinished painting and went into the kitchen to start dinner. Before I realized it, I had already made too much for one person to eat. Normally I would just put them into containers and eat them for my next meal, but suddenly an idea struck me. 

The painting was still under progress, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t make the scene happen without my power. I marched next door to Jordan’s and rang his bell. Just to be extra, I put on my “I’m a cute, innocent, boy-next-door” mask and waited. He answered it seconds later and seemed surprised to see me.

“I made too much for dinner,” I said right to the point. “Would you like to join me? Since you gave me a ride, I would like to do something nice as thanks.” 

I was expecting a “sure”, but the guilty expression on his face was the beginning of my disappointment. 

“That’s very sweet,” he said. There were sounds of laughter coming from inside his apartment, making Jordan turn his head to look at the direction it came from. He appeared apologetic when he faced me again and said, “But I already have plans tonight.” 

Of course he had plans. He was a superhero. I told him it was no big deal and excused myself. On my way back, I started thinking whether the leftovers would be best eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner tomorrow. 

My appetite was diminishing, so I headed to my painting corner instead. The incomplete painting of me and Jordan having a meal together was mocking me. I wouldn’t be happy if the only reason Jordan had dinner with me was because I painted this. Once I decided that, I took a brush and painted over the scene until the canvas featured a sea of blue. 

It wasn’t that bad of an ending, right? After all, villains don’t usually have a happy ending. 

I put down my brush when I heard the doorbell. When I opened my door, Jordan was standing on the other side. 

“I cancelled my plans. Is the dinner invitation still on?” 


~ The End ~




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          #002  November| When did you become the villain? | word count: 1310
             theme  villain
                words  indigo, flat, drumstick



Weddings sucked.

Nothing sucked more than weddings and there was never a moment when Elias felt weddings sucked more than right now, while he watched Tyler being a drunken jerk. Worst was that no one was calling him out on it. They were all friends, yes, these were Tyler’s friends since college or even earlier, but still. When was enough, enough?

Elias got up and went to sit next to the bride, Celia. She was a nice girl, and she looked absolutely gorgeous in the white dress—although stained with wine—and that delicate make-up. Her dark hair sat in perfect waves over her shoulders, and her new husband was a fool to not give her all his attention instead of getting wasted on the dance floor. No wonder she looked so upset.

“Hey, I’m sorry for that.” Elias said gesticulating awkwardly at the stain. Celia looked at him, but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t his place to apologies, but Tyler would sure as fuck not do it and Elias felt bad either way. So there, once more he apologized for him. When did that become the norm?

Elias shifted on the chair. He almost stood up to leave when Celia spoke.

“This is not how I imagined this day would be.”
Yeah, she should have asked him.

Elias couldn’t think of a good reply so instead he looked at the huge flower arrangement on the table. If he would slide down on the chair he wouldn’t see the five idiots dancing, so he did just that. He studied the arrangement, but couldn’t figure out how it kept together. He, for one, felt like falling apart. The big indigo ribbon certainly wasn’t enough to keep the flowers tight. Was there something else he couldn’t see? Something ugly underneath the flowers that kept them up? He had the urge to pull them apart, to take out whatever was inside, then put them all back together without anything ugly inside.

“What the fuck are you doing? Fallen asleep?” The voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

“Are you eating fucking drumsticks, Tyler?” Celia asked angrily.

“What? The food is shit, I had to eat something.”

And that’s when all hell broke lose. Celia started yelling, Tyler started yelling, other members of the party started yelling and all Elias could do was stare at the chicken drumstick that fell on top of the flower arrangement.
What a mess.




An hour and a half later, Elias was helping Tyler out of a taxi cab. If he would have had the balls, he would have loaded him in the cab, tell the driver the address and be on his merry way. Maybe he should have. With a bit of luck Tyler wouldn’t have even remembered in the morning.

He put Tyler’s arm around his shoulders and they got inside the apartment building. It was close to 5AM, but there was no stopping Tyler from shouting and signing at the top of his lungs. Elias wasn’t even sure he could hear him telling him to be quiet.

Elias thanked the skies they didn’t live higher than third floor and shut the door behind them. Tyler, who had been helpless up until then, let go of Elias and headed for the living room. Of course he didn’t bother taking his shoes off and his suit jacket landed on the floor. By the time Elias took off his shoes, Tyler had already opened a beer for himself and was busy chugging it. Elias almost told him it was a bad idea to drink even more, but he changed his mind and hoped really, really hard that Tyler would feel miserable in the morning and the whole following day.

“Where are you going? Come here.”

“I’m tired, Ty, I want to sleep.” The beer bottle hit the table with a thud and Elias flinched.

“Come. Here.” Tyler punctuated the words through his teeth.

Despite not wanting to, Elias moved quickly from the bedroom door next to Tyler. Tyler grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in a forceful, violent kiss. Before finally letting go of him, Tyler bit Elias’ lower lip so hard Elias was almost sure he was bleeding.

“You want more beer?” Elias asked as a way to put a little distance between him and Tyler.

“Aww, babe.” He said sarcastically. “Fetch me a beer.”

As Elias turned to go towards the kitchen, Tyler slapped his ass, hard. Elias jumped and hissed at the impact, but continued his way. He grabbed the bottle of beer and returned hoping that this one will make Tyler fall flat on his face. He smelled like a cocktail bar, Elias wasn’t sure how he was still upright. Well, a bit bendy on his legs, but mostly upright.

“Get your clothes off. I want to fuck you.” Not a request and definitely not a suggestion, but Elias weighted his options before doing anything. Protesting will do more harm than good, but maybe he could drag it out until, hopefully, the alcohol knocked Tyler out. He removed his suit jacket slowly, glad that he didn’t remove it when he got inside, then, as he slowly pulled on his tie, got an idea.

“Why don’t I suck you off first, hm?”

It didn’t take a lot of effort to guide Tyler to the couch and make him—plus the beer—sit down. If his expression was any indication, he really liked the sound of that. Elias worked on his pants slowly. From outside he was teasing, but inside he prayed that Tyler would fall asleep. He was a little rough usually, but when drunk all senses left his body and Elias was always the one to pay.

Tyler watched him through heavy lids—a good sign—but very aroused. Once Elias undid his pants, it was certain the alcohol did not stop at his cock, oh no, Tyler was at full mast and ready to be served.

Elias used his hands first, but that would bring no satisfaction to Tyler.

“Choke on it.” He said before taking a swig of beer.

Elias opened his mouth and took him to the back of his throat making Tyler throw his head on the back of the couch. Elias retreated and teased the tip of Tyler’s cock with his tongue before taking him all in again. He didn’t want to tease too much. He normally loved sucking cock. There was nothing better than having a hard cock in between his lips and transforming its owner into a puddle of pleasure. The act gave him a tremendous sense of power that he loved. But this time he didn’t want to play, didn’t want Tyler to feel good, he only wanted to be done with it. Thankfully, Elias soon heard snoring. He freed Tyler’s cock out of his mouth and stood up. Yup, he was sleeping.

Elias didn’t loiter around and headed for the bathroom where he took a quick shower and brushed his teeth. He could still see faint bruises around his neck and on his right shoulder. He could feel some of the others.  

On his way to the bedroom Elias stopped to look at Tyler. He fell on his side on the sofa, still sleeping, his cock limp between his legs.

“Fuck. How could I have ever loved you?” He asked himself then threw a blanket on the floor. He would tell Tyler he covered him, but he must have moved too much. He would also tell him he tried to wake him up so he would get in bed. Elias didn’t specifically think these things, they were just something that came to him naturally. He hated that he was used to it now, that he knew exactly what tricks to use so Tyler wouldn’t lash out at him.

On the other hand, Elias had no troubles falling asleep anymore.



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Writing challenge - Accepted and completed!

This month's(November's) theme: Villain

3 given words: Penguin, whimper, eyeglasses

Word count: 955

Title: Emperor Thief



Finally, after a month of carefully planning, one familiar couple is on the date. This time, Iriyu and Eric decided to hang out in the local zoo. Surprisingly, even such a simple thing as observing how the wild animals are chilling out or being encouraged to do tricks by the zookeepers can be so much entertaining.

More so, in the afternoon, one of the visitors might even have a chance to feed the penguins. After arriving near the penguin observatory, both noticed that this place is already crowded with many people.

‘‘What are we going to do now? We could barely see what is going on. Therefore, there is no way that we’ll get noticed. Should we try it another day?’’ — Or so, Eric asks in a slightly concerned tone.

