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  1. I need some willpower too >.< I fell down the stairs yesterday and now everything hurts. ughhhhhhhhhh
  2. listening to music, playing some game and willing myself into being productive. no success on the productive part so far.
  3. my desktop is in need of a clean-up. don't even know where to start >.<
  4. Today at work I was apparently set on to break a how many dumb ways I can hurt myself in sort of record. I rewarded myself to some ice cream for leaving work in one piece well, apart from some skin, but I'll grow that back
  5. just watched the most filler episode of all fillers. Mother of Fillers if you will >.>
  6. So sorry about your father. :( I hope you have a good support group during this time. :( 

  7. the character with the same scar is Rurouni Kenshin I didn't read The God of High School (didn't even know there's an anime too), but man, this copy/paste thing pisses me off. Fk original concepts, right?
  8. Lol, your profile pic is awesome /couldn't help myself, I'm going away now

    1. ultimatecat


      lmao thank youuu<33

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