However, the fluffy silver-haired young man is stubborn and replies in a determined voice ‘‘You won’t know it unless we give it a try. ’’. The brunette already knew that once Iriyu decides something, it would be impossible to over-talk him. For now, Eric plays along with his partner’s rules.

In the meantime, one of the zookeepers shows up with the buckets of fish. Now, she cheerfully greets the crowd and asks the question, which everyone has been waiting for. Suddenly, the gathered people got excited even by such a simple thing. Each person’s voice tries to over-power the others while the mass of hands is raised. Despite that, the brunette observes how Kurama shows a natural enthusiasm. Even if he is sure that someone from the front line would get picked, Eric is surprised how the zookeeper points towards their side and invites them to join. Nevertheless, just seeing Iriyu's bright face sparkling with pure excitement warms Eric's heart and makes him glad.

After entering the observatory, the zookeeper gave them a pair of rubber gloves and a bucket of fish. At first, the group of penguins doubtfully stares at this couple. But soon enough, their attention is caught by the tasty content of the buckets. One by one, the emperor penguins gather around them.

Meanwhile, they are busy feeding the hungry army, one of the penguins from Kurama’s side decides to use another tactic to get a delicious meal. When it gets in front of him, Iriyu innocently chuckles and adds in a nearly singing voice ‘‘Why hello, there! Are you hungry as well? Here you go, little fella~’’. Now, he picks another fish and shows it to this bird. The fluffy silver-head was about to give it to the penguin, which leaned on the tip of its feet. Iriyu only comments ‘‘What an impatient little fellow are you…’’.

Unfortunately, very little he knows what kind of master-plan behind these cute beady eyes, this penguin plots. As this bird squawks, it jumps at a fluffy silver-head with its wings flapping. It was followed by Kurama’s whimper and losing his balance. Fortunately, Iriyu is lucky to land on his bottom. Yet, he notices that his vision is blurry. Meanwhile, the zookeeper scolds the penguin ‘‘What are you doing, Flipper?’’. Now, Eric rushes to his boyfriend’s side. Of course, the penguins are distracted by scattered fishes all over the floor, and the so-called Flipper swallows the tasty snack and indignantly squawks at that woman. In the end, the zookeeper sincerely apologizes while this mischief-maker ignorantly enjoys its feast.

In the meantime, the brunette picks the eyeglasses. However, after cleaning it, Eric noticed that the left side of the eyeglasses got cracked.

‘‘Eric, did you find my glasses? Where are you anyway?’’ - Or so, Kurama asks while he kneels and searches for his eyeglasses by his hands.

As the brunette helps Iriyu stand up, he explains in a nearly apologetic tone ‘‘Unfortunately, the glass of the one side got cracked…’’. But now, he asks ‘‘Apart from that, are you alright?’’. After the fluffy silver-haired young man nods, both finally leave the exhibition. Even on their way, the brunette can't help himself and worry about his lover. Now, he asked in a concerned tone ‘‘Are you going to be alright? Should I call a taxi to the nearest optician?’’.

Yet, the fluffy silver-head objects with a warm smile on his face ‘‘There is no need for that. We could make it on foot. Besides…’’. After a brief pause, he continues ‘‘Even if I cannot see anything right now, but when are my guiding light, I should be alright. So, let me be under your care, Eric.’’.

For sure, hearing such an honest reply made Eric cover his face with his hand and hide his blushing face.

‘‘Even so… I don’t want to see you struggling like this for too long. A-anyway, can you tell me where did you get your glasses? I’ll take you there.’’ - The brunette asked in a shyer tone.

Even if Kurama cannot see, but he can still imagine what kind of expression Eric made. Now, the fluffy silver-head sighs, he agrees and tells the needed address. After arriving at the optician's office, they explained what is happened. All they are left to do is until the glasses will be fixed.

In the end, their date at the zoo may end up with a disaster. Despite that, there were these small moments, which they enjoyed. More importantly, Kurama could appreciate how Eric is taking care of him and by his side. Perhaps, the emperor penguin accidentally ‘has stolen’ his vision. Even such an incident might be only a lesson to have an extra pair of glasses. However, at the same time, it also taught that even at the times when Iriyu might be weakest, there is that one person, whom he can have faith and rely on no matter what happens.


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Okay, sure if is this where I should leave the feedbacks for this month's entries... But here it goes (is this how you write feedbacks?) :


Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
  : First of all, it was a cute story ^^ And I can feel that it could become into a serial story. Surprisingly, this is the most relatable ''villain'' I've read  xD

Yup, having a revenge against your bullies by such creative, yet, harmless way. However, does the villain really dislike (or as he claims) the hero? My, of course, Toby (our dear ''villain'') wouldn't draw himself being rescued by the hero, but perhaps by drawing someone else in these situations could show what he really secretly wants...

And that ending was nice~ Yup, to be honest, it surprised ^^ I can bet that Toby was like ''perhaps, I'll spare you this time, mr.Hero... m-maybe...'' while had a nice dinner with Jordan.


Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
  : My, to be honest, I would call Tyler a jerk... Yup, this is what happens when you don't know your limits and over-dose - -' So, yeah, this is how supposed to be the greatest day in someone's life become into this. But hey, thankfully, Ellias seem to be take care of his friend. It seems that, is nothing new for him, right? So, the bigger question whenever Tyler realizes that someone can deal with his shenanigans and simply take care of him.

Anyway, it was a nice story with slight bitter tone ^^

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What a ride! 

Love the beginning, I instantly liked the villain of the story. He sounds like a regular guy with a very rich imagination. On the fantasy side. But that makes him weirdly adorable. No matter how I look at it, Toby is a cutie. Not sure how that fits his ideal, but there you have it, adorable! 

Having said so, I did not expect the rollercoaster that followed. I was completely caught up in Toby being an adorable dork and, oh, Toby, I knew you had a thing for Jordan way before your disclosure. Cuuute! By the way, I really like the paintings idea. 

Well, when Jordan refused the dinner invitation (real smooth there, Toby. not) I was sad. Toby was so disappointed and I already liked him so much I couldn't help but feel sad. But THEN, Jordan knocks on his door and I was in a good mood again. Guess there's two guys with a... thing there, hehe. 

I liked the way you wrote it, I even forgot about the words, if you wouldn't have emphasised them I would have been blissfully unaware and completely fine with it. I was completely focused on Toby and what's going to happen next, but speaking of the words, very nice integration. 

I mentioned this before, but I'm going to say it again, I like your humour in writing. It gives your stories a certain spark. 

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
First, I have a question, I thought about this last time too, but you (used to at least) read quite a lot of BL novels, right? I mean, the ones that get translated by fans from Chinese, for example. Both your entries read very similar to those so I'm guessing that's where you got your writing style from. 

Onto the story. Again, it was cute. There are some parts I would have lengthened a little, for instance when Kurama fell, but other than that, pretty good. I liked the zoo idea, hehe. The three words shaped your story nicely. Hope Kurama will be able to get a new pair of glasses asap. ^^

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First of all, thank you so much for the comments. I’m so happy you guys like Toby because he’s a precious pumpkin. I want to smother him with love. 

so here’s my little comment on your works;

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

Elias should just cut off Tyler’s dick and stuff it in his mouth (either the upper one or lower one, you can choose). That would make him the best villain ever.

I’ve mentioned to you personally that I got a little confused and thought Tyler was the groom. I know it’s normal to make such mistakes, but you have a few hundred words left in your word count, so go wild and describe the groom in a sentence or two. Maybe you can add something that would make Tyler look extra villainy, like, when they were in HS, the two of them used to bully a gay kid named Toby. That would be interesting ;)

Other than that, I can’t wait for Elias to leave the mf and get on with the other guy. I seriously hope he break Tyler’s nut in between that. So I guess without superpowers, you can still portray characters with villainous quality. Good job!


Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

I’m happy you decided to stick with us. I dont know how long you have been writing, but practice is always the key to improvement. I have been writing for more than 13 years and I still have lots to work on. So, this is a good progress.

I just would like to point out a few examples that you might want to consider looking at. One of it is the repetitive use of the word “now” when describing action. 

On 11/23/2021 at 8:25 PM, Fmkitty said:

Now, the fluffy silver-head sighs


On 11/23/2021 at 8:25 PM, Fmkitty said:

Now, he asked in a concerned tone

I’m not sure how to explain this in a technical way since I’m also still learning grammar, but normally you dont need to use “now” since the tenses you use already explains the situation. For example, if you are using present tense, then its a given that the incident happens at present. So, in both of the example above, you can simply delete the “now” and the phrase would have been just nice:

”The fluffly, silver-haired man sighs.”

”He asked in a concerned tone.”

If you still want to mention a character doing a certain thing that shows the time, you can add some kind of an action like:

”The fluffy, silver-haired man sighs after the penguin jumps.”

”He asked in a concerned tone as they returned to their seat.”

Another point I would like to make is on the use of names, but this is mainly a thing of mine than a rule. Normally, it’s fine to have name variants in dialogues. For example, sometimes the character is called Jack, Jackie, asshole, or John. But, when it’s outside of dialogue, it’s better to stick to one. If you call them Eric, stay with Eric until the end. I know that his full name has been disclosed before, but people forget. In this instance, the full name was not disclosed during the november challenge, so if someone didn’t read the oct challenge, they would have no idea who Kurama is.

But overall, I love seeing how the characters are developing. From friends, now dating, they are so sweet. I hope to see more, which is why I think with better words, the story would be even more entertaining.

I’m rooting for the three of us!! Let’s do our best in December!! <3


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Writing challenge - Accepted and completed!

This month's(December's) theme: Day at the Office

3 given words: Gingerbread, sludge, poster

Word count: 1225

Title: Christmas Miracles May Happen


The holiday season is always associated with a cheerful and warm mood, snow, sweets, spending time with the family, etc. One could even say that it is a magical time when your dreams may come true. Unfortunately, not everyone can experience it. That’s right, of all days possible, Evans was asked to work on Christmas Eve. It's nothing like he had big plans, but he wants to take a break and have time for himself. Like on purpose, that day starts in not the best way possible.

First, his alarm clock didn't work for some reason. So, rushing and nearly tripping over is not the best way for the blond to start his day.

Then, being stuck in a traffic jam is one thing. The blond got used to it already when using public transport. On the other hand, the snow becomes the new greatest enemy! No, not the one in the park or trees, but the one on the streets. Not only, the sludge splashes nearly all over his coat, but Evans managed to land his foot deep into it. For now, he deeply exhales and shakes his head while praying that no one would talk to him or else there will be, as he calls, “Happy Little Accidents”.

After just reaching the office, he notices something on the board. Along with other information for workers, there is a new poster. It mentions holding a party for the workers on New Year Eve and how everyone is welcome to join. Of course, Evans stares at it with an indifferent face and decides that it would be better to celebrate in his home alone with his precious Sultan. Even now, the idea of having his cream-color Persian cat resting on his lap and stroking its fur sounds like a blessing. Besides, the blond begins to get into a depressing mood by remembering how the last party went. So, who knew that orange juice is mixed with vodka, and how taking that shot was the last thing he remembers. Then, how Sultan was on top of him and demanding food. Even to this day, he does not understand how he ended up in his apartment and peacefully sleeping while nicely tucked in on the couch. More so, wearing a clean shirt.

‘Well, whatever, it’s nothing that it will happen twice, nor I’ll know who was that person.’ — Or so, the blond thinks as he fixes the suit. And thus, another day in the office begins.

As time flies by, it is the end of the shift. Finally, the blond could escape from this place and peacefully rest. However, Evans' enthusiasm instantly disappears when he feels how someone gently places the hand on his shoulder. Then, addressing him in a shy yet, polite tone ‘‘Um, Mr. Jones, the chief Marude would like to have a talk with you in his office. So, I would like you to come with me, please.’’.

When the blond turns his head, he notices a familiar brunette secretary, May. Despite being a newbie and clumsy, she has become a chief's favorite, or so, assumed Evans from observing how he acts towards her. Why he has to be so kind and forgiving towards that woman? Why, of all people, it has to be her? What does she do that the blond cannot? He works way harder, after all. — Evans wanders.

No, he is not jealous or anything! Who him? Oh no, no, no. You have to be kidding! Not him at all! Nor, he has a crush on a chief. At least, not since his first day in the office. Lastly, when he was warmly greeted and had his hair ruffled.

‘‘Are you okay, Jones? Do-do you have a fever? Maybe you should go home, then. I just let chief Marude know that you’re feeling unwell…’’ — interrupts the brunette’s concerned voice.

Suddenly, the blond is caught off guard while he too deeply thinks. He only shakes his head and faces. Once Evans keeps the serious face, he defends himself ‘‘I’m fine! I’ll go. Just give me a second, okay? I wonder what does he want now. Couldn’t he ask whatever it is earlier…’’. When the blond stands up, he follows the young secretary.

After the elevator reaches the top floor where is the director’s office, he cannot help himself but worry that he may do something wrong. When May knocks on the door and reports ‘‘Sir, I brought mister Jones as you asked. Can we come in?’’.

‘‘Sure, come on in.’’ — the voice from behind the door answers. As both enter the office, the man with dark hair and a stylish short beard, who looks in his forties, asks the secretary ‘‘Thank you, May. But could you leave us for a couple of minutes?’’.

The brunette only politely nods and leaves the room. Soon enough, the man sitting behind the desk addresses the blond ‘‘Why are you standing here like you are a stranger, Evans? You can come closer.’’.

For sure, when the chief is asking him in such a calm and polite tone, Evans could not disagree and listen to this request.

‘‘Do you know why I call you today?’’ — adds Marude.

The blond only shakes his head ‘‘No, sir.’’.

Oh no, could it be? Did he somehow manage to get in trouble? Is he getting fired? And of all possible days, on Christmas Eve? Poor blond prepares for the worst.

‘‘Is there anything wrong? You look so stiff.’’ — the dark-haired man asks in a concerned tone. After he opens one of the drawers, he looks for a specific item. Once Marude picks up a small package wrapped in rustling gift-paper and ribbon, he gives it to Evans ‘‘Merry Christmas, Evans! And Thank You for hard work this year.’’.

For sure, such an unexpected gesture surprises Evans. He only dumbfounded stares at his present. After he unwraps the paper and opens the package, the blond is astonished.

‘Did chief Marude really put the effort and made this gingerbread? If so, why did he have to go through all this trouble just for me?’ — thinks blond while carefully holding the package.

Yet, Evans lowers his head to hide his reddening face while he replies in a shy tone ‘‘Th-thank you so much…’’.

The chief only cracks a smile and chuckles ‘‘My pleasure! Anyway, and here is for your little friend. Hopefully, he likes this flavor. Oh, and, don't forget to say ‘hi’ from me.’’. Now, he opens the drawer to find another item. It is a bag of chicken flavor treats for cats.

‘Where did he learn that I have a cat? Wait… Don’t tell me… Could it be? Was it the chief, who helped me to get home and took care of me?’ — The blond suddenly realizes while he stares at all these presents.

Lastly, Marude suggests in a kind tone ‘‘Then, should I give a ride to your home?’’.

For sure, Evans is glad to get spoiled by the person he adores the most. So, he accepts this offer. Perhaps, this is the first step towards their relationship? Evans hopes so. However, he decides to wait for the right moment to tell those three such simple, but at the same time, most challenging words. So, who knows if it will be like a so-called Christmas miracle, which would happen to him.


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          #003  December | Friday at the Office [18+]| word count 1500
               theme  Day at the Office
                    words  printer, coffee, scarf


 Jamie cursed under his breath. He was stuck on the moving walkway behind a lady with two large suitcases. There was no way he would manage to pass her. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, he didn’t even like to walk on the moving walkway, but the plane had been delayed and he was late. If everything would have gone according to the schedule, Jamie would have had plenty of time to go back to his apartment, drop off his luggage, maybe take a shower and even have breakfast before going to the office. Instead, he was now in a rush and dreaded showing up at the office with bad news on top.

The meeting he attended to at the office in Spain had been a disaster. He discovered most of the teams were unprepared to handle the projects, what they reported to the main office in the UK didn’t quite reflect what was happening there, and they didn’t even seem to worry. He also had trouble understanding what everyone was saying. If he could have, he would have told the interpreter to take a hike and demand for them to look for someone more competent, but he doubted the interpreter would have even understood that. The whole ordeal was just frustrating. And now, being back with only three hours before departure and two hours and a half on the plane―not counting the ones he’d wasted in the airport―to put up a complete and coherent report, only added to his frustration.

After what felt like ages, Jamie found himself outside the airport and climbing in the back seat of a cab. He almost forgot to grab his luggage when he finally arrived at the office, but now he was on his way to the dreadful meeting room. Almost.

“John! I’m going to take a few minutes, I have to get rid of my bag.” He said and went right past the project manager.

His office was exactly the way he left it. Two stacks of papers on the desk―wait, wasn’t that only one before?―various designs spread around, an unfinished building model on the table in the corner, and the unmistakable smell of glue.

“Dora!” Jamie called for his secretary. “Dora!” Louder the second time. “Dora!” Outside his office the third time.
“I’m here, I’m here. The printer was busy, here’s the report.”
“Good, please make sure everyone has one in conference room Mansart.”
“It’s room Oud, they moved it.”

Jamie scoffed, but didn’t say anything. He could count on one hand all the times someone didn’t move one of his meetings. It had been confusing at first, when he was barely an intern, but now he knew all the rooms in his sleep. When the company was founded, someone had the great idea to use architect names instead of numbers for the conference rooms, which caused a lot of newbies to be late to meetings. No one put up a map, instead they decided to use the confusion to joke around and tease newcomers.

“I’m going to grab coffee first.”
Jamie got back to the office to shed his coat and scarf, then took a deep breath. He was so not looking forward to the meeting, but the show must go on.

Next, he headed towards the break room in a rush. Everyone should be waiting already, but he really needed that cup of coffee. Unfortunately the coffee found him first.
“Hot!” He said while pinching his shirt with two fingers and holding it away from his skin. He had another white shirt in the office, not a problem, but the hot liquid was not pleasant.
“I’m so sorry.”
Jamie didn’t even notice who he collided with until now. He looked up at Donovan, one of the newest IT staff.
“You are going to pay for this.” Jamie growled to him, a low, sensual growl, and judging by Donovan’s smile he understood perfectly what it meant.
“I will report for disciplinary action right after your meeting, sir.” Donovan whispered back.

Jamie felt wide awake all of a sudden, no more need for coffee now, so he backtracked his steps to his office where he changed his shirt, then headed for the conference room. He faced the bold letters―OUD―on the door and took another deep breath.
“Sorry for the delay everyone, airports are a nightmare.” He said as he entered the room and closed the door behind him.


The meeting lasted longer than intended, close to three hours, and Jamie felt drained when he finally emerged. He glanced at Dora’s desk, but she was nowhere close. Jamie checked the time, it was way past her working hours, on a Friday no less.

Right from the beginning Jamie told Dora he won’t need her to stay overtime unless he explicitly asks her to. She was a single mother of three, so Jamie didn’t want to keep her away from her kids more than necessary. He felt bad whenever he did ask her to stay at the office longer and always made sure she was compensated.

Just as Jamie reached for his scarf, he heard a knock on the door. The person entered before he could say anything.

“You’re leaving?” Donovan asked.
“What about you? I thought you left already?”
“I think I was promised disciplinary action.”

Jamie didn’t remember how exactly did they start this… Office affair, but as Donovan slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pants, he didn’t even care. The truth is they clicked instantly, the attraction was there from the beginning and it was easy to give in. The excitement played a role too, after all they didn’t even think of taking it, whatever it was, outside of the office.

“Bend over the desk.” Jamie said simply and Donovan complied.

Jamie made sure the door was locked, although there were slim chances someone might come in, then took a condom and a small bottle of lube out of his desk drawer.

“It was lonely without you here these days.”
“Is that so?”
“Oh, yes, it wa-” Donovan gasped as Jamie breached the tight muscle ring with his finger. “It was empty.”
“Then it’s good I’m back and fill you up, no?”
“It sure is, sir.” Donovan said and wiggled his bottom.

 Jamie wasn’t really into power play, but Donovan calling him ‘sir’ during sex made him feel really good, it fed his ego in ways he didn’t know were possible.
“For fuck’s sake, don’t make me wait long.” Yet Donovan was not submissive.
Jamie chuckled and rolled the condom on his hard cock.
“You sure you can take it?”
“I’m dripping like a waterfall, if you don’t fuck me now, I am going to fuck you.”

So needy, Jamie thought and buried himself inside Donovan. They both let out long, breathless moans and Donovan started moving first. He rolled his hips and moved back and forth, fucking himself on Jamie’s cock, driving him crazy with his impatience.

Jamie grabbed Donovan’s waist with both hands and matched his movements, their bodies slamming together. Jamie was still fully dressed, only having unzipped his pants, while Donovan’s shirt hanged open and his pants pooled around his ankles. It crossed Jamie’s mind that he wanted to have Donovan completely naked in his bed. He wanted to spend a long time kissing him, smelling him, touching his body. Then fuck him, sleep, wake him up with kisses and sweet words, then fuck him again. Their little rendezvous weren’t cutting it anymore, Jamie needed more, but he didn’t know what Donovan needed. Or wanted.

“Jamie… Faster.”

Donovan’s skin was red where Jamie grabbed, but he still didn’t let go. He drove inside Donovan like his life depended on it, like he was on a mission to make him come. And he did, Donovan came with a deep moan. His muscles squeezed around Jamie, milking him of every single drop of semen he had to give. Fuck, how he wished they could stop using condoms, he wanted to see his cum drip out of Donovan’s used hole.

Jamie eased out and Donovan started dressing almost immediately, although with shaky hands. Jamie thought of helping him, but he enjoyed watching him like that too much.

“Next time you leave, leave that thing with me.” Donovan said nodding towards Jamie’s crotch. As a response, he got an amused laugh from Jamie who wrapped the condom into a tissue then discarded it in the bin.

“I have to go, I’m actually late to a thing. See you Monday.” Donovan blew a kiss to Jamie and was already out the door, without Jamie having a chance to add anything else. He took a deep breath then collected his things. Their fucking was never slow.

Jamie checked the time, he still had to go to the pet hotel and pick up his cat before going home. She must be pissed to be left there for even an hour, but Jamie planned on making up for it.


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Writing Challenge Accepted!

Month: December (2021)
Theme: Day in the office
Words: mitten, luggage, bookmark
Word count: 1500 words
Rating: 16+

Title: A day in the office (featuring my villain boyfriend)



>> This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. <<


“Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Reynolds is here.” Piper, my secretary, informed me as I passed by her desk. I was in meetings the whole morning since people were rushing to get work done before the holidays. Today was one of the days that I had to be in the office. From time to time, I had the leeway of working from home, thanks to the advanced world we lived in today. There weren't any flying cars or teleportation pods ever invented yet, but we had enough computerized systems and hi-speed internet to work from anywhere we wanted. 

If you asked me, the real reason why I preferred working from home was because I could wear whatever I wanted. Everyone in the bank I managed had never seen me without my three-piece suit. But, outside of working hours or when I’m not physically in my workplace, I preferred t-shirts and jeans. I was a simple guy and I liked it that way. However, I had been putting on my bespoke suits more often lately because the guy I was dating liked to see me wearing them. 

Toby Reynolds thought he was doing a good job at hiding a lot of things from me when in fact, I knew almost everything about him. I knew he had big talents in arts and how he used it as a side profession. He labeled himself as a small-scale villain, but I just thought he was adorable. 

By now, I’m guessing that my identity was already exposed. I was Toby’s landlord as well as his “archnemesis”. Recently, I was upgraded to “boyfriend”. Toby had a hard time compartmentalizing all the labels. So sometimes, he accidentally spilled his “world domination” plans while we were cuddling on the couch or he would break into my apartment to put paint in my shoes. I wondered why he would go through such trouble when he could have just used the spare key I gave him. 

My little boyfriend was cute like that.

Toby was here because we had planned to make a trip somewhere for the Christmas holidays. I had conveniently omitted the part about taking him to visit my family so I can officially introduce him as my boyfriend. I knew that that would make me an asshole, but if he had known about it, Toby would have just locked himself in his apartment and refused to come out until the New Year. I was positive that within that time, he would have painted me choking on glazed ham or tripped over Christmas lights. As much as I took pride in being a superhero, I would prefer an accident-free holiday this year, thank you very much.

I hadn’t told anyone in the office that I was seeing someone either. They were all so nosy like that one aunt you preferred to avoid at family dinners. I knew they meant well, but I don’t want them to spook Toby when we had only been going out for a few months. Besides, Toby still found it unbelievable that “someone like him” was dating a superhero. He didn’t want to jinx our relationship by announcing it to the world. 

I was expecting to see Toby on the sofa, anxiously waiting for me. Instead, I saw him lingering by the floor-to-ceiling window near my desk, mumbling to himself. There was a small-sized luggage on his left, one that I helped him pack for our trip. I shut the door quietly so I won’t startle him. Toby was talking animatedly; his hands moving in quick gestures. He may not have been sitting on the sofa, but he was still waiting for me anxiously. 

Befitting my superhero status, I stealthily walked behind him and carefully wrapped my arms around his waist. Toby jumped in surprise, almost whacking me in the nose. Thankfully, I caught his mitten covered hands from causing injury on my body parts.

“Easy, there.” I soothed him with my voice. 

His body relaxed instantaneously in my embrace. “Jordan, you idiot! You scared me!” He hissed.

His reaction was entertaining, but I held myself back from grinning too much. “This is my office, who else would hug you from behind if not me?” 

“How would I know, I’ve never been here before.”

“Well, now that you know, can I kiss you?”

Toby grumbled in response but he turned around to face me anyway. I greeted him with a smile which rendered him sheepish, but when our lips touched, Toby melted into the kiss. 

The first few dates I had with Toby were a little awkward. Toby had zero experience in relationships and I had never been involved with anyone like him before. But I genuinely liked Toby and my feelings for him grew everyday. On the other hand, Toby wasn’t sure what he wanted in the beginning because he thought liking me was breaking the villain’s oath. 

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that such oath never existed.

One time, I found him bawling his eyes out with my books scattered all around him. He was in the middle of scribbling the pages with a marker pen when he came across a bookmark. It was a folded receipt from one of our dates that I had kept as a memento. Toby had sketched us holding hands for the first time on that scrap of paper. Seeing how much I treasured it induced Toby’s guilt in carrying out his “evil” plot on me.

I spent two hours and one pint of chocolate fudge ice-cream trying to get him to stop crying that night. 

As our kiss heated up, I slid my hands under Toby’s round butt and lifted him up. Being a superhero came with a few advantages such as above average strength and agility, but Toby hardly weighed much. He yelped when I dropped him on the sofa and proceeded to get on top of him. After the morning meetings, I had my schedule cleared, so technically, I’m already on my leave. Everyone in the office knew to knock before entering, so I wasn’t worried about people walking in unannounced. Therefore, there was no reason for me to hold myself back. 

I made quick work on stripping Toby’s pants before he could even protest. Even though Toby was inexperienced before he and I got together, he was a fast learner. He made a point to tell me what he wanted and needed, and we fit perfectly. Frankly, I didn’t have a habit of using my office as a place for a hookup, but Toby was my boyfriend and I was in the mood for a nooner. Sometimes, being the boss paid off.

The sofa was big and comfortable enough for us to have a full course. I had to cover Toby’s mouth with my own or his orgasmic scream would have alerted the whole building. He looked so beautiful and thoroughly fucked. Obviously I hadn’t thought it through when I made love to Toby in my office. I was sure that whenever I look at this sofa in the future, the memory of my sexy little boyfriend with spent all over his chest would flash before my eyes.

I wondered if Toby would agree to phone sex.

Another privilege of being the man in charge was that I had an en suite bathroom in my office. Toby and I had a quick clean up - separately, much to my dismay - then we were ready to get on the road. My luggage was already in the car, so I grabbed Toby’s and headed out with him.

“Happy Holidays, Mr. Hamilton.” Piper stood up as we passed her desk. She was smiling at me and Toby, which hinted to me that she figured something out about our relationship.

A few other staff walked by and they too, wished us happy holidays. I got a feeling that they were up to something, since I could sense their nosiness in the air. 

“Mr. Hamilton, before you go,” Piper called out to me again. “Would you mind looking up?” 

Toby and I looked above us simultaneously. I swore it wasn’t there when I came in this morning, but hanging ahead was a sprig of mistletoe. 

“You nosy people have too much free time on your hands,” I said without malice, pulling Toby closer to me. My boyfriend’s face was already as red as Rudolph’s nose. 

One of the male staff chirped in. “Aww, boss. Come on. Where’s your holiday spirit?”

And following that statement, the other staff started chanting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

My only wish was that my villain boyfriend wouldn’t start on a new project featuring my entire staff. After all, they only wanted to see their boss happy. If they wanted me to kiss my love interest like what a superhero deserved at the end of a hardworking day, who am I to object? So what if the love of my life happened to be a villain? 

This was how a happy ending should be.


~ The End ~


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First of all,

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Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
and everyone on YO,

Happy New Year!

And now, back to reviews:
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: That was some spicy office romance~ Yup, I didn't expect the smut part, so, kinda had heart-attack (but hey, it's been a while since read one)
Yet, not sure why, (please correct me if I'm wrong) but I think Donovan sounds like familiar name... So, if it is true, then it's nice to see him again ^^
Anyways, surely I had a chuckle at how Donovan sounded like cute demanding power bottom x'D (So, let's hope that he has real feelings for Jamie )
Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
That's some sweet Christmas story ^^ And nice to see Toby and now ''upgraded to boyfriend'' Jordan (Sorry, that description remided one meme, which says ''upgrades, people. Upgrades!'' ) again. But I won't lie, I had fluffy feeling seeing/reading how Jordan takes cares of his precious worker(✺ᵔ‿ᵔ✺)
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 May we all have a better new year! 



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 Gingerbread Men by comotized
First, to answer your question, yes, Donovan is a familiar name, he was in the first story I posted here and he might make an appearance again.  

Onto the story. Poor Evans, being covered in sludge (nice use of the word) and having a terrible day. I'm glad things turned around for him. I only wish I would have gotten some background on Mr. Jones too. Evans was so secretive, didn't give much detail about Mr. Jones, I was surprised by his reaction when he received the gingerbread. 

The text overall needs a bit of editing, there are some inversions and missing words and I was taken aback by this sentence: 

On 12/14/2021 at 1:04 PM, Fmkitty said:

He only shakes his head and faces.

I can't figure out what that's supposed to say. 
Looking forward to the next one! image


Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
Sweet, sweet Toby. I'm melting here, he's so freaking adorable. Once I realised who the voice was in the story I had a grin on my face until the last word. Such a fun read. Toby's calling is definitely not being a villain, but he's trying so hard, I'm right there next to Jordan cheering him on. 

On 12/30/2021 at 6:21 PM, 3ruri said:

So sometimes, he accidentally spilled his “world domination” plans while we were cuddling on the couch or he would break into my apartment to put paint in my shoes. I wondered why he would go through such trouble when he could have just used the spare key I gave him. 

He is sooooo adorable. Look at him being so comfy snuggled in next to Jordan and telling on himself. This is both funny and endearing, I just can't. I'm going to start not making any sense soon, I'm really melting here. Ah, and the sneaky staff, very well done. Loved reading this, I'm so glad you brought Toby and Jordan back. image

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Happy 2022! Hope the New Year brings better news and health.

Anyway, thank you for the reviews. December had been a hectic month for me and to top that, I caught fever and flu (still recovering!).

Initially I didn't plan for Toby and Jordan to make another appearance, but seeing that they are well-liked, I decided to give them another go, only this time, through Jordan's POV. Safe to say that Toby is just too precious and we just have to protect him. I hope in the future I would have another chance to use them again. So we'll see.

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.


A new pairing! I just wished I knew Marude's first name so I can start a ship name.

On 12/14/2021 at 7:04 PM, Fmkitty said:

the man with dark hair and a stylish short beard, who looks in his forties

Gasp! Age-gap!! (I'm assuming age-gap because Evans sounds like he was in his early 20s. I'm interested to know more about this (soon-to-be) couple?

Other than that, I hope that you could do a little revision on your phrases. If you don't mind me sharing a tip that I use when I started writing, is that keep everything in past tense (except for dialogues). I mean, there are rules that apply, but I think when you keep using one form to write, it would make more sense that way. (of course, I still make quite a few mistakes along the way, but this would improve our writing significantly). Maybe you could try next time and see if you like it. 

Also, maybe I should ask this earlier, but what do you feel about 18+ scenes? I noticed that you haven't include any spicy scenes in your works so far, but how do you feel about it overall? (don't worry if you don't write them because it's not a requirement.)

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.



Arrrghhhhh I lost this round, so remember, for January, I owe you an extra word.

I want to tell you that I hate you for introducing Jamie. Now I'm shipping Donovan and Jamie and I hope the other guy (whom I have forgotten what his name was) would find another guy to replace his shitty boyfriend Tyler. I am so not looking forward to the triangle, but I do love the personalities of all three main characters...I'm worried how my feelings would be torn in the future. 

Also, YOU CAN WRITE SPICYYYY. You keep telling me that I write good smut but you're not bad yourself! But Donovan was treating Jamie's dick like a drive through menu, and I'm sad. You know I'm a a sucker for happy ending.


GREAT JOB WRITERS! WHAT A WAY TO END 2021. January challenge is coming, so warm up your brains!

Sport Think GIF by Kochstrasse™.agency



Edited by 3ruri
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Writing Challenge Accepted!

Month: January (2022)
Theme: Breakup Song
Words: romance, blues, bittersweet, (extra) tomato
Word count: 1498 words
Rating: 14+
Note: possible cringey petnames (both human and pet)

Title: We Are Never Getting Back Together




>> This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. <<



“Babe, your hunk is looking at you. Two o’clock.” 

It was lunchtime when Kieran’s best girl friend, Sherry, alerted him. Kieran was in the middle of taking a chow of his salad, fork hanging in midair. He turned his upper torso towards the direction Sherry told him and saw Franklin striding into the cafeteria in his crisp business suit. Damn he was hot. Kieran huffed before turning back to his lunch. He picked up one juicy cherry tomato, popped it in his mouth and chewed savagely. He was imagining that it was Franklin. How he wished he could chew him whole and spit him up a hundred thousand times.

“Why did you two break up again?” Sherry asked. It wasn’t like she hadn’t heard it before, but it felt somewhat ridiculous. Then again, there were people who broke up from lesser things.

Kieran sipped on his iced tea to cleanse his palate before sighing. “His frat bros think I’m too fruity and he went along with it.” He replied, no longer bothering with elaborations. 

He still remembered the event from three weeks ago. Franklin had a monthly thing with his fraternity brothers where they gathered at one of their houses for pizza and beer while tuning in to sports on their huge flat screen tv. There were eight of them including Franklin, so every month they rotated who would host the gathering. Kieran had been to a few of the them, but the last one had ended their relationship. 

He had just returned from using the bathroom when he heard the brothers talked. To his surprise, they were discussing him. His appearance, his manners, his voice - even his pet - seemed to be “too gay” for them. 

Kieran waited for his boyfriend to defend him a little, but Franklin laughed along with them and brushed off the topic.

In the car on the way home, Kieran confronted Franklin. This time, his beautiful pair of baby blues failed to change Kieran’s mind. Someone who had issues with him painting his nails, didn’t manspread and had a “girly” laugh had no business being his boyfriend. He didn’t even wait around for Franklin’s excuses. He slammed the car door and went up to his apartment without inviting the guy inside. That was the end of his and Franklin’s romance

Or so he thought. Franklin appeared in front of him while he was dumping the salad container into the cafeteria bin. That was one of the downsides of dating someone from the same workplace despite being from different departments. The two of them worked for a television network company; Franklin was from the management side while Kieran worked with the creative department. Normally they had very little to do with one another, but fate somehow brought them together. 

“What do you want?” Kieran huffed when Franklin blocked his way.

“How long are you gonna stay mad?”

The audacity of this man! “I’m not mad. Just disappointed.”

“You wouldn’t be if you would just listen to what I have to say.”

“Too bad.” Kieran scoffed. “And FYI, we are never getting back together.”

Kieran flipped his blond curls, trying to act like a diva. It would have been satisfying if it annoyed Franklin, but his ex wasn’t one to be easily triggered.

“Baby, can you please stop listening to breakup songs? We’re not breaking up. I know you’re upset, but let me explain so you can stop binging on chocolate before bed and get heartburn in the morning.”

Kieran gritted his teeth. When will Franklin start taking him seriously? Sure, he’d “broken up” with him a few times before. Like that time when Franklin forgot about their six-month anniversary, or that one time Kieran waited at home in bed wearing sexy lingerie but Franklin had to work overtime. This time he really meant it. 

“What I do in private is none of your business!” Kieran pushed Franklin aside so he could pass. 

Even though Kieran had used a lot of force, the other guy hardly even moved an inch. He only had himself to blame since he had a thing for big jocks. Underneath the professional suit, Franklin had toned pecs and washboard abs. The guy had brains to go with all the muscles too. It was unfortunate that he and his frat bros were such dickheads.

Luckily, Franklin didn’t insist on making a scene in the cafeteria. Kieran may look like a drama queen, but he rather not let people get a front seat view of his love life. After lunch, he concentrated on finishing his work and went home to Sir Whiskerton, his five year old Ragdoll who was more interested in siestas than anything else. 

Kieran refilled Mr. Whiskerton’s bowl and changed his water, so the lazy cat could eat whenever he felt compelled to move from his spot by the window. Once done, he took a shower then dressed comfortably in a cropped top and a pair of knee-length joggers. He went back into the kitchen to look for something to eat. As he was unlocking his phone to play some music, Kieran saw that there were a few voice messages. With a swipe, he listened to the first one:


“Hey Kieran, it’s me, Jake. Listen, about last time, I’m really sorry about what I said. I love your style buddy, but that hot pink was too much. Maybe consider moss green or baby blue next time? Don’t take it out on Franklin okay, he’s innocent. Hope to see you next week.”

Then, the next messages rolled:


“Yo, Kier! You better come next week dude, or I’d be whipped. Obviously my mouth ran like free-range chicken, so you shouldn’t mind the stupid things I said. You know we love you and Frankie to bits, yeah? Tell you what, I’ll let you paint my toes to make up for it, deal? Go easy on the color, though. See ya, Kier!


“Kieran, bro! Don’t do this to us–” -slapping sound in the background followed by an “ouch”- “I mean, sorry bro. I know I was rude.  Get your ass here next week so I can properly grovel on my knees. Bring your chonk along as well. I got him some treats and that bittersweet chocolate you like. I’ll be seeing you soon, bro!”

A new message came in and Kieran played it right away.


“Baby, I’m downstairs. Please buzz me in or I’m gonna freeze my balls off. Not leaving ‘till I see you.”

He immediately dialed Franklin’s number and the guy picked up instantly. “It’s only been three weeks and you forgot the security code already?” He said without greetings.

“Just trying to respect your privacy. Can I please, please, please come in? It’s fucking cold out here.”

“Well, since you said the magic word three times…”

It didn’t take long for Franklin to show up on the fourth floor. Kieran was standing with his arms crossed to his chest when the door was opened. He had one shapely eyebrow raised, indicating that he wasn’t going to tolerate any shit from his boyfriend. Franklin closed the door behind him and gave Kieran a peck before pulling him to the couch.

“Ask me why I didn’t say anything when my bros said shit about you.”

Kieran sighed. “Why?”

“I know these guys better than anyone. If I chewed them off right then and there, they would just say sorry and tell me to chill. That’s not gonna teach them anything. Ask me what happened after.”

“Ok, what happened after that?” Now that he understood Franklin’s reason, he started listening.

Franklin smiled mischievously. He looked like a handsome devil. “I put glitter in their shoes.”


Everybody knew that glitter was a pain in the butt to clean. No matter how many times you wash or wipe them away, you can never get rid of them entirely. 

“Better yet, I put glitter in the heater vent of their car. When they turn it on…”

Glitter everywhere. That was ingenious. Evil, but ingenious. 

“Where did you even get all the glitter?” Kieran asked in amazement.

“Jake’s daughter, Emma and I are besties,” Franklin said smugly.

Kieran finally smiled, feeling happy that his boyfriend actually stood up for him in his own ways. 

“So, the guys left me messages…”

“I’ve been torturing them these past three weeks. They’re really sorry, baby. Come with me to Aaron’s next week. They promised to make it up to you.” Franklin took Kieran’s hand and kissed it. He really missed his darling boyfriend. 

“Well…Darryl said I can paint his toenails and Aaron told me to bring Sir Whiskerton along. Since I don’t have anything else planned, I guess I’ll go.”

They both grinned wickedly before Kieran climbed onto Franklin’s lap and they kissed hungrily. After a few minutes, they parted, out of breath. 

Kieran asked, “What color should I paint Darryl’s toenails?”

“Glittery pink.”

Franklin’s reply earned him an all-night long, hot and wild makeup session in bed. 


~ The End ~



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Not sure if that fits...

January’s theme: Breakup Song

3 words: wisteria, green, jacket

Word count: 1234

Title: As a Gentle Wisteria's Touch



It was a matter of seconds before Ethan got caught by the rain. So, once again, the brunette’s favorite bar shelters him at the most needed time. Besides, tonight he was planning to drink like there is no tomorrow. Perhaps, it should help to wash down and forget about that person. Or so, he hopes, while he cannot find a feeling of peace.

As Ethan enters into a bar, a familiar melody greets him. That’s right, it is such a cheery and innocent song, which played during his first date. Unfortunately, now, it is ruined for him, and it only brings sad memories. Therefore, just hearing this song makes the brunette miserable and depressed like listening to a break-up song. After Ethan sits near the counter, he straightforwardly asks in a gloomy tone without lifting his gaze ‘‘Give me the usual.’’.

‘‘And the magic word?’’ — The blond bartender with tied long hair replies in a nearly singing voice as he cleans the glass.

The brunette only frowns and clenches his fist ‘‘Come on, don’t be a dick, John. The very least I need now is to deal with your bullshit.’’.

‘‘Now, you don’t have to be so rude. Wanna talk about it?’’ — John patiently replies as he adds the ice cubes and masterly pours the whiskey.

As soon as he passes the glass, his old-time friend finishes it in no time. Ethan slaps the wooden surface while giving a demanding gaze with his amber eyes ‘‘More!’’.

Yet, after the brunette takes another couple shots and another request, John sighs ‘‘Slow down, alright? Or do you want to get wasted so badly? You know, I don’t want to listen to Christine’s nagging.’’.

Ethan holds the empty glass tighter. When the brunette cracks a fake smile and shakes his head, he replies in a bitter tone ‘‘Then, I have good news for you, pretty boy. I don’t have one anymore.’’. The blond only raises his eyebrow and listens further ‘‘We broke up…’’

After John pours another glass, his friend pushes the filled glass ‘‘Listen, I cannot accept it. I don’t want you to cause problems like last time.’’. Even so, the blond bartender replies in a soft tone ‘‘It’s okay. This one is on me. Just promise me that you won’t chug it down instantly.’’. A second passes, and he asks in a concerned tone ‘‘Did anything happen? You do seem like a good couple.’’.

Ethan lowers his gaze ‘‘I fucked up so badly this time that even you will hate me!’’. The brunette bites his lower lip and clenches his fist. Just as the blond is about to place his hand on Ethan's shoulder to comfort him, his friend confesses ‘‘As we started dating, I started to notice how instead of her, I saw another person. Hell, at first, I tried to shake it off my mind. But it kept repeating. I couldn’t even rest because I can see myself together with that one person. One day, when we were about to finally do it, I couldn’t concentrate because the image of that person kept appearing in my mind. In the end, I apologized, and we broke up…’’.

Once the brunette finished telling his story, the bartender was speechless. After a short pause, the blonde comments ‘‘I don’t even know what to say… Why did you date that woman in the first place if you have feelings for another person?’’.

‘‘Does it matter now? Besides, there is no way that I can approach that person without getting punched or fucking up our friendship.’’ — Ethan backfires. When he takes a sip, he waits for John’s verdict.

‘‘How can you be so sure?’’ — The blonde objects. However, he receives no answer, just an upset look. Even so, he tries to approach from another direction ‘‘Fine. Do I know that person?’’.

This time, the brunette silently nods and empties his glass. For sure, John already knew that when Ethan gives such a guilty and exhausted puppy-like gaze while his cheeks are red ground cherry, he is about to lose it. If it wasn’t for being on the shift, John would let him vent out until he’ll calm down. But for now, the long-haired bartender only softens his gaze ‘‘Can you walk?’’. Despite the brunette’s stubbornness, he helped Ethan to get to a desolated corner. Lastly, his half-dozing friend rests without bothering the customers.

A few hours have passed. It is the end of the blond’s shift. As John finishes cleaning the counter and the tables, he tries to wake up Ethan. Unfortunately, the brunette sleeps like a log. There is no other choice left – he has to let this hopeless fool rest in his apartment. After throwing Ethan’s arm around his shoulders, John carries him to his car.

Some time passes. After the blond removes his friend’s shoes and leather jacket, he lays him on the couch and covers him with warm green and orange checked blanket. Yet, before going to sleep, John sits next to an already slumbering brunette. Finally, he can relax for a moment after a long day at work.

Just as the blond is about to get up, he feels how someone carefully takes his tied hair and a half-asleep begging voice ‘‘Hey, don’t go yet.’’.

After John turns his head, he notices a half-sitting brunette who stares at him with sleepy eyes, and asks in a sad voice ‘‘Hey, is it okay to touch you before I die? All I need is a single touch before I’ll sleep forever…’’.

The blond only gets confused at such a request and genuinely asks ‘‘What are you talking about?’’. After John places his palm on Ethan’s forehead, he continues ‘‘See? You are still here, you silly.’’.

However, the brunette objects ‘‘But you are so pretty and nice like that flower. How is it called? Um, you know, the pretty purple one? Yeah, how is it? Ah! I remember. Wisteria, is it? See! I know so much. So, I wonder if a single touch of you would kill me. At least, then, I could rest in peace. And, without any regrets.’’.

Despite how hard Ethan tries to sound, the blond only facepalms ‘‘Please, get some rest, you fool. You are drunk as a boot, and you don’t know what you are talking about.’’.

‘‘But I’m drunk of your alluring beauty, and I cannot see anyone else but you. So, it’s your fault. I want you to take some responsibility, pretty boy ~’’ – Or so, Ethan objects while trying to sound as serious as he could.

John rolls his eyes, and replies ‘‘It is a whiskey is talking, not you. So, by the morning, you’ll forget how you even got here. Good night and rest well!-’’. However, before he stands up, the brunette wraps his arms around his waist and refuses to let him go. Fortunately, soon enough, Ethan falls asleep while still hugging him. In the end, John addresses again the slumbering drunk brunette ‘‘Have guts to say it when you will be sober…’’. For a while, he silently observes peacefully resting Ethan.

'How much there was the truth in these words?' - Or so, John wonders. Perhaps, he'll ask in the morning. But for now, the blond is more curious whenever that flower is real or something that Ethan added only as another detail with oh-so-deeper thought for his poems.


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          #004 #heart from PIXELIAN January | Was Good While it Lasted | word count 1397
                    theme #heart from PIXELIAN Breakup Song
                                words #heart from PIXELIAN appetite, slash, hummingbird




Elias stared at his phone for a long second trying to gather his feelings. He then grabbed his jacket and went to find a cab to May’s home. He could, hopefully, figure out what he was feeling on the way there.

Should he call Jamie? No, that would be a terrible idea. What would he even tell him? They weren’t exactly friends, it was thanks to May that they knew each other in the first place. And he didn’t even know the details yet. Maybe the all perfect Jamie was a jerk who hurt his best friend just because. And, oh fuck, Jamie was single now. Not that Elias could do anything about it, you just didn’t start something with your best friend’s ex. No matter how hot he was.

The cab trip didn’t take long, in less than twenty minutes Elias knocked at May’s door. Her eyes were red, she had obviously cried. Elias got inside and hugged her tight. Neither of them spoke until they got in the open space living room and kitchen.

“I’ll make you tea.” Elias knew his way around, he was practically at home there, and he usually got his own drinks, but this time he let May do it. He read somewhere that making tea had a calming effect on people, and May obviously needed it.

He waited patiently on the sofa, listening to May moving around. The water filling the kettle, the soft sound of the stove, then the boiling water. He didn’t think about what kind of conversation will follow, they knew each other way better than having to think of ways to breach a subject. Instead, he scanned his surroundings. Nothing was new to him, but the way May decorated the place made him smile. The whole house had a piece of her.

Elias knew there was a colourful painting, that May did, in the bedroom. It wasn’t extraordinary, she was by no means a painter, but she had so much fun doing it at a painting class that she decided to hang it up somewhere. He also knew there were lavender pouches hidden in the bathroom, in between the towels. And in the living room, in all its glory, was the hummingbird collection. May loved hummingbirds, she had them in all sizes and colours, several gifted to her by Elias himself. At the centre was a blue one, that was Elias’s favourite.

“Black tea. Are you hungry?”

“No, thanks.” Good thing he ate before he left work two hours before because Elias didn’t think he could summon an appetite after the news. “How are you?” He asked and blew in his cup of tea. May had a cup in front of her too, but Elias didn’t think she actually intended to drink it.

“You know… Not good. I’m sad.”

“What happened? You were so cryptic on the phone.” She had only said that her and Jamie broke up, didn’t say why.

May sighed and took the tea cup in her hands, but she didn’t attempt to drink any.

“We fought again, but this time it was more serious. I told him if he doesn’t want to get married, then let’s have a kid. You know that did not go well. If he didn’t want to get married, talking about a kid was like… I don’t even know, he blew up. I just don’t know why he doesn’t want to if he loves me so much. Well, he clearly doesn’t, right?” May finished with a pitying laugh.

Elias didn’t know what to say. Actually, no, he did know what to say, but it was wiser not to say it.

Truth was May and Jamie connected by not wanting marriage, let alone kids, but sometime during the relationship May started wanting more, getting jealous at her friends, their fairy tale weddings and their swelling tummies. What she failed to see was how well she and Jamie were doing, how much they did not need a big wedding, it was clear to anyone that they were in love and perfect for each other.

Elias thought again about calling Jamie. He still didn’t know what to tell him, but he was desperate to keep in touch with him. And he couldn’t help but be a bit happy that him and May were done, maybe he’d have a chance. Yeah, in what universe?

Elias was torn in between feeling sad for May and his feelings for Jamie.

“Did you talk to Jamie? I mean, after you broke up. Maybe you can get back together?”

“Yeah, we talked. I don’t think it can work again, we want different things. I shouted, he did too, then he left and when he came back we talked things through and, yeah, we decided our priorities just changed.” Your priorities, Elias corrected.

“Would it be fine if I call him?”

“Oh, of course, we are not going to split our friends.” May laughed.

“You are my best friend, though, you know that.”

She smiled and didn’t say anything else. None of them did and for the first time since Elias knew May, the silence grew, not uncomfortable, but heavy.

“Let’s do something fun, I can’t stand seeing you like this. It is what it is, you broke up, now move on.” Elias said and got up. He winked at May and wiggled his butt. “Let’s go out.”

May laughed again, this time more sincerely. “Honey, I am not in the go out stage. Let me feel bad for myself a bit more.”

“Not on my watch, we either go out or we bring out in. Your choice, but I’m not letting you fall into this sad pool again.” Elias saw May in her sad days before and those were not fun.

She sighed. “I do have some vodka and cranberry juice in the fridge.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” Elias grinned and headed for the refrigerator. He grabbed two tall glasses and fished for some ice to go with the drinks.

“I’ll find some music.” May shouted from somewhere around the house.

While she was away, Elias took out his phone.
Hi, heard about the break-up, srry about it. Hope ur well, you can text me anytime if you feel like talking. He sent the text to Jamie and slipped his phone back to its place.

Elias started laughing when he heard ‘Beautiful Dangerous’ by Slash playing.

“So this is the mood we’re setting, huh?” He asked as he handed May her glass. They toasted and each took a big gulp.

“Oh, you make them strong.”

What followed was more music, a lot more drinking, and plenty of laughter. By the time Elias got back home he knew May was fine and that he was very drunk. Luckily he wasn’t supposed to work that evening so he could sleep the alcohol away. Even more luckily, fantastic even, Tyler wasn’t in the city the whole week so he could get drunk every day if he wanted to.
He wouldn’t.

Elias used his phone to see the key hole, but only after he got inside the apartment did he notice he had one unread text message. By now he had forgotten he texted Jamie and his breath caught when he saw his name. He felt a bit more sober al of a sudden.

Hello, Elias. I am well, thank you for your concern and thank you for offering to talk. I don’t want to upset May, though. Take care.

Elias put the phone down on the table in the hallway and walked to the bathroom where he washed his face with cold water. He slapped his cheeks twice then returned for his phone and read the text again.

“Shit, he’s so proper.” He whispered to himself.

Already asked May, she’s good with us talking. So… If u feel like it.

His hands were shaking. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, was he? They were just talking, it was not like he offered himself to him. Not yet at least. Would he really? No, not Jamie. Jamie was the prohibited fruit and the sooner Elias got that the better.

In that case, want to grab a coffee tomorrow morning? I could use a friend.

But sometimes Elias was a very slow learner and that was never more obvious than as he replied Sure, what time and where? to Jamie.



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                    Tumblr: Image

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

I love the name Kieran. I don't know where I saw it first, but it was years ago and I still like it a lot. Not relevant, but that's the first thing I thought about, lol.

Ah, office romance. Those are tricky, but I am curious what's going on with Kieran and Franklin. Like usual you have a way of making me care for the characters from the get go (note: I find this to be true mostly when it comes to your shorter stories). I already like Kieran. I'm not sure about Franklin, but that's not a surprise. Reading further, though, I like how Franklin seems to know Kieran so well and I'm not crazy about Kieran's 'breakups'. I really like how you wrote both of them.

Mr. Whiskerton, For some reason I really love that name.

Now, the messages. Was Jake supposed to apologise there? Because that was not it. Darryl's message was better. And Aaron was funny and way better, I like the guy, haha. Also, I'm curious what went on in the background, the conversation leading to the phone calls, after the glittery revenge. That must be really funny.

On 1/8/2022 at 2:20 PM, 3ruri said:

he wasn’t going to tolerate any shit from his boyfriend

I like how it's 'boyfriend' and not 'ex' there, haha.

Franklin and his bros really seem like a close group, Franklin seems to know exactly how to deal with them and Kieran jumped to conclusions. Hope there are no more breakups for them and lots of pets for Mr. Whiskerton.

Nice story and I really like what you did with the words. One of my favourite parts of this challenge is comparing what I would have done with the words and how you used them.




                    Tumblr: Image

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

I noticed the mixing of present and past tenses again. Sorry to mention it again, but it is so noticeable. I was also confused because it says that Ethan went to his 'favourite bar', but in the next paragraph it says that Ethan entered 'a bar', so which one is it?

Ethan is so rude. If he's a regular there he could at least say hi before placing his order. John was right to call him out on it, but he was also very nice to offer to talk about whatever was bothering him despite the attitude.

The following exchange between them was so confusing too. Ethan told John that he doesn't 'have one'—have what? John didn't ask him anything, I can't figure out what 'one' is supposed to be (well, I can guess, but it's not clear at all).

Referring to the characters by their hair colour feels so odd too. I remember years ago everyone was doing it on forums, but slowly authors gave up on it. One of the reasons is that it can get confusing as to who is speaking, especially if there are more characters. And they have perfectly fine names. Some readers might feel like the characters are objectified. But it also sounds so unnatural, no one refers to people by their hair colour unless, in my experience, they talk about someone they don't know the name of, but even then they would rather pick a piece of clothing to point them out. We do know the name of the characters here, it's Ethan and John.

The last part of the story was so dramatic. I get that Ethan is drunk, but if this is how he acts I hope he'll lay off the whiskey. John is incredibly patient with him, it's obvious he likes him a lot, but they both kind of suck at talking to each other. I mean, okay, Ethan is afraid of coming out and confessing, but John doesn't seem to have that problem, so I hope at least he will go ahead and say something.


Edited by Kujaku
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Okay, perhaps, I'm a bit late with the feedbacks, so, sorry, for that  - -' (also, I just needed to re-read entries twice before reviewing them as usual). But, hey, it's better later than never. Anyway, :


Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
: My, of all reasons for breaking up, Franklin chose this kind of reason... *sigh* So, yeah, I might give him a gentle head smack.

But, at least, he felt guilty of what he did and tried to redeem himself and both made up

And that was considerate and kind of him to also remember about Kieran's cat and get something nice for it (you know that you are not that bad person, if you also care about pets ^^ ).

Yet, putting glitter in the heat vent is sooo much of chaotic evil energy there xDDD .(Oh you, Kieran... xD that nearly reminded that Tumblr meme, which says: ''be gay and do crimes'')


Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
: Okay,  first of all, I liked how Elias come to cheer up one of his friends ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) And surely, that one phrase (''we're not gonna split a friend between us'' kinda got me a cute mental image. Yup, do not try to split Jamie as he was a teddy bear xD). More so, nice to see how he acted as a good friend and didn't allow May to drown into a depression like saying ''not under my watch, ma'am!'') .

But yeah, it was kinda sad that wanting to appeal to the society's norms was the reason for break up (I mean, I would also try to slap hard someone, if I was asked to do such thing…). So, I cannot blame Jamie that much for it, you know.

In overall, cute little story.

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Came late to the comment party, but here I am!

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
 Ethan that bast*rd. I’m all for John and I applaud him for not giving in to Ethan’s drunk temptation. I especially like the following quote:

On 1/16/2022 at 1:31 AM, Fmkitty said:

‘‘Have guts to say it when you will be sober…’’.

I can feel the angst there.

I can see that your plot ideas are improving, but you need to polish a bit more on your writing. Me and Kujaku have given our tips, so hope to see you take some of it if you are willing to. Good luck in the next challenge!


Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
 ahhh the “brocode” of bros before hoes, but this time, it’s reversed. I’m actually againt the idea of “you cannot date your friend’s ex”. For me if they’re over, then what’s stopping you? Lol.

You used the words well, so I guess it should be no problem with the extra word in the next challenge (hehehe). 

Ok, so I saw the recurring “kind of cheating” theme, and although you know I’m against it, so far I am not appalled by it. It’s a story anyway and not every story has rainbows and butterflies (although in ours its always rainbows because, you know, gays, lol). I dont know who I want to ship Jamie with already!!!! Arghhhh.

Good job. Let’s start thinking on what to write next.

Good luck, everyone!

